Mary S.W. Pollard diaries | 1958-61

MSWP (& FEP) diaries

Diary, 1958–61

by Mary S.W. Pollard



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The 20th of March and the snow still lying and it keeps on snowing a little. It has been a very hard winter and we are all tired of it.

The children lately have not been well and Katharine has had German measles. She has taken her eleven plus exam and the exam for the Mount and has been offered a place there.

For 6 months I have not been away except for 2 visits to York, one in January and the other in February—oh I went once last autumn—I am lucky to have a good home here, but I see very few people except the dear family, who are so good to me. Robbie and I had happy birthdays and as usual very nice presents and Katharine had hers a few days ago and got lovely things.

March 24th Still icy cold, all over the country and in other countries too. It has been a long very bad winter—coldest March since 1924. I'm going South soon. Bowes has asked me to go to Ireland with him on April 18th but unfortunately I shall be at Ruth's, so can't.

Last Saturday 22nd K had her birthday party—9 children, 8 girls and 1 boy came. Very nice. Mrs Bell and I had tea with them all. The children came up to see my tiny cinematograph and loved it and also the Quaker doll, but I didn't go down for games.

April 1st Very cold wind but sunny.

April 2nd Joe saw me off at Bingley 8.50. He and children break up today. I met Mabel in London and she took me to see my darling sister Evie. We spent about 3 hours with her—gave her her tea and supper. She has to be fed and is nearly quite blind, but I think she realized who I was, and listened to me, but a lot of her talking I could not understand. I stayed the night with Mabel and Elsa who were as kind as possible, and next day after lunch with Jancis, I met Robert in his new office and had a cup of tea with him, then met the Becks at Cannon St.—not Daniel who has gone youth hostelling with Jeremy.

April 3rd We arrived Anchor Hotel, Yalding in time for high tea. Here we spent Easter. Unfortunately it was very cold and no blossom out, but we got a few primroses and went in a boat in turns on the river at the bottom of the garden; Ruth, Julia and Lucy had a ride (?)—Sidney, R and I went to evening church and one day we had a long motor drive and afternoon tea in a beautiful antique shop.

On Tuesday morning April 8th left for St. Albans which we reached at tea time having had lunch at Lyons Corner House. I had a lovely visit there, breaking it by 2 nights with Chrissie at Harpenden (she wasn't well) and 2 nights with Robert and Beatrice. The latter took me to a good exhibition of pictures at the Academy. One day Ruthie had Bill and Kate, their 3 boys with a friend to a wonderful tea—12 of us—she made no fuss. One evening Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Trevelyan came to coffee—Very nice people. The great event was Ruddigore which we all greatly enjoyed. Ruth a villager (man) in the chorus. It was very good. One Sunday we all went to Meeting. Ruthie made delicious meals, and Sidney was so kind giving me hot bottles and fixing a lamp in my room etc. The children are so sweet and good. I saw Chrissie Mennell again before I came home, leaving on Monday April 28th after nearly a month away and C. and all here gave me a lovely welcome.

Poor C. has been very poorly. Joe met me at Shipley and my suitcase was lost. After entirely giving it up I heard it had gone back to Yalding! Lovely flowers in my rooms, and suddenly the weather became warm and May 1st was a lovely day and the country began to look very pretty. Many daffodils and narcissus in the garden. C. began to get much better with the warmth and we spring-cleaned the spare room. I had done my bedroom early in the year in bits by myself.

On May 5th Beatrice came and stayed till the 9th. She was very sweet. Unhappily the weather had turned very cold and wet and she spent part of 2 days at Leeds. I gave her supper every day.

May 12th Monday Started to spring-clean my sitting room. It was too hard work and the muddle etc nearly knocked me up. I did not send the carpet away, but rolled it back.

On the 13th Lydia came to tea downstairs—Chef brought her.

May 14th Mrs Hepton helped me for 2 hours and C. gave what help she had time for, but is not fit for extra work.

May 15th Mrs Hepton another 2 hours. Joe moved 2 bits of furniture in evening, put up 2 curtains and rolled back carpet and Kathie carried in some drawers. The room looks very nice now.

May 17th Saturday Cravens to tea, first time since Christmas. C.'s paying guest Herr Raidt came. He is 41, just married—seems very nice. Was a prisoner in Russia for 7 years. [Bingley Grammar school, where my father taught, had an exchange with a German school and the teacher always stayed with my parents - KC]

May 24th C's birthday. I hope it was happy for her, but rather a dull day. She got some nice presents. Chrissie Mennell is in Luton Hospital, very ill. I am very worried.

May 26th 1 German man, his wife and a German lady teacher to tea (of course Mr Raidt too). C. made terrific preparations, unnecessary I thought! It is Whit Monday and a better day at last and we sat in the garden a little—tea was not till 5.30. (I had had mine by myself) Evening they all and Caro and Kathie went to the Ballet in Bradford.

May 28th Joe took 2 Germans and K and R a very long motor drive.

May 29th Mr Raidt went off very early in morning.

June 1st Sunday All to Meeting. Very thundery, stuffy weather. Quiet day at last, but Mr Beard turned up about a quarter to 9.0 and had coffee etc with C. and Joe.

June 2nd Very close. Chiropodist 11.30, then met children and took them to lunch at Busby's, then to Lister Park where they went on swings etc and then I rowed them in a boat for 20 mins. Very tiring but managed well. Home just before 3.30.

June 6th Friday Rosemary came in evening after interview at Sheffield. Had supper with me. Is sweet and looks sweet.

June 8th Sunday I took Rosemary, Robbie and K to Meeting. Most of the Friends came up to picnic lunch. Tremendous preparations for it. Unhappily not fine enough for garden, such a squash in dining room, so I went away and had a rest. It didn't rain and the Friends went a walk. Tea and ice cream at 4.0. I was humiliated not hearing vote of thanks to me (with flowers) after thanking C. and Joe. On the Saturday I took Rosemary to tea at Craven's bungalow. She thought them great fun!

June 9th Monday Rosemary to interviews at Bradford and Leeds. I met her at Leeds and we went to Burton Croft. Uncle Bowes and Phil R. met us. I think Rosemary enjoyed the 2 days there, but it was bitterly cold and also a bit wet. No summer yet.

June 11th We returned here about 6.0. Joe had kindly gone to meet us, but did not know time of train and we missed. C. gave us nice welcome. I was very tired.

June 12th Rosemary out all day.

June 13th Rosemary went. She has been sweet and helpful and easy. Rosemary Sutherland came.

June 14th Sat Met Betty at Yorks Liberal Meeting in Leeds. Mark Bonham Carter chief speaker. She motored me and a friend to Burton Croft.

June 15th Sun Nice church, but Bowes full of complaints (domestics).

June 17th Tues Went by train to Newcastle. Esther met me. Lovely evening. Strawberries and cream at dinner.

June 18th Esther motored me to Newcastle and we saw Eva, Teresa, had lunch, then to Gateshead and saw poor Gertrude and Brewis and the dear old Bensham garden. June came to dinner, very nice indeed and showed us lovely coloured photos of South Africa.

June 19th Wet and cold. After lunch and a rest Esther motored me to Wheelbirks. Several others there to tea. June's birthday cake. Evening seemed long, but delicious supper.

June 20th Wet again. Evening Colin, Michael and June sang 'Songs of the North' . I accompanied. Very jolly. Evening Merl motored me and June to Blanchland. Quite unspoilt, glorious views.

June 21st Afternoon all but me to John's sports. Merl puts 2 hot bottles in my bed afternoon and evening. I sleep like a top.

June 22nd Sun Fog and drizzle, but all except Merl motored to York. Weather improved and we had a sumptuous picnic lunch at top of Wass Bank. They left me at Burton Croft and went to see Bootham. Returned to tea. Betty went out and I had to be hostess—Anna Hill and a friend and Mr Goodman there too! Esther and Colin and all of them have been kindness itself and I have had such happy visits.

June 23rd Bill, Mr Goodman (staying at Burton Croft), Philip Fothergill and Phil Rowntree to lunch. Then Betty went to Goathland.

June 24th Still very cold. Mr Goodman went early—Bill yesterday. Early lunch and Bowes and Chef motored me to Dr. K Rutherford's at Harrogate. Nice fine day. Bowes has been so kind. Dr. Rutherford sweet—half hour there—my heart is 'very irregular' . Got bus to Bradford, then one here and taxi arriving 6.0. Had a lovely welcome and tea with the family.

June 26th Benjamin's birthday. Robbie off school with a cough, but up most of the day. C. and Joe depressed about money, never hearing from the ministry [This must be the ministry of education as my father must have been teaching by then - KC] and she looks tired.


3rd I think it was today that Joe at last heard and he will now get a better salary and back pay. It is such a relief for them especially as they have just decided to send K to the Mount. C. and I did some shopping at Bradford in afternoon (v. tiring) and Joe heard by telephoning after we got back. It is lovely to see them so much happier. The school sports were on June 30th—poured the day before, but was fine then. We are having no summer.

6th Meeting. I had the Cravens to dinner and they seemed to appreciate it—egg and cheese, salad, potatoes, strawberries and cream.

17th Very nice but very short visit from Agnes Falksmore Hill [? - KC] and Anna in afternoon. No meal. Fine—yesterday was very bad. The children have got whooping cough. Robbie has been off school for 3 weeks. K began a fortnight ago. C. and Joe have had poor nights.

20th Sunday To (?) by 11.20 from here. Lunch with Mrs Bradley, then to Nostell Priory. Fine furniture and pictures, but I had 9 buses and it was too tiring. Fortunately fine.

22nd At last Katharine has kept some food down.

24th. At last Joe has got his raised salary and back pay. I am so thankful for them. They have had such a strain.

25th Made 1 lb raspberry jam and 1 lb gooseberry jam—one day before the children were poorly I gave them dinner at Busby's and then rowed them for 20 minutes on the lake in Lister Park. They loved it!

Aug 6th Cravens asked me to tea—Jack's birthday party! In their bungalow. Very nice. Every day terrific preparations for camping. Atmosphere is tiring!

Aug 8th Holiday at Middleton in Teasdale.

All the family except Rosemary and Jonathan (both abroad) and poor Rowland in the Retreat.

Joe borrowed a large tent etc and after great preparations he and Robbie motored. C., K. and I went by train—many changes. K. had just recovered from whooping cough in time—Robbie a bit sooner. We arrived about 5.30 and Joe met us and took us to Middleton House Hotel. Caro and I are staying there 25/- a day. Joe and K. and Robbie camping in a field close to. Robert and Beatrice arrived late at their hotel in the village. Very wet night and C. swore K. would catch cold, but next morning the campers were perfectly happy. Joe managed splendidly.

9th Very wet—Robert and Beatrice, Caro and I after lunch to Barnard Castle to see the Bowes Museum. The Becks arrived early afternoon at their railway cottage, very nice. Station gay with flowers. We went to see them.


10th Colin and all the family except John, plus Jan and a friend of June's arrived in 2 cars about 3.0. Marg and Reg and Jeremy had just arrived and went to camp in the same field as Joe. We went to Tees High Force but the terrific crowd of people rather spoiled it. Picnic tea mostly provided by Merl on the moor. Some walked back.

Weather very variable and generally chilly. One fine afternoon at ( ) Bridge—many bathed. Lovely place. Another day Joe motored C., me, K. and R. to Allendale. Lovely country, but it rained. One day we had tea at the railway cottage.

14th Some walked, some by car to a ford where we had a lovely picnic tea provided by Margaret. (R. and B. only stayed till 12th)

15th The Hardies and I left—Joe and Robbie left later by car—we 3 by 10.0 train everyone saw us off in pouring rain. It has been wonderful to have the whole (nearly) family together and they are all so sweet and kind to me, but I was glad to get back to my comfortable bed and my own meals.

16th Joe and K. left early for Coventry—he went on to preach in Reading and stayed with the Eric Smiths. On Monday K. went to stay in London with the Bishops—Joe took her, having gone back to Coventry.

Robbie and Colin from next door played together every day.

21st Great thunderstorm. K. came back alone, having had a very nice time.

22nd Mabel Weiss came in afternoon and had tea with me—afterwards all meals with C. etc. She is very sweet.

25th Mabel went and I went to Burton Croft in afternoon. Saw excavations, 12th and 13th century, in Petergate—drove to Bedale and had tea with Peter and Mary Thomas, (little Margaret 1½ and a pretty baby); drove to see old house at Castleton—wonderful drive up Bilsdale right into the hills over moors. The house decrepit (witch's post) not nearly as nice as that at Chopgate. Edna and I to see "No time for Tears", good film of childrens hospital. Bowes went to London on Monday.

the extended family, at Middleton in Teesdale




















The extended family, at Middleton in Teesdale

Sept 1st Chef brought me back here in afternoon. Both have been so kind: the food rather too good and rich—my deafness is very trying.

Sept 2nd Joe and Robbie started school.

Sept 4th Took K. to lunch hour concert. Philip Challis very good pianist. She is a lovely little companion.

Sept 6th Took K. to "Lilac Time" in Bradford. Very pretty, but I'm too stupid for such things now. Great thunderstorm in evening. The storms have been awful in the south.

Sept 17th Caro took K. to the Mount—the Bostons took them at about 2.0 p.m. She had been full of good spirits till just before starting when she said she had a "queer feeling". C. returned very unhappy and would not see me at all, but Joe came and seemed to think K. was all right, but poor C. was overtired and nothing seemed nice. We will miss K. dreadfully, but I think it will be good for her to have less coddling and some discipline.

18th C. still miserable. Tells me nothing about K.

19th Friday I left here at 7.40 for Scarborough—got there 11.17. Very wet early, but fine though dreary there. Went to Ravensworth Lodge—had nice talk with Isabel and very good lunch there. Isabel not very well. Then I walked to near sea and sat watching it till it began to pour. Got 4.19 back, arriving about 8.0. Very tired.

20th Very tired and a bit of fibrositis

22nd Heard from K. Great relief. She says she is very happy.

23rd To lunch hour concert. Tudor String Quartette. Too deaf to hear well. Vexing. Joe has cut his finger and has a cough. Lovely mild weather.

24th Wed. Leila Sparkes came for the day with Grace. Lovely to see them. Leila I am so fond of.

30th C., Robbie and I to see Rosemary at Thorn Garth, Idle. Joe took us to Bingley then Leeds Bus a fair way. It was fine when we got there after 5.0 and we saw the boys, their bedrooms, kitchen etc and Rosemary's charming bed sitting room with a lovely view. She looked pretty and seemed so good with the boys. We had an hour there and unhappily as we went round the outside it pelted. However we had a lovely time.

October 8th Joe and I went to hear Paul Robson sing. Very good, but as usual I could not hear the words. Tickets 10/- each, I think. Joe enjoyed it very much.

Oct 9th Dr Moody syringed my ears. They badly needed doing—had not been done for over a year. She could not finish one and is coming again.

Oct 12th Joe fetched Kathie and John Richardson from York, to dinner and very early tea. Bostons took them back. Robbie and I went to Meeting. I spoke—felt nervous. Nice to see K. again. She is happy.

Oct 17th To stay with Hills at Manchester. Very cold day. Anna met me 5.25. Huge bedroom. Dinner at 7.0. Have a cold. Hot bath.

18th Sneezed all day. Jonathan to dinner. Played patience. Felt poorly. Bed at 9.0. Nice to see J.

19th Sunday Hills to Meeting. I in bed till lunch (dinner) at 1.0. After tea J. Took me to see his room and Peter who shares it.

20th Agnes came to station, but too lame to see me off. All have been most kind and I loved seeing them, but sneezing all the time has been most trying. Joe and Robbie met me at 2.15, and I went to bed after my tea. C. had put lovely flowers in my room. She has had no help for weeks as Pauline (Mrs Hepton's child) is ill. My temp 100. Heard of Chrissie's death.

21st Much milder, almost hot. In bed all day. Temperature up.

22nd Bed all day, but cold is nearly well. Heard when I got here that Chrissie died on 17th. Funeral 21st . It is a mercy for her but I shall miss her terribly. She has been a devoted, kind friend to me from Mount days and often a great help, but has suffered a lot this year and lately been in nursing home in Kendal.

23rd Got up to dinner in my sitting room.

Oct 30th–Nov 6th Burton Croft. Just Bowes and me till last 2 nights when Kate came. Chef's wife and Wendy are living in flat. I saw Kathie at Mount and Bootham Meeting. Many visitors, Pauline Trevelyan, Mr Woodward (a Professor—2 nights), Mrs Sheldon and Kathleen Dudek, Edna, lunch party—Sir Herbert Reid and wife and 3 other people (He is an Art Critic).

Nov 12th Teresa died suddenly. Great shock to me. How splendid she was. I loved her dearly. Soon after, Wilfred Sparkes died.

Nov 23rd Kathie home to dinner. Brought by Bostons. All November very foggy and I got a cold and cough. Dr in afternoon 29th but didn't bother over me! I missed Bingley Liberal Club Bazaar. C. and Robbie went. Joe has cough.

30th Tea with 'Hardies' and Joe had presents instead of tomorrow, Sunday being easier.

Dec 6th Out at last. Have been in for a week with cold and cough. Dr came once. We all went to York. Got to Mount before 1.0 and got K. Went to Burton Croft. Very good dinner. Bowes so sweet. Betty there too. Saw flats. [these are the old almhouses near Bootham Bar that Uncle Bowes renovated - KC] Joe took me to Retreat. Rowland playing hockey, but were told he is much better. Left Burton Croft before 6.0, took K. to Mount, and back here by 8.0. Delightful day.

7th Robbie started tonsillitis and was in bed nearly a week and then off school. Weather very cold and one day deep snow. Slippery.

14th C. and Joe to a play.

15th Caro out most of day

16th I got to Bradford at last and have now finished my shopping. So tired took taxi up from Bingley. Evening K. came home for holidays to our joy. Poor C. had to be out at W.I. party, for she is on the committee now. Joe went later and I saw the children to bed.

20th Sat. To St. Albans. Sidney met me at Luton. Had a perfectly delightful Christmas, everyone so kind and lovely food, home-made bread etc. R. & B. came on Boxing Day and children did a little puppet show. Ruthie is a wonder.



Jan 1st I went to London, met Margaret who had come to Meeting for Sufferings. We stayed at Endsleigh Hotel, hot and comfortable. Evening to film about a woman (still living) who went to China as a missionary. 'The Inn of the Sixth Happiness' . Very good.

On 2nd I shopped at Barkers and met Margaret for lunch. She saw me off and D. [Daniel?] met me and we had taxi—got back to tea. It was all paid for by Bowes' Christmas present of £5. Lovely being with M. Mr and Mrs Church, her mother and Peter Jenkins to coffee. Great success. Laughed over my small pipes!

On Wed 7th went to Robert and Beatrice's. She met me and we got there for a delicious tea. Bad night, and next day saw Dr but nothing serious. Afternoon to R's fine new office, business talk with [?] Stallabrass, supper at Vegetarian Restaurant and then to Festival Concert hall to see Ballet 'Nutcracker' . Marvellous. I greatly enjoyed it and we had very good seats. Not too long. Much nicer than ordinary ballet.

9th Jan Very cold. In north many roads blocked with snow and ice. I didn't go out. Beatrice so kind, and Robert too, of course.

10th Sat. Robert saw me off at 12.15 and Joe and Robbie met me at Shipley about 5.30.

13th Kathie went back to the Mount. We will miss her. Hard frost, but no wind.

19th Caro went to dentist at Ilkley and had tooth stopped.

20th C in bed feverish and bad cough. Would not have Dr. I found the work and stairs very hard at first and often felt sick, but got used to it.

22nd Evening Joe and I to see Robbie installed as a 'cub' with his uniform.

24th Sat. Dr at last. Caro has influenza. Temp always at night 100 or 101.

25th Joe and Rob to Meeting. I did most of dinner, except chops! Caro had a little solid food at last. Last week we had a burst pipe. Weather cold and in some places terrible snow drifts.

Tuesday A miserable day. Bitterly cold and plumber, so sometimes no water.

Thursday Robbie at school for dinner. Great help. Afternoon Dr brought specialist to see Caro. Said she has an inflammatory patch on lung. We are fearfully distressed.

Friday Dr Fitton comes every day. Caro so good and brave. Robbie to school dinner.

Sat Took Rob to Bradford and bought his birthday present—windcheater. Ann Harris did the washing, so kind.

Feb 1st Sunday K came from York. I did the dinner. She was so sweet.

Feb 3rd Tuesday The dreaded day. Thank Heaven X ray said 'no TB' . Such a relief.

Feb 4th Caro's own Dr came, not nearly as careful as Dr. Fitton. Each day she gets up a little in her room, not dressed.

5th Robbie diarrhoea and sick

7th My 84th birthday. Lovely letters and presents—all grand children wrote eventually. Joe got same as Robbie, so I had to do dinner, but C dressed and we had a simple tea in my room.

8th I got same very badly, (gastric flu). C and Joe awfully kind, but it was very trying. I had Dr. Rob's birthday.

9th C and I in bed. Joe had 2 days holiday luckily.

10th C downstairs for first time. I got up most of day and looked after myself. Dr. came Sunday and Monday.

15th I got to Meeting with Joe.

18th Wed. I went to York. Bowes and Chef met me. Betty very nice and happy about being engaged.

20th Lydia came, sweet and affectionate.

22nd Sun To Bootham Meeting. Took Kathie back to Burton Croft after. She and Lydia, Bowes and John Richardson to Heslington Hall. I to see Rowland at Retreat. Not very satisfactory visit.

24th Tues Lydia and Chef motored me here. Arrived 11.0 (37 miles). Caro gave us coffee. (She had been for a blood test) They went before 12.0. I'm glad to be back and Caro is a good deal better.

25th Joe now in bed feverish.

26th Joe still poorly. I had tiring visit to Bradford and lost the present (1 guinea) I had bought for Kathie. Caro has 'severe anaemia' and something wrong with an ear. It will be weeks before she is better. Poor darling.

March 2nd Monday My darling sister Evie died. For her it is a blessing, but oh how much I loved her, and now I am the only one left of our beloved family.

March 17th Caro improves steadily, but today Robbie in bed feverish—probably 'flu' . What a family!

19th C to Bradford early, back about 3.0. I looked after Robbie who was really poorly.

21st Read all the wonderful letters about my beloved Frank. At least I read them this week.

22nd Joe and I to Meeting. Robbie down to dinner. He is nearly well now.

23rd Katharine came home to our joy. Joe broke up on 25th.

26th Thursday Went to St. Albans. Latter part of journey crowded and agitating. Ruthie met me about 5.30. Warm welcome from all the family.

27th Good Friday. Delicious Hot Cross Buns.

Sunday. Great wind and cold.

Easter Monday 30th Quite fine and milder. All but Daniel and Benjamin to Betty's Wedding to Jim Cooper. Taxi to Hadley near Barnet. Wedding at 4.0. Pretty church, very nice service and music. Taken by car to reception at West Lodge Park. Charming Hotel. About 50 there. Disappointing that Bowes has influenza and couldn't come. All beautifully arranged, and so nice to see nearly all the Morrells and Mabel etc. Got back about 8.0 very tired.

31st Daniel started for Germany with some of the school.

April 1st Lovely and mild.

2nd Took Ruthie and the 3 children to the town for coffee etc. Ruth and I shopped, children to cattle market.

3rd Left at 9.45. have been so happy (and well) with the family—all so kind. Played Bonus and Frizeller etc. with the children; mended for Ruthie. Crowded journey and seemed queer to arrive at empty house. Hardies are enjoying Goathland and it is doing them good.

Sat 4th Have been very busy. Left for Burton Croft. Chef met me. Bowes came down to tea in dressing gown. Is very pulled down. Hardies called on their way home which was nice, and Bill arrived for the night.

5th Bill went.

7th Tuesday Not a good account of Cuthbert who is in a Nursing Home. Chef went there at 11 p.m. and Cuthbert died at 1.0 a.m. Wed. Poor Bowes. Happily he is much better. Lydia and Hedley (she had only gone back to Ireland on Sat.) came either 8th or 9th and Bill on 9th. Funeral 10.00 Friday 10th. Nice simple service. Hymns 'Abide with me' and 'The Lord is my shepherd' . Hedley left before dinner and I came back here for week-end as Lydia is staying at Burton Croft.

11th Katharine had 4 children to tea and her birthday cake. Lisa is a Mount School friend (Danish and lives at Leeds)

14th To Burton Croft. Lydia there

15th Lydia left. Betty and Jim came.

18th Bowes' 86th birthday. Afternoon Betty motored us to tea with the Needhams at Oldstead. He is an architect. Lovely house and enchanting garden.

Betty and Jim left on 19th and rest of week dull for me. I came back here on 24th Friday. Still have neuritis or fibrocitis in shoulder. Went to Dr Ball Dole in York as I have not felt well. She was nice. Kathie back to Mount just before I arrived.

May 3rd Meeting. Joe and I caught cold.

May 4th Went to bed before tea—feverish. Very bad cold.

5th Had Dr Moodie. Heart not right and may not go to Swansea next week. Tiresome.

7th Dr. Moodie again. For once she is fussy. Caro played hymns at a prep school in Bingley. Lovely weather. C brings me lovely dinners, but I still do other meals myself, but am not hungry. Depressed.

May 11th Up all day. Nice to feel well again. Had tea in garden with Caro and Robbie yesterday. Warm but thundery. Joe not well—temperature and cough.

13th Dr's last visit for the present. Very hot weather.

12th Herr Lardner came as paying guest for a fortnight.

17th K came over from Mount.

18th Whit Monday. I had the Cravens to tea.

25th Herr Lardner left very early in morning. Mrs Hepton has not been here for some days, just when specially needed.

26th C in bed all day.

28th Joe and Rob back to school. I think on 25th I took Rob in afternoon to see Nicols at High Austy, Ilkley. Enchanting place. Very old house.

May 29th Robert spent night at York, came here morning 30th. We all drove to Harlow Carr gardens in afternoon.

Sunday 31st Stayed in garden. Fine and warm. Great discussion about York flat. Joe and Caro so good about it.

June 1st Robert departed at 8.30. Lovely to see him. He is so kind. Wrote to Bowes and now feel utterly selfish and probably making a mistake.

June 2nd Caro had 11 W.I. members in evening—very good refreshments for them.

June 6th C, J, and Robbie to cinema and I to tea at Cravens in bungalow.

June 10th To Burton Croft in morning. Saw flat. Pauline Trevelyan for 2 nights.

June 12th New Bishop of Ripon's wife for night—is a daughter of G.M. Trevelyan. Very nice person and easy to get on with. I am sleeping in Aunt B's room with bathroom. Mrs Moorman and Pauline went on 11th. Betty and Jim came. I to Grace's to tea.

June 13th Very nice day. Caro and Joe motored to York with Robbie and Ruthie who arrived last night. Parents day. Ruthie and I dinner at Burton Croft. (Salmon!) Then to Bootham, cricket match, tea. Many people we knew. Colin and Merl and John and the rest of us in launch to Bishopthorpe—lovely. Then Rowntree's Park and had picnic supper. Kathie to Mount at 8.0 and we got back here after 9.0 all very tired.

June 14th Kathie for day. Lovely and hot.

June 15th Ruthie went home in afternoon. Lovely having had her here.

June 29th The weather has been glorious and warm and I have actually sat a good deal in the garden, and done a little gardening. Roses and pinks are lovely. Then last day or two there has been much needed rain.

July 5th Sunday Kathie to dinner and tea. Latter in garden. Very hot. Joe motored Margaret and me to Leeds and we got train about 11.0 p.m. I think. After Crewe able to lie down but didn't arrive Swansea till after 8.0. Reg met us and we were welcomed by Jeremy and Peppi the dog who was wild with joy to see M. I had a lovely, happy week, M so kind, motor drives—she drove sometimes and she bathed. Once drove into the Neath valley. Lovely hot weather. Only Rowland very difficult, but he played some tennis with Reg and played piano beautifully, but I don't know how Reg and M keep their tempers. Lovely meals, beans, raspberries etc from M's allotment. I slept in Rosemary's pretty room. Jeremy quite handsome, lovely hair.

Monday July 13th Left at 10.30. Stopped at Reading about 2.30 and had an hour with Joyse and then to May S's and had some tea. Delightful to see them and Reading again. Got 5.0 train to Waterloo. Robert met me and we got to Park Road before 7.0 and Beatrice gave us delicious supper.

July 14th Evening to (?) and then to hear (........Singers) Very good.

July 15th Beatrice took me round Chiswick Villa. Most interesting.

July 16th Beatrice saw me off to York. Very quick train. Chef met me in early evening. Mrs Campbell Preston there for supper. She was a Cowdray and married the Duke of Athol but after his death married again. Very nice person, Chairman of Westminster Press. Didn't do much in York as my toe a bit septic, but sat in garden and sewed. Very hot. Flat very nice, and Bowes so kind. To Bootham Meeting—only stranger but Mr Green gave me warm welcome. Saw Kathie. Edna and Vida to dinner. Kathie couldn't come.

July 20th Left at 4.0. Mrs Hirst came just before I left. Years since I had seen her. Caro and Robbie welcomed me here. He was so sweet and I had some tea with them when Joe came in. Have had a grand fortnight away, but am glad to be back.

July 23rd Joe and Robbie broke up.

July 24th Kathie broke up.

July 27th Kathie and Joe departed. Joe for classes in London and Kathie to join Becks in Sark. Showers at last. I had picnic lunch at Lonie Craven's to meet Mrs Tyson and ? Very nice. Mrs Acroyd brought her old pony to eat grass in garden. Next few days C, R and I to Bradford, Leeds, Lister park.

Sunday 2nd August I had Caro and Rob, Cravens and Mrs Bell to tea. Rob is very good, cutting grass etc.

August 8th Joe came home. Nice to have him back, but have enjoyed having Caro to myself.

August 9th Evening Joe read from Father's Life of Skipsey.

August 12th We 4 went by car to York. Bowes took us to the flat which is really lovely and then to West Mount where I chose table, chairs etc. Dinner of salmon etc. After 3.0 went to lovely Heslington hall, then tea and back by Otley Chevin, a very beautiful ride. I think we all enjoyed it.

Aug 17th Joe took children and me to Ilkley. After dentist he came back here to help Caro spring clean their bedroom and I took K and R to the beautiful swimming pool. Lunch (not so good) at 'Kiosk' then walk by river. Nearly too hot. Back by bus, arriving before 5.0.

August 27th Thursday Glorious hot day. Joe took us all to near Arnside where we had picnic lunch by the sand, motored to near Morecambe. Lake mountains rather hazy—back to Arnside. Children bathed. Then to Heversham and had tea with Lily and Bowman Watson at Plum Tree Hall. Had not seen them for 40 or 50 years. Lovely visit. Started back at 6.0, walk at Skipton by moat under Castle walls, over moors to Eldwick. 140 miles altogether.

Aug 28th To York. Afternoon Edna helped me choose curtains and cooker. Lydia and Hedley in evening.

Aug 30th Hedley, Dia and I to Minster. At 2.0 they motored me here and we had tea with Caro and family and then they returned to Burton Croft. Much cooler now, only temporarily.

Sept 16th Kathie went back to the Mount. She is so sweet. We have had continuous fine, warm weather, but today at last a little rain. It has been a marvellous summer.

Oct 1st Still fine & warm. The driest, sunniest summer for over 200 years! I did not mention that C has a paying guest—young Mr Durward who is teaching for this term at the school where C teaches.

Oct 12th Weather broken at last after 4 months of sunshine, but it is still mild. Caro and Joe have been marvellously sweet and kind.

Oct 19th Monday The dreaded day at last. Pouring, but cleared. 2 men arrived but late 10.30. Joe, Caro and Rob and I had dinner and started for York directly after the men—arrived before them about 3.30. Joe and Caro and Rob went off to get electric bulbs, etc as it was getting dark. Great business unpacking. I got very tired, but had brought some milk and Joe managed to make tea with electric kettle and Rob and I bought food from shop close to. They took me to Burton Croft about 7.0 and then went home, poor C having to get meal for Mr Durward. Bowes welcomed us, but I was so tired I went straight to bed and Mrs Duggleby brought me Nescafe and some bread and butter.

Oct 20th Ghastly muddle at flat. I had meals all week at Burton Croft. Edna and Vida awfully kind. Edna did heaps of clearing up for me beautifully, one afternoon all alone in flat. Immersion heater wrong, but was put right—no one could make the fire go.

Sat 24th Quarterly Meeting at York. Joe has applied for membership. He kindly came in morning and put all my electric plugs right etc. Caro and Rob and the Bishops arrived in latter's car, unfortunately very wet day. They had sandwiches and later coffee at Burton Croft. Dia had arrived last night. Joe, Kathie and I had dinner at Burton Croft. Later Bishops, C and Rob made tea at 1 Ingram Flats.

Sunday 25th Afternoon Dia kindly did a little at Flat with John Richardson's help. 2 nice Americans and Miss Purvis to tea.

26th. Dia went early to Ireland. She is so sweet. Mrs Bradley came to flat. She and I were hours shopping and I wasn't very well. She made 4 curtains etc. and then stayed night all alone, washed all floors and did masses of work. I've had some visitors, but wasn't really ready for them. Mrs B has been so kind, went about 5.30 and I began sleeping here, also nice caretaker Mrs Poole. After much trouble Vida got Mr Cooper to send builder and he found the fire chimney blocked up. Of course it would not burn. He put it right and it was grand to have it lit and the pipes warm. Edna and Vida have been nearly every day. I felt very depressed, but am recovering.

31st Sat. Dinner at Burton Croft. Patrick there. Then shopped. Chiropodist etc.

November 1959 I have had various Friend callers. Edna has been a tremendous help and Vida too, but Edna is not well. Kathie came to dinner and tea my first Sunday and was sweet. I met her at Meeting.

5th Bowes to tea. Very nice. Robert and Beatrice had sent me 14 exquisite Carnations, and I have had gingerbread from Margy and Norwegian cheese from Ruthie.

7th Sat Caro came with Robbie in afternoon. I did not know till this morning, so had a great rush. Poor R had bad cough.

8th Caro to Meeting. I did dinner and looked after Robbie. Mrs Poole had bought me half a cooked chicken. Joe and Mr Durward motored here about 3.30. The children had been to Grace's to play games. Just as we were starting tea Marian Williamson arrived. Rather a squash. Then the family departed. It has been lovely having them. C so very sweet and helpful. I do love her.

11th Chef and wife to tea. Both so nice.

10th Vida took Edna and me in car and helped me buy a dress at Marjorie Greaves. Vida gave us light lunch at the Espresso Cafe. So very kind.

Reg and Rowland had a fight while Margy in London. Very distressing. Rowland went to London and was away several days, but went to see Robert and finally went home again. It is bitterly cold and 13th very wet.

Nov 17th Had to have Dr. Bladder trouble. Very nice man.

20th 'At Home' at Faith and Nora R's to see 'Little House' . Very nice.

21st Robert and Beatrice came in afternoon. Lovely to have them. I managed a nice meal. Taught Beatrice Bezique.

22nd Lunch at Hotel. Colin, Merl and John and we three and Bowes to Heslington hall. We three tea at Burton Croft.

23rd Robert and Beatrice left. I felt pretty bad all day, but went to get hair washed and 'set' —first time in my life—not a success.

27th Surgeon Willson (?) Pepper examined me. Such a nice kind man.

28th Mrs Sessions called. Had been at school with Caro. York Friends have given me a wonderful welcome. Lunch at Burton Croft. Bowes at Georgian dinner sat between Princess Mary and Archbishop. I went to a little fair in Scouts hut—Edna (who is not at all well) to supper. Mrs Roy came in for coffee.

Nov 30th Betty at Burton Croft. Had lunch with her and Mrs Brown.

Dec 3rd With Edna to Sale for Cancer Funds at Pansy Procter's. Lovely things. Introduced to heaps of people I used to know. Alas! Poor Edna has to have an operation. It's awful.

Dec 5th Very nice visit to Burton Croft. 2 Miss Arnolds there.

Dec 7th Edna went to City Hospital yesterday. I went to see her today. Nice ward for 2. Dreadfully cold wind.

8th Edna seemed happier.

9th Edna had operation. Heard it had been very successful and next day she sat up in bed. I am thankful. Went to Sale Rooms.

11th Went out and then had bad complaint and had to go to bed. Nothing to eat or drink all day till 5.0 and then a little bread and milk. Felt tired and wretched. Bowes came to see me.

12th A good deal better, but stayed in all day. Mrs Roy did my shopping. Vida brought me anemones.

16th Mount Show in afternoon. Caro brought by Mrs Boston. Very good show and music and tea.

17th Bowes and I to Bootham Show. Good, but Mount better. Colin and Merl there.

20th Mary (?) took me to Meeting at Clifford St.

21st Edna came home.

22nd Went to see Edna. Thank goodness she is much better. Bowes and Betty called here and I said goodbye to them. Both sweet.

23rd Joe only broke up yesterday, but kindly arrived about 12.0 with Robbie and brought me to Netherdale. Robbie hugged me! And Caro and Kathie gave me a lovely welcome. Poor C had had such a hard time, as Graham only went away yesterday. My bed sitting room looked so nice and C and Joe had given me a lovely pot of pink hyacinths. We had dinner at once.

Xmas Day Robbie came to me with his stocking at a quarter to seven. We had a very happy day. Beautiful meals, heaps of presents, lovely tree, carols and K and R played the piano and recited. I found it so exciting and tiring that I slept till nearly 9.0, only waking once.

Boxing Day Very nice visit from Erica and Godfrey, Stella and Bill to dinner and high tea. This family went later to a party, dancing, at the Folk hall, but came back early.

27th Joe and I to Meeting. Nice welcome—Miss Knapman to dinner. She and an Indian to tea—he brought a tape recorder.

One day we all went to the Chinese Restaurant at Bingley.



Jan 8th Joe motored me back to York with Robbie. Have had such a lovely restful time here - everyone so sweet and kind and I am very reluctant to leave.

Later Got here about 3.0. Hasty cup of tea. Bowes and Betty called. I had to say goodbye to Joe and Robbie. How I shall miss them all, especially Caro—she is so good and unselfish and gave me lovely meals.

9th Very cold, but lovely day at Goathland with Bowes, Betty and Jim. Nice cold lunch. Back about 5.0. Lovely sunset.

10th Dinner at Burton Croft.

11th Betty and I chose carpet which the family are most kindly giving me. Then I had my hair cut off (4/-). It feels queer but is blissful for it would not stay up.

12th Edna helped me to choose bedspreads and hat.

13th Snow!

17th Sunday I think it was today that I went into the City Hospital—Edna and Vida took me.

18th Expected operation today. Put off for a week to get heart better. Vexing.

25th Had the op. in the afternoon.

26th Edna to see me.

30th Saturday I think Robert came from London and Hardies too.

February 4th Could bear the hospital no longer. Edna and Chef came for me and I went to Burton Croft.

Feb 6th Celebrated my and Robbie's birthday. Lovely rug from the Becks. Have inflammation in the wound. Bowes kindly let me have a nurse.

(Possibly my dates are wrong) I had her for 3 weeks and then went to Netherdale. Caro was splendid and I gradually got better, but it was slow. Snow there at first. I left on April 7th (Thursday), having been there I think 5 weeks. All the family extremely kind to me. Kathie came home a few days before I left. Chef brought me to Burton Croft. Bowes gave me nice welcome.

April 8th Dr Mungall came. Last visit, thank goodness, but op. not an entire success. There are 2 tiny holes.

14th Have had a warm quiet week at Burton Croft. No visitors except Edna and Vida once, till today when Chairman of cocoa Works, his wife and Mrs Sheldon came to lunch. The winds have been fierce and very cold. Chef brought me here about 2.30. The fire had gone out and there was a fall of soot and I felt a bit depressed, but glad in some ways to be here. Bowes as usual has been sweet and kind.

15th Mrs Poole lit fire and was very nice.

16th Dinner at Burton Croft. Betty and Jim there.

17th Sunday Easter Dinner at Burton Croft. Bill, Kate and the 3 boys there. On Saturday evening Vida had a party to meet Pamela with Michael.

Easter Monday Grace to tea.

April 21st Thursday Chef motored Edna and me to Red Lea (?), Scarborough. Started about 10.30—hour's run. We had a very nice week there, good weather, though not hot. Food in hotel very good. Saw Eva and Isabel, also Olive E. and her sister. Meeting—people very friendly. Came back on Thursday 28th by 10.10 train. Mrs Poole gave me nice welcome and Mrs Jefferson, my new 'help' seems nice. Left my handbag in train with over £13 in it and my cheque book etc. Honest porter had taken it to lost luggage office. Great relief to get it again. Have had a gathered toe which made walking in Scarborough difficult, so went to Miss Lee and she made it much better.

Sunday May 1st Expected Mrs Bradley, but though she had written I did not get the letter till Monday, so after waiting till 3.20 I went a short walk. After ¾ hour returned and found her in the flat. We sewed to make shorter my 2 new bedspreads.

May 2nd Shopped. Dinner at St. Mary's Hotel. Mrs B put wood on hatch to stop draught and stained it and did heaps of other things—put curtain up in bathroom etc. After tea went to Museum Gardens, saw Museum and peacock put tail up, then to garden opposite Guildhall. Nice supper.

May 3rd Fine again. Mrs Jefferson washed all my white curtains and Mrs B put them up—windows have been cleaned. Yesterday Mrs B washed nearly everything in my pantry. Afternoon 2–7.30 coach ride 5/- each to Lastingham. Beautiful old church. Back by Thornton-le-Dale—fairly good tea at cafe then lovely walk by the river past May (?) Rowntree's house. Got to York 7.30 (should have been 7.0) and got Clifford St. bus here and Mrs B went to catch 8.30 bus to Leeds and another to Shelf. She has been so very kind—gave me breakfast in bed etc—I shall miss her—next day I was not very well.

6th Friday Bowes asked Edna and me to watch Princess Margaret's wedding on T.V.

7th Fine and quite hot afternoon. Bowes took Edna and me about 12 miles to see Oak 1800 years old at Cowthorpe. Looked nearly dead! Back to Kirk Hammerton. Saw old church. Blossom everywhere glorious.

11th Mrs Herman and Miss Lofthouse to tea.

13th Dr Yuill—"Waterworks". Poured all day.

14th Dinner at Burton Croft. Afternoon to Goathland. Tea with Mrs Sheldon and her sister in their charming house. Back at 7.15.

17th Tuesday To Netherdale. Very hot. 2 buses. Got here ¼ to 4. Caro gave me cup of tea and we went round the garden. Very pretty. Played bonus.

18th Quite cold and Caro has very bad cold. Short game of bridge.

19th Caro to her class. We had dinner at the Loft, then to Bradford and chose her a dressing jacket and at Bingley a tea set. It's awful to think of the operation she has to have. I can hardly bear it.

20th Friday Still very cold. I left very reluctantly just after dinner and got here about 4.30. It seemed gloomy and horrible.

21st Saturday Evening Bowes and I to organ recital at Minster.

24th Evening hour's run in car to Stamford Bridge etc. Country lovely. Dr Mungall in morning.

25th Edna gave me delicious lunch.

26th Examined at Surgery. Dr M says another operation.

27th Bowes and Betty took Edna and me to Moorlands—marvellous show of Azaleas and Rhododendrons.

28th Refuge Sale at Bootham. Edna and I went and had tea there.

30th Sink the Bismarck (cinema)

June 4 Whitsuntide Lunch at Burton Croft. After tea Betty and Jim took me in motorsteamer to Bishopthorpe and back.

5th Joe and K to dinner.

6th Caro, Joe, Robbie and K to dinner. The German went to Burton Croft. Afternoon nice garden party at Mount. Yesterday was very hot, but thunderstorms in evening and much needed rain.

7th Weather became very cold and terribly windy.

12th Festival began. Showery.

14th Met Ruthie in afternoon. Lovely to see her at last. Watched (?) on cart near Minster. Next 2 or 3 days saw many things.

June 17th Left with Ruthie for St. Albans leaving flat for Hardies. Train crowded and very hot journey. Sidney met us at King's Cross about 6.0. Lovely welcome from children.

Sunday Motored to Gray's Court. Beautiful 13th century house. Tea in Marquee. Piano recital by boy—Alan Schiller.

June 28th Friday Have had a lovely 10 days at St. Albans and wonderfully good weather. Everyone so kind. Sidney saw me off and I reached the Flat at 2.40 and found roses and pinks put there. Robert and Beatrice had spent Saturday at Becks - very nice. Sidney's coloured films are beautiful. Dia brought the roses and carnations and Mrs Jefferson the pinks.

June 30th Dia and I to violin and Piano recital in morning. Very good. I gave her lunch here.

July 1st Margaret came. We saw "Christ before the Elders".

Sunday K, M and I on river. I not very well. Yesterday M to the play.

July 4th Shopped. Lunch at Chinese Restaurant. M left about 2.30. It has been lovely having her here.

July 17th Caro went into hospital.

July 18th Caro had operation. Joe telephoned in evening that it was safely over. What a relief. Catherine Childs died several days ago. She was a wonderful woman.

July 20th Telephoned Joe last night. Poor darling Caro has had a 'very tough' time. It was a 'nasty' operation and she had to have a blood transfusion.

July 21st Joe wrote to me that he thought no need for anxiety, but Caro in considerable pain but very sweet. Very weak. Nurses very kind to her. Joe is very tired and has to look after Robbie, go to the hospital, get supper ready etc. I hope he won't break down. Cold and pours every day.

July 27th Joe came to fetch Kathie, so I went too and in evening we visited Caro. It was lovely to see the darling. She has had a bad time, but is progressing and looked so pretty. I stayed the night at Netherdale. K had a cold. Robbie affectionate and Joe so kind. I made a pudding. He took me to Bingley about 2.30 and I got here at 4.0.

July 31st Sunday Screwed up my courage and went to Meeting at Clifford Street. Packed owing to a summer school being held at Bootham. To tea at Edna's. Vida took us a lovely drive to Crayke and Easingwold. Weather warm at last. Bowes could not get me a ticket for Ireland owing to the boat strike, but he has gone and Burton Croft is shut up.

Aug 7th Sunday Vida took Edna and a friend and me to see Water Priory, but not open. Country lovely. Saw old church at Londesborough and then to 'The Bosun's Chair' at Bishopthorpe and tea on the floating cafe. Very nice.

Aug 8th Tea with Miss Purvis. Very good tea and flat lovely. She has made her garden beautiful.

Aug 12th Robert arrived ¼ to 9.0.

Aug 13th Lunch at Betty's and then in hired Morris Minor to Netherdale. Children at Moldowney. Caro in bed, so sweet, but had been seriously ill and had a second operation. Poor darling. Joe brought us a very good tea into her bedroom. He has been doing up the kitchen, and is very tired, but glad to have C back and children away. Started back at 6.0 and it poured all the way. Good supper—potatoes, marrow, lentil rissoles and plum pie! Made from Victorias in the garden.

Aug 14th Dinner at Burton Croft. Very nice to have Bowes at home again. Then R and I in car to Newby Hall. Splendid grounds, but wrong time for flowers. Tea there, then over the beautiful hall, Gobelin tapestries etc. Fearful rain storm. Got back 7.30.

Aug 15th Robert went at 8.15. Has been lovely having him here.

Aug 16th Saw Mrs Jefferson's charming flat. Tea at Burton Croft. Met Pauline Gower who was most affectionate.

Aug 17th Olive E. and Ethel Harrison came at 11.15. Had lunch at Betty's Self Service. Saw Guildhall. They showed them the wedding book etc and gave them tea. They went at 5.0. I did so enjoy them.

Aug 26th Mrs Joisey from Reading came to tea.

Aug 28th Vida took Edna and a friend and me in afternoon to Water Priory. Glorious flowers. Just in time got into car when thunder storm began. Stopped by wayside and very nice picnic tea. Back through wonderful valley, about 6.45.

Sept 3rd Sat Joe came for me in afternoon and I spent a lovely week at Netherdale. Warm welcome from Caro and children. Caro much better, but rests most of day. Mrs Moore does well. Weather wet and fine alternately. Took Kathie to Bingley one morning and saw Cravens in their new house.

Sept 10th Left very reluctantly. Joe brought me and we had dinner at Burton Croft and then he left. I went to chiropodist. Tired. Mrs J left everything nice. Mrs Poole friendly. Vida called for few minutes.

Sept 13th By 3.0 waterbus—only passenger. Chilly day. Coffee etc at cafe.

Sept 14th & 15th Miss Lee about stupid toe.

Sept 16th To Dahlia and Chrysanthemum Show. Weather usually wet. Has been cold, wet summer.


Oct 1st Sat Dinner at Burton Croft. Betty and Jim, Mrs Watson there and Lord Robins (Prof of Economics at Univ College London). Very nice man. Colin, Merl, June, Peter and baby Andrew called, 3 latter on way to Wheelbirks from South Africa. Baby lovely and smiling. 10½ months old.

Oct 7th Bowes very kindly took me to Moldowney—started from here at ¼ to 10.0—plane late in starting. Lydia met us about 1.30 or later. Nice dinner at once. Hedley has taken a week's holiday. Next day poured, but Lydia took me short drive and we had a week of wonderful weather with occasional showers. One grand excursion to Mourne Mts—lunch at swell hotel 'Ballymascanlon' . All Butlers extremely kind. Flowers glorious, heaps of tomatoes, apples and pears. Went to see Chrissie at Anna Liffey—people to supper etc.

Oct 15th Sat Hedley and Lydia saw us off at 3.0. Arrived York 6.0. I had supper at Burton Croft and then came to flat. Bowes is good to me and Lydia sweet and understanding.

Oct 21st Friday Met Julia and Lucy at 12.42. Had dinner nearly ready—sausages, apple pie, etc. They stayed till Tuesday 25th and were perfectly sweet and so helpful. Went to see 'Goodbye Mr Chips' and to Netherdale on Sunday with Kathie. Several meals out. Beautifully dressed—Julia growing so good looking. I saw them off about 2.30 on Tuesday 25th. Dull weather, but they only got wet coming from Cocoa Works.

Oct 24th Robert's case for Nabarro against Churchill began. Latter accused Nabarro of slander. (Nabarro lost.)

Oct 30th Sunday Kathie to dinner. Joe and Robbie came in afternoon and stayed the night. John Richardson to tea. We went to Mount Meeting p.m.

Oct 31st Actually fine at last. Joe and Rob went to Railway Exhibition. Met Caro who has been at Millicent's (Scarborough) for 2 days. We all went to hotel to lunch. Early high tea, then Hardies went home. Lovely seeing them and Joe has been so helpful.

November October has been wet nearly every day. Such floods.

Nov 10th Sale for P.C. Children at Hotel. Then to Harrogate to see Dr Rutherford. Fairly satisfactory.

Mary Pollard and Bowes Morrell, October 1960

Mary Pollard and Bowes Morrell, October 1960

Nov 11th St Williams College for Sale—Moral Welfare. Very good things. Vida kindly gave Edna and me a salad lunch. Very cold day.

Nov 24th Thursday Grace Sparkes died in hospital. I went to see her 2 days ago. She had been ill at home for a week or two, and was so plucky. I shall greatly miss her. She often came to see me. Weather rains every day.

Nov 28th Monday Grace's funeral. Anstice and her husband so kind. I drove in car with her old nurse to St. Olave's. Service at ¼ to 12.0. Heaps of people there. Very nice and lovely hymns—one of Blake's about peace and love. Then I drove with Anstice, oldest boy Anthony and A's husband to Retreat Burial Ground. Tony Pim read 103rd Psalm (Grace's Wish) and spoke beautifully about her—then short prayer. I drove back, but did not go to the refreshments at the house. All so well arranged, but very sad.

Nov 30th Wed By 4.10 to Shipley. Joe met me. Lovely welcome at Netherdale.

Dec 3rd Sat. All to Bradford. Shops terribly full. Waited 1 hour in queue at Busby's for lunch—pouring.

Dec 4th Sunday Kathie came. Had sort of Christmas celebration and gave our presents. Very happy, and so sad to leave at 5.0 Joe driving. They are so kind and spoiling. The weather has been fearfully wet for weeks and the floods everywhere are awful.

Dec 22nd Met Robert and Beatrice in York in afternoon and we went to Royal County Hotel Durham.

Dec 23rd Colin came for us and we went to Esther's to lunch and to Colin's to tea.

Xmas Day Sunday To service at beautiful cathedral.

Boxing Day Lovely walk by river.

Dec 27th Left in afternoon. Train crammed. 1st class—did not pay extra. I have been upset with the hotel. Rob lit fire at flat and Beatrice made me bread and milk and they went to the hotel for dinner. All the time they have been extremely kind. They left at 8.0am on 28th. Lydia called on me and I had Dr Mungall.



Jan 3rd Joe came for me and I stayed at Netherdale till the 14th when he brought me back. I feel much better now with their constant kind care, hot bottles, good food etc., but Caro is not really well yet and looks so tired and pale. They got T.V. for £3.10.0 second hand and watch it a lot.

Jan 30th Margaret came on the 24th. It was just lovely to have her, and one day when I wasn't well she shopped for me. We had lunch out every day and 1 fine day Bowes took us to Heslington Hall and the Guildhall. She got a sleeper and went at 1.0 a.m. Stayed till the 27th.

Jan 29th Kathie brought Mary Gilchrist, a very nice girl. They washed up the dinner things for me. It has been a wet cold month and Edna has had influenza badly. I do miss her.

Feb 7th A happy birthday. Glorious flowers, cards, letters and presents. Everyone so kind, I have a wonderful family. Mrs Jefferson gave me anemones. I stayed in all day.

Feb 10th Lunch at Mrs Brown's—very nice. Bowes has not been well, but is getting better. I am thankful.

Feb 15th Sat Betty, Jim, Lord Mayor (Ward) and wife, Sheriff (Pullyn) and wife to lunch at Burton Croft. All so nice and easy and I heard a lot.

Feb 16th Bowes took me to see the Fairfax things that are to be sold. Very tiring. Day before I was very poorly.

Feb 19th & 20th Had to do my own fire. Very tiring.

Feb 23rd To see Dr Rutherford. She was kind, but very discouraging—bowel very bad indeed. Must have X-ray.

Feb 24th Lydia came to Burton Croft and stayed till March 1st. It was lovely to see her every day except one, and she brought me violets from Moldowney and gave me other flowers. On 29th took Edna and me in afternoon to Coxwold and Wass.

March 6th Very nice coffee party, Florence Barrow, Jane Pontifract and Edna, but I'm not at all right.

March 7th Edna seemed particularly well yesterday, but when I called to see her this a.m. she was in bed looking very ill indeed. I feel miserable. Warm and sunny. She has pneumonia.

March 8th Mrs Sessions called—took me a short drive, then coffee in her house. She was so nice. Edna still very ill. Tea at Burton Croft then drive to Rievaulx and back.

March 11th Yesterday spent 3 hours at 66 Clifton, saw Edna a bit. She is much better, but still ill. Mrs Jefferson has been off 3 days with bad leg, but came today. Bill and Kate at Burton Croft. Another visit to Edna. Michael, Jan and little Ian called in evening. Nice. Still good, warm weather.

March 14th Lovely visit from Ruthie—it was so long since I had seen her. Edna is now much better. I am thankful. Ruthie got on so well with Bowes.

March 31st Good Friday I have had a streaming cold and don't feel well. Joe came for me and I stayed at Netherdale till April 12th. All so kind, Caro most unselfish. I slept a lot and gradually got better. Did very little, but once all had lunch at Busby's. Sometimes weather very mild, but one great snowstorm. Daffodils and narcissi lovely in the grass. Joe brought me back. Caro had made me shortbread and gave me flowers and Bowes sent Chef with lovely tulips.

April 14th Friday Bowes and Chef and I to Moorlands. Daffodils heavenly. Walked about a mile!

April 15th Dinner at Burton Croft. Mrs Smith? there—nice and amusing. Salmon! Robert came ¼ to 10.0p.m. and I had a lovely visit from him. He went on 17th to get 5.25 train. He went walks alone. Good weather.

May 7th–12th Very dull, lonely week.

May 13th Sat Lunch at Burton Croft. Met Miss Harrison? (Mrs Sheldon's sister) at station and took her to Goathland. Little garden so pretty and very good tea—started back about 6.30.

May 20th Sat Betty most kindly took me to Clinic, as I have a septic toe. Dr Yuill cut it and bound it up. Betty such a help. Kathie here and Hardies arrived after 4.0—I have to keep my foot up so they do all the work and are so kind.

May 21st Sunday Hardies to Burton Croft to lunch and then drove to Moorlands to see rhododendrons. Kathie here to high tea. Hymns etc.

Whit Monday Fair but cool. Others went to Bootham. I got to the Mount but did not enjoy it. Kathie comes for breakfast.

May 23rd Mrs Jefferson never came. Alexanders called. To town in car—got Caro a birthday present. Had extra good dinner at Terrys. They left before 2.0—I have loved having them. Hot today.

May 31st Tea with Bowes; short drive to Stamford Bridge. Later heard from Margaret that Rowland has had to go to hospital again. It is terrible and how I grieve for poor M.

June 1st Rain at last.

June 8th Royal Wedding

June 9th–11th Parents Week End. Lovely visit from Hardies, but poor weather.

June 13th Edna and I to see film of wedding.

June 14th Foot so bad had to go to Dr. Can't have baths for a week. Sidney and Benjamin arrived at ¼ to 9.0. Benjamin looked lovely.

June 17th Sidney and Benjamin to Railway Museum. Lunch (Kathie too) at Burton Croft. Sidney showed his lovely colour films.

June 18th Meeting at Bootham. Sidney took Benjamin on river for ½ hour, but very windy and rather cool. Lunch at hotel. They left about 3.30. It has been lovely having them.

Mrs Jefferson left on the 16th. I felt really sad. She has been so good and kind.

June 19th Mrs Martindale made a good start. A very nice woman.

June 23rd To Caroline Hall and she at last made my foot better—a great relief.

June 25th Sunday Kathie and I to Burton Croft to lunch. Strawberries! Then Bowes took us about 6 miles to Benningbrough Hall, a fine building, done by same architect as the house in Micklegate. Huge grounds, but we did not go round the back. I brought Kathie here to tea.

July 2nd Sunday Margaret arrived 3.30 a.m. and walked from station. Poured later. She, Kathie and I to Burton Croft to lunch. I gave them good high tea here.

July 3rd Blustery and chilly. We shopped in morning. Afternoon by water bus to floating cafe and had nice tea there.

July 4th Hired car. Started for Lastingham. Walk at Thornton-le-Dale, so pretty. Lunch at Lastingham—rather poor and 9/6 each. Lovely place. Margaret to see church. Then motored long way to see Oldstead and had nice tea at Wass, the 'Wontwell Arms' . Back about 5.30—been about 100 miles.

July 5th To Netherdale. Lovely visit there and delicious meals. Caro so pretty. Got back about 9.0.

July 6th I got up at 6.30 to get the breakfast, no milk! Margaret left in car about 7.15 and left it at the garage. It has been wonderful having her and I miss her awfully.

July 14th Last days cold and windy. 12th Monday—headache and so did not go to tea with Bowes and he came up in evening with huge bunch of roses. He is sweet.

July 16th Sunday Took Kathie on river to Bishopthorpe (Bosun's Chair). Very nice. Her last visit this term. Jonathan has got a 'First' . Splendid and Lucy has done extremely well in school exams. She is only 14.

July 19th After tea at Burton Croft drive to Stamford bridge. Lovely wild flowers, and roses and sweet peas from Burton Croft Garden.

July 21st Concert at Kings Manor, but I only stayed an hour.

July 22nd Joe and Mrs Griffin at Quarterly Meeting—came here to picnic lunch. Caro has bad rheumatism in shoulder.

July 23rd Sunday Bowes, Kate, Bill and I to Castle Howard. Very interesting.

July 28th Friday Joe and Rob called taking Kathie home. Very nice to see them.

Sunday Bowes took me to Art Gallery, also drive to Stamford Bridge.


August 1961 Children have gone to Ireland and Joe came for me. Caro and I were to go to Robert's on the 8th but she was suffering badly from arthritis in shoulder and arm. Still we managed to go in the afternoon and had a very happy week there. Beatrice was extremely kind and gave us both breakfast in bed. Caro went to 2 theatres and one day we had a drive in Richmond Park. Another day Betty came for us and we motored to her pretty home, had lunch there with Jim and his nephew aged 11 then went to Kenwood and she took us back to Robert's. On Sunday 13th all the Becks came to a cold lunch and later tea and it was lovely to see them and hear about the cruise. Caro and I returned to Netherdale on the 14th having taxi to King Cross and Joe met us. Children returned on 16th and I stayed happily there till 21st when Joe and Robbie brought me back. The Hardies went to Wood House on Friday 25th and stayed till Sept 1st and loved it.

May Gretton died August 15th

Aug 27th Sunday I had Jim and Betty to lunch. Bowes is still in Ireland.

Aug 24th Had Mrs Craven for the day.

Aug 25th Poorly all day.

Aug 31st Edna to lunch. Heat wave and garden lovely.

Sept 2nd Saturday Lovely surprise visit for an hour from Margaret and Reg on their way home from Norway. I did enjoy it. Afternoon Vida, Edna and I to Newby Hall. Lovely day, but last night it thundered all night. Terrifying.

Sept 5th -7th Very nice visit from Mrs Bradley—most helpful. Bowes returned from Ireland on 6th after 3 weeks away. Lovely to see him.

Sept 8th Dr Mungall. Not encouraging.

Sept 9th Sat Hot and sunny. Betty, Jim, Bowes, Chef and I to Goathland. Picnic lunch. Heather glorious. Coffee at Mrs Sheldon's. Back at 5.0.


Mary, Robert & Beatrice Pollard, Ruth, Benjamin, Daniel, Julia & Lucy Beck, and Caro Hardie, Chiswick, 1961

Mary, Robert & Beatrice Pollard, Ruth, Benjamin, Daniel, Julia & Lucy Beck, and Caro Hardie, Chiswick, 1961

Sept 22nd–24th Lovely visit from Jonathan before he goes to Paris. Slightly better news about Caro's shoulder from Joe who brought Kathie back to school on 19th. She stayed night with me. They now have a paying guest.

Oct 1st Betty, Jim, Bowes and I after lunch to new little zoo lately opened near Malton. Delightful and had a little refreshing tea there.

Oct 5th Tea at Burton Croft then nice motor run to Stamford Bridge and Hutton.

Oct 15th Sunday Hardies came and took me to Netherdale. Miss Shaw, paying guest is there temporarily.

Oct 23rd Caro took me by taxi to see specialist. He was very nice, but won't operate (thank goodness) and it wasn't really much good.

Nov 1st Bowes and Chef came for me in afternoon—tea at Burton Croft then came here and Mrs Poole (back at last, but not well) and Viola and Mrs Herman gave me nice welcome, and Mrs Martindale had left everything nice. The Hardies, especially Caro, have been so very kind and I feel much better.

Nov 7th Tuesday Bad attack of diarrhoea - fainted and hit head on bathroom floor. Mrs M, Mrs Poole very kind. Dr Mungall also. He sent me at once in ambulance to Purey Cust Nursing Home. Caro came in afternoon—stayed night at Burton Croft. I stayed 6 days and then Bowes kindly had me till the 20th and Ruthie came for 3 days which was lovely. She was so kind and helpful. I still feel weak and rather depressed.


[Transcript by Kathie Coleman, with her permission.]


Mary S.W. Pollard died at Netherdale on 28 Jan 1962, just short of her 87th birthday.


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