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In the course of researching these pages I learned of numerous deaths in unhappy circumstances, of which perhaps the most notable were the individuals killed in action, with the FAU, or by bombing. I thought of doing a Roll of Honour page, but then thought this should be extended to include others who suffered for their beliefs, and others who died in particularly tragic circumstances. So that's what this is.


Killed in action, died from wounds, or otherwise died in action
Gordon Anderson (1917)
Denys Armstrong (1916)
Jack Baggs (1919)
Edgar Robert Beck (1944)
George Beck (1917)
Albert Frederick Binns (1941)
Christopher Binns (1917)
Thomas Booker (1915)
Louis Bernard Briercliffe (1917)
William Frederick Chiveralls, husband of Elsie Victoria Nellie Ferry (1916)
John Clarke (1918)
William Clarke (1918)
Arnold Corder (1915)
Terence Spence Corder (1921)
William Charles Duncan, husband of Minnie May Jarvis (1915)
Frank Montague Evans (1916)
Arthur Edward Foster (1917)
Nigel Arthur Foster (1942)
D'Arcy MacKenzie Fraser, husband of Esther Watson (1915)
Samuel William Hallett, husband of Ethel Rashbrook (1916)
Arthur Herring (1917)
John Ramsey Irwin, son of Cuthbert Irwin (1942)
James Livemore (1915)
Walter Martin (1917)
Angus Murray McCracken, husband of Esther Helen Armstrong (1943)
Robert Charles Merry (1917)
Henry Allan Murray (1918)
Frederick Noakes (1916)
Frederick Walter Noakes (1940)
Bertram Thomas Oakley (1916)
Lewis Edward Oliver (1917)
Hubert Paterson (1917)
Stephen James Pinkett (1918)
Harold Ernest Pollard (1916)
Lewis Allan Pollard (1919)
Wilfred Walter Pollard (1918)
Kenneth Shann (1915)
Cuthbert Kemys Spence (1918)
Tristram Foster Spence (1941)
Geoffrey Bennoch Strahan (1915), husband of Dorothy Margaret Foster
Jack Leader Swan (1943)
George James Tanton (1915)
Robert Naylor Treadwell (1917)
Owen Trevett (1915)
James Walters (1916)
Gerald Featherstone Watson, son of Myles Foster Watson (1942)
John Foster Watson (1918)


Killed in service with the Friends' Ambulance Unit Died in service with the Friends' War Victims Relief Committee
Hugo Harrison Jackson (1918)
Aubyn Harrison Pumphrey (1918)
Civilian deaths by bombing
Charles Hesterman Merz (1940)
Pauline Barbara Merz (1940)
Robert de Satur Merz (1940)
Charlotte Watson, wife of Ernest Watson (1942)


Imprisoned for their beliefs
George Binns (1840/1841)
William Bond (1662)
Thomas Hinde (1660/1)
William Peart (1686/1687)
James Pollard (1809)
Malcolm Sparkes (1917/1919)
Basil Taylor (1916/1919)
Anthony Watson (1694/1695)
Died in prison, for their beliefs
Henry Chandler (1683/4)
John Spence (1696)


Alfred Watson Binns (1916)
Herbert Binns (1903)
Robert Ogden Halliwell, widower of Margaret (Binns) Halliwell (1832)
Ann Harding, wife of Richard Harding (1921)
Cecil Hayllar (1926)
William Hughesdon (1869)
William Merralls, second husband of Eleanor Charlotte Bennett (1861)
Ernest Leisler Merz (1909)
Theodora Minshall (1932)
Giles Pilkington (1857)
Samuel Pollard (1908)
John Clifford Procter (1941)
Gilbert Spence (1902)
Emmie Alberta Waller (1909)
Benjamin Hall Weston, husband of Ellen Watson


Deaths in the workhouse
Emma Beck (1868)
Ann Ferry (1880)
William Tunbridge (1855)
Deaths in a lunatic asylum or mental hospital
John Beck (1963)
Henry Binns (1879)
Lucy Corder (1918)
Eva Lucy Edmundson (1969)
Herbert Binns Pilkington (1912)
Ann Pollard (1835)
Annie Susan Pollard (1935)
Arthur Pollard (1868)
Martha Pollard (1859)
John Foster Spence (1917)
Thomas Sutton (1806)
Wilson Sutton (1816)
Emmie Alberta Waller (1909)
Ann Hooper Watson (1887)
Elizabeth Watson (1872)
James Anthony Wigham (1885)


Deaths in road accidents
Frank William Pollard (1897)
Lottie Maud Greenwood (1937)
Albert Jarvis (1966)
Samuel Beck (1930)
George Welch Binns (1921)
Ann Middleton (1811)
Bernard Henry Sturge (1936), son of Edith Maud (Pollard) Sturge
Killed by a runaway horse
James Hughesdon (1860)
Died of yellow fever, not long after being press-ganged
William Walker (1806)
Deaths by firearm accidents
Kenneth Watson Darby (1896)
Frederick Pollard (1893)
Felix Gabriel Richardson (1894)
Death in custody following criminal conviction
Daniel Diment (1839)
Accidentally drowned
James Baggs (1808)
Catherine Bridgman (1888)
John Bridgman (1881)
Ludwig August Hirtes, husband of Rachel Baggs (1899)
Edward Peacock (1857)
Disappeared, presumed drowned
George William Binns (1887)
Killed by a train
John Edgar Edmundson (1920)
Killed by a tramway truck
William Hughesdon (1853)
Death by accidental arsenic poisoning
Hannah Gale (1774)
Killed riding horseback, frightened by kangaroo
Daniel Baughan, 1st husband of Catherine Gale Bridgman (1865)

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