Miscellaneous abbreviations




A Pollard, Albert

Albert Pollard (1860–1902), Frank's brother

A.E (Geo. Russell)

George William Russell (1867–1935), Irish nationalist, writer, editor, critic, poet, and artistic painter

A. Neave Brayshaw

Alfred Neave Brayshaw (1861–1940), solicitor and teacher

A. Ponsonby

Arthur Ponsonby, 1st Baron Ponsonby of Shulbrede (1871–1946), politician, writer, and social activist

Adila Fachiri

Adila Fachiri (1886–1962), Hungarian violinist

Agatha Harrison

Agatha Mary Harrison (1885–1954), industrial welfare reformer and unofficial diplomat

Agnes Nicholls

Agnes Nicholls (1876–1959), soprano

Agnes Thompson

probably Agnes Thompson (1874 – )

Alan Adams

Alan Henry Adams (1892–1988), husband of Mary's niece

Alan, Allan

Alan Procter (1871–1954), Mary's 2nd cousin


James Alaric Richardson (1869–1958), Mary's 2nd cousin

Albert Linney

probably Albert Gravely Linney (1873–1936)

Albert Richardson

Albert Richardson (1874 – ), Mary's 3rd cousin

Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer, OM (1875–1965), theologian, organist, philosopher, physician, and medical missionary


friend of Mary's daughter Ruth

Alexander Wilson

Alexander Cowan Wilson (1866–1955), husband of Mary's 5th cousin

Alfie Ede

Alfred Gordon Ede (1876–1947), son of the Very Rev. William Moore Ede

Alfred Brown

probably Alfred Henry Brown (1860–1932), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Alfred Hughes

possibly Alfred Morgan Hughes, LDS, MRCS, LRCP (b. 1891)

Alice Morrison

presumably former staff member at Gateshead High School

Alice Rowntree

possibly Alice Esther (Rowntree) Robson (1904–2000), daughter of James Henry Rowntree of Scarborough

Alice Walker, Alice

Alice Walker, maid

Alice Whitlow

probably the Alice Whitlow who had been a mistress at Ackworth, and later married Charles Warner

Alison Neilans

Alison Roberta Noble Neilans (1884–1942), suffragette

Allie Watson, Allie Emley

Alice Foster (Watson) Emley (1876–1964), Mary's 2nd cousin


Andrew Mossop (b. 1959), Mary's great–great–nephew

Anstice and her husband

Anstice Mary (Sparkes) Cosgrave (1919–1975), Frank's great–niece, and her husband Gerard


presumably John W. A. Cosgrave (b. 1943), Frank's great–great–nephew

Archdeacon Cunningham

probably the Ven. Archdeacon Cunningham, DD, FBA, Fellow of Trinity College, Archdeacon of Ely

Archdeacon Farrar

Frederick William Farrar (1831–1903), archdeacon of Westminster Abbey

Arnie, Arnold, or A.; possibly also Barnie

Arnold Spence Watson (1879–1897), Mary's brother; elsewhere Arnold Watson Edmundson (1911–1992), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Arnold Rowntree, A.S. Rowntree, A.R., Arnold R.

Arnold Stephenson Rowntree (1872–1951), Mary's 5th cousin

Arthur Bourchier

Arthur Bourchier (1863–1927), actor and theatre manager

Arthur Collinson

Arthur Collinson (1871–1947), Mary's 4th cousin

Arthur Dann

Arthur Dann (cal 1858 – after 1917)

Arthur Eddington

Arthur John Eddington (1886–1946)

Arthur, Elsie, Lucy & Willie

Arthur Binns Pollard (1870–1949), Frank's brother, and three of his children: Elsie Pollard (1897–1993), Lucy (Pollard) Stirling (1903–2001), & William Pollard (1904–1964)

Arthur Henderson M.P.

Arthur Henderson (1863–1935), iron moulder and Labour politician

Arthur Rowntree

Arthur Rowntree (1861–1949), headmaster of Bootham School; Frank's 2nd cousin


Herbert Henry Asquith (1852–1928), later prime minister

Aunt Anna

Anna Deborah Richardson (1832–1972), Mary's aunt

Aunt Car

Caroline Richardson (1834–1916), Mary's aunt

Aunt Emmie Richardson, Aunt E.

Emily (Watson) Richardson (1844–1913), Mary's aunt

Aunt Emmie, Aunt Emily White

Jane Emily (Richardson) White (1844–1903), Mary's aunt

Aunt Etty

Esther Mary (Watson) Clapham (1838–1903), Mary's aunt

Aunt Fanny

Frances Jane Fenwick (McAllum) Watson (1856–1933), Mary's aunt

Aunt Gertie, Aunt G., Gertie

Gertrude (Watson) Edmundson (1854–1930), Mary's aunt

Aunt Hope, Aunt H.

Alice Mary (Richardson) Merz (1846–1933), Mary's aunt

Aunt Marian

Marian Henrietta (Thöl) Richardson (1841–1935), Mary's aunt

Aunt Nellie, Aunt Nellie Kuhlmann, Aunt Nellie K.

Ellen Ann (Richardson) Kuhlmann (1848–1925), Mary's aunt

Aunt Nelly, Aunt Nelly Gurney, Aunt N. Gurney

Helen (Watson) Gurney (1848–1922), Mary's aunt

Aunt Sally

probably Sarah Ann Richardson (1836–1929), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

B. & B., the B's

Bowes & Bertha Morrell, qqv.

B. Saxon Snell

Beatrice Saxon Snell, Quaker and writer


Zlatko Balokovic (1895–1965), Croatian violinist

Barbara Duncan–Harris

worker for Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Barbara Sargent

not identified – possibly a friend of Mary's daughter Ruth

Barbara, Barbara R.

Barbara M. (Burrell) Robson (d. aft. 1987), Mary's 4th cousin twice removed, by marriage


Basil Douglas (1914 – after 1960), Mary's 2nd cousin once removed; or as below

Basil, B Procter

Basil Procter (1876–1943), Mary's 2nd cousin

Basil Neave

Basil Neave (1876–1951)


Tryce Mary, Cicely, Augusta, and Verena Baumgartner, children of Mary's 2nd cousin Augusta Mary (Richardson) Baumgartner (1860–1938)

Beatrice Pascall, Beatrice

Beatrice E. (Pascall) Pollard (1906–1996), later Mary's daughter–in–law

Beatrice Snell

Beatrice Saxon Snell, Quaker and writer


Bedford Pollard, FRGS (1858–1945), Frank's brother


Benjamin Sidney Beck (b. 1951), Mary's grandson

Benjamin Kidd, Benj. Kidd

Benjamin Kidd (1858–1916), sociologist


Sir Francis Robert Benson (1858–1939), actor–manager


presumably the family of James Herbert Benyon (1849–1935), 1st Chancellor of the University of Reading and Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire

Ber or Bertha

Bertha (Spence Watson) Morrell (1877–1954), Mary's sister

Bernard Pumphrey

Bernard Pumphrey (1865–1931), Mary's 2nd cousin

Bertha Holmes

Bertha Holmes (1888–1968), Mary's 2nd cousin once removed

Bertram Pickard

Bertram Pickard (1892–1973), Quaker representative at Geneva, 1926–1940

Beryl A. Hammerton

Beryl Augusta Hammerton (b. 1881)

Betty Morrell, Betty

Elizabeth Bertha (Morrell) Hoult, later Cooper (1907–1994), Mary's niece

Bevan Lean

Bevan Lean (1865–1947), Mary's 5th cousin; headmaster of Sidcot School

Bill, Billy

William Bowes Morrell (1913–1981); married Kate Lisa Probst (1916–92) in 1939


Birdie' Nightingale, not otherwise identified


Augustine Birrell (1860–1933), politician, barrister, academic, and author

Bishop Crosthwaite

Robert Jarratt Crosthwaite, DD (1837–1925), Bishop of Beverley

Bishop of Oxford

Thomas Banks Strong, GBE (1861–1944), Bishop of Oxford 1925–1937

Bishop of Winchester

Cyril Foster Garbett, GCVO, PC (1875–1955), later Archbishop of York

Bobbie, Bobby

Frederick Robert Browning (1900–1973), husband of Mary's niece


lived in Eldwick; Mr Boston was the Head at Bingley Grammar School


Vladimir Bourtzev (1862–1942), Russian revolutionist


John Bowes Morrell (1873–1963), Mary's brother–in–law

bowl maker

George Lailey (1869–1958) of Miles Green, near Bucklebury; the last professional practitioner of the traditional craft of bowl–turning using a pole lathe

Bowman Watson

(Henry) Bowman Watson (1875–1970 ), Mary's 2nd cousin

Bp of Buckingham

Philip Herbert Eliot (1862–1946), Bishop of Buckingham 1921–1944

Brian Mennell

Brian Tuke Mennell (1877–1961), brother to Chrissie and Robert

Brian Sparkes

Brian Sparkes (1885–1955), Frank's nephew

Brigadier General Crozier

Brigadier–General Frank Percy Crozier (1879–1937), soldier turned pacifist, supported LNU


John Elliot Burns (1856–1943), trade unionist and politician

C. Stansfield

possibly Charles Edward Stansfield (1865–1945)

C., Caro, Carina, Carol

Caroline (Pollard) Hardie (1912–1987), Mary's daughter

C.E. Evans

not identified, but possibly C.I. Evans

C.I. Evans

probably Charles Irwin Evans (1870–1941), who had been a master at Ackworth


Cecil John Cadoux (1883–1947)

Campbell Bannerman, C.B.

Sir Henry Campbell–Bannerman, GCB (1836–1908), Leader of the Liberal Party, 1899–1908; Prime Minister, 1905–1908

Canon Morris

Canon Stuart Morris, who became PPU General Secretary

Canon Tupper–Carey

Canon Albert Darell Tupper–Carey (1866–1943), later Hon. Chaplain to the King

Capt. Knight

Captain Charles William Robert Knight, MC, FRPS, FZS (1884–1957)

Cardinal Bourne

Francis Alphonsus Bourne (1861–1935), Archbishop of Westminster, and Cardinal

Carl Heath

Carl Heath, first General Secretary of the National Peace Council

Carl Leyel

Carl Frederick Leyel (1876–1925), theatrical manager

Carruthers Gould

Sir Francis Carruthers Gould (1844–1925), caricaturist and political cartoonist


Thomas Carter, Lord Mayor of York 1910–11


Cicely Baumgartner (1889–1987), Mary's 2nd cousin once removed

Char. Terrell

probably Charles D. Terrell, a Reading Friend

Charles P. Trevelyan, C.P.T., C.P. Trevelyan

Sir Charles Philips Trevelyan, 3rd baronet (1870–1958)

Charlie (also Cousin Charlie), Chas, Charles Merz, Charles

Charles Hesterman Merz (1874–1940), Mary's 1st cousin

Charlie Sturge

probably Charles Sturge (1867– )

Charlie Weiss

Charles Weiss, brother to Mary's brother–in–law Ernest Weiss

Charlie, Charlie T.

Sir Charles Trevelyan, 3rd baronet (1870–1958), later Lord Lieutenant of Northumberland, politician and landowner

Chas Wynne

Charles Henry Wynne (1868–1946)


John Bowes Morrell's servant


William Macbride Childs (1869–1939), Vice–Chancellor of Reading University, and his wife Emma Catherine (Pollard) Childs (1869–1960), Frank Pollard's 2nd cousin

Chrissie Mennell, Chrissie M.

Christabel Mennell (1872–1958)


Christabel Pollard (1899–1987), Frank's niece

Christian Howard

Christian Howard (1916–1999), later to work for the ordination of women to the priesthood

Christine Irwin

Christine Irwin (1892 – after 1960), Frank's niece

Christopher John Rowntree, Christopher Rowntree, Christopher

Christopher John Rowntree (1907–1995), son of Arnold Stephenson Rowntree

Churchill (1960 ref)

Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer–Churchill (1911–1968), son of Sir Winston

Clarence Pickett

Clarence E. Pickett (1884–1965), Executive Secretary of the American Friends Service Committee, 1929–50


not identified

Clement Hughes

possibly Clement Owen Hughes (1889–1920)

Colin, C.

Colin Spence Richardson (1899–1973), Mary's nephew

Con Rowntree

Constance Margaret (Naish) Rowntree, 1871–1928, wife of Mary's 5th cousin

Constance, Constance Richardson, C.R.

Constance Richardson (1907–1989), Mary's 1st cousin once removed (2nd cousin to Mary's son Robert)

Corrie Grant

Corrie Grant (1850–1924), journalist, barrister, and Liberal Party politician

Countess of Warwick

Frances Evelyn 'Daisy' (Maynard) Greville, countess of Warwick (1861–1938)

Cousin Alice, Cousin Alice Procter

Alice (Watson) Procter (1846–1935), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Cousin Alice Foster, Coz Alice Foster

Alice Mary Foster (1854–1945), Mary's 2nd cousin once removed

Cousin Augusta, Coz. Augusta

Augusta Mary (Richardson) Baumgartner (1860–1938), Mary's 2nd cousin

Cousin Charlie, Cousin Charlie Spence

Charles James Spence (1848–1905), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Cousin David

probably David Richardson (1835–1913), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Cousin Eliza, Cousin Eliza Wigham

Elizabeth Wigham (1820–1899), Mary's 2nd cousin twice removed

Cousin Emma Bowron

Emma Bowron (1838–1922), Frank's 1st cousin

Cousin Hannah Hewitson, Cousin H. Hewitson

Hannah Hewitson (1817–1896), Mary's 1st cousin twice removed

Cousin Henry & Cousin Hannah Maria; Cousin Henry Wigham

Henry Wigham (1822–1897) and Hannah Maria (Peile) Wigham (1828–1907), Mary's 2nd cousin twice removed and his wife

Cousin Jane

Jane (Smeal) Wigham (1801–1888), 2nd wife of Mary's 1st cousin three times removed

Cousin Jeanie Sturge [also Cousin Jeanie Sterge, Cousin J. Sturge, Cousin Jennie] & Hilda

Jane (Richardson) Sturge (1838–1934), Mary's 1st cousin once removed, and her daughter Hilda Sturge (1876–1972)

Cousin Jemima

Jemima (Smeal) Henderson (1832–1908), Mary's 2nd cousin once removed

Cousin Jim Watson

James Watson (1850–1936), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Cousin Joe

Joseph Fisher Shackleton (1832–1908), husband to Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Cousin John

John Richardson Wigham (1829–1906), Mary's 2nd cousin twice removed

Cousin K.

in 1907, possibly Catherine (Fry) Richardson (1838–1919), wife of Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Cousin Kate, Cousin K., Coz. Kate, Katie R.

Catherine Mary Richardson (1874–1957), Mary's 2nd cousin

Cousin Lizzie

Eliza Edmundson (cal 1848 – after 1906), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Cousin Lizzie Cooper

Elizabeth (Brown) Cooper (1844–1917), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Cousin Lottie

Charlotte Edmundson (cal 1845 – 1916), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Cousin Margaret

Margaret (Watson) Wigham (1823–1901), Mary's 1st cousin twice removed

Cousin Mary

Mary (Wigham) Edmundson (1818–1906), Mary's 2nd cousin twice removed

Cousin Mary Pollard

Mary Catherine (Bastin) Pollard (1837–1922), wife of Frank's 1st cousin once removed (mother to Ella)

Cousin Nancy

probably Anna Watson (1847–1923), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Cousin Nanny

possibly Anna Watson (1847–1923), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Cousin Ned

probably Edward Watson (1841–1929 (Mary's 1st cousin once removed)

Cousin Robert Wigham

Robert Wigham (1820–1894), Mary's 2nd cousin twice removed, and husband of her 1st cousin twice removed

Cousin Sally

Sarah Ann Richardson (1836–1929), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Cousin Tom, Cousin Thos C. Watson

(Thomas) Carrick Watson (1840–1918), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Cuthbert, Cuthbert Morrell

Cuthbert Morrell (1872–1959), brother to Mary's brother–in–law John Bowes Morrell; another reference not identified


Cyril Edmundson (1883–1957), Mary's 1st cousin

Daisy and Edna

Daisy Wright, nurse; Edna not identified – possibly maid


family of Margaret (Pollard) Dale, Mary's daughter

Dan Godfrey

Sir Dan Godfrey (1868–1939), conductor and musician; founder of the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra


Daniel Beck (b. 1943), Mary's grandson

David Crichton

David Sprunt Crichton (d. 1921), husband of Mary's friend Edna

Davie Crichton, Davie

David Sturge Crichton (1906–1941)

Dean Kitchin

George William Kitchin (1827–1912), Dean of Durham Cathedral, later Chancellor of the University of Durham

Dean of Worcester

The Very Rev. William Moore Ede, DD (1850–1935), Dean of Worcester

Dendy's, Mr & Mrs Dendy

presumably family of Frederick Walter Dendy, Robert Spence Watson's partner in the law firm


friend of Mary's daughter Ruth

Denise Hardy

perhaps Ruth's friend Denise

Denys and Marie

A.G. Denys Kuhlmann/Richardson (1888–1952), Mary's 1st cousin, and his wife Marie, née Winsor (1889–1980)

Denys K.

A.G. Denys Kuhlmann/Richardson (1888–1952), Mary's 1st cousin


Lydia Ruth (Morrell) Butler (1904–1991), Mary's niece


presumably Diana Rathbone

Diana (also)

Sylvia Diana (Minshall) Beerbohm (b. 1911), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Diana Marriage

Diana Marriage (b. 1915)

Dick Sheppard

Hugh Richard Lawrie Sheppard (1880–1937), pacifist


presumably John Dix's parents

Dolly R.

Dorothea Richardson (1872–1970), Mary's 2nd cousin

Dolly Richardson (Garnett)

Dorothy (Garnett) Richardson (1887–1956), wife of Mary's 2nd cousin

Dolly Thorpe

probably Dorothea Grace Thorp (1880 – ), later wife of Wilfred Grace, Mary's 5th cousin once removed


Donald Thomas (b. 1929), Mary's nephew

Donald Gray

Donald Gray (1893–1943), headmaster of Bootham School

Donald Groom, D. Groom

Donald George Groom (b. 1913), husband to Mary's 5th cousin once removed, first full–time Yearly Meeting Secretary

Dora Clark

probably Theodora Elizabeth Clark (1863–1940)

Dora, Dora R., Dora Minshall

Theodora Wigham (Richardson) Minshall (1871–1932), Mary's 1st cousin


Lady Dorothy Georgiana Howard (1881–1968), daughter of the 9th earl of Carlisle

Dorothy (Knight)

Dorothy C. (Ashcroft) Knight, wife of Francis H. Knight

Dorothy Crowley

Dorothy (Crowley) Brown (cal 1875 – 1968); married Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Dorothy Helmrich

Dorothy Helmrich, Australian mezzo–soprano

Dorothy Silk

Dorothy Ellen Silk (1883–1942), soprano

Dr & Mrs Sperries

Willard Learoyd Sperry (1882–1954), dean of Harvard Divinity School; and his wife Muriel Bennett Sperry

Dr Bentham

probably Dr Ethel Bentham (1861–1931), progressive doctor, politician, and suffragette

Dr Chas. Marsh

Charles Alfred Marsh, MD, of Bath

Dr Child, Dr Childs

William Macbride Childs (1869–1939), Vice–Chancellor of Reading University, husband to Frank Pollard's 2nd cousin

Dr Christian Lange

Christian Lous Lange (1869–1938), Norwegian pacifist and internationalist

Dr Clouston

Sir Thomas Smith Clouston, FRSE, PRCPE (1840–1915), psychiatrist

Dr Fothergill

John Fothergill, MD, FRS (1712–1780), founder of Ackworth School

Dr Henry Hodgkin, Dr Hodgkin

Henry Theodore Hodgkin (1877–1933), medical and educational missionary in China, Mary's 5th cousin

Dr Hurry

Dr Jamieson Hurry, medical practitioner in Reading, and botanist

Dr Masterman

Ernest William Gurney Masterman, MD, FRCS, FRGS, surgeon to the English Hospital and Hon. Sec. in Palestine for the Palestine Exploration Fund

Dr Nansen

Fridtjof Wedel–Jarlsberg Nansen (1861–1930), Norwegian explorer, scientist and diplomat

Dr Sibly, Dr Sibley

Sir Thomas Franklin Sibly (1883–1948), Vice–Chancellor of Reading University

Dr Vipont Brown

(Edward) Vipont Brown, MRCS, LSA, MB, MD (1863–1955), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Duncan Naish

(Arthur) Duncan Naish (1881–1936), works manager at Rowntree's

Duncan Wood

John Duncan Wood (1910–2006), later of the Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva; ornithologist

E F Hill

probably Edward Faulkner Hill (1877–1974)

E W Rowntree

Ernest William Rowntree (1877–1936)

E.B. Castle

Prof. E.B. Castle, historian and classical scholar

E.B. Collinson

Edgar Barron Collinson (1868–1956), master at Ackworth

E. Taylor

possibly Eleanor (Taylor) Woodall (1886–1965), Mary's 2nd cousin


Evelyn & Ernest Weiss, qqv.

Earl Grey

Albert Henry George Grey, fourth Earl Grey (1851–1917), governor–general of Canada


family of the Very Rev. William Moore Ede, DD (1850–1935)

Edgar, Edgar E.

John Edgar Edmundson (1879–1920), Mary's 1st cousin

Edie R., Edith Richardson

Edith Richardson (1867–1934), Mary's 2nd cousin

Edith White

Edith Somers Gregory White (1882–1945), Mary's 1st cousin


Edna Annie (Sturge) Crichton (1876 – after 1942), first woman Lord Mayor of York, 1941–2

Edward Backhouse, Ed. Backhouse

Edward Backhouse (1876–1922), Mary's 3rd cousin

Edward Mennell, Ed. Mennell

Edward Newman Mennell (1871–1937)

Edward White, Ted

Edward How White (1878–1940), Mary's 1st cousin

Edwin Burtt

Edwin Burtt (1867–1963)

Effie Corder

possibly Edith Frances (Corder) Gibbs (1869–1950), Mary's 2nd cousin


Eileen (Corder) Kent (1894–1993), Mary's 1st cousin once removed


Elaine Clephan (1878–1939), Mary's 2nd cousin


Elizabeth Evelyn Browning (b. 1934), later Crossley, Mary's great–niece

Eliz. Fox Howard

Elizabeth Fox Howard (1873–1957)

Elizabeth Fry

Elizabeth (Gurney) Fry (1780–1845), penal reformer and philanthropist

Elizabeth Pinhorn, Elis., Eliz., E.

Elisabeth Mary Pinhorn (1906–2002, later Lady Elisabeth Mary Walley), Mary's son Robert's first fiancée

Ella, Ella Pollard

Mary Ellen Pollard (1870–1959), Frank's 2nd cousin


Elizabeth Gabrielle (Weiss) Browning (1900–2001), Mary's niece

Elsie Harrod

probably Elsie Dorothy Harrod (b. 1910)

Emily Pollard

Emily Adelaide (Cross) Pollard (1858–1955), Frank's sister–in–law

Eric & Winifred & Wilfrid S.

Eric Sparkes (1889–1949), Frank's nephew, & Eric's wife Winifred (Lidbetter) Sparkes (1886–1971); and Wilfred Sparkes (1884–1958), Frank's nephew


possibly Hermann P. and Alice Enke

Erica Storr

Erica V. (Storr) Lindsay, MA; taught at The Mount 1905–7

Erica, E.

(Margaret) Erica (Weiss) Wicksteed (1904–97), Mary's niece

Ernest [also], Ernie

Ernest Leisler Merz (1881–1909), Mary's 1st cousin

Ernest Ludlam

Ernest Bowman Ludlam, DSc (1879–1958)

Ernest Morland

probably Charles Ernest Morland (1865–1912)

Ernest, E.

Frederick Ernest Weiss (1865–1953), Mary's brother–in–law

Ernest Rowntree

possibly Ernest William Rowntree (1877–1936)


Ernestine (Richardson) Bealey (1868–1953), Mary's 1st cousin

Ester McCracken

Esther Helen (Armstrong) McCracken (1902–1971), playwright, Mary's 1st cousin once removed


Esther Bright (Clark) Clothier (1873–1935)

Esther, E.

Esther Watson (Richardson) Adams (1901–1978), Mary's niece

Ethel Barringer

Mount Old Scholar, later married A. Hry Wright

Ethel Clephan

not identified

Ethel Stevens

probably Ethel C. Stevens (b. cal 1873)

Ethelwyn(n) Pumphrey

Ethelwynn Pumphrey, later married to Mary's 3rd cousin Robert Haydon Gayner

Eva, Eva A., Eva Edmundson

Eva Lucy Edmundson (1888–1969), Mary's 1st cousin

Evelyn (also Evie, E.)

Evelyn (Spence Watson) Weiss (1871–1959), Mary's sister

Evelyn, Evelyn Sturge

Evelyn Sturge (1875–1961), Mary's 5th cousin once removed

F. Knight

Francis Howard Knight (1881–1945), former headmaster of Stramongate School

F./Frank, FEP, F E Pollard

Francis Edward Pollard (1872–1951), Mary's (future) husband, and 4th cousin once removed

F. Sturge

Francis Lionel Player Sturge (1871–1949), a teacher at Bootham

Falkner Hill

Edward Falkner Hill (1877–1974), on the management board of Dalton Hall

Fanny Davies

Fanny Davies (1861–1934), pianist

Fanny Pumphrey

Frances Taylor (Nesbit) Pumphrey (1867–1936), wife of Mary's 2nd cousin

Father Hamilton Macdonald

chaplain of the Sacred Heart Convent in Hammersmith, first vice–president and director of the Guild of St Stephen

Fielden and Amy Jane Thorp

Fielden Thorp (1832–1921), retired headmaster of Bootham, and his wife Amy Jane (Clark) Thorp (1837–1911)


Florence Webb, maid

Florence Barrow

Florence Mary Barrow (1876–1964), relief worker and promoter of improved housing

Francis Impey

Francis Levitt Impey (1878–1971)

Frank Clark

Francis Joseph Clark (1853–1938), partner in Clarks' shoe manufacturers

Frank Knight, F. Knight

probably Francis Howard Knight (1881–1945), but possibly Francis Arnold Knight (1852–1915)

Frank Lean

Francis William Lean (1878–1973), Mary's 5th cousin

Frank Pollard

Francis Edward Pollard (1863–1933), Frank's 2nd cousin

Frank R., Frank

Frank Richardson (1870–1969), Mary's 2nd cousin

Frank Rowntree

Francis Henry Rowntree (1868–1918), cocoa and chocolate manufacturer; Mary's 5th cousin

Frank Sturge

Francis Lionel Player Sturge (1871–1949), warden of Woodbrooke Settlement

Fred Carr

Frederick Thompson Carr (1867–1949), later husband of Mary's 4th cousin

Fred Emley

Frederick Emley (1854–1934), husband of Mary's 2nd cousin

Fred Fryer

Frederick George Fryer (1874–1948)

Fred. & Gertrude Taylor & Rachel

Frederick Taylor (1861–1944), Mary's 4th cousin once removed, former Secretary of the Friends' First–Day School Association; his wife Gertrude Sophia (Rowntree) Taylor (1863–1950); and their younger daughter Rachel Rowntree (Taylor) Clark (1902–1988)


Elfrida Sturge (1879–1968), Mary's 2nd cousin

Freda Strong, Freda

maid; not identified further than in text

Frederick Andrews, Fred Andrews, F. Andrews

Frederick Andrews (1850–1922), headmaster at Ackworth School, Frank's 1st cousin

Frida Sturge

Elfrida (Sturge) Cameron (1879–1969), Mary's 2nd cousin

G J Fowler

probably Gilbert John Fowler (1868–1953)

G. and E.

Godfrey (1899–1997) and Erica (Weiss) (1904–1997) Wicksteed, Mary's niece and her husband

G.M. Trevelyan

George Macaulay Trevelyan (1876–1962), historian


family name (used by grandchildren) for Robert Spence Watson (1837–1911), Mary's father

Gen. Macready

General Sir Cecil Frederick Nevil Macready, 1st baronet, GCMG, KCB, PC (Ire), General Officer Commanding–in–Chief of the British forces in Ireland

Geo. Cadbury

George Cadbury (1878–1954), cocoa and chocolate manufacturer, newspaper director

Geo. King

possibly George King (b. 1863)

Geo. Palmer

George William Palmer (1851–1913), biscuit manufacturer and benefactor

Geoffrey Morland

Geoffrey Morland (1881–1965)

Geoffrey Pollard

Geoffrey Bastin Pollard (1899–1966), Frank's 2nd cousin once removed


George Macaulay Trevelyan (1876–1962), historian

George, Geo. R.

George Beigh Richardson (1872–1935), Mary's 1st cousin

George & John Shackleton

George Shackleton (1872–1956) and his brother John Wigham Shackleton (1875–1947), Mary's 4th cousins

George Kennan

George Kennan (1845–1924), explorer

Gerald Bailey

Gerald Bailey (d. 1975), Secretary of the National Peace Council

Gerald Brown

possibly Gerald Hugh Brown (1877–1965)

Gerald Hibbert

former headmaster of Ackworth


probably Gerald Heath

Gerry Heath, Gerald Heath

probably a friend of Mary's daughter Ruth


Gertrude Mary Edmundson (1877–1947), Mary's 1st cousin, later wife of Lawrence Richardson

Gertrude and Brewis

formerly maid and gardener at Bensham Grove, who had married

Gertrude Brooks and her sister

probably Gertrude Brooks (1875– ) and Florence Brooks (1877– )

Gervase Elwes

Gervase Henry Cary–Elwes (1866–1921), tenor

Gilbert, Gilbert R., Gilbert Richardson, Gillie

Gilbert Hancock Richardson (1871–1950), Mary's 2nd cousin

Godfrey Tearle

Sir Godfrey Seymour Tearle (1884–1953), actor

Godfrey, G.

Godfrey Garton Wicksteed (1899–1997), husband of Mary's niece


probably Grace Edith (Taylor) Sparkes, wife of Frank's nephew

Granville Bantock

Sir Granville Bantock (1868–1946), composer

Gwendy Knight, Gwendoline

Gwendoline Dorothy Knight (b. 1909), daughter of Francis Howard Knight


Guy Clephan (1888–1980), Mary's 2nd cousin, and husband of her 2nd cousin

H.G. Alexander, Horace Alexander

Horace Gundry Alexander (1889–1989), Quaker envoy and mediator

H.G. Wood

Herbert George Wood (1879–1963), theologian and historian

H.M. Wallis

Henry Marriage Wallis (1854–1941), JP, corn & seed merchant

H.T. Mennell

Henry Tuke Mennell (1835–1923)

Ha(r)mar Greenwood

Hamar Greenwood (1870–1948), MP for Sunderland, later 1st Viscount Greenwood

Hamilton Deane

Hamilton Deane (1880–1958), actor, playwright, and director


Frank Harnett, friend of Mary's daughter Ruth

Harold and his wife

perhaps Harold Herford? and wife, not otherwise identified

Harold Samuel

Harold Samuel (1879–1937), pianist and pedagogue

Harrison Barrow

Harrison Barrow (1868–1953), tea & coffee merchant and insurance director


Harrison Jackson (1863–1955), Mary's brother–in–law

Harry & Nellie R.

Harold Joseph Richardson (1869–1911) and Helen Richardson (1871–1902), Mary's 1st cousins

Harry and Leontine

probably George Henry Mennell (1873–1944) and his wife Helen Louise Leontine (Gaguin) Mennell (b. 1877)

Harry Mennell

probably George Henry Mennell (1873–1944), brother to Marion Margaret Mennell


Somerville Hastings, FRCS (1878–1967), surgeon and Labour politician; MP for Reading 1923–1924 & 1929–1931


A. Hedley Butler (1899–1978), husband of Mary's niece

Helen Burtt

possibly Helen (Burtt) Hutchinson (1877 – before 1962)

Helen Eddington

Helen Clark Eddington (1874–1953)

Helen Gaskell

Helen Gaskell (1906–2002), oboe & cor anglais player

Helen Morland

Helen Morland (1876 – after 1917), later married John Alfred Ransome

Helen Richardson

Helen (Richardson) Thomson (1916–2000), daughter of Mary's cousins Lawrence & Gertrude (Edmundson) Richardson

Henry Palin Gurney

Henry Palin Gurney (1847–1904), principal of the Durham College of Science from 1894

Herbert Andrews

Herbert Andrews (1880–1904), Frank's 1st cousin once removed


Herbert Watson Edmundson (1875–1950), Mary's 1st cousin

Herbie Corder, Herbie, H. Corder

Herbert Corder (1864–1937), Mary's 1st cousin


Hilda Garnett (b. c. 1885), daughter of William and Rebecca (Samways) Garnett; William had been Principal of the Durham College of Science. Elsewhere Hilda Clark (1881–1955)

Hilda Clark

Hilda Marian Clark (b. 1874), Mary's 5th cousin once removed

Hilda Sturge

Hilda Sturge (1876–1972), Mary's 2nd cousin

Hilda White

Hilda White (1873–1945), Mary's 1st cousin


Stephen, Bertha, Mary, Oliver, and Constance Holmes, children of Mary's 2nd cousin Amelia Constance (Richardson) Holmes (1859–1947)


Honor (Shann) Alexander (1893–1978), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Horace Alexander

Horace Gundry Alexander (1889–1989), Quaker envoy and mediator

Howard, Howard R.

Howard Doncaster Rowntree (1879–1974), Mary's 5th cousin

Howard Collinsons

probably Edward Howard Collinson (1903–1990) and his wife Eileen, née Woodhead (d. 1979)

Howard Smith

Howard Reckitt Smith (1880–1956), corn and seed merchant of Reading

Hubert Peat

Hubert W. Peet, editor of The Friend, 1932–49


Robert Hudson, secretary of the National Liberal Federation

Hugh, Hugh R.

Hugh Richardson (1864–1936), Mary's brother–in–law & 2nd cousin

Hugh Gibbins

Hugh Gibbins (1879–1942)

Huldah Southall

Huldah Rebecca (Southall) Taylor (1872–1951)


Ian Spence Richardson (b. 1959), Mary's great–great–nephew


Ioan Thomas (b. 1928), Mary's great–nephew

Isaac Foot

Isaac Foot (1880–1960), politician and solicitor

Isabel, Isabel Boag

Isabel Petrie (d. 2006), afterwards wife of Jack Boag

Isabel Hall

probably Isabel Mary Hall (1871–1945), teacher at The Mount

Isabel, Isabel Richardson

Isabel Margaret (Finch) Richardson (1877–1954), wife of Mary's 1st cousin

Isabel R.

Isabella Mary (Hutchinson) Rowntree (1879 – after 1914), wife of Mary's 5th cousin

J.A. Pease

Rt Hon. Joseph Albert Pease, 1st Baron Gainford (1860–1943), politician, Mary's 5th cousin

J.M., J. Morley

John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn (1838–1923), Liberal statesman, writer and newspaper editor

J.M. Robertson, J.M.R.

John Mackinnon Robertson (1856–1933), journalist, advocate of rationalism and secularism, and Liberal MP for Tyneside 1906–18

J.P.J. Malcomson

John Pim Jackson Malcomson (1873–1936)

J.W. Graham, J.W.G.

John William Graham (1859–1932), principal of Dalton Hall

J. Watson Rowntree

John Watson Rowntree (1854–1935), Mary's 2nd cousin

Jack Hoyland

possibly John Somervell Hoyland (1887–1957), lecturer at Woodbrooke, Mary's 4th cousin

Jack, Jack Boag

John 'Jack' Wilson Boag (1911–2007), cancer scientist and peace campaigner


probably family of Henry Jacob, a prominent Ido advocate


Jeanette Margaret (Finlayson) Richardson (1932–1999), wife of Mary's great–nephew


Jancis Delacourt Browning (b. 1937), Mary's great–niece


not identified – possibly housekeeper at Heugh Folds

Jane Pontifract

Jane S. Pontefract (cal 1892 – 1976), chief almoner, York County Hospital


possibly Janet Groom; elsewhere possibly Janet Rawlings

Janet & Margery

Janet Rawlings (1886–1982) and her sister Margery Rawlings (1888–1973)

Jeanie, , Jeannie, J., J H Pollard, Jeanie P., Jeannie Pollard

Jane Hallaway (Wallis) Pollard (1863–1942), aunt (by marriage) to Mary's husband Frank

Jelly d'Aranyi

Jelly Aranyi de Hunyadvár (1893–1966), Hungarian violinist


Jeremy Watson Dale (b. 1944), Mary's grandson

Jessie Corder

Jessie (Corder) Mounsey (1871–1945), Mary's 2nd cousin

Jim Cooper, Jim

James Millar Cooper (1908–1997), 2nd husband of Mary's niece

Jim Corder

James Watson Corder (1867–1953), Mary's 2nd cousin


Cyril Edwin Mitchinson Joad (1891–1953), philosopher and broadcasting personality

Joan Corder

Joan (Corder) Pumphrey (1899–1981), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Joan Coxon

Joan Coxon, soprano

Joan Edmundson

Joan Wigham (Edmundson) Hall (1907–1944), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Joan Elwes

Joan Elwes, soprano

Joe Hayward

probably Joseph William Hayward MSc, FRGS, AASC (1875–1931)

Joe Pattinson

Joseph Watson Pattinson (1849–1910), Mary's 2nd cousin once removed

Joe Watson, Joe

Joseph Stanhope Watson (1870–1034), Mary's 1st cousin

Joe Wigham, J T Wigham

Joseph Theodore Wigham (1874–1951), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Joe, Joe Hardie, J., Joe Hardy

Joseph Malcolm Hardie (1909–1979), Mary's (future) son–in–law

John, John Irwin

John Thomas Irwin (1862–1936), Frank's brother–in–law

John, John Richardson

John Spence Richardson (b. 1945), Mary's great–nephew

John Bright

Rt Hon. John Bright, MP, DCL (1811–1889), politician

John Dillon

John Dillon (1851–1927), Irish politician

John Dix, John

a boyfriend of Mary's daughter Ruth; d. 1940

John Edmundson, John E., John

John Edmundson (1907–1994), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

John Fryer

probably John Henry Fryer (1873–1944); elsewhere John Firth Fryer (1840–1914), Bootham headmaster

John Irwin

John Ramsey Irwin (1920–42), Frank's great–nephew, later killed on service with RAF Volunteer Reserve

John Kitching

probably John Nainby Kitching (1845–1914), treasurer of Bootham School

John Rowntree

probably John Stephenson Rowntree (1834–1907), Mary's 4th cousin once removed; elsewhere John Wilhelm Rowntree (1868–1905), Mary's 5th cousin

John Stevenson Rowntree

John Stephenson Rowntree (1834–1907), Mary's 4th cousin once removed

John Stokoe

John Stokoe, Tyneside author and historian

John Wilhelm R., John Wilhelm

John Wilhelm Rowntree (1868–1905), Mary's 5th cousin

Jonathan, baby J., J., Jon.

Jonathan Dale (b. 1940), Ruth's grandson

Jos. Butler

Josephine Elizabeth (Grey) Butler (1828–1906), feminist and social reformer

Jos. Cowen, J.C.

Joseph Cowen (1829–1900), radical politician and journalist

Jos. Southall

Joseph Edward Southall (1861–1944), painter and pacifist


Joseph Sturge (1847–1934), corn merchant and lime producer

Joseph Rowntree, Jos Rowntree

Joseph Rowntree (1836–1925), Mary's 4th cousin once removed

Joseph Watson

Joseph Watson (1807–1874), solicitor, Mary's paternal grandfather

Joshua Rowntree

Joshua Rowntree (1844–1915), Mary's 3rd cousin twice removed

Julian Fox

Julian Pease Fox (1884–1979)


June Lovibond Richardson, later Mossop (b. 1930), Mary's great–niece


probably Joseph William Hayward (1875–1931), brother to Annie Kathleen Hayward

Karlin Capper–Johnson

presumably Karlin Capper–Johnson, professor and author of peace–related works

Kate Morrell, Kate

Kate Lisa (Probst) Morrell (1916–1992), wife of Mary's nephew

Katharine, Kathie, K

Katharine Spence (Hardie) Coleman (b. 1947), Mary's granddaughter

Katharine Rowntree, Katherine R.

Katharine Lucy (Burtt) Rowntree (1870–1951), wife of Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Kathleen, Kathleen Dudek

Kathleen Mary (Edmundson) Dudek (1905–1994), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Kathleen Procter

Kathleen Procter (1889–1955), Mary's 3rd cousin

Katie, Kate Richardson

Catherine Mary Richardson (1874–1957), Mary's 2nd cousin

Keith Falkner

Sir Keith Falkner (1900–1994), bass–baritone

Kenneth, Brien & Winnie Watson

Kenneth Watson (1879–1942), Bryan Watson (1883–1927), and their sister Winifred Watson (1881 – after 1969), Mary's 2nd cousins


George Kennan (1845–1924), American explorer and war correspondent

Kingsley Martin

(Basil) Kingsley Martin (1897–1969), editor of the New Statesman 1930–60


Friedrich "Fritz" Kreisler (1875–1962), Austrian–born violinist and composer


William Fitzwater Wray (1870–1938), cycling journalist using the byline 'Kuklos'

Labrey Jackson

probably Labrey Hall Jackson (b. 1907); possibly Leonard Labrey Jackson (1866–1938)

Lady Astor

Nancy Witcher Astor, Viscountess Astor (1879–1964)

Lady Benn

presumably Lady Gwendolen Dorothy (Andrews) Benn (1903–1966), wife of Sir Ernest John Pickstone Benn, 2nd baronet

Lady Bryce

Elizabeth Marion (Ashton) Bryce, Viscountess Bryce (1854–1939)

Lady Carlisle

Rosalind Frances (Stanley) Carlisle, countess of Carlisle (1845–1921), aristocrat and campaigner

Lady Cecilia

Lady Cecilia Maude Howard (1868–1947), daughter of the 9th earl of Carlisle

Lady Clare Annesly

Lady Clare Annesley (b. 1893), daughter of the 5th Earl Annesley

Lady Hambleden

Patricia (Herbert) Smith, Viscountess Hambleden (1904–1994), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth 1937–1994

Lady Maud Hoare

Lady Maud (Lygon) Hoare (1882–1962), wife of Sir Samuel Hoare

Lady Reading

Stella (Charnaud) Isaacs, marchioness of Reading (1894–1971), philanthropist

Lady Runciman

Lady Hilda (Stevenson) Runciman (1869–1956), Liberal politician

Lady Trevelyan, Lady T.

Lady Caroline (Philips) Trevelyan (d. 1928), wife of Sir George Otto Trevelyan, 2nd baronet

Lady Waldegrave

Mary Dorothea (Palmer) Waldegrave, Countess Waldegrave (1850–1933)


Rodolfo Lanciani (1845–1929), archaeologist


George Lansbury (1859–1940), leader of the Labour Party 1932–35


Harold Joseph Laski (1893–1950), political theorist, economist, author, and lecturer

Laura R.

Laura (Richardson) Lindesay (1864–1944), Mary's 2nd cousin

Laurence Shann

Thomas Lawrence Shann (1858–1946), husband of Mary's 1st cousin

Laurie, Laurie R.

Lawrence Richardson (1869–1953), Mary's 2nd cousin, and husband of her 1st cousin

Leif Jones

Leifchild Stratten Leif–Jones, 1st Baron Rhayader, PC (1862–1939), temperance movement leader and Liberal politician

Leila, Leila Jackson, Leila Sparkes

Elizabeth H. (Jackson) Sparkes (1882–1969), widow of Frank's nephew

Lena, Sara, & Laura Richardson

Helena Richardson (1866–1955), Sara (Richardson) Renton (1867–1963), & Laura (Richardson) Lindesay (1864–1944), Mary's 2nd cousins

Leonard (Groom)

perhaps a brother of Donald Groom

Leonard Borwick

Leonard Borwick (1868–1925), concert pianist

Leonard Peto

Leonard Huntley Peto, lived next door to the Pollards at 7 Denmark Road, Reading

Lewis (also Lewis R., Lewis Richardson)

Lewis Fry Richardson (1881–1953), Mary's 2nd cousin

Lillie, Lily, Lily Irwin

Eliza (Pollard) Irwin, known as Lillie (1866–1938), Frank's sister

Lily Brayton

Elizabeth 'Lily' Brayton (1876–1953), actress

Lily Spence

Lillian Spence (c. 1863 – ), Mary's 4th cousin

Lily Watson

Lilian Watson (1872–1971), Mary's 2nd cousin

Lily Weiss

Alice Mary Georgette (Weiss) Spence (1868–1914), later wife of Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Linda Weiss

Rosalinda Weiss, Ernest's sister


Lionel Clapham (1863–1916), Mary's 1st cousin

little Davie

David Sturge Crichton (1906–1941)

little Mary

Mary Edmundson (Richardson) Philipson (1906–2001), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Llewellyn Rutter

Llewellyn Charles Rutter (1907–2004)

Lloyd Fox

Lloyd Howard Fox (1893–1991); son of (John) Howard Fox (1864–1951) and Marion Elizabeth (Pease) Fox (1863–1942)

Lord Althorpe

Charles Robert Spencer, 6th Earl Spencer (1857–1922), known as the Viscount Althorp fr

Lord Clwydd

John Roberts, 1st Baron Clwyd (1863–1955), Liberal politician

Lord Eustace Percy

Eustace Sutherland Campbell Percy, 1st Baron Percy of Newcastle (1887–1958), diplomat, Conservative politician, and public servant

Lord Haddo

John Hamilton–Gordon, 1st marquess of Aberdeen and Temair (1847–1934), politician

Lord Iveagh

Edward Cecil Guinness, 1st earl of Iveagh (1847–1927), philanthropist and businessman

Lord Mayor (Ward)

Wilfred Ward, Lord Mayor of York 1960–1961

Lord Meston

James Meston, 1st Baron Meston (1865–1943), President of the Liberal Party

Lord Morley

John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn (1838–1923), Liberal statesman, writer and newspaper editor

Lord Parmoor

Charles Alfred Cripps, 1st Baron Parmoor (1852–1941), lawyer and politician

Lord Rathcreedan

Cecil Norton, 1st Baron Rathcreedan (1850–1930), Liberal politician

Lord Reading

Rufus Isaacs, 1st marquess of Reading (1860–1935), lawyer, jurist, and politician

Lord Robins

Lionel Charles Robbins, Baron Robbins (1898–1984), economist, and head of the economics department at the LSE

Lord Weardale (Philip Stanhope), Lord W

Philip James Stanhope, 1st Baron Weardale (1847–1923, Liberal politician and philanthropist

Louie Knight

probably Lewis Edwin Knight (1864–1953), 3rd cousin once removed to Mary's future husband Frank Pollard

Lucy, Lucy Jackson

Lucy (Pollard) Jackson (1856–1939), Mary's sister–in–law

Lucy Shann

Lucy (Watson) Shann (1869–1950), Mary's 1st cousin


Lydia Ruth (Morrell) Butler (1904–1991), Mary's niece

M Spence Watson, MSW

Mary (Spence Watson) Pollard (1875–1962)


(rarely) Minnie Bertram, maid

M., Mar., Marg., Margaret, Margy

Margaret Watson (Pollard) Dale (1909–1986), Mary's eldest daughter


Mabel (Spence Watson) Richardson (1864–1907), Mary's sister; elsewhere Mabel I. Weiss (b. 1913), Mary's niece

Mabel Harrod

Mabel (Kitching) Harrod (1871–1942), headmistress of Sidcot

Mabel Irene, Mabel Weiss

Mabel Irene Weiss (1913–2013), Mary's niece

Madame Antoinette Sterling

Antoinette Sterling (1850–1904), Anglo–American vocalist

Madame Julia Culp

Julia Bertha Culp (1880–1970), internationally celebrated mezzo–soprano


Salvador de Madariaga (1886–1978), Spanish diplomat, writer, historian, and pacifist


Margaret Cooper (1872–1921), Mary's 2nd cousin

Maggie, Maggie Corder

Margaret Lindsay (Watson) Corder (1864–1940), Mary's 2nd cousin and wife of her 1st cousin

Major Ellershaw and his Elves

Major Shea–Simonds

Major S.V. Shea–Simonds of Reading, known to have owned 4 Stradivari

Malcolm and Leila

Malcolm Sparkes (1881–1933), Frank's nephew, and Elizabeth H. 'Leila' (Jackson) (1862–1969)

Malcolm Naish

Malcolm Gordon Naish (1873–1918)

Malcolm Spence

Malcolm Spence (1847–1917), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Malcolm, Wilfrid & Brian Sparkes

Malcolm Sparkes (1881–1933), Wilfred Sparkes (1884–1958), & Brian Sparkes (1885–1955), Frank's nephews

man who flew from England to India

Squadron Leader A.G. Jones–Williams and Flight Lieutenant N.H. Jenkins set off on the first non–stop flight from Britain to India from RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire on 24 April 1929; the plane landed at Karachi after 50 hours 48 minutes in the air

Mar. Temperley

presumably former pupil at Gateshead High School

Marchioness of Londonderry

Lady Theresa Susey Helen (Talbot) Vane–Tempest (d. 1919), marchioness of Londonderry

Marg. Bondfield

Margaret Bondfield (1873–1953), 1st UK woman cabinet minister

Marg. [? ] Gilbert/Gillett

possibly Margaret Gillett (1867–1948)

Margaret ('little Margaret')

Margaret R. (Thomas) Palmer (b. 1957), Mary's great–great–niece

Margaret Andrews, Marg. Andrews

Margaret Andrews (1879–1935), Frank Pollard's 1st cousin once removed

Margaret Player

presumably Margaret Player (1866–1923)

Margaret White

Margaret Gregory White (1869–1945), Mary's 1st cousin

Marian Ellis

Marian Emily (Ellis) Cripps, Lady Parmoor (1878–1952), philanthropist and political activist; Mary's 4th cousin once removed

Marian Mennell

Marion Margaret Mennell (1879–after 1932)


Marie Dietz, maid


Marion (Hall) Edmundson (1878–1961), wife of Mary's 1st cousin

Marie B. Robson

Maria (Broadhead) Robson (1879–1963), wife of Frank Pollard's 4th cousin once removed

Mark Bonham Carter

Mark Bonham Carter, Baron Bonham–Carter (1922–1994), publisher and politician

Marlies Schnevoight

Marlies Schnevoigt, life–long friend of Mary's daughter Ruth

Martin Hardie

Martin Hardie, CBE (1875–1952), artist and authority on English watercolours

Mary Malone

wife of Godfrey Tearle, qv

Mary Shackleton

Mary Edmundson (Shackleton) Carr (1870 – after 1901), Mary's 4th cousin

Mary Stansfield

believed to have been a local Reading Quaker

Mary Thomas

Mary E. (Hern) Thomas, wife of Mary's great–nephew

Mary Watson

probably Mary Constance Watson (1870–1946), Mary's 2nd cousin; elsewhere Mary Watson (1875–1925), also Mary's 2nd cousin

Mary White

Mary Gladys Gregory White (1874–1935), Mary's 1st cousin

Maud Allan

Maud Allan (1873–1956), pianist, actor, dancer, and choreographer

Maud Armstrong, Maud Clapham, Maud

Maud (Clapham) Armstrong (1869–1927), Mary's 1st cousin

Maud Brayshaw

(Winifred) Maud (Barber) Brayshaw (1890–1992)

Maurice R.

Maurice Wigham Richardson (1869–1937), Mary's 1st cousin

Maurice Rowntree

Maurice Lotherington Rowntree (1882–1944), Mary's 4th cousin once removed


Mabel (Spence Watson) Richardson (1864–1907), Mary's sister

May Harrod

perhaps Evelyn May Harrod (b. 1913)

May Spence

possibly Mary Emma Spence (1857 – after 1917), Mary's 1st cousin once removed – known to have been a wood carver

May Sturge, May Gretton, May, May S, May Henderson

May Gertrude Sturge (1871–1961), later wife to J. Henderson and Richard H. Gretton

Megan Lloyd George

Lady Megan Lloyd George (1902–1966), Welsh politician and deputy leader of the Liberal Party


Margery Robson (Lovibond) Richardson (1905–1991), wife of Mary's nephew


Merlin Theodore Minshall (1906–1987), Mary's 1st cousin once removed


Mary's first cousins Charles and Teresa Merz (and possibly Norbert)


Michael Francis Stafford Howard (1880–1917), son of the 9th earl of Carlisle; elsewhere unidentified

Michael and Nancy

Michael Finch Wigham Richardson (1905–1988) and Nancy Finch Richardson (1907–1979), Mary's 1st cousins once removed

Michael Collins

presumably Michael Collins (1890–1922), Irish leader

Michael Sadler

Sir Michael Ernest Sadler (1861–1943), educationist

Middleton Murry

John Middleton Murry (1889–1957), writer, and editor of Peace News, 1940–6

Mildred Corder

Mildred Grace (Corder) Thompson (1892–1963), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Milly Procter

Millicent (Procter) Kingham (1879–1941), Mary's 3rd cousin

Miss Agatha Harrison

Agatha Harrison, who worked for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in the later 1930s; later a friend of Gandhi

Miss Agnes Nicholls

Agnes Nicholls (1876–1959), soprano

Miss Bayes / Mrs Baynes

Helen Bayes, headmistress at Polam Hall, later married to Mary's 4th cousin once removed Oswald Bradley Baynes

Miss Braggs

possibly some or all of the five daughters (one of whom was named Sarah) of Henry and Sarah (Beale) Bragg, from Ireland

Miss Davies

possibly Dorothy Mary Davies (1887–1975, later Druce); her brother John Percival Davies later became Lord Darwen

Miss Emily Davies

(Sarah) Emily Davies (1830–1921), feminist and suffragist, co–founder and first Mistress of Girton College, Cambridge

Miss Ethel Boyce

Ethel Mary Boyce (b. cal 1864), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Miss Fanny Thompson

possibly Frances Thompson (1840–1926)

Miss Flora Stevenson

Flora Clift Stevenson (1839–1905), Scottish social reformer

Miss Gladstone

Helen Gladstone (1849–1925), daughter of William Ewart Gladstone; Vice–President of Newnham College

Miss Greener

Amy Greener, member of staff at The Mount

Miss Grubb

probably Edith Marian Grubb (b. 1878), teacher at The Mount

Miss Halliday

presumably Eliz. Halliday

Miss Harrison

(Emma) Lucy Harrison (1844–1915), headmistress of The Mount

Miss Hayward

probably Annie Kathleen Hayward (1870–1942), later to marry Mary's 2nd cousin James Alaric Richardson

Miss Hines and Miss Hardy

presumably work colleagues of Mary's daughter Ruth

Miss Huntsman

hon. sec. of the Church of England Peace League

Miss Mason

presumably former teacher at Gateshead High School

Miss Mitford

Mary Russell Mitford (1787–1855), author and dramatist

Miss Moberly

Mary Moberly (1852–1940), headmistress at Gateshead High School for Girls

Miss Monica Whately

(Mary) Monica Whately (1889–1960), campaigner for women's rights and civil liberties

Miss Murray Dunlop

possibly Beatrice Murray Dunlop

Miss Mussen

Helen Musson, headmistress of the Abbey School, Reading

Miss Nightingale

Miss Ellen Constance Nightingale, headmistress of Dr Williams' School, Dolgellau, 1924–1940

Miss Scott

possibly Amy Hind Marsh Scott, later to marry Gilbert John Fowler

Miss Snell

not identified; possibly Beatrice Saxon Snell

Miss Spencer

Margery Spencer, later Viscountess Greenwood

Miss Sturge

Helen Winifred Sturge (1886–1941), teacher at The Mount, and Mary's 5th cousin once removed; also (1910) Sophia Sturge (1849–1936), peace campaigner

Miss Tennant

possibly Alice Tennant (1848–1930), sister of Dorothy (Tennant) Stanley

Miss Waite

Ellen Clare Waite (b. 1867), Mary's 5th cousin once removed, teacher at The Mount; later married to J.F. Gill

Miss Wood

probably Mary Ellen Wood, member of staff at The Mount

Miss Woodhead

possibly Maria Woodhead (1835–1915), former teacher at Ackworth and The Mount


Mary Foster (Richardson) Thomas (1897–1956), Mary's niece

Moncure Conway

Moncure Daniel Conway (1832–1907), American abolitionist, Unitarian clergyman, and author

Monica Sturge

Monica Dorothea Sturge (1908–2002), Mary's 6th cousin

Monsignor Barnes

Monsignor Arthur Stapylton Barnes (1861–1936), Privy Chamberlain to Pope Pius X, and later the author of a book on the Turin Shroud

Morland Braithwaite

Charles Morland Braithwaite, ARCM, ARPS (1907–1982), photographer and film producer


Bertha and Bowes Morrell, qqv.

Mother Pollard

Lucy (Binns) Pollard (1830–1908), Frank's mother

Mr & Mrs Clark

William Stephens Clark (1839–1925), shoe manufacturer; and Helen Priestman (Bright) Clark (1840–1927), daughter of John Bright

Mr & Mrs Henry Tennant

Henry Tennant (1823–1910), Mary's 3rd cousin twice removed, and Mary Jane (Goundry) Tennant (1821–1900)

Mr & Mrs Stacey Marks

Henry Stacy Marks (1829–1898), painter, and his 2nd wife, born Mary Harriet Kempe

Mr and Mrs Henschel

George Henschel (1850–1934), baritone, pianist, conductor and composer; and Lilian June (Bailey) Henschel (1860–1901), soprano

Mr and Mrs K. Wilkinson

Kenneth Edward Towler Wilkinson (1871–1955), and his wife Marion (Rowntree) Wilkinson (1881–1966)

Mr and Mrs Pascall

parents of Beatrice (Pascall) Pollard, Mary's daughter–in–law

Mr and Mrs Scott Blair

Dr George William Scott Blair (b. 1902), of the National Institute for Research in Dairying at the University of Reading; and wife

Mr and Mrs Thorpe

possibly Fielden Thorp (1832–1921), former headmaster at Bootham, Mary's 5th cousin once removed, and Amy Jane (Clark) Thorp (1837–1911)

Mr Andrews

Frederick Andrews (1850–1922), headmaster of Ackworth School, Frank's 1st cousin

Mr Baillie–Weaver

Harold Baillie–Weaver (1860–1926), barrister, supporter of feminism, humanitarian, theosophist, and campaigner for animals

Mr Ball

possibly Robert Steele Ball (1869–1959), later to marry Mary's 2nd cousin

Mr Baynes

Oswald Bradley Baynes (1859–1941), teacher at Bootham; Mary's 4th cousin once removed; married Miss Bayes in August 1907

Mr Birdsell

William W. Birdsall (c. 1854–1909)

Mr Brayshaw

Alfred Neave Brayshaw (1861–1940), Mary's 5th cousin

Mr Cammidge

F.A. Cammidge, sheriff of York 1910–1911

Mr Charles Berry

Charles Albert Berry (1852–1899), nonconformist divine

Mr Clinton Dent, Mr Dent

Clinton Thomas Dent (1850–1912), surgeon, author and mountaineer

Mr Collinson

Edgar Barron Collinson (1868–1956), teacher at Bootham

Mr Conway, Conway

William Martin Conway, 1st Baron Conway of Allington (1856–1937), art critic, politician, cartographer and mountaineer

Mr Corrie Grant

Corrie Grant (1850–1924), journalist, barrister, & Liberal Party politician

Mr Crichton

David Sprunt Crichton (d. 1921)

Mr Dendy

Frederick Walter Dendy, Robert Spence Watson's partner in the law firm

Mr Ede, Canon Ede, Canon Moore Ede

The Very Rev. William Moore Ede, DD (1850–1935), Dean of Worcester

Mr Fardons

Albert Henry Fardon, MA, MD (1877–1954) and his brother Harold Joseph Fardon, MA, MD, LRCP, MRCS (1879–1961)

Mr Frank Priestman

Frank Priestman (1855–1936), chairman of Priestman Collieries

Mr Fryer

John Firth Fryer (1840–1914), headmaster at Bootham

Mr Gower

Edmund Innes Gower (1869–1965), later Mary's brother–in–law

Mr Gretton

R.H. Gretton, second husband of May Gertrude Sturge

Mr Griffith Taylor

Thomas Griffith Taylor (1880–1963), geographer, anthropologist and world explorer

Mr Grubb

Edward Grubb (1854–1939), pacifist and social reformer

Mr Haweis

Hugh Reginald Haweis (1838–1901), cleric and writer

Mr Hudson

Walter Hudson (1852–1935), Labour Party politician, MP for Newcastle 1906–1918

Mr Hume

Allan Octavian Hume (1829–1912), civil servant, political reformer and amateur ornithologist and horticulturalist in British India

Mr John Charlton

probably John Charlton (1849–1917), painter and illustrator

Mr Lindsay

Alexander Dunlop Lindsay (1879–1952, later 1st Baron Lindsay of Birker

Mr Macfadyen

probably (later Sir) Eric Macfadyen (1879–1966), colonial administrator, rubber planter, businessman and developer of tropical agriculture; Liberal MP for Devizes 1923–1924, unsuccessful parliamentary candidate in 1929

Mr Meech

Thomas Cox Meech (1868–1940), journalist, author and lawyer; editor of the Northern Echo

Mr Mennell, Mr M., H.T. Mennell

Henry Tuke Mennell (1835–1923), tea merchant

Mr Minshall, H. Minshall

Colonel (Thomas) Herbert Minshall (1873–1971), husband of Mary's 1st cousin

Mr Morley, John Morley, "Glorious John"

John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn, OM, PC (1838–1923), Liberal statesman, writer and newspaper editor

Mr Mundahl

probably Henry S. Mundahl (cal 1865 – 1938)

Mr Noble

Thomas Tertius Noble (1867–1953), organist at York Minster 1898–1913

Mr Norwood

Sir Cyril M. Norwood (1875–1956), educationalist, headmaster of Harrow School 1926–1934; married Catherine Margaret Kilner

Mr Oliver Heslop

Richard Oliver Heslop (1842–1916), businessman, author, historian, lexicologist, lexicographer, songwriter and poet

Mr Pattinson

not identified, although Mary had a number of 2nd cousins once removed, of this name

Mr Phayre Loch

Frederick Phayre Loch (1857–1935), solicitor and professor of singing

Mr Pollard

Francis Edward Pollard (1871–1951), Mary's future husband, and 4th cousin once removed

Mr Rutting

Thomas Rutling, tenor in the Fisk Jubilee Singers

Mr Schnadhorst, junior

either Edward Schnadhorst or Frank Gladstone Schnadhorst, the sons of Francis Schnadhorst (1840–1900), draper and Liberal Party politician

Mr Scurr

John Scurr (1876–1932), Labour politician and trade union official, MP for Mile End 1923–1931

Mr. Short MP

Edward Shortt (1862–1935), MP for Newcastle upon Tyne 1910–1922

Mr Skipsey

Joseph Skipsey (1832–1903), poet

Mr Smee

possibly Arthur Rosling Smee (1861 – after 1895), but there are other possibilities

Mr Swan

Sir Joseph Wilson Swan (1828–1914), physicist and chemist

Mr Tschaikowfsky

Nikolai Vasilyevich Tchaikovsky (1851–1926), Russian revolutionary

Mr Ure

Alexander Ure, 1st Baron Strathclyde (1853–1928), Scottish politician and judge

Mrs A.R., Mrs Arnold Rowntree

probably Mary Katharine (Harvey) Rowntree (1876–1962), wife of Mary's 5th cousin Arnold Stephenson Rowntree

Mrs Bigland

Edith Mary Hanbury (Aggs) Bigland, (1862–1951), widow of Percy Bigland, artist

Mrs Boyce

Anne Ogden (Brown) Boyce (1828–1915), Mary's 2nd cousin twice removed; author of The Richardsons of Cleveland

Mrs Bunce

maid; not identified further than in text

Mrs Campbell Preston

Hon. Angela (Pearson) Campbell–Preston (1910–1981), Chairman of Westminster Press Provincial Newspapers Ltd

Mrs Childs

Emma Catherine (Pollard) Childs (1869–1960), Frank's 2nd cousin

Mrs Ellwood Holmes

Edith Christina (Brockbank) Holmes (cal 1873 – 1915), wife of Mary's 4th cousin

Mrs Fawcett

Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett (1847–1929), suffragist and feminist

Mrs Frank Rowntree, Mrs F. Rowntree

Emily Maud (Wilkinson) Rowntree (1872–1944), widow of Francis Henry Rowntree

Mrs Fred Fryer

Annie Leonora (Wilkinson) Fryer

Mrs Garnett

Rebecca (Samways) Garnett (1853–1945)

Mrs Graham & little Richard

Margaret (Brockbank) Graham, and her son Richard Brockbank Graham (1893–1957)

Mrs H.R. Smith

wife (name unknown) of Howard Reckitt Smith (1880–1956), Reading corn & seed merchant

Mrs Henry Lloyd Wilson

Theodora Mary (Harris) Wilson (1865–1947), Mary's 4th cousin

Mrs Hodgkin

Lucy Anna (Fox) Hodgkin (1841–1934)

Mrs Ingram

charwoman; not identified further than in text

Mrs J.W. Graham

Margaret (Brockbank) Graham

Mrs J.W. Rowntree

Constance Margaret (Naish) Rowntree, wife of John Wilhelm Rowntree

Mrs John Gurney

Helen (Watson) Gurney (1848–1922), wife to Joseph John Gurney (1846–1903), and Mary's aunt

Mrs John S.R.

Helen (Doncaster) Rowntree (1833–1920), second wife of John Stephenson Rowntree

Mrs Jos Rowntree

(Emma) Antoinette (Seebohm) Rowntree (1846–1924), second wife of Joseph Rowntree

Mrs Joshua Rowntree

Isabella Ann (Tindall) Rowntree (1843–1929), wife of Joshua Rowntree, MP

Mrs K.G.T. Wilkinson

possibly Marion (Rowntree) Wilkinson (1881–1966), wife of Kenneth Edward Towler Wilkinson

Mrs Leach

charwoman; not identified further than in text

Mrs Moorhouse

possibly Elizabeth (Henderson) Moorhouse (1862–1934), wife of Alfred Moorhouse, secretary of the Friends Provident Institution

Mrs Moorman

Mary Caroline (Trevelyan) Moorman (1905–1994)

Mrs Morrell

Lydia (Hutchinson) Morrell (1832–1931), mother of Mary's brother–in–law

Mrs Nelson Dawson

Edith (Robinson) Dawson; with her husband Nelson, one of the key figures in the jewellery of the Arts and Crafts movement

Mrs Newth

(Delia) Gertrude (Pollard) Newth (1865–1949), Frank's 2nd cousin

Mrs Ormison Chant

Laura Ormiston Dibbin Chant (1848–1923), social reformer and writer

Mrs Pankhurst

Emmeline (Goulden) Pankhurst (1858–1928), political activist and suffragette leader

Mrs Patrick Campbell

Beatrice Stella (Tanner) Campbell (later Cornwallis–West) (1865–1940), stage actress; stage name always Mrs Patrick Campbell

Mrs Philip Argenti

wife of Philip Argenti (1891–1974), diplomat and historian

Mrs Philip Burtt

Florence (Graveson) Burtt (1867–1953)

Mrs Procter

possibly Alice (Watson) Procter (1846–1935), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Mrs Rawlings

Helen (Lewis) Rawlings (c. 1860–1939)

Mrs Reynolds

possibly Mary Reynolds

Mrs Seebohm Rowntree, Mrs Seebohm R.

Lydia (Potter) Rowntree (1869–1944)

Mrs Sessions

Edith Mary (Kaye) Sessions (1882–1965)

Mrs Sheldon

wife of Oliver Sheldon (1894–1951), CEO of Rowntree's

Mrs Spring Rice

Margaret Lois [Margery] (Garrett) Spring Rice (1887–1970), advocate of birth control

Mrs Theo Rowntree

Katharine Lucy (Burtt) Rowntree (cal 1870 – 1951)

Mrs Tynedale Procter, Mrs T. Procter

Emily Vasie (Adams) Procter (1888 – after 1918), wife of Mary's 3rd cousin

Mrs Wilson Sturge

Sarah (Lloyd) Sturge (1831–1922), Mary's 4th cousin twice removed


Muriel Foster (Watson) Bell (1877–1940), Mary's 1st cousin


Myles Foster Watson (1872–1938), Mary's 1st cousin


Sir Gerald David Nunes Nabarro (1913–1973), Conservative party politician


possibly Alfred Neave Brayshaw (1861–1940), Mary's 5th cousin

Nellie Hodgkin

possibly Ellen Sophia (Hodgkin) Bosanquet (b. 1875), Mary's 5th cousin once removed

Nellie Morland

Eleanor (Morland) Shewell (1874–1959)

Nellie Moulton

possibly Elinor Mary Moulton, who later married R. Armstrong

Nellie, Nellie Richardson

Helen Richardson (1871–1902), Mary's 1st cousin; elsewhere Helen Lindsay (Watson) Corder (1866–1948), Mary's 2nd cousin and wife of her 1st cousin

Nelly Corder, Nellie

Helen Lindsay (Watson) Corder (1866–1948), wife of Mary's 1st cousin

Nelly Eynes

presumably former pupil at Gateshead High School

Neville Hodgkin

Neville Backhouse Hodgkin (1904–1999), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Nora Waln, Mrs Osland–Hill

Nora Waln (1895–1964), Quaker writer; wife of George Edward Osland–Hill

Norah, Norah E., Nora Edmundson

Norah Gertrude (Edmundson) Brown (1906–1982), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Norah Mennell

Norah Beatrice (Mennell) Gibbins (1884–1961)


Norbert Merz (1877–1948), Mary's 1st cousin

Norman Angell

Sir Ralph Norman Angell (1872–1967), lecturer, journalist, author, and MP

Norman Kirby, Norman K., Norman

friend of Mary's daughter Ruth; in World War II he was in charge of intelligence and security at General Montgomery's Tactical HQ, 21st Army Group

Norman, Norman Clapham

Norman Clapham (1872–1947), Mary's 1st cousin


Olaf Kenneth Morley Richardson (1917–1983), adopted son of Mary's 2nd cousin


Olga Sturge (1878–1971), Mary's 2nd cousin


Olive Mary Richardson (1881–1956), Mary's 1st cousin

Olive and James Macartney

Olive Mary (Richardson) Macartney (1881–1956), Mary's 1st cousin, and her husband James Joseph Macartney (cal 1884–1956)

Olive Edmundson

Olive Mary (Harrisson) Edmundson (1881–1972), wife of Mary's 1st cousin

Oliver Morland

Oliver Morland (1871–1959), later husband of Mary's 5th cousin

Oscar Ashe

Oscar Asche (1871–1936), Australian actor, director and writer

Oscar R.

Oscar Frederick Rowntree (1879–1947)


Vladimir de Pachmann (1848–1933), Russian–German pianist


Ignacy Jan Paderewski, GBE (1860–1941), Polish pianist and composer


Alfred Ernest Pascall (b. c. 1880) and his wife Mary Beatrice, née Lyall, parents of Mary's daughter–in–law


Patrick Hedley Morrell Butler (1933–1974), Mary's great–nephew

Pauline and Robert

Pauline Barbara Merz (1914–1940) and Robert de Satur Merz (1916–1940), children of Mary's cousin Charles Hesterman Merz

Pauline Trevelyan

presumably Pauline (Trevelyan) Dower (1905–1988), daughter of Sir Charles


Roger Peach, friend of Mary's son Robert


possibly the children of John William Pease (1836–1901), Mary's 5th cousins, who lived in Newcastle


possibly Harry Douglas Clarke Pepler (1878–1951) and his brother George Lionel Pepler (1882–1959)

Percy, P., Per

Percy Corder (1863–1927), Mary's 1st cousin

Percy Bigland

Percy Bigland (1857–1926), artist


Peter Thomas (b. 1925), Mary's great–nephew; elsewhere Peter Mossop, husband of Mary's great–niece

Peter and Pat Robson

possibly Peter Thorp Robson (b. 1920) and his brother Patrick Hastings Robson (b. 1923)

Phil Rowntree, Phil R.

Philip Rowntree (1907–1977), labour manager at Rowntree's

Philip Baker

possibly Philip John (Noel–)Baker (1889–1982)

Philip Burrts

probably Philip Burtt and his wife Florence (Graveson) Burtt (1867–1953)

Philip Challis

Philip Challis (1929 – c. 1998), pianist

Philip Corder

Philip Corder MA, DLitt, FSA (1891–1961), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Philip Snowdon, M.P.

Philip Snowden, 1st Viscount Snowden (1864–1937), politician

Philip Spence, Phil Spence, Phil

Philip Spence (1873–1945), Mary's 2nd cousin

Phyllis Clark

probably Phyllis Helen Clark, daughter of George William Clark

Phyllis, Phyllis Douglas

Phyllis Procter (1879–1960), Mary's 2nd cousin; later wife of William Douglas


one or more of the children of Jacob Hort Player (1834–1906) and Ann Dickinson (Sturge) Player (1840–1906), who lived at Woodley

Plunket Greene

Harry Plunket Greene (1865–1936), Irish baritone

Principal Gurney

Henry Palin Gurney (1847–1904), Principal of the Durham College of Science

Prof. Clapham

Sir John Harold Clapham (1873–1946), economic historian; professor of economics at Leeds University in 1908

Prof. de Burgh

William George de Burgh (1866–1943), Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Reading

Prof. Eddington

Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, OM, FRS (1882–1944), astrophysicist, philosopher of science and popularizer of science

Prof. Gilbert Murray

George Gilbert Aimé Murray, OM (1866–1957), classical scholar and internationalist

Prof. Mortimer Wheeler

Sir Robert Eric Mortimer Wheeler (1890–1976), archaeologist

Prof. Raleigh

probably Professor Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh (1861–1922), scholar, poet, and author

Prof. Seaby

Allen W. Seaby (1867–1953), ornithological painter and printmaker, and Professor of Fine Art at the University of Reading

Prof. Spencer Dyke

Spencer Dyke (b. 1880), violinist and professor at the Royal Academy of Music


Stéphane Raoul Pugno (1852–1914), French composter, teacher, organist, and pianist


Robert Spence Watson Pollard (1907–1984), Mary's son


Rachel (Corder) Morris (1902–1976), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Ralph R.

Sir Ralph Richardson (1902–1983), Mary's 2nd cousin once removed, and nephew to Mary's brother–in–law

Ramsay Mur

(John) Ramsay Bryce Muir (1872–1941), historian, Liberal Party politician, and thinker


T. Raymond Robson (1908 – after 1987), Mary's 4th cousin twice removed, by marriage

Raymond Irwin

Raymond Irwin (1902–1976), Frank's nephew, and Mary's 4th cousin

Reg, R.

R. Reginald Dale (1907–2001), Mary's son–in–law

Rendel Harris

J. Rendel Harris, professor at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

Rennie Smith, M.P.

Rennie Smith (1888–1962), MP for Penistone 1924–1931

Rev. Gadd

Rev. Arthur John Gadd (b. c. 1869), vicar of St Cuthbert's, Bensham; later hon. chaplain to HM Forces

Rev. Shepherd

Hugh Richard Lawrie "Dick" Sheppard (1880–1937), Anglican priest, Dean of Canterbury, and pacifist; gave the first ever service broadcast by the BBC, in 1924

Rhys, Rhys Thomas

E. Rhys Thomas (1885–1979), husband of Mary's niece


Richard H. Gretton, who married May Gertrude Sturge

Richard Graham

probably Richard Brockbank Graham (1893–1957)

Richardsons (Gertie)

Gertrude Mary (Edmundson) Richardson (1877–1947), Mary's 1st cousin; and family

Richardsons [in context of Molly's engagement]

family of Hugh Richardson (1864–1936), Mary's brother–in–law

Richardsons [in Cullercoats context]

probably George Richardson (1773–1862), Mary's great–great–uncle, and his daughter Ellen (1808–1896)

Robbie, R

Robert Andrew Hardie (b. 1950), Mary's grandson

Robert and Lilias

Robert Mennell (q.v.) and his wife Lilias Mary, née Clark (1883–1961)

Robert Mennell, Rob. Mennell, R. Mennell

Robert Oscar Mennell (1882–1960), tea merchant; brother to Chrissie

Robert Merz

Robert de Satur Merz (1916–1940), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Robert, Bobbie, Bob

Robert Calverley Trevelyan (1872–1951), poet and translator

Robin & Stella Ball

Robert Sturge Ball (1909–1940) and Stella (Ball) Barnes (1907 – after 1985), Mary's 2nd cousins once removed

Roger & Mary Mennell

Roger Dearman Mennell (1881–1943), brother to Chrissie; and his wife Mary (Wells) Mennell

Roger, Marion & Bobby Mennell

Roger Dearman Mennell (1881–1943), Marion Margaret Mennell (1879 – after 1932), and Robert Oscar Mennell (1882–1960)

Roger Clark

Roger Clark (1871–1961)

Roger Wilson

Roger Cowan Wilson (1906–1991), Mary's 5th cousin once removed; later professor of education


probably Rosa America (Colorado) Richardson (1874–1926), wife of Mary's 1st cousin Philip Wigham Richardson

Rosamond & Violet Wallis

Rosamund Wallis (b. 1892) & Violet (Wallis) Clough (b. 1894), daughters of Henry Marriage Wallis JP, corn & seed merchant of Reading

Rosamund Wallis/Rosamund/Rosamond

Rosamund Wallis (b. 1892), daughter of Henry Marriage Wallis JP, corn & seed merchant of Reading


Rosemary Dale (b. 1936), Mary's granddaughter


F. Rowland Dale (b. 1934), Mary's grandson

Rufus Jones

Rufus Matthew Jones (1863–1948)


Ruth Spence Watson (1866–1914), Mary's sister

Ruth Corder

Ruth Corder (1875–1958), Mary's 2nd cousin

Ruth, Ruthie, R.

Ruth (Pollard) Beck (1914–1982), Mary's daughter


Sidney J.T. Beck (1915–98), Mary's son–in–law; also Stella Wicksteed (later Green) (b. 1936), Mary's great–niece


Sarah (Spence) Clephan (1880–1969), Mary's 2nd cousin

Sam Davies

Samuel Henry Davies (1870–1925), a former member of York City Council, and a founder of the Friends' Guild of Teachers

Samuel Capper

probably Samuel James Capper (1840–1904)

Sara R., Sara Renton

Sara (Richardson) Renton (1867–1963), Mary's 2nd cousin

Sarah, Sarah E, Sarah Edmundson

Sarah Watson Edmundson (1880–1952), Mary's 1st cousin


Kurt Schuschnigg (1897–1977), Chancellor of the First Austrian Republic


possibly B.A. Seaby, coin dealer

Seaver Naish

Louise Seaver (Wilson) Naish (1884–1951)

Seebohm, Seebohm R, Seebohm Rowntree

Dr (Benjamin) Seebohm Rowntree (1871–1954), sociologist and businessman


family of Joseph Fisher Shackleton (1832–1908) and Jane Wigham (Edmundson) Shackleton (1843–1909), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed and her husband

Sheriff (Pullyn)

Wilson James Pulleyn, Sheriff of York 1960–1961

Shipley Brayshaw

Shipley Neave Brayshaw (1871–1957)


Sidney J.T. Beck (1915–98), Mary's son–in–law

Sir Alan Cobham

Sir Alan John Cobham, KBE (1894–1973), aviation pioneer

Sir and Lady Fox

probably Sir Theodore Fortescue Fox, LLD, DLitt., MD, FRCP (b. 1899) and his wife Margaret Evelyn née McDougall (d. 1970)

Sir Archibald Sinclair

Archibald Sinclair (1890–1970), later 1st Viscount Thurso; Leader of the Liberal Party

Sir C. Starmer

probably Sir Charles Walter Starmer (1870–1933), newspaper proprietor and Liberal politician

Sir E. Shackleton

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, CVO, OBE (1874–1922), Antarctic explorer; Mary's 5th cousin once removed (though she probably didn't know it)

Sir Ed. Grey

Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon (1862–1933), Liberal statesman

Sir Francis Acland

Sir Francis Dyke Acland, 14th baronet (1874–1939), Liberal politician

Sir George

Sir George Otto Trevelyan, 2nd baronet (1838–1928), statesman and author

Sir George Paish

Sir George Paish (1867–1957), liberal economist

Sir George Schuster

Sir George Ernest Schuster (1881–1982), barrister, financier, colonial administrator, and Liberal politician

Sir Herbert Reid

Sir Herbert Edward Read (1893–1968), anarchist, poet, and critic of literature and art

Sir Isambard Owen

Sir Herbert Isambard Owen (1850–1927), university academic

Sir R. Hudson

Sir Robert Arundell Hudson (1864–1927), political organizer, secretary of the National Liberal Federation

Sir Rich. Acland

Sir Richard Thomas Dyke Acland, 15th baronet; MP, later one of the founders of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Sir Robert Ball

Sir Robert Stawell Ball (1840–1913), astronomer; his son Robert Steele Ball married Olga Sturge, Mary's 2nd cousin, in 1903

Sir Samuel Hoare

Samuel John Gurney Hoare, later Viscount Templewood (1880–1959), Chancellor of Reading University

Sir Thos. Oliver

Sir Thomas Oliver (1853–1942), physician

Sir W. Lawson

Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 2nd baronet (1829–1906), temperance campaigner and Liberal Party politician

Sir Walter Rea

Walter Russell Rea, 1st Baron Rea (1873–1948), merchant banker and Liberal politician

Sir William Mount

Sir William Mount, 2nd baronet (1904–93), later high sheriff of Berkshire (current UK PM David Cameron's grandfather)

Sir Wm. Richmond R.A.

Sir William Blake Richmond, KCB, RA (1842–1921), portrait painter and designer of stained glass & mosaic


not identified; probably Florence's boyfriend

Somers & Jean Gill

Somers Douglas Gill (1903–1980) and his sister (Edith) Jean Gill (1905–1998), Mary's 1st cousins once removed

Sophie Sturge, Miss Sophie Sturge, Miss S.

Sophia Sturge (1849–1936), peace campaigner

Sophie, S.

Mary Sophia (Pollard) Sparkes (1854–1935), Frank's sister

Stella, Stella de B.

Stella Alice Pauline Byrne (de Satur) Merz (1883–1974), wife of Mary's 1st cousin; also Stella Wicksteed (later Green) (b. 1936), Mary's great–niece

Stella Ball

Stella Elizabeth (Ball) Barnes (b. 1907), Mary's 2nd cousin once removed

Stephen Grellet

Stephen Grellet (1773–1855), French–born American Quaker missionary

Stephen Proctor, Stephen, Stephen P

Stephen Procter (1873–1939), Mary's 2nd cousin

Stepniak, Mr Stepniak

Sergey Mikhaylovich Stepnyak–Kravchinsky (1851–1895), Russian revolutionist

Stuart Piggott

Stuart E. Piggott (1910–1996), archaeologist

Sybil Morrison

Sybil Morrison (1893–1984), pacifist and suffragist, founder member of the PPU

Sydney Robson

probably Sydney Robson (1874–1938), London solicitor, former pupil at Bootham

Sylvia Clark

Sylvia Clark (1907–1983), headmistress of Saffron Walden school


Teresa Merz (1879–1958), Mary's 1st cousin

T. Hodgkin, Thos. Hodgkin

Dr Thomas Hodgkin (1831–1913), historian

T.P. O'Connor

Thomas Power O'Connor (1848–1929), journalist, Irish nationalist, and MP

Ted Harvey & his wife

possibly Thomas Edmund Harvey (1875–1955) and his wife Alice Irene (Thompson) Harvey (1887–1955), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed


Terence Spence Corder (1897–1921), Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Theo. & Kath.; Theo. Rowntree; Theodore Rowntree, Theo R.

Theodore Hotham Rowntree (1867–1949) and his wife Katharine Lucy (Burtt) Rowntree (cal 1870–1951), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed


probably Theodora Elizabeth Clark (1863–1940)

Thomas Burtt

Thomas Burt, PC (1837–1922), trade unionist and MP

Thompson Clothier

(Samuel) Thompson Clothier (1857–1933)

Thos. Hodgkin

Thomas Hodgkin (1831–1913), husband of Mary's 4th cousin twice removed

Thos. Pumphrey, Cousin Thos. P.

Thomas Pumphrey (1832–1911), husband of Mary's 1st cousin once removed

Tom Mann

Tom Mann (1846–1941), trade unionist

Tony Gilpin

presumably Anthony Capper Gilpin (1913–2006), Frank's 1st cousin twice removed, and Mary's 5th cousin once removed


Beatrice Elsie (Pascall) Pollard (1906–1996), later Mary's daughter–in–law

Trixie Clapham

probably Emma Beatrice (Chapman) Clapham (1881–1966), wife of Mary's 1st cousin


Tryce Mary Baumgartner (c. 1888–1986), Mary's 2nd cousin once removed

Uncle Alec

Alexander Corder (1831–1924), Mary's uncle

Uncle Gregory

Dr John Gregory White, MD, MRCS (1838–1930), Mary's uncle

Uncle Harry

Henry Richardson (1841–1914), Mary's uncle and 1st cousin once removed

Uncle Herbie

Herbert Watson (1852–1873), Mary's uncle

Uncle J., Uncle Johnny

John Wigham Edmundson (1847–1922), Mary's uncle

Uncle Joe

Joseph Watson (1840–1873), Mary's uncle

Uncle John Spence

John Foster Spence (1818–1901), Mary's great–uncle

Uncle Johnnie, Uncle Johnie, Uncle John, Uncle John Richardson

John Wigham Richardson (1837–1908), Mary's uncle

Uncle Robert

Robert Foster (1812–1898), Mary's 1st cousin twice removed, and great–uncle by marriage

Uncle Theo, Uncle T.

Dr John Theodore Merz (1840–1922), Mary's uncle by marriage

Uncle Willy

William Joshua Watson (1841–1896), Mary's uncle


possibly Ernest Ewart Unwin and his wife Ursula Dymond (Thorp) Unwin (b. 1883), who married in 1910


presumably Ursula Finch Wigham (Richardson) Oldham (1911–1984), Mary's 1st cousin once removed; in 1907 this refers to Ursula (Fawcus) Merz (1879–1947), wife of Mary's 1st cousin

Vera Brittain

Vera Brittain (1893–1970), writer, feminist, and pacifist


Vida Mary Sturge (Crichton) Heigham (1902–1969)

Violet Wallis

Violet (Wallis) Clough (1894 – after 1928)

Vipont Brown

Edward Vipont Brown (1863–1955), Mary's 3rd cousin once removed

Viscount Cecil

Edward Algernon Robert Gascoyne–Cecil, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood (1864–1958), lawyer, politician and diplomat; one of the architects of the League of Nations

Viscountess Erleigh

Eva Violet (Mond) Isaacs (1895–1973), wife of the heir to the marquessate of Reading


Felix Volkhovskii (1846–1914), Russian revolutionist

Vyvyan Adams

Samuel Vyvyan Trerice Adams (1900–1951), Conservative politician

W H Pollard

William Henry Pollard (1862–1923), Frank's brother

W.H. Hadow

Sir William Henry Hadow (1859–1937), educational reformer and musicologist; principal of Armstrong College, and later Vice–Chancellor of the University of Durham

W. Rowntree

Winifred (Rowntree) Naish (1884–1915)

W. Sturge

presumably Helen Winifred Sturge (1866–1941), sister of Evelyn Sturge

W.T. Stead

William Thomas Stead (1849–1912), newspaper editor


Walter Shewell Corder (1861–1933), Mary's 1st cousin

Walter Dymond

Walter Dymond (1869–1951)

Walter Long

Walter Hume Long, 1st Viscount Long (1854–1924), Unionist politician


Evelyn (Spence Watson) Weiss and Frederick Ernest Weiss, qqv., and family


family of Dr John Gregory White (1838–1930), Mary's uncle


Edward Whymper (1840–1911), illustrator, climber, and explorer


Godfrey, Erica, and Stella Wicksteed, Mary's niece, her husband, and their daughter

Wilfrid Crosland

probably Robert Wilfrid Crosland (1876–1962)

Wilfrid Littleboy

Wilfred Ernest Littleboy (1885–1979), Clerk of London Yearly Meeting, 1934–42

Wilfrid Roberts M.P.

Wilfred Hubert Wace Roberts (1900–1991), Liberal MP, PPS to Sir Archibald Sinclair, Liberal leader

Wilfrid Sparkes, Wilfrid, Wilfred

Wilfred Sparkes (1884–1958), Frank's nephew


William Henry Pollard (1862–1923), Frank's brother

Will P.

probably William Pollard (1904–1964), Frank's nephew

William Braithwaite

William Charles Braithwaite (1862–1922), Mary's 4th cousin twice removed

William O'Brien

William O'Brien (1852–1928), Irish nationalist, journalist, agrarian agitator, social revolutionary, politician, party leader, newspaper publisher, author and MP

William Primrose

William Primrose (1904–1982), violist and teacher

William Stickney Rowntree

William Stickney Rowntree (1848–1939), a director of W. Rowntree & Sons, of Scarborough

Willie & Theresa Waterhouse

William Waterhouse (1874–1900) and Theresa (Waterhouse) Forrest (1872–1948)

Willy Ede

William Edward Moore Ede (1875 – after 1941), son of the Very Rev. William Moore Ede

Win. Daleyears

presumably former pupil at Gateshead High School


Winifred Richardson (1910–1992), Mary's 1st cousin once removed


possibly Winnie Wilkinson—presumably a friend of Mary's daughter Ruth

Winnie Naish

Winifred (Rowntree) Naish (1884–1915), Mary's 5th cousin

Winnie, Winnie Watson

Winifred Watson (1881 – after 1969), Mary's 2nd cousin

Wm Allan

Sir William Allan (1837–1903), Liberal politician, MP for Gateshead

Wm Allen

William Allen, FLS, FRS (1770–1843), philanthropist and scientist

Wm Graham M.P.

William Graham, PC (1887–1932), Labour politician, MP for Edinburgh Central 1918–1931

Wm Stickney Rowntree, W.S. Rowntree

William Stickney Rowntree (1848–1939)

Wolfgang Weyl, Wolf., W.

later Dr W. Leonard Weyl, chief of surgery at Northern Virginia Doctors Hospital in Arlington


Julius and Agnes Zancig, stage magicians and authors on occultism





Mary's cat


Mary's dog




Burton Croft, B. Croft, B.C.

York home to Bertha and Bowes Morrell, Mary's sister and sister–in–law


John Foster Spence's home

Culver Lane

flat at 44 Culver Lane, Reading – briefly the Becks' home


Pollard home at 9 Denmark Road, Reading


Brereton Farm, Goathland, North Yorks. – farmhouse owned by the Morrells, often used by other family members

the avenue

Cintra Avenue, Reading (the Pollard home was at 22)

The Gables

David Richardson's family home

The Quarries

Alice Merz's family home

South Ashfield

Augusta Richardson's family home

Wheel Birks

Richardson (Mary's sister's children) family home, Stocksfield, Northumberland


John Wigham Richardson's family home


Eugène Ysaÿe (1858–1931), Belgian violinist, composer, and conductor



Miscellaneous abbreviations


B. and Hollingsworth

Bourne and Hollingsworth, department store

B. Croft, B.C.

Burton Croft, the Morrells' home in York


British Women's Temperance Association

C. Ave

Cintra Avenue

F. House

Folk House or Friends House


Fellowship of Reconciliation


Great Western Railway


Friends' Guild of Teachers

H. and Palmer's, H. & P's

Huntley and Palmer's, biscuit manufacturers




Independent Labour Party


probably London Missionary Society

L.N.U., L. of Nations Union

League of Nations Union

L.P., L. Park

Leighton Park school

L.Pool St.

Liverpool Street station

M. & O.

Ministry & Oversight


Monthly Meeting



M. for S., M. for Suf(f)., Meeting for S.

Meeting for Sufferings


No–Conscription Fellowship

N.F. Peace Board

Northern Friends' Peace Board


National British Women's Total Abstinence Union


Old Scholars


paying guest


Peace Pledge Union


Paddington station


Quarterly Meeting

Red X

Red Cross

R. West

Reading West station

S. Walden

Saffron Walden




Workers' Educational Association


Women's International League for Peace and Freedom


Women's Liberal Association


presumably Women's Suffrage


Yearly Meeting

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