.Child of William and Ruth Beck 

01. Emma Beck

Children of William and Jane Beck

01. William Beck

1852-06-11 b. Littlewick Green, Berkshire birth certificate; TNA: RG 9/854 f21 p10 gives place of birth as Burnham
1861 of Barracks, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, living with his family RG 9/854 f21 p10
1871 agtl lab, of Jolly Waggoners, Bath Rd, Heston, Middlesex, one of three lodgers in the household of William Kitchener, beershop keeper RG 10/1314 f10 p14
1871-11-26 labourer, of Heston; m. Annie Price (1849–1927), at Heston parish church, Middlesex, after banns; marked his name information from Chris Beck; GRO index; parish register; Fielding cemetery records
Children: William (1872 – ?), Elizabeth Jane (1874–1911), Emily (1876–1906), John (1877–1963), Samuel (1879–1880), Leonard James (1883–1968), George (1892–1917) Chris Beck (2000) Beck Family Chronicle [newssheet]; information from Chris Beck; Commonwealth War Graves Commission website; Beck/Stevens family tree
1872-11-12/ 1873-03-02 on the Forfarshire, to Wellington, New Zealand, with wife and infant; cost of passage £45.12.4; had been recruited in Uxbridge (with over 200 others) as one of 'Brogden's navvies', to work on railway construction in New Zealand information from Brenda Walker, via Chris Beck
c. 1873 emigrated to New Zealand Chris Beck (2000)
  labourer, of Manawatu, New Zealand
1890 publican, of Porters Pass Hotel, Selwyn, Canterbury, New Zealand electoral roll; Chris Beck (2000)
  became a bankrupt Chris Beck (2000)



In this estate the debtor showed the following liabilities, viz.:—Beath and Co., £4 3s 11d; H. Marsten, £5; G.P. Milsom, £13 16s; Lonargan, M'Clea and Co., £1 18s 1d; S. Manning and Co., £20 14s 2d; J. Hogland, £3 18s 7d; Wood, Shand and Co., £6 13s 4d; H. Williamson and Co., £2 16s 9d; Fletcher, Humphreys and Co., £20 1s 3d; Hutchens, (Courtenay) £30; total, £109 2s 1d. The only assets were book debts estimated to produce £3; deficiency, £106 2s 1d. There were no creditors present, and the meeting was adjourned.

Star, 1890-10-01
1893 publican, of Porters Pass, Selwyn electoral roll
labourer, of Feilding, Rangitikei electoral roll
1896 labourer, of Feilding, Rangitikei, Manawatu-Wanganui electoral roll
1905/1907 labourer, of Feilding, Manawatu-Wanganui New Zealand electoral rolls
1910-02-26 d. at his residence, Feilding, New Zealand Feilding Star, 1910-02-26; information from Chris Beck; Beck/Stevens family tree
  bur. Fielding Public Cemetery, Manawatu, New Zealand Chris Beck (2000); Fielding cemetery records
shortly before 1910-03-26 probate in the estate of William Beck granted at Palmerston to Mr Haggitt Feilding Star, 1910-03-26


BECK.—In sad but loving memory of William Beck, who departed this life February 26, 1910.

I often sit and think of him

    When I am all alone;

For memory is the only friend

    That grief can call its own

—Inserted by his loving wife and son

Feilding Star, 1911-02-27
1917-10-23 widow resident at Kimbolton Road, Feilding Feilding Star


02. Emily Beck

1855-02-01 b. Lent, Burnham, Buckinghamshire birth certificate; although this is correct as stated, and seems to be the only civil birth registration, this may not be the correct reference, as census entries suggest a birth year earlier in the 1850s; possibly her birth was not actually registered
1855-02-18 bapt. Burnham parish register; this reference is also questionable, as the mother's name is given as "Beck formerly Bristow", and the birth date is given as 1855-01-24
1861 of Barracks, Burnham, living with her family TNA: RG 9/854 f21 p10
1871 not found in census  
by 1876 in a relationship with Thomas Taylor RG 11/1328 f91 p25
Children: Thomas Henry (1876–1942, b. Cranford), William (1878–1960, b. Cranford or Heston), Charles (1881–1967), Robert William (1883–1964), Alice Emily (1886–1974), and John  (1888–1968), the last four all b. Dawley, Middlesex RG 11/1328 f91 p25; RG 12/1019 f89 p14; GRO index; Yiewsley parish register
1880-03-29 of Heston; m. Thomas Taylor (1855–1929, labourer, of Heston, s. of Robert Taylor, deceased), at St Paul's pc, Hounslow, Middlesex parish register according to Viv Hassall, Thomas Taylor was born Thomas Church, and unofficially adopted by Robert Taylor. GRO index has a Thomas Church born in Uxbridge RD in 1855 Q2. Thomas Taylor's year of death is from Viv Hassall.
1881 living with her family at 2 Maynard's Row, Dawley Field, Harlington, Middlesex; husband now a brick crowder RG 11/1328 f91 p25
1891 living with her family at 4 Victoria Cottage, Hillingdon, Middlesex; 4 rooms RG 12/1019 f89 p14
1891-07-13 d. Horton-road, Yiewsley, Middlesex GRO index; Uxbridge & W. Drayton Gazette, 1891-07-18

INQUEST.—Dr. T.B. Diplock, coroner for West Middlesex, held an inquest at the Anchor beerhouse, Yiewsley, on Wednesday morning, on the body of Emily Taylor, aged 37, of Horton-road, Yiewsley, who was found dead in bed on Monday morning last.—Thomas Taylor, the husband of the deceased, was called, and stated that he had been working at West Norwood. On Monday he received information of his wife's death, and he immediately went home. He last saw her alive on Sunday evening, and she then said she felt better, and wished him to go to work.—Thomas Taylor, son of the deceased, stated that on Monday morning his mother called him up at half-past four to go to work. He lay down again and went to sleep. When he awoke it was about twenty minutes to six. He found his mother lying in bed quite dead. His mother had complained of her head on Sunday.—Wm. Christopher Thompson, surgeon, of West Drayton, stated that he was called to the deceased soon after seven o'clock on Monday morning. When he saw her she was dead. Her race and hands were cold, but the body was warm. He had previously attended her from the latter end of March unto about the end of April. He had made no post-mortem, but he believed the cause of death was due to apoplexy.—The jury returned a verdict of death from natural causes.

Uxbridge & W. Drayton Gazette, 1891-07-18

03. Mary Ann Beck

1857 Q4 b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire GRO index (as Mary Ann Elizabeth Beck); NB without seeing the actual certificate this too seems questionable, given that it appears doubtful whether any births after 1852 were registered; TNA: RG 15/06136 RD126 SD2 ED1 SN32
1861 of Barracks, Burnham, living with her family RG 9/854 f21 p10
1871 not found in census  
1876-03-05 m. James Walters (1845–1919, carter), at St Paul's Hounslow, Middlesex GRO index; information from Maggie Cox on GenesReunited website, and emails of 2008-01-22; RG 11/1340 f8 p17; St Paul Hounslow Heath parish register
Children: (Thomas) William (1876–1950), James (1878–1944), Charles Samuel (1879–1955), David John (1881–1929), John Henry (1885–1885), Albert Ernest (1885–1885), (George) Ernest (1887–1964), (Daniel) John (1890–1891), (Henry) John (1892–1984), Arthur George (1894–1965), Ellen (1897–1987), 4 other children (d. before 1911) GRO index; censuses; trees.ancestry.co.uk/tree/7877928/; information from Maggie Cox
1879-10-19 of Bath Road Barracks, Hounslow, at date of son's baptism parish register of St Paul Hounslow Heath, entry for son's baptism
1881 nil [occupation], of No 3 Cottage, Dockwell Lane, Heston, Middlesex, living with her family and brother RG 11/1340 f8 p17
1881-09-04 of Bath Road, at date of son's baptism parish register of St Paul Hounslow Heath, entry for son's baptism
1887-10-16 of Heston Lane, at date of son's baptism parish register of St Paul Hounslow Heath, entry for son's baptism
1891 of The Village, Cranford, Middlesex, living with her family, brother, and nephew RG 12/1016 f52 p15
1892-05-15 of Cranford, at date of son's baptism parish register of St John St Dunstan, Cranford
1894-11-25 of Cranford, at date of son's baptism parish register of St John St Dunstan, Cranford
1898-05-23 at Uxbridge Petty Sessions:

NEIGHBOURLY "LOVE."—Mary Randall, of Cranford, was summoned for assaulting Mary Walters, of Cranford, on the 4th May.—She pleaded "Not Guilty."—The assault complained of was the throwing of a brick and a sack at her, and abuse.—Mary Ann Gregory gave evidence for the prosecutrix.—Defendant denied the assault, and called Mary Clarke, who said Mrs. Randall only threw a sack at Mrs. Walters.—The Chairman said the defendant would have to pay 10s., and would be bound over to keep the peace.

West Middlesex Gazette, 1898-05-28


A week ago, Mrs. Mary Walters, of Cranford, appeared to prosecute Mary Randall, a neighbour, for assaulting her. A telegram, however, was read by the Clerk from the defendant, asking the Bench to adjourn the case on account of her father, who was lying dangerously ill, and was not expected to live. The Magistrates granted the application, but strongly recommended the prosecutrix to try to come to terms with the defendant. She not not take the Magistrates' good advice, and consequently she appeared before them on Monday, and told the Bench that from half-past seven in the evening till ten o'clock (2½ hours) on May 4th, the defendant was assaulting her and using most abusive language. About eight o'clock she threw a brick at her, which struck her in the breast, and later on threw a sack over her face. Afterwards, the defendant stripped herself and wanted to fight witness, but her husband pulled her away.

Miss Mary Ann Gregory, who stayed with the prosecutrix all the time the row was going on, corroborated her statement.

For the defence, Mrs. Mary Clarke and Mrs. Ellen Snosworth were called, and both denied that the defendant threw any bricks, but they admitted that she threw a sack at the complainant.

The Magistrates considered that an assault had taken place, and fined defendant 10s., in addition to binding her over to keep the peace in the sum of £5 to be of good behaviour for the next six months.

Uxbridge & W. Drayton Gazette, 1898-05-28
1898-10-11 at Uxbridge Petty Sessions:

THE SEQUENCE.—Mary Walters, the mother of the last defendant [Ernest] , was then summoned for assaulting Julia Cox.—The Complainant said that Austin came into her house with his eye bleeding. Witness went down to fetch the boy's mother. Mrs. Walters then came out and witness told her what her boy had done, and she replied "Serves him right" and struck witness in the face with her fist. Witness gave her no provocation.—Cross-examined: I did not come to your door.—Caroline Heath supported the summons.—Mrs. Cox was then summoned for assaulting Mrs. Walters' younger boy, who, it was alleged, she scratched down the face.—Mrs. Mack and William Walters gave evidence in support of the summons.—The Bench were not satisfied that Mrs. Walters had committed an assault upon Mrs. Cox, unless it was by provocation and the charge against her would be dismissed, but the case against Julia Cox for having assaulted the child was proved and they inflicted a fine of 5s.

West Middlesex Gazette, 1898-10-15
1901 of 3 Chester Cottages, Bath Road, Harlington, Middlesex, living with her family and a boarder RG 13/1174 f61 p1
1911 living with her family at 3 Chester Cottages; Bath Road, Harlington, Middlesex; 5 rooms RG14PN6748 RG78PN336 RD126 SD2 ED5 SN29
1921 home duties, private, at home; living with her son David and her brother Samuel in 4 rooms at Leake's Cottages, Bath Rd, Cranford RG 15/06136 RD126 SD2 ED1 SN32
  market gardener information from Maggie Cox
1936 living with her son and daughter-in-law at 2 Windsor Place, Spelthorne, Surrey electoral register
1936 Q4 of 1 Crane Cottages, Cranford; d. Staines RD GRO index; parish register
1936-12-30 bur. St John St Dunstan, Cranford parish register

04. Samuel Beck

cal 1860 May b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire censuses; TNA: RG 11/1340 f8 p17 & RG 13/1185 f48 p39 give place of birth as Cranford, Middlesex; birth registration not found
1861 of Barracks, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, living with his family RG 9/854 f21 p10
1871 not found in census  
1881 labourer, of No 3 Cottage, Dockwell Lane, Heston, Middlesex; boarder and lodger with his sister's family RG 11/1340 f8 p17
1886 Q3 possibly married either Elizabeth Cannons or Mary Sarah Sanders, Brentford RD GRO index
before 1891 m. and widowed RG 12/1016 f52 p15
1891 market gdn labourer, employed, of The Village, Cranford, Middlesex, lodger with his sister's family and her nephew
1894-08-20 at Uxbridge Petty Sessions:


Samuel Beck, a labourer, living at Cranford, was summoned for having fired a gun off on the public highway to the danger of the public, at Cranford Lane, Cranford, on July 25th.—P.C. Robins stated that about twenty minutes to four on the afternoon of the date named he was patrolling in Cranford Lane when he heard a great deal of shouting coming from the direction of a corn field. On proceeding in that direction and when a short distance from the corn field he heard the report of a gun, which greatly frightened his horse, and he had some difficulty in stopping it from bolting. On coming to the corn field he saw the defendant leaning against the fence with a gun in his hand. Witness drew his attention to firing within 50 yards from the highway, to which he replied that he was very sorry and that he did not notice witness coming.—Defendant admitted the offence, and stated that he was shooting at some birds there were at the corn, which he was sent to do, and he did not notice the officer coming or he would not have shot.—Defendant was fined 2s 6d, including costs, and was told to be more careful in the future.

Uxbridge & W. Drayton Gazette, 1894-08-25
1901 general labourer, worker, of 4 Sunnyside Cottages, Cranford Lane, Heston, Middlesex; boarder [age given as 51] RG 13/1185 f48 p39
1911 laberor, mkt garden; worker market garden; worker; boarder in 4 rooms at 4 Sunny Side Cottages, Cranford, Middlesex RG14PN6832 RG78PN340 RD128 SD1 ED27 SN117
1921 labourer, market garden, employed by Mr Shawyer, Cranford, Middlesex, flower grower, at Cranford; boarding with his sister Mary Ann and her son David in 4 rooms at Leake's Cottages, Bath Rd, Cranford RG 15/06136 RD126 SD2 ED1 SN32


KNOCKED DOWN.—While crossing the Bath-road on Monday evening, Mr. Samuel Beck, of Leach's cottages, was knocked down by a motor car and sustained a cut on his forehead, concussion and shock. He was conveyed to West Middlesex Hospital.

Uxbridge & W. Drayton Gazette, 1930-11-21
1930-11-20T13:15 of Leakes Cottages, Bath Road, Cranford; d. Brentford RD GRO index; parish register


Fatal Rush in Front of Car.

The death in the West Middlesex Hospital on Thursday of Samuel Beck (71), of Leake's Cottage, Bath-road, Cranford, as the result of injuries received through being knocked down by a motor car outside his residence on the evening of November 10, was the subject of an inquiry by Mr. Reginald Kempt, the West Middlesex Coroner, and a jury, at the hospital on Monday.

The body was identified by Harry Alan Muncy, of Leake's Cottage, Bath-road, who said he had known deceased for thirteen years. He had always enjoyed good health, was not feeble, and could see and hear well.

Edwin Wood, of "Liddlesdale,' Upton-road, Slough, said that about 5.15 on the evening of November 10 he was driving an Essex Super-Six on his way to Slough in company with his wife. He had driven a car about eight months. He was proceeding through Cranford at about 23 miles per hour. The night was fine, but very dark. He had his ordinary lights on and his headlights dipped, and there was no other traffic about, Suddenly a man's form loomed up in front of the car in the act of crossing the road.

The Coroner: Had the man looked, he would have seen you coming?—he would have done. I didn't have time to sound my horn, but I put on my brakes and pulled up in half the length of the car, but I knocked the man down. I didn't see him until he was running by the offside lamp.

Juryman: Why didn't you sound your horn? You were approaching a turning?—Witness: The turning was on my offside and anything coming past could be seen.

A Juryman: What part of the car struck the man?—Witness: the offside front buffer. It seemed to me that the poor old chap wanted to hop over the road before me, and in doing so misjudged himself.

Mrs. Ada Constance Wood corroborated her husband's statement and said she did not remember if she was in conversation with her husband at the time. Her husband was a most careful driver and never had any conversation when at the wheel.

P.C. Shipman deposed to being called to the scene of the accident, which was outside Leake's Bungalow on the south side of the Bath-road. Beck, who had been struck on the head, was removed to Hounslow Hospital, but as the wards were full was transferred to the West Middlesex Hospital. The driver of the car made the following statement: "I was going at a very modest pace and the old chap ran straight in front of the car to get into his cottage. I could not avoid him."

Dr. Warren said that Beck was admitted to the hospital with concussion and a fractured base of the skull. He was conscious when in the receiving ward, but later he became comatose and restless, got weaker, and died at 1.15 p.m. on November 20 from shock and a fractured base of the skull, which was consistent with his having been knocked down by a car.

The Coroner, summing up, said that unfortunately they had no independent witnesses, but he saw no reason to doubt the evidence of the driver and his wife.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death and exonerated the driver from all blame, adding an expression of sympathy with the relatives, in which Mr. Paton, counsel, on behalf of Mr. Wood, joined.

Uxbridge & W. Drayton Gazette, 1930-11-28
1930-11-25 bur. St John St Dunstan, Cranford parish register

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