Children of Thomas and Sarah Sutton

01. Lydia Sutton

1774-04-16, in the evening b. Scotby, Cumberland (as "Lydeah") TNA: RG 6/1388
1837-12-28 of Scotby; had donated 2 to the committee of the House of Recovery, Carlisle Carlisle Journal, 1838-01-13 [as 'Mrs' Lydia Sutton, but I assume the identification is correct, as I'm not aware of any other Lydia Sutton in Scotby]
1383-12-01 of Scotby; had donated 2 to the Carlisle House of Recovery Carlisle Journal, 1838-12-15 [as 'Mrs' Lydia Sutton]
1841 ind., one of three such (of whom one was her half-sister Tabitha Irwin) in the household of Isaac and Anna Braithwaite at Kendal, Westmorland, with their daughter and three female servants TNA: HO 107/1163/1 f25 p7
1841-12-21 of Scotby; had subscribed 1 for relief of the distressed poor in Carlisle Carlisle Journal, 1842-01-01
1845-01-01 of Scotby; had become an annual subscriber of 1 1s. to the Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle Patriot, 1845-01-03
1848 of Scotby Slater's Directory of Cumberland

On the 16th inst., at her residence at Scotby, Lydia Sutton, a valued member of the Society of Friends. Her christian humility was a bright example to those around her.

Carlisle Patriot, 1848-09-23
1848-09-19 minister, of Scotby, near Carlisle, Cumberland; d. Carlisle RD Annual Monitor; GRO index
1850-06-07 sale by auction, at Kendal, of a number of properties in Kendal, by the trustees of the late Lydia Sutton Kendal Mercury, 1850-05-25; more detail is given, not reproduced here, as the identification is not certain (in particular, there is no reference to Scotby)

02. Sarah Sutton


1777-07-25T14:00 b. Whealbarrow hall, Wetherall, Cumberland TNA: RG 6/470, /475, /1388
1780-01-16 of Whealbarrow Hall, Cumberland; d. Scotby, Cumberland TNA: RG 6/471, /476
1780-01-17 bur. Scotby fbg

03. Sarah Sutton

1780-03-10 b. Scotby, Cumberland TNA: RG 6/470, /475, /1388
1801-12-19 of Scotby; d. TNA: RG 6/383, /464
. . . "we Believe She made a Peasfull Close" . . . RG 6/1388
1801-12-22 bur. Scotby fbg RG 6/383, /464

04. Wilson Sutton


1781-02-04 b. Scotby, Cumberland TNA: RG 6/781
1814-03-11 tanner, of Scotby; admitted to The Retreat at 31/6 per week; education good, talents good to moderate, disposition irritable; duration 3 months or more, "long eccentric"; "Demonomania. Mania with hyphochondr. & melancholy, religs monom."; "Ill-regd Disposition from congl peculiarity; Unrequited love as symptom" admission register, The Retreat
1816-12-17 tanner, late of Kendal, Westmorland; d. of inflammation of the viscera & disease of the stomach, with [illeg. word] atrophy of the heart TNA: RG 6/882: admission register, The Retreat
1816-12-20 bur. The Retreat, York, Yorkshire RG 6/882

It is not generally known that a branch of the family of the late Mr Sutton, of Scotby, formerly resided in Kendal. But such was the case. The tan yard now occupied by the executors of the late Mr Thomas Atkinson, adjoining the Friend's Meeting House, was, prior to 1816, the property of Wilson Sutton. He resided on the premises and carried on an extensive business as a tanner. He died at York in 1816 and, leaving no family, the tanyard went into other hands. The father of the Mr Sutton recently deceased was brother or nephew to Wilson Sutton. The yard leading from Stramongate to that tan yard is still known as "Sutton's" yard.

Kendal Mercury, 1879-06-06

05. Thomas Sutton

1782-03-25 b. Scotby, Wetheral, Cumberland TNA: RG 6/470, /475, /1388
1806-01-07 of Scotby, apprenticed to a druggist; admitted to The Retreat at 12/-; education good, talents deficient, disposition irritable; duration some years; "Ungovernable, violent, & obstinate", Mania; evidently constitutional, connected with bodily disease; "always weak" admission register, The Retreat
1806-08-07 late of Scotby, near Carlisle; d. in a state of melancholy, of genl atrophy with great atrophy of the heart, and phthisis TNA: RG 6/882; admission register, The Retreat
1806-08-10 bur. The Retreat, York, Yorkshire RG 6/882


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