Mary S.W. Pollard diaries | 1950-58

MSWP (& FEP) diaries

Diary, 1950–58: pocket diaries

by Mary S.W. Pollard



[Note: The original diary is not currently available for full transcription. What follows is a selective transcript, made some years ago. Excluding dates, text is probably verbatim, but this shouldn't be relied on.]


NB If a name is not listed in the key the person concerned has not yet been identified.




1897 (FEP)





1904 (with FEP)




















M.S.W. Pollard

22 Cintra Av


Telephone No. 81564

Telephone Numbers include Beck, 6800, Tudor

Mostly record of letters written.

Jan 28. Book Club Evans.

31st. Blue Lamp film. Liberal meeting.

Feb 4. W.I.L. 3pm

Feb 7. Birthday.

8th. Liberal Club.

9th. Lib Club

10th. Lib Club

28th. W.I.L. Annual Meeting 2.30

March 7. Chiropodist.

9th. Ruth?

21st. Liberal Social. Stung on cheek.

23rd. Cottage

24th. Book Club. H.R. Smith's. Chas. Morgan

April 1. Becks

10th. Becks went.

18th. Chiropodist

21st. F.O.R.

25th. Margaret's

May 2. Home

22nd. Book Club here. Literature of the Sea

June 3. Liberal Garden Party.

6th. Chiropodist.

13th. Ruth's

14th. Back home

29th Book Club

July 10. C's

22nd. Home

25th. Chiropodist

30th. Ruth's

August 25. To Ruth's

28th. Motored home

29th. Cottage.

30th. Caesar & Cleopatra

September 7. Ruth's

11th. Book Club. Musical evening.

14th. Evie's

October 13. Reading M.M.

16th. Book Club. Elsie Harrod. Historic Houses of the District

17th. Sir N. Edgley [??]

18th. W.I.L. American Negro

28th. Becks come.

November 1. Becks went.

2nd. No Way Out

9th. Broken Arrow

14th. Book Club. Readings from well known authors

15th. The Wooden Horse

16th. Ruth's

18th. Liberal Bazaar

22nd. W.I.L.

28th. Palace Hansel & Gretel

December 7. University. Plays

11th. Book Club. Auction New Books.

16th. Leighton Park Speech Day.

21st. Hardie's


January 6. Friends party

10th. 10.0 Clinic

February 18. Ruth.

19th. Book Club. Millers. Critics & criticisms.

22nd. F. to Woodbrooke.

26th. 11.0. chiropodist

March 6. Totland Bay

13th. Returned T. Bay

14th. Saw house in Hendran Rd

15th. Auction 3.0 at G.W.R. Hotel. Went to 2500 & then 2750 and we got it for ,3000.

16th. Went to bed feverish. Bad cold & cough. Dr. Field

17th. F. exhausted after doing kitchen stove. Dr. Berry

18th. I had to get up as F. to bed feverish.

19th. Dr. Roulston. Frightful weather.

21st. Had written to Molly. Dead about 9.0. R came.

23rd. Saw Hawarden. Poured aft. Rob wrote about Father for Friend.

24th. Funeral 3.30

April 2. Television

3rd. Hawarden.

9th. Deaf aid 11.0

18th. W.I.L. 2.45 Craven Rd

21st. To Ruth's

22nd. Back from Ruth's. Back bad

25th. M.M. for Frank. Cried all morning.

26th. Sidney came

May 1. Moving

4th. M. for S.

8th. Dentist 3.0

20th. Becks came

24th. Swarthmore Lecture

26th. To Kew by steamer. First night alone.

29th. To Caro's. Sidney met me in London

June 5. York

8th. Left

15th. To Ruth's

22nd. To Hawarden

24th. Back to Ruth's

26th. Baby's birthday. Benjamin

July 8. R. & baby home

14th. Go to Hawarden.

20th. Chiropodist

22nd. Becks? for day

30th. Got Calor Gas Cooker

31st. D. Brain

August 3. Back to Hawarden

11th. Cinema Lavender

23rd. Dentist Lambert 10.30

28th. Ruth & Sidney

29th. R. & S. bathed before breakfast & in aft. Wokefield Common

31st. R & S go, & I too after dinner. R. had 4 bathes altogether, S. 3

September 1. House St Albans

2nd. Meeting (I). Left in car with S. at 5.0. Beatrice. Hawarden. 8.0

8th. Picnic—Cottage. Tea on heather.

15th. First M.M. since before F. died

17th. Dentist 11.0

24th. Dentist

26th. Dentist. Mrs Pims

October 9. Felt well

11th. Ruth's

12th. Hawarden. Lent car to Sidney

26th. D. Brain to tea

November 9. To Ruth's at St. Albans in aft.

10th. Delighted with house. Old Roman theatre in aft.

11th. Meeting—all even baby. Warm welcome. S. Motored me back 2.30-4.30

22nd. U. Nations Ass. YMC.A. 8pm. 10.45 Dentist

December 8. W.I.L. 2.45

8th. May Gretton's

10th. Back from Oxford

12th. M.M. 6.30

Ruth Tudor 6800

A.B. fire


Calor gas lasted from Aug 1st—Nov 30th.


Mary S. W. Pollard




Tel. No. 103 Burghfield Common

In event of an accident please notify:

Mr R.S.W. Pollard

17 Victoria St



Telephone Numbers

Beck     St. Albans 5390

Pollard  2844 Chiswick

Abbey  4806

Dale     Swansea 87089

Hardie office 26096 Bradford

Morrell York 3197

Bowen Weeks [?] Reading 51967

Weiss Liv. for Livingstone 3484

[Note of bus times, Reading to Hatchgate & v.v.]


Tues 8 Jan

Miss Warschauer

Wed 9 Jan

Concert for Refugees

Thurs 10 Jan

Mary S. 3.30

Fri 11 Jan

Mrs McDonald

Mary Reynolds

Began chill

Frightful night

Dr. Field

Tues 15 Jan

Tea up in bedroom

Wed 16 Jan

Down to dinner

Begin solid food

Mrs Dewey tea

Sat 19 Jan

R. & B. Put off

Sun 20 Jan

R. & B. for day

Tues 22 Jan

To Ruth's by car

Mrs Dewey

Sat 26 Jan

J's party

Tues 29 Jan

Back to Hawarden

M. here 7.30

Thurs 7 Feb

9.43 bus 10.25 train Vict. Boots shop

Felt ill Met Evie

Fri 8 Feb


Sat 9 Feb

Hand so swollen

Mon 11 Feb

Dr Field

Wed 13 Feb

Dr Field

D. Brain

M.A. Harris

Sat 16 Feb

Muriel G


[H FY ???]



Mon 18 Feb

Robert broadcast Northern Region

Wed 20 Feb

Marg. & Jeremy

Sun 24 Feb

M. & J. went

Tues 26 Feb

Dr Field. Last visit

Mon 3 Mar

Car back from Colin F.

Thurs 6 Mar

M. for night

Sun 9 Mar

Meeting at last

Fri 14 Mar

¼ to 12.0 Clement Clark

Mon 17 Mar

Elsie Harrod

Thurs 20 Mar

May Gretton. V. nice visit

W.I. Reading & books Mrs Scott

Fri 21 Mar

A year ago

Sat 22 Mar

To R. & B's

Renaissance singers Kew

Wilfrid S

Mon 24 Mar

Back from London

Wed 26 Mar


Wrote Caro

Thurs 27 Mar

Wrote Ruth?

Fri 28 Mar

Wrote Marg.

V. cold


Got Calor gas cylinder

Sat 29 Mar

Deep Snow & v. cold

Sun 30 Mar

No meeting as deep snow

Mon 31 Mar

Cold. Breakfast in bed

Tues 1 Apr

Call at (S users)

Wed 2 Apr

Wrote M & Caro

Fri 4 Apr


People nice

Mrs Cecil Heath

Sun 6 Apr


Tues 8 Apr

Dentist Lambert 2.30

Harford lunch

Miss Marnot

Wed 9 Apr

F.O.R. 8.0 p.m.

John Swomby

Thurs 10 Apr

Wrote Caro posted Friday

Joyse went home

Fri 11 Apr

Beatrice poorly & R. could not leave her. Fine, but feel lonely. Primroses

Sat 12 Apr

Rob. to tea.


Sun 13 Apr

St. Albans

Mon 14 Apr

Rob. slept in garden

Walk to Sulhamstead

Ch. after tea

Tues 15 Apr


Wed 16 Apr


Thurs 17 Apr

W. Institute

Hot day.

Schools for defective children

Fri 18 Apr

Call on Nurse Hardinge

Sat 19 Apr

Joyse in agony

Hand in plaster & then better

Tues 22 Apr

Sweep at 9.0 a.m.

Kitchen cleaned

Thurs 24 Apr

Lovely day with Ruthie. Primroses. Dull but fine

Sat 26 Apr

R. & B. for week-end

Sun 27 Apr

R. & B.

V. nice

Walk Drive to Tyson's hill

Mon 28 Apr

Gardened hard

Tues 29 Apr

Ration bk amusing

Wed 30 Apr

Bedroom cleaned

Thurs 1 May

Marg's birthday.

Margaret for M. for S.

Fri 2 May

Chrissie M.

Tues 6 May

Refugee performance. Wonderful show. Maypole

Wed 7 May

C. went

Thurs 8 May

Edna's birthday

Fri 9 May

Evie's at Norbury Lodge. Lovely. By bus

Sat 10 May


Tues 13 May

Wrote Marg.

Wed 14 May

Sweep for dining room

Sun 18 May

Bertha's birthday

Mon 19 May

St. Albans

Tues 20 May

To Caro's by coach 11.15

Here 8.0. Joe met me at Leeds

Wed 21 May

Wrote Ruthie

Thurs 22 May

Joe to M.GR. conference

Fri 23 May

Rowland's birthday

Leonard W

Tea on Moor

Round bungalow

Sat 24 May

Caro's birthday

Tea on moor. V. hot

Sun 25 May

Many visitors

Mon 26 May

Daniel's birthday

Joe came with car

Tues 27 May

Dancing class

Wed 28 May

Teresa's birthday

Sat 31 May

Beyond Settle

Tea at Greens


Sun 1 June

H to tea


Mon 2 June


Wed 4 June


Sat 7 June

Home at 9.15

Tea Market Harborough

Sun 8 June

Joe went in morning

Tues 10 June

To London by 9.30

Rob. evidence for Royal Commission on Divorce

Fri 13 June

R. & B.

Sat 14 June

Chickendon Court. Lovely

Sun 15 June


Bonfire Walk by church

Mon 16 June

Mr McDonett 12.0

Tues 17 June

Bentleys called

Wed 18 June

W.I.L 7.30

Wrote accepting £2775 to Walbans

Thurs 19 June

Miss Cook & Miss Batt

Sat 21 June

Heard bungalow sold

Tues 24 June

R. & B's wedding day

Thurs 26 June

Benjamin's birthday

Fri 27 June

L.P. Sir Ernest Barker 3.0 p.m.

Sat 28 June

Becks for day

all bathed.

Also I to St Albans at 5.30 arrived 7.30

Sun 29 June

Meeting. Welcomed

To Bricket Wood & long round in car

Tea on Common

Mon 30 June

Looked at 3 or 4 houses

Tues 1 July

Drove back alone 9-11.30. Terribly hot

Wed 2 July

Washed sheepskin mat

Thurs 3 July

Margaret comes

Sun 6 July

People round house I think to-day

Mon 7 July

May Gretton till Wed.

I to Oxford I think to-day sold house

Wed 9 July

Back from May's

Thurs 10 July


Sun 13 July

Meeting & L.P. Service.

Laurence Housman

Mon 14 July

Evelyn here

Tues 15 July

Removers for estimate (Bakers)

Wed 16 July

Mrs Dewey to 36 Mortimer—then Theale by heather & lanes. Tea at Old Lamb Café (Reynolds)

Thurs 17 July

Ayres for estimate

Sun 20 July

Shock absorber broke

Thurs 24 July

To St. Albans to see house

Mrs Dewey & Joyse

Saw Rowland off

Wed 30 July

Bought Burnside—have to pay deposit

Fri 1 Aug

River with R. & B.

Sat 2 Aug

Reading churches

car wrong


Sun 3 Aug

Lovely walk past new estate—stream

Tues 5 Aug

10.36 Reading to York—York 5.12 Change at Oxford

R. & B. left


Wed 6 Aug

To Nelly Ayre Force

Thurs 7 Aug

To York.

Children v. good

5.40 to Menston

Fri 8 Aug

Pouring. Saw house

Left at 10.0

Mrs Beaumont

Lunch B. Croft

Bus arrived S—5.30

Sat 9 Aug


Walk in aft.

Sun 10 Aug

Dales arrived

Julia Lucy & I church

All tea at Mrs Permocks

Mon 11 Aug



Tues 12 Aug

Fine & warm

Mallyon Spout

Aft. Walker hill

Bathed. Tea by river

Wed 13 Aug

Alas, motor accident in morning

Thurs 14 Aug

Towards Nelly Ayre force. I looked after 3 youngest then tea altogether by river

Fri 15 Aug

Said goodbye to Dales. D. & J. to Caro. I to York

Miss Fairfax to lunch

Sat 16 Aug

B. & B. so kind. Lovely meals

Sun 17 Aug

Minster with B.

Edna to supper.

Mon 18 Aug

Arrived back with D. & J. as far as London.

Mrs Ford lit fire etc.


Tues 19 Aug


Thurs 21 Aug

Mary S. to tea.

Gardener came

Sat 23 Aug

J. back

Have missed her greatly. D. Bowen & John came in car with her & brought her gas stove; she is giving it to me.

Heard of Norman H's death

Sun 24 Aug

Meeting by bus

Mon 25 Aug

Funeral at Golders Green.

Bertha & Bill drove here—supper

Tues 26 Aug

Joyse poorly

Wed 27 Aug

J. in bed.

Called on Miss Ruthven

Thurs 28 Aug

J. better.

Said goodbye to Marion Prout

Fri 29 Aug

To May Gretton's

Molly been 4 mos. in bed

Sun 31 Aug

Smiths motored me from Meeting

Mon 1 Sept

Catherine Ellas to lunch

Thurs 4 Sept


Fri 5 Sept

To Swansea with M.

Sat 6 Sept

Caswell Bay in aft. M. Jono. & Jeremy bathed. Rowland in Iceland. Rosie in Germany.

Weather good. Reg. well & happy

Sun 7 Sept


Mon 8 Sept

Back from Swansea

Tues 9 Sept


Mary S. tea there & brought me home

Wed 10 Sept

To Herfords tea

Thurs 11 Sept

Sheila called.

Washed hair

Rosamund & Katie Warschauer

Fri 12 Sept

3.0 Mr McDonald


Sat 13 Sept

Rosemary went

Sun 14 Sept

Perfect visit from R. & B.


Joyse at tea time

Mon 15 Sept

Plaque. Removers

Horrid muddle

Tues 16 Sept

Move to North.

to St. Albans in time for tea.

Ruthie got up at 5.0 a.m. lovely surprize

Children sweet

Lucy "I do love you".

Left at 11.30

Wed 17 Sept

Arrived Caros 5.50. Joe met me.

Thurs 18 Sept

Down at Burnside 8.30 Men finished at 4.0. Joe & I had to walk to Glen

Fri 19 Sept

Busy all alone.

Slept at C's

Sat 20 Sept

Busy alone

awful muddle

Sun 21 Sept

Did not go to Burnside. Happy day at Glen.

Mon 22 Sept

Left Glen very early as electricians etc keep coming

First night all alone

Tues 23 Sept

Joe called for few mins.

Wed 24 Sept

Saw none of the family

Thurs 25 Sept

C. came in time for tea & stayed till after 7.0. I was glad for had been v. lonely. Joiner

Fri 26 Sept

By bus to Ilkley to register. By bus (one a week to C's for dinner

Sat 27 Sept

V. wet & cold

Car rep. at last

Joe in evening

Sun 28 Sept

Ilkley meeting with Joe & K. Spent day at Glen

Mon 29 Sept


V. wet. Cold

Wrote Margt

Tues 30 Sept

Family called

Mrs Johnson for 2 hrs.

Wed 1 Oct

Went to C's by car, at last. Rather nervous

Thurs 2 Oct

Always pouring

Finished drawing room curtains at last

Fri 3 Oct

Wrote Ruth

Bus to C's

Dinner there

Sun 5 Oct

K. sick.

Evening harvest festival with Joe

He preached

Tues 7 Oct

To C's after dinner. Looked after children while she to Bradford. They were v. good

Wed 8 Oct

To Menston & Ilkley too

Thurs 9 Oct

Joe in evening

put up cuckoo clock

Fri 10 Oct

Got telephone

Cold but fine

Sun 12 Oct

House warming with Hardies, Bertha, Edna & Vida

Mon 13 Oct

Torrents of rain

Wrote Ruth & Robert

Tues 14 Oct

Tea at C's

Walked there & back. Ironed

Wed 15 Oct

Wrote Margt

Thurs 16 Oct

To Ilkley to shop

Fri 17 Oct

To C's by bus to dinner

Sat 18 Oct

C. to tea at Acacia House

I gardened too.

Sun 19 Oct

Dull day. Meeting. Then all alone.


Wrote Robert

Mon 20 Oct

Tea at Mrs Scarlett's

V. nice

Wrote M. & Ruth

Tues 21 Oct

Joe in evening. I gave him tea.

Wed 22 Oct

V. wet—had hair shampooed & cut. Keep interviewing joiners etc.

Thurs 23 Oct

Coffee with Mrs Nicol.

Mr Firth & Whalley in morning.

I cleared rooms & W. & a boy started in afternoon.

Fri 24 Oct

I went to Ilkley for brief visit.

They finished the room at 5.0.

Sat 25 Oct

C. & K. to tea.

Plasterer finished in morning & I scrubbed floor

Wrote Ruth Sat.

Sun 26 Oct

Olive Edmundson & Ruth, Kevin & 2 children. Picnic lunch. I went to C's to tea, first walk in dark home.

Mon 27 Oct

Mrs Johnson scrubbed floors.

Tues 28 Oct

Got carpets down in dining room & stairs—such a comfort.

Wrote Marg.

Wed 29 Oct

Rw Slater called

Thurs 30 Oct

Electricians came.

Rev. Horne called.

Fri 31 Oct

Went to Glen.

C. not well yesterday.

Stayed till evening

Sat 1 Nov

Wrote Ruthie & Rob.

Sun 2 Nov


Joe brought K & she & I to Meeting. She spent day with me & was sweet. Joe came for her at tea time—no taxi available

Mon 3 Nov

Fine at last.

Large wash etc

Wrote Margt

Wed 5 Nov

'Ivanhoe.' Miss Lie—ghastly

wind & rain

Thurs 6 Nov

Car done at last

Hardies in aft. Left Bobby here & shopped in Ilkley. Tea here.

Awful wind—Wrote Ruth.

Fri 7 Nov

To Otley. Day at Glen


Sat 8 Nov



Sun 9 Nov



Mon 10 Nov


Tues 11 Nov

Boothroyds to tea. Wrote Marg.

Wed 12 Nov

Walked to Glen to dinner. C. & children sweet. She is too thin

Thurs 13 Nov

To Bradford in aft. Got 4 presents but did not enjoy it.

Fri 14 Nov

To the Glen


Heard Joyse is ill

Sat 15 Nov


Car at last, such a relief—new battery etc. It came before but wasn't right.

Sun 16 Nov

C. K. & I to Ilkley. All Hardies for 1st time to dinner. Gt. success. Children elsewhere to tea, but J & C. here

Mon 17 Nov



Mrs Awmack to tea.

Tues 18 Nov

To Otley

Wed 19 Nov

Wet again

Wrote Marg. & Robert. Ruthie's birthday

Thurs 20 Nov

Went to Glen at 8.30

Joe took me in car. Looked after children all day till tea time when C. returned from Bradford. J. motored me back after supper

Fri 21 Nov

To Ilkley in aft. for an hour

Wrote Ruth

Sat 22 Nov

It's very cold weather. Make Xmas cake. Washed hair.

C. & J. got on telephone yesterday. I have been on it sometime

Sun 23 Nov

Retreat at Guest House, then to Glen. Not inspired with retreat

Mon 24 Nov

Wrote Margt

Tues 25 Nov

Frightfully cold 17 degrees of frost

Colin & Merl to supper

Wed 26 Nov

Milder. Molly to tea. Lovely.

Thurs 27 Nov

To Leeds aft. with Mrs Mason.

Wrote Ruth.

Fri 28 Nov

To Glen

Sun 30 Nov

To Glen. Walked there. Still icy cold

Mon 1 Dec

Have been having 17 degrees of frost or more

Thurs 4 Dec

Bradford with Hardies. Tea there

Children sweet

Sun 7 Dec

Thaw at last. Hardies dinner & tea. Lovely.

Mon 8 Dec

To Bradford to shop

Sat 13 Dec

C. has Jean there & Joe's people came & stayed night

Mon 15 Dec

Sarah E. died.

Tues 16 Dec

Our first snow, but soon melted. Rest of country has had fog & snow often

Wed 17 Dec

A positively frightful day, gale, rain & sleet

Thurs 18 Dec

Went to Glen by car—Children not well & C. not very

Fri 19 Dec

Glen by bus. Children still not v. well.

Sat 20 Dec

Started cold.

Sun 21 Dec

Cold bad

Lovely day (& night) at Glen. Tree. Songs Presents

Wonderful dinner

Mon 22 Dec

To St. Albans

Arrived 2.0.

S met me St. P., Ruthie at Pad.

Tues 23 Dec

Julia & Lucy very poorly.

Wed 24 Dec

Julia improving.


Thurs 25 Dec

Carols outside my room by all but Julia. Stockings—one for me. Presents in Lucy's room. V. successful day.

Fri 26 Dec

Lucy a good deal better.

Sat 27 Dec

Still holiday. Bad fog.

Play lots of games with the children.

Benjamin fascinating.

Sun 28 Dec

R. & B. in morning. Lovely to see them. Stayed till 9.0.

Mon 29 Dec

Ruthie & Sidney 2 hrs cycle ride in afternoon.

Some cash accounts at back

Also times of Paddington & Reading trains.


Mary S.W. Pollard


Homestead Estate


nr Leeds

Ruth Tel. St. Albans 5390

Telephone No. Menston 2424

Motor Car BYU 303


December 31. R. & S. went to dance

January 5. To Sydenham

January 8. Icelandic film

10th. Looked after Benj. Pantomime for others

16th. To R. & B. Bad foot.

17th. Back at 3.14

22nd. Dr. about poisoned toe. He is very nice.

23rd. New wireless.

31st. To York

February 1. Terrible loss of life due to gale & floods & steamer from Stranraer to Ireland sunk.

2nd. Home about 4.30

4th. Ilkley in morning. Feel very lonely.

7th. "My birthday. Many nice letters etc, but all alone. Bought tulips yesterday"

12th. Snow terrible in many places. Awful winter

14th. About this time rationing of sweets ended after 7 years.

17th. Thaw—milder—thank Heaven. Chiropodist Toe still septic

March 3. Evie came. Joe met her. I was excited.

14th. "Evie went. B. & B. came for her. I miss her awfully. She is so sweet."

Does occasional gardening.

16th  . . . to dentist at Ilkley

19th. Ilkley with C. Saw "Limelight" Charlie Chaplin. Tea there

21st. Sad day but nice call from Esther.

April 3. Alone. Fibrositis. Cold wind. rested

4th. Hardies to tea. Fun making Pace eggs

12th. F's records exquisite. Seemed to be singing to me

23rd. Garden's lovely now. tulips, daff, flowering currants etc

24th. To Heugh Folds

29th. I had pain in evening.

May 4. Home

6th . Women's Liberal at Ilkley

28th. Budgerigar 8 weeks old—bthdy Present from Marg.

June 2. Coronation. Cold & wet. Joe took me to Glen. They went to see Television then Queen's speech. v. good & Churchill. She is wonderful. Still not feeling well. V. cold like winter

4th. To Dr Melvin in evening.

8th. Dr came—says it is neuritis owing to cold winds.

10th. Dr came.

15th. Feel v. weak

17th. Last visit from Dr. He is no good.

27th. To Dr Kathleen Rutherford at Harrogate. She was so nice & clever.

29th. Bolton Abbey. Felt ill.

July 18. Mrs B. to Harrogate to get my medicine.

19th. To Meeting by bus for 1st time since illness

23rd. "To St. Albans. Joe C. & Bobby saw me off at 9.30. Alas Benj. has got polio. He has such a sweet smile."

25th. Benj. to hospital.

26th. Sidney to Aberdeen

August 1. Saw over 40 Clarence Rd.

2nd. Tea in Park

4th. Ruthie to zoo with children & I saw Benj, sitting up now (Looked thro glass)

6th. Sidney back in time for breakfast. All came to see me off & D came to Kings X.

10th. To Harrogate with Mrs. B. Tea there. Dr. gave me good report.

13th. Ruthie brought Julia & Lucy.

14th. R. & ' to Ilkley. Joe came for her about 12.0 & she went home in aft. It was lovely having her.

21st. Chiropodist 10.0

September 4. Saw house with C. & Joe

5th. Saw ghastly house with Joe.

10th. Mrs. Nicol to tea. C. & Joe too about Eldwick house.

11th. [after tea] Then to Eldwick

18th. To Bradford. Deaf aid.

23rd to Scarborough.

October 3 home.

4th. To Glen. Walked there. Made my great decision to stay in North.

14th. Have lost Netherdale House, alas. So sorry for Joe & Caro. It's awful.

19th. Have very bad cold starting.

20th. Still worse cold. Sneezed all day.

21st. Cold still.

27th. To Bradford to get eyes tested again. Dr Botwood not nice.

31st. Saw house at Poole [?] in afternoon.

November 7. Saw (self) house at Burley.

17th. 10 a.m. chiropodist

December 1. To London

3rd. To Everest film

4th. To Mumbles

15th. To se Dr. Urinary trouble. In bed all morning

18th. Dr. Am well now.

[Still in Mumbles at end of year]


Ruth Beck

St Albans 5390

January 1. Pantomime. Goldilocks

2nd. To St Albans. "Sidney met me. Children went to party."

3rd. V. cold. Lovely evening playing & singing with children etc.

4th. To town. Coffee at Danish cafe. Mahjong in evening. I got terrific score.

5th. Sad to have to leave. Children sweet. [to home]

30th. Friends party at Ilkley. Hardies took me 3-6. Quite nice but room so cold

February 12. "Netherdale" again on the market.

25th. Heard about Netherdale.

26th. Looked after children while C. & Joe went to Netherdale.

March 6. Tel. rang all morning about house sale.

8th. Person to see house never came.

13th. C. & Joe have sold their house for £2000. Lost £500 alas!

21st. 3 years ago!

28th. [after tea] Then I felt poorly & feverish.

30th. In bed all day—temp 100__0___. Shocking cold & cough. J kind. Sold house £2800.

April 11. Joe took me & R. to see Netherdale. V. nice

23rd. Chiropodist 10 a.m.

May 3. Men at 8.30. Mrs Lucas helped. V. cold. Joe came 12.30. Dinner at Netherdale. Men finished at 5.0. Awful muddle.

4th. Sitting room lovely. C. & J. done so much for me.


June 27. Budgerigar is lost. 4 kittens arrived.

28th. 11.30 Chiropodist.

July 12. Taxi to St. Albans [from Harpenden or Chiswick]. Arrived 5.0. Children angelic. Ruth to comte in evening.

13th. Took B. walk. Shopped

14th. Oculist—have split in left eye.

16th. Sidney came home.

18th. Children & I to meeting.

20th. R. took me to Hatfield House in aft. Wonderful place.

23rd. Elsie Pollard to tea. Splendid cakes made by Ruthie.

24th. D. & I to "Father Brown". I missed a lot of it.

25th. Pouring, so no one to meeting. Have taught D. & K. bezique.

26th. Wet. Had hair shampooed. Taught Julia Highland Schottische. To tea at Harpenden.

27th. V. windy & showery. Have had simply lively time at St. Albans in spite of wet.

28th. aft. all but S. by bus to Hertford. Pretty ride. Tea, then poured so came back. R. to Comtee. S. put on records.

29th. All but S. saw me off at 11.13.

August 7. Family out to tea. Late back. I was anxious. Bad thunder & lightning.

19th. Water system right at last.

Mary Pollard, Caro, Katharine and Robbie Hardie, and Joyse, 1954

30th. C. Miss H. & I to cinema "An inspector calls"

September 3. Had Dr. Moody to syringe my ears. She seemed nice. They needed it. Colder.

8th. So busy with children I got tired out & C. brought me supper.

October 18.  . . . I went to chiropodist  . . .

30th to Chipperfield, Kings Langley

November 9. Left by taxi 9.45 to St. Albans. Saw E. off to London. Have been v. happy together. Daniel has bad cold.

12th. Fine & mild. Took B. walk

14th. Meeting with 5 children. Benj. so good. R. & S. to hear B. Saxon Snell in evening on Woolman

18th. Foggy. F. Benj. & I shopped satisfactorily. R. & S. out in evening. Bowes is ill

19th. Ruth's birthday. Such a happy day. Lovely presents. Sir Roger etc after tea. Children sweet.

20th. Lucy poorly. R. & S. to dinner dance.

21st. Lucy in bed. All but her & S. to meeting. V. cold. Lovely evening. Records & R. & S. sang.

22nd. Left very sorrowfully after such a happy time at 1.26. [ to home]


Telephone No. Bingley 2844

Beck St Albans 5390

January 6. I to Sales at Bradford & to see The Divided Heart. V.good

11th. Saltaire to get sleeping pills. C. & I to concert at Keighley, Yorks. Symp. Orchestra. Peter Pears Denis Brain horn. V. good

13th. My back not right.

21st. Much better at last, but have not been out for over a week.

25th. 1st time out for 11 days.

February 3. To St. Albans via London. S. met me.

4th. Ruthie v. busy. Margt for 2 nights.

5th. Wonderful celebration of 80th birthday—all family except C. Rowland also came.

7th. "Happy birthday to you" sung by family while I in bed. Lots more lovely flowers etc. Potato pudding!

12th. To Chiswick.

13th. Nearly lost voice.

14th. To St Albans

15th. W.L.A. Ruth is chairman. Benj. went to sleep on my knee. Good talk on social worker in factory.

16th. Play duets with Julia.

17th. Left by 11.13. V. sorry. All have been so kind. [to home]

20th. Bad faint when going to bed. Thought it the end. Dr. came. C. & J. so very kind.

21st. Dr. came. In bed all day, but much better.

22nd. Still in bed.

25th. Feel much better.

27th. Bowes 'phoned to say he is taking 2 tickets for him & me to fly to Ireland!

March 13.  . . . I went to chiropodist.

28th. I did not feel well, but tried to help C. [with Rob, who had chickenpox].

29th.  . . . found I was feverish. Stayed in bed. Over 102o in evening.

Mary Pollard at St Albans, on the day of her 80th birthday

Mary Pollard at St Albans, on the day of her 80th birthday

30th. In bed all day. Cough but a good deal better

31st. Dr. Moody came. I got up in aft.

April 2. Dr. Moody says I can go to Ireland.

8th. To Ireland [Lydia]

9th. Tired out. Bad cough & cold. Wonderful place.

14th. Lydia & I to Emlyn Williams reading Dickens.

16th. London, St. Albans. R. & D. out, but warm welcome from the rest.

17th. Nice day. Garden lovely.

18th. First performance of Pinafore. Sidney went to hear it. V. successful. I sat up till 11.0. Benj. woke & cried a bit.

19th. Very fine. 2nd performance. I took B. short walk.

20th. Sidney here, so R. & I shopped. Warm. Dinner in garden very nice.

21st. To meet Evie at Victoria. V. cold. Lunch at Fuller's. She is very frail. Saw her off & came back. Went to R's Dr.

22nd. Cold, so never went out, tho' my cold much better.

23rd. Rob. & all of us to matinee of Pinafore. Ruth in chorus looked lovely & Daniel excellent as Midshipman. Rob. to tea.

24th. Julia, Benj. & I to meeting

25th. Lovely weather.

26th. S. & R. spring cleaned drawing room.

28th. Left by 11.13 for Leeds. R. & Benj. saw me off. Julia gave me 2/6!

May 14. Voted conservative in local election

24th. I to hear Harold Macmillan & Geoffrey Hirst.

27th. Ruthie & Daniel arrive about 8.0.

28th. Ruthie had tea with me. She, Rob, D, & I to 5 ride [rise] locks. Saw barge go thro' .

29th. R. had supper with me.

30th. Joe motored R., D & me to York. Bootham. Lunch B. Croft. Railway strike begun, but R. & D. got train about 3.30.

June 16. Evie, Mabel & I to Cromer.

23rd. Home

July 2. I to Bingley to see "The sea shall not get them." Quite good.

18th. Newcastle.

22nd. Home.

27th. "Snip" got 4 kittens on front doorstep!

August 10. J. & I at 1.30 by coach to Ripon & Studley Royal. Disappointing. Did not see house.

16th. My old Ford car is sold £20 & was taken away to-night. I feel sad.

20th. Deaf aid test. Ardente 56 guineas—frightful.

23rd. Ruthie, Lucy & Benj. arrived about 6.0. R. has had her hair "permed". Lovely to see them.

24th. Ruthie went at 8.30—Joe took her to Bingley (me too). I put B. to bed. He was very good, but asked for Mummy.

25th. V. hot. Slide a grt joy. I took 3 children to swings. Evening Joe & C. took them all to the little railway.

28th. All children & C. to Cong. Church. I did dinner. B. Stayed with me.

29th. Swing arrived at last. Great joy to children.

31st. Joe took all but me to Menston—I did dinner. They went to stream etc.

September 1. I took L. & B. to sail boat. Evening C. & J. went to see "The Living Desert." I put the 4 children to bed. Pretty exhausting.

3rd. Lovely afternoon—all to the fair—children wildly excited—C. & I went on aerial ? 1/2 hour in boat on Aire. Back 6.15 (Car)

4th. All children church with Joe. I made castle puddings & helped C.

9th. Becks get home in evening.

10th. Sidney arrived 5.30. Children very excited. I had supper with J.C. & him & nice talk about France.

11th. Joe took S. & children to Bradford & I saw them off to St Albans & went to meeting.

12th. C. & I tired out, tho' loved having Lucy & Benjamin.

15th. To York

17th. To Buttermere/Hassness.

24th. To Bingley.

28th. To Chiropodist at Bingley.

October 2. New deaf aid on appro (Ardente)

22nd. 2.30 Baildon Liberal Bazaar.

November 4. Have got a cough.

14th. To St Albans by car [from Harpenden]. Lunch at barn with Chrissie. Then to Ruth's. Children sweet. Benjamin not well & not at school. Cold.

16th. Benj. not well but amusing_ & sweet. Ruth out in aft. Last night at Utopia Ltd.

19th. Ruthie's birthday. She had lovely presents & a splendid tea. R. & S. to dance, wh. was v. good.

20th. Children Jane & I to meeting. R. & I in evening to hear—Tennyson on Vinova Bhave.

21st. Nothing much. R. & S. to Parents meeting in evening.

22nd. S. began to teach me chess! R. at operatic rehearsal.

23rd. S. & I 9.0 train to London.

26th. V. bad cold. "Messiah" in evening in Abbey. Beautiful. Taxi there. S. has taught me chess. Played several games with him.

27th. Cold too bad for meeting, but happy day. Games, songs, small pipes D's trumpet, gramophone.

28th. Left at 11.23—one change. Have had a lovely time, but nice to get back.

30th. I to chiropodists. Right foot bad.

December 13. Began a cold.

14th. Mild. Sneezed all day.

15th. Mild, In bed all day, but did own dinner & C. brought me a very nice one.

16th. Am much better, but not up to much.

18th. Gt. preparations for family to tea in my room. Cakes, candles, christingles, presents, games.

19th. Cold slowly getting better.

29th. Cinema The Lady Killers 5-7 Most amusing.

31st. "Scrabble" game.


January 17. Bowes asked me last week to go on cargo boat to Adriatic.

February 17. Began influenza.

March 10. I think Dr. paid her last visit—no it was the 3rd or 5th I think. Dr. Craven called.

14th. I'm well at last.

21st. To York

22nd Sudden attack of diarrhoea. Got up, but had to go to bed. Miserable day & night.

23rd. Got Dr. Medicine good.

24th. Dr. again, but I got up.

28th. back to Bingley

April 8 -14 at Burton Croft.

15th.  . . . taken ill in night & shivered.

16th. Temp 102—evening 103__0___.

17th. Dr. came temp 103 night & morning. Soaked in perspiration.

19th. Temp—still up—Began M. & B.

21st. Normal at last & enjoyed some proper dinner.

24th. Dr. in aft. Said I could get up. Had tea up.

28th. 3.30 York St. Bingley Lib. club. I could not go.

30th. Dr. syringed my ears. Now free from Drs but feel weak still.

May 8. Chiropodist.

24th to N/C for a couple of days

June 5. 9.5 to St Albans via London. R. & Benj. met me about 3.30.

6th. V. cold & wet. Took Benj. to near shops.

7th. Cold & wet. R. & S.'s wedding anniversary. Lovely dinner!

8th. Helped R. to cook for celebration to-morrow.

9th. Wonderful dinner & tea 8 whites of eggs in cake! 6.36 to St. P. [to Chiswick]

11th. Back to St Albans. Warm welcome at St. Albans. No wind at last, warmer. Drawing room getting redecorated. Took B. to Park.

13th. R. B. & I to town for coffee & ice.

15th. R. & I by coach with Liberals to see Ovaltine works & farm. Most interesting. Given tea.

17th. All but S. to meeting. All of us bus to Hitchin 1 hour there. Lovely old church, but day like winter & very dull.

19th. Lucy poorly. Milder. R. Benj. & I to Welwyn—not very good shopping.

20th. Last day alas. Potato pudding. I shopped. Have taught children "pounce".

21st. Left at 12.39. R. saw me off.

July 18. To York

24th home.

August 10. Julia & Daniel arrived at 6.0. Gt excitement.

16th to Grasmere.—Heugh Folds

19th. Wet. All to church. Aft. cleared & to Alcock Tarn. Lovely view.

22nd. Shepherds Bridge. Aft. all 8 drove to Beatrix Potter's house Saurey. Fascinating.

23rd. Sports. I stayed in—nose bled. Fine till evening.

24th. Ruthie not very well.

27th. Poured. Family to Easedale Tarn. B. & I part way. Ate sandwiches in rain.

29th. Family left Ben. with me all day & went up Stone Arthur. B. & I to Donny Beck.

31st. Leave Grasmere. Have had wonderful time.

October 1. Chiropodist. Gathered toe. (Sanctuary)

6th. Chiropodist again. Toe better.

7th. Family gardened. I did not feel up to much.

14th. Bus to St. A. Dinner & tea there. Lovely to see them all. Julia & Ruthie played duet.

15th. To Sydenham.

18th. To Netherdale.

Mary Pollard, with Beck and Richardson familes at Heugh Folds

Mary Pollard, with Beck and Richardson families at Heugh Folds

November 1. Chiropodist. Toe septic. Deaf aid.

2nd. Chiropodist.

3rd. Chiropodist.

4th. News about Hungary dreadful. Russians are cruel, & we are fighting in Egypt.

15th. Heard that Mr. Beck died yesterday.

19th. Mr. Beck's funeral & darling Ruthie's birthday. V. Cold.

20th. Got deaf aid "Aditone"

December 11. 10.30. Chiropodist.

23rd. To Chiswick

29th. Aft. R. & B. & I to St. A. Lovely. House pretty. Grand tea. Xmas tree. Foot muff etc. Lovely supper. Goodbye to R. & B.

30th. V. wet. Taxi to meeting. Benj. has cough.

31st. Wet. V. short walk. End of this not very happy year.


Mary S.W. Pollard

Netherdale House


Bingley, Yorks

Tel. Bingley 2844

January 2. Wet, but mild. Benjamin poorly.

3rd. B. v. poorly.

4th. B. taken to Austins at 12.0. Rest of us to see Peter Pan.

5th. B. much better & sweet.

6th. Meeting by myself. B. out a little. Games (writing) with children. Ruth & Sidney sang. Delightful.

7th. Left at 8.25 with Sidney. Have had lovely time. [to Bingley]

17th. To Bradford. V. good lunch hour concert. Dennis Brain (horn) Jean Pougnet violin & Wilfrid Parry piano

31st. Old peoples club boring.

February 20. Turned out both rooms.

27th. To York

March 2. Saw Ingram's Almshouses with Bowes. Delightful.

5th. Home

14th. I to old peoples club. Quite nice but childish game.

15th. To Bradford.

16th. Too much television in evening. I don't care for it.

17th. Home.

April 6. I think Benj. had his operation on the 5th but am not sure.

11th. Have lumbago.

12th. Still have fibrositis in back, not lumbago. Benj. came home yesterday from hospital.

24th. Got to St. A. at about 8.0 carried case.

25th. Very cold. Icy wind. Benjamin woke last night to kiss me. Ruthie out each night at "the Rebel Maid". Daniel in France.

26th. All in aft. to see "The Rebel Maid". Very good indeed. Ruthie looked very pretty.

28th. All but Ruthie & Julia to meeting. S. spoke beautifully.

May 3rd. V. cold. Ruth evening to Liberal Education Comtee in London

4th. To Burford

9th. Wet most of day; Played bezique & tens.

11th. By 12.45 to London. Gateshead H.S. Old Girls re-union. Delightful.

12th. I have fibrositis.

14th. To Chiswick.

16th. To York

21st. To Netherdale.

25th. By bus to Leeds for Liberal Meeting. Frank Byers grand & Chairman Sir Ronald Walker very good.

26th. Benjamin went back to hospital more than a week ago.

June 1. Benjamin home from hospital.

3rd  . . . fell & grazed my elbow.

5th. Erica went in morning. She is sweet & remembers Bensham so well.

15th. It has been lovely having Ruthie, but such a short visit.

16th. Glorious weather, but I started bad cold so cd not go to Bingley meeting.

17th. V. hot. Still have cold.

22nd. Bowes offered to send me on a cruise with Edna. I declined. He is kind.

25th. To York

27th. Betty, she [Mabel?] & I lunch festival rooms. Amadeus Quartette in church.

29th. V. stuffy. Lately 74__0___ in my bedroom. Thunder in night. I love the heat but not stuffiness.

July 12. Bingley

18th. Benjamin has measles & Ruth swollen finger.

27th. I gave R. tea & supper. C. came to coffee with us, & we played "tail" & got it out.

August 10. To Dr. at Saltaire. Dr. Moody away. Unsatisfactory

11th. Meeting. Heard nothing—am very deaf. Rain in afternoon.

13th. York.

17th. Bingley.

23rd. Dr. syringed my ears.

27th. I am very tired. Snowball got 4 or 5 kittens last night.

September 3. To chiropodist at Bingley.

10th. Mumbles.

16th. Evening film "Admirable Crichton"—most amusing.

[Various concerts and plays left out by me—bsb—my having done so may give distorted picture.]

19th. To St. Albans. Sidney met me at Pad. Children all sweet.

20th. Went with Ruthie to meet Benj. after school.

21st. Fete at Daniel's school. Evening with R. to Franco-British Society. French lady lectured on 25 years in England.

22nd. All to meeting except Julia who went to Guides.

24th. Wet. Children except D. at school for dinner. Ruthie & I jolly shopping. Coffee at Danish rest.

26th. Ruthie & I shopped

27th. Julia got influenza. To Liberal meeting with Sidney. Prospective candidates. Very interesting.

29th. Bill & Daphne Beck & 2 children to dinner & tea. Lovely meals. Ruthie sang to me in evening.

30th. Julia still in bed. To Bingley.

October 10. Still fibrositis.

11th. Did v. little because of back.

14th. Am much better  . . . Ruthie has had influenza.

22nd. York

25. Chiropodist. Betty & I to cinema—St. Joan. Very good.

28th. Not feeling well. Bowes begged me to stay. To Bingley.

November 16. W.I. party 4.30. Went on till 9.0. Too long, but v. nice. Good tea. Community singing, old songs of my youth. Concert party poor, also ventriloquist poor & middling conjuring.

December 2. To Chiropodist.

5th. Not v. well, but went to old peoples club—films (coloured) of France, Majorca, Scotland etc taken by members.

15th. Hardies to Bostons to tea, so I enjoyed playing F's songs.

24th. I was poorly but managed to do a good deal to help.

25th. Felt better but not well at first. All had a perfect time—C. so very sweet. Almost too many presents all my grandchildren.


January 5. I said few words in Meeting.

6th. Jeremy taught K & me chess.

Ruth Beck

50 Clarence Rd

St. Albans

[Transcript by Benjamin S. Beck]


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