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by Mary Spence Watson (1875–1962)







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[The transcript also includes additional notes, in italics, made by Mary's daughter Caroline, many years later.]


Journal at Rothbury.

c/o Miss Archer.

Coquet House. 1893 Easter

March 30th, Thursday

I left Edinburgh by the 10.20 train & met Mother, Ruth, Evie & Bertha at Morpeth. We got here at about 4.30 & after having some tea, went at once to Cragside to see over the grounds which are truly beautiful, some parts cultivated & the rest wild, with lakes, & a lovely stream flowing through them. The house itself is a very fine building. We came back here when it began to grow dusk & soon after Father & Arnold arrived. Mabel is the only one not here—she is away in Italy. It is delicious seeing them all again.

March 31st, Good Friday

A dull day. We started at 10.30 in the trap & drove past Thropton, Sharpeton & Hepple to Holystone. Here we got out & went to see St Ninians or Lady's Well which is beautiful. Paulinus is said to have baptized 3000 people here. Then we saw the little church wh. has some old incised tombs, & then drove on to Alwinton past Harbottle. We had a very nice lunch at the little inn, & then all separated, Mother to sketch, Father, Evie & Arnie to walk & climb, & Ruth, Bertha, & I went to see the Drake Stone. We had a good view, but the wind was fearful. The sun came out & the landscape became smiling. Ambitious Evie & Arnold afterwards climbed the rock—how they dare I'm sure I do not know. Mother did not enjoy herself much, I'm afraid. We started go home at about 6, & alas! our driver was rather drunk & so we had anything but a pleasant drive home—we really were frightened, especially Ruth & I who were on the box. There was a lovely sunset. Mr & Mrs Havelock, Lionel, Norman & Mr Priestman called to see us in the evening.

April 1st, Saturday

We have pretty much made each other April Fools. We started at about 10.30 to go up Simonside & had a pretty good view, but it has been a dull, though quite warm day. We took the whole walk very easily, & came back to Rothbury over the hills. Then all but Mother went to see the Thrum & watched the fishes jumping about, & came back here in time for dinner at 6.30. It has been a delightful day.

April 2nd, Sunday

A beautiful, but rather windy day. Ruth, Mother & Bertha went to church, the rest of us a lovely walk to Cartington where we were enchanted with the ruined castle where Queen Margaret once stayed. We went back for 1.30 dinner, & after that again went to see the Cragside grounds, which are really splendid. Lion, Norman & Mr Priestman came to tea, which we fixed at 5.30, but kept them waiting about an hour & a half, poor things! We had fun playing games after tea.

April 3rd, Monday

A lovely hot day. We are certainly favoured with fine weather, not having had a drop of rain since we came. We took dinner & walked to Cartington, Evie, Arnold & I having a lovely but rather muddy bathe on the way. At Cartington we actually met Uncle Alec & Cousin Emma Fayle who had come to Rothbury for the day, & had a few minutes talk with them. Ruth, Evie, Arnie, Ber & I had such fun playing hide & seek in the Castle. B. & A. were the hiders, & the latter got wildly excited & jumped from all sorts of awful places, so that we could not catch him; & I found Bertha crouched up in the middle of a large chimney. Ruth, Evie & I then went up Larbottle Fell, & met the rest at about 4 o'clock on the way home. We walked back very leisurely, Father singing most of the way. The Havelocks are staying at Rothbury, & Father & Mother had to go there to dinner. This has been our most delightful day.

April 4th, Tuesday

Another lovely hot day. We had breakfast at 7 as Father & Arnie had to go by the early train—Father to business—Arnie to school. Then we started to go to Brinkburn & when we got to the Thrum found we had left the dinner behind so E. & I went back for it. The walk was along a hot dusty road & seemed a good long way—Mother & Bertha got a good lift in a cart. The abbey is only open on Thursday, but we were allowed to go & see the outside which is lovely. It is close by the river & has a lovely situation. We took our dinner in to the woods & then walked through lovely fields to the station about 2 mls away—such a funny primitive place, with a woman ticket collector. When we got to Rothbury we tore to our lodgings, packed & had some tea & then tore back to the station. We got to Newcastle about 7. There Father met us to say Aunt Anne had had a stroke so Mother & E. drove up to the Quarries to see how she was, & we out [?] home.

We had a most delightful holiday. The lodgings are v. comfortable & the cooking excellent, & Miss Archer understands country appetites.


Bryn Cothi.     1893.


So. Wales.


Friday, June 30th.

I got here at last after a very long hot journey. I stayed last night at Carlisle with the Barlows, which was a very pleasant break, & came on this morning at 8.40, but very nearly missed the train. I changed at Crewe & Llandilo, & was met at Nantgaredig a little after 6 p.m. by Arnold. We had a most refreshing drive here in a trap—about 8 miles. Father, Mother, Mabel & Bertha were standing outside to welcome me, & it certainly was simply lovely to see them again. It was about 8.30, so we had dinner at once, & soon after retired to rest.

The house is situated on a hill, so is nice & breezy, rather queerly furnished, & with plenty of very hard beds, but a very nice dining & drawing room.

Saturday, July 1st.

A lovely day. There seem to be heaps of vipers about, 3 were seen close by the stables, & we are terrified of getting bitten.

This morning Father fished & got a few small trout. We went by the river; Mother made a very pretty sketch, & I attempted to do a tree, Ber & I plodged a little & we read "Wives & Daughters," then all but Father, had a delicious warm bathe in a large pool. We then came in for lunch, & spent a lazy afternoon, till after afternoon tea. Then Father fished again, Mabel drove to the station to meet her friend Miss Nanny Richardson, Mother, Arnold & I went a lovely walk up the hill behind the house—Mother made a very pretty sketch, & I attempted another of a tree.

We hear there are many vipers about; 3 were killed near the stables the other day, so we have to be careful. When we returned we made ourselves tidy, & hearing the trap went out to receive "Nanny." One person only was in it & we could not make out whether it was Mabel or not, but it was poor Mabel, bitterly disappointed because at the station she had received a telegram saying Miss R. had missed the train, as we found out later, owing to its being the 1st of July.

Sunday, July 2nd.

Another lovely hot day. Nearly everyone is suffering more or less from cleg bites.

Father gave us a beautiful bible lesson in the morning, & was just going to read a chapter when "Nanny" drove up & there was great excitement. She had managed to get to Llandilo last night, & driven all the way here this morning. We waited a little, then Father read the chapter & we sang some hymns; after which we had another delightful bathe.

We rested in the afternoon, had tea early, then went for a charming walk, up the hill at the other side of the river.

We get delicious milk here—the farm is nearly a mile away & hardly anyone there understands English—all the people round here speak Welsh. There is hardly any water in the house—it has to be brought from a well near to, which is rather a bother.

Monday, July 3rd.

At 8 this morning Bertha & Arnold got up & went up the hill behind the house to see the sun rise which they said was beautiful. They are really growing very energetic!

In the morning Miss R. had to go away, so Mabel drove with her to the station. She has been delightful.

Mother, B. A. & I had a bathe—plodging across the river, partly because the bridge is high, narrow & rotten.

In the aft. B. A. & I had a game of tennis across a rope, but it was really almost too hot. Mabel drove back, with Charles on his bicycle, looking very tired after his long journey.

In the evening Charles, Father & Arnie went fishing with no success—the river is getting very low now—& we, i.e. the rest of us went a short walk.

Tuesday, July 4th.

Bathed, etc. In the evening Charles went on his bicycle to the station to meet Evie, & they both rode back—the latter very tired, but it is delightful to have her. In the morning some of us had a lovely walk, scrambling along a burn, & nearly everyone, but I, had a fall in. It really was great fun.

Wednesday, July 5th.

Had a jolly bathe—the water here is nearly always quite warm.

In the evening Mother, Bertha & I had a delightful drive to the lakes & back, & some of the others with Charles' help put up the tent near the pool.

Thursday, July 6th.

A lovely, hot day—in fact, almost too hot, but happily the clegs have not been very bad. We have been a delightful excursion to the lakes about 8 miles away. Evie & Charles rode on their bicycles, which they do beautifully, & we took it in turns to drive in the trap, which is very convenient for Mother, & for carrying the provisions. There are 2 lakes, close to the very pretty village of Talley. There is an old ruined monastery there.

We tried to find a place in the lake to bathe, but it was too muddy, so after dinner Mabel, Evie & I went a good way to the Cothi for a bathe. We found a lovely pool, shallow, but we lay in it for ages, & got beautifully cooled. Mabel & I walked home close to the Cothi—a most exquisite walk, & were overtaken by Charles, E. & Father, who had a bathe in a glorious deep pool we found.

We really had a delicious day, but I was glad to get in, & change, & rest.

Friday, July 7th.

Went to our lovely newly found pool & had a delicious bathe, but the water is so soft that it is very tiring to swim in.

It was a very hot day, so in the afternoon Father read a "Tale of Two Cities" to us; & in the evening Mabel practised her hired bycycle, Ber. & Arnie had a ride on "Strawberry" (the pony) Evie & I had another bathe from the tent. Then we had dinner & retired, after more reading, to bed.

Saturday, July 8th.

We made an early start to go to Ferryside & bathe. Evie & Charles rode to Carmarthen on their bicycles (16 miles) Mother, May & I drove to a little past Brecfa, where Ber & Arnie got in, & we got out—they drove with Mother to Carmarthen & M. & I walked to Nantgaredig where we took the train. Father walked to Carmarthen by himself, had dinner there & rested, & joined May & me on the way home, altogether having walked at least 32 miles.

At Carmarthen we took the train to Ferryside, where we met Evie etc. & Ruth who looked very poorly. The tide was going out & we did not know how to get a bathe—but we got 2 boats & 2 nice men, to sail or row them. Charles & Arnie undressed in one, & then swam out from it, but we rowed over to the opposite side of the mouth of the river, & Evie, Ber & I managed to undress (with Mother & Mabel holding mackintoshes up for a screen) on the sands, & then had a lovely bathe, all the nicer as it was quite rough, & riding over the waves was delicious.

We then dressed & some went to see the old ruined castle, & then sailed back again. We caught the 5.0 train back to Carmarthen & had a most delicious high tea at the "Ivy Bush", then Ruth, Mother, Arnold & Bertha drove home, Charles and Evie cycled. Mabel & I went by train to Nantgaredig & walked all the way back, meeting Father on the way. We did not get here till 10.10, & were quite wet, as it rained nearly all the way, & we went to bed very tired.

Sunday, July 9th.

The welcome, longed for, rain at last.

Bible reading in the morning. I read Jane Eyre most of the day which is a splendid & very exciting book.

Some of us went for a walk in a fine interval.

Monday, July 10th.

Wet again, but only showery.

Father, Charles & Arnold fished, but only caught 3 very small trout. Evie & I went a short walk—the air was lovely & fresh. The river is a good deal swollen—some of us bathed.

Mother, Mabel & Ruth went a short drive in the afternoon. Arnold & I had some tennis—we did not do much.

Tuesday, July 11th.

Nothing much—very showery. Dear Aunt Anne died yesterday—it is dreadful for poor Uncle Robert, & we shall all miss her very much.

Wednesday, July 12th.

Father, Charles & Arnie fished, I think, with very little success as usual.

In the evening Bertha, Martha & I went a lovely drive, it was such a lovely evening.

Thursday, July 13th.

Bathed as usual, & had fun swimming, or rather floating, down the "rapids," as the river is swollen with the rain. B. & I went a lovely walk, on the hill, through woods, etc, & back by Abergawlech.

Friday, July 14th.

Aunt Anne's funeral. None of us have gone home to it, as the journey is so very long & tiring.

Some went for a long walk—some fished; Ruth & I went a walk, & got a fearful fright because we thought a bull was coming after us. We got over a fence, in double quick time—at least I did.

Poor Ruth is not at all well or strong yet.

Very few small trout were caught—it is a pity the river is so bad.

Saturday, July 15th.

Walked nearly to the burn with the fishers—they sometimes try the burn instead of the river.

Bathed. In the aft. had a grand bonfire & picnic tea, with the servants & all but Father.

Afterwards B. & I picked a heap of mushrooms. Mabel practised her hired bicycle, & Charles gave us rides on his.

Sunday, July 16th.

Bible reading & hymns. All but Father had a delicious bathe.

Charles, B., A. & I played "ducks' eggs."

In the evening went an exquisite walk thro' the woods up the burn, to the pretty village of                  , & back by the road.

It was rather too far for poor Mother & Ruth.

Monday, July 17th.

Dull, but turned out a glorious, not too hot day. Went an excursion to Llandilo. At 9 Mabel, Father, Arnold & I started to walk there over the hills, about 12 miles—15 or 16 by the road.

Charles & Evie bicycled, Mother, Ruth & Bertha drove in the trap. Our walk was perfectly exquisite; Kate set us on our way.

We saw a grand stretch of hills, & I think the "Black Mts," but we were quite tired when we got there. We met the others at Dynover Park, which is beautiful, & wandered about there for a short time, seeing the picturesque old castle from a distance. We then went to the "Cawdor Arms" & had an excellent dinner. Llandilo is in a rich valley, surrounded by high hills, & is a quaint, pretty town.

After dinner we all squeezed into a trap with 2 splendid horses, & drove to Carreg Cennen Castle, about 7 mls from Llandilo. This is a magnificent castle, built high up on the rock, & inaccessible on all sides but one. The view obtained is simply beautiful. We found a long, narrow passage in the rock,—natural I think—& with matches groped our way along till we came to a deep hole at the end, in which I think there is a well, but it seemed to be stopped up.

We stayed about ¾ hr here examining the ruins, which are considerable, & then drove at a great rate home again.

We had tea at the Inn, & then said goodbye to Charles, who is going home again, to our great sorrow. He is so very nice & useful, though rather scornful!. Then Evie bicycled home again—quite a crowd watching her start, as lady bicyclists are evidently rare in this part of the country, & not altogether admired, though I'm sure she ought to be; Mother, Ruth & Bertha drove home in the trap, & the rest of us went in another trap. The drive was spendid, & we enjoyed it all the more, from having walked in the morning. There was quite an Alpine glow on the hills, but it was about 10 & quite dark, before we got back here. Mabel sang beautifully. I enjoyed it immensely—the most of any day yet.

Tuesday, July 18th.

Pouring—it was very fortunate that yesterday was fine.

Father & Arnold fished, for it did not begin to rain till about 12, & Mother sketched. Evie, Bertha & I had a nice bathe in the rain. In the afternoon Mabel & Evie went to Abergawlech, & the rest of us played games & read.

In the evening Father finished "A Tale of Two Cities"—it is a splendid book.

Wednesday, July 19th.

Wet. Bathed. Went a v. short walk. Read.

Thursday, July 20th.

Went to Edwinsford. Had a perfect bathe in the glorious pool. Then walked part way thro' the grounds—took dinner & got tea in a cottage.

Father fished w. small success.

Friday, July 21st.

Father & Arnold fished. We walked & drove to the pretty village—(cannot remember the queer Welsh names) Took dinner. Bathed—sketched, walked etc & had a delightful day.

Saturday, July 22nd.

Walked up "Evie & Bertha's" valley. V. wild. Bathed. B. & I got separated fr. the others & had a tremendous walk home. Nearly lost our way altogether as the hills are so much alike, we could hardly tell which one to aim for.

We despaired of seeing anyone to ask the way, but at last a dear old Welsh woman came & took us a long way, chattering in Welsh & we talked in English & neither could understand a word of the other. We got home at last, tired, but really it was rather exciting.

Sunday, July 23rd.

Wet. Bible reading. E. & I bathed from tent. I & B. cooked a little. Nothing much.

Monday, July 24th.

Fine. Father fished—the rest of us, after seeing Martha off at Nantgaredig, went in 2 traps to Dryslwyn Castle; only the very ruins remain, but we had a simply splendid view. Then we drove on to Pantglass, a pretty village, & saw a large house belonging to a gentleman, but the grounds have fallen into decay.

The drive home was very beautiful, thro' an exquisite valley. We had a delightful day.

Tuesday, July 25th.

Bathed. Father & A. fished, with little success. In the evening some of us had a lovely walk, a little furthern then Brechfa—the sunset was splendid. Mother sketched. This place does not suit Ruth well. She is not at all well.

Wednesday, July 26th.

Packed, etc. A lovely day—Father, Mother, M. & E. drove to Brechfa & then went a splendid long walk.

B., A. & I bathed.

R. & I sketched at Nantfinn.

Thursday, July 27th.

Mabel & I started at ¼ to 7 to drive to Nantgaredig. Mother & Ruth started later for London—Ruth to consult a lady doctor. The others stay till tomorrow, & then go to Barmouth & Dolgelly for a few days.

It was an exquisite day, & we had a lovely drive. Then we went by train to Cardiff, then by steamer to Weston-Super-Mare, a pretty place, (Cardiff seemed a dirty town) & then by rail to Glastonbury where Esther met us & we drove to Millfield.

Only Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Hilda & Esther are at home—they are all delightful & we are having a perfectly delicious time.

Saw over garden, horses etc—charming place.

Friday, July 28th.

Lovely day—saw over house etc. In aft. drove to Glastonbury & saw exquisite abbey, ruins of British village just discovered & museum. Most delightful. In evening some "Good Templars" men & women came, & we had gt fun playing croquet etc.

Saturday, July 29th.

Rather wet. Nice short drive in dog cart. Aft. fine—about 30 went a picnic in 2 waggons—gt fun—sang coming home.

Sunday, July 30th.

Went to meeting—people v. kind—many invitations. Aft. read & wrote in châlet. Evening meeting, then short walk—lovely sunset.

Monday, July 31st.

Nellie Morland came up—rode bicycles etc. In aft. drove to Somerton & had tea at "Uncle Bogie's" (Bevan Clark) Lilian Clark & a Miss Banks were there—v. nice.

Then drove to Compton, & had political discussion on parish councils' Bill. Only 6 or 7 women there, but so intellectual & it was most interesting. Held in a cottage.

Father, Mabel & I walked home—a good way, so not back till after 10. Splendid moon. Saw lovely glowworm.

Tuesday, August 1st.

Started at 8, Mabel, Ester & I drove in dog cart to Wells 8 mls. Saw Bishop's Palace—v. pretty, & cathedral, but had not much time.

Then took train to Winscombe—saw Dora Clarke's house & Sidcot School, (outside) & had a rest & refreshment in one of Esther's aunts house, but she was away. Walked over the hills to Cheddar—8 mls simply splendid walk—had lunch in a wood—the cliffs are magnificent—2½ mls long & very high. Went into one of the stalactite & stalagmite caves—v. wonderful & beautiful—lit up w. gas, & high. Took train back to Wells & then drover here again—got back about 6. Game of tennis with Mr Clark gt fun.

Hilda, only 12½, has in this 1 aft. learnt the bicycle w. a little help. Simply delightful day.

Wednesday, Aug. 2nd.

I forget exactly what we did—one day we went to see Wells Cathedral. We had a lovely time, but only stayed a week.


[The following two entries are struck through in the original, and would appear to have been "to do" lists for the days concerned:]

Monday Oct. 2nd. 1893

  1. Knit before breakfast.

  2. Help with stores.

  3. Cooking lesson.

  4. Write notes.

  5. Patching lesson.

  6. Walk.

  7. Write letters, knit & do notes.

  8. Sew dress.

Friday Oct. 6th. 1893

  1. Machine dress.

  2. Patching lesson.

  3. Suit.

  4. Cutting out lesson.

  5. Do dress, write notes & letters.

  6. Walk.

  7. Sew.



Jan. 1st. Monday

All but Ruth, who is ill in Private Hospital in Newcastle, went to Wingrove to dinner. Some of Merz's there. Had gt fun. Played hide & seek.

Evie & I sat up night before & Arnold came down in his dressing gown.

Jan. 2nd. Tuesday

In evening I went to Bargates to a dancing practise.

Jan. 3rd. Wed.

Gables picnic. Walked from Corbridge. Grand bonfire—tremendous fun. Jolly walk back to station.

Jan. 4th. Thursday.

Dance at Ede's. Very jolly. Also dentist's.

Jan. 5th. Friday.

E. & I. at Dendy's to dinner.

Jan. 6th. Sat.

May & Evie to Hexham for a week. We to "Cinderella". Perfectly exquisite.

Jan. 7th. Sunday.

V. cold. 5° below zero one day. I went to Ruth in aft. & evening.

Jan. 8th. Monday.

Arnie & I to Gosforth. Ice atrocious, but had grt fun. Basil & Claus there. Latter v. jolly & kind, & pushed me about a lot.

Jan. 9th. Tuesday.

Father in London. Went to Ruth. Mother to Middlesboro' to speak. Father to preside night before at Kennan's 1st. meeting in London.

Jan. 10th. Wed.

Complete thaw. A. B. & I to Hexham. Abbey most interesting. Hugh R. came in aft. went jolly walk towards Dipton. Got v. wet feet. Got back home about 9.p.m.

Jan. 11th. Thursday.

Nothing much.

Jan. 12th. Friday.

I went to see Ruth. Nothing much. She is getting better, I'm thankful to say.

Jan. 13th. Saturday.

Mother to Hexham for day. Then she & May & Evie came home again. Exciting game of football with Arnie on cement. In evening Harry & Nellie R. & Mr Stevenson (Alec.) "Up Jenkins" grt fun.

Jan. 14th. Sunday.

Beautiful farewell address from T. Hodgkin.

Aunt Car & Norbert to dinner. Aft. Sir Robert Ball & Dora R. Cousin Jeanie Sturge & Hilda, Mr. Veeney. Some to Sir R. Ball's lecture. I read instead.

Jan. 15th. Monday.

Began work again at Eldon Square. Now there are 8 students in training (only 4 before) & 1 laundry one besides myself, for which I am glad.

Jan. 16th. Tuesday.

Nothing much.

Jan. 17th. Wednesday.

Laundry. A new teacher—Mrs. Burns—quite nice I think. I forgot to say that last night E. B. & I went to T.S.A. Conversazione but it was not v. nice, & on Monday night we had a party, wh. was simply delightful. Grt fun playing games. There were:- Claus & Dollie, Katie & Laurie—4 Edes, George, Gertie & Nora Bargate, Basil & Stephen Proctor [sic], Carl & Ethel Leyel, & Mr. Sturge. Some more were invited, but could not come.

Jan. 18th. Thursday.

I went to Stannington to help Mrs. Grant to teach. Grt fun. Had 2 delightful pupils. Lovely day. Had jolly drive.

Jan. 19th. Friday.

Nice domestic economy lecture.

Jan. 20th. Saturday.

Nothing much, I think. Carruthers Gould came, & we had dinner party. We (4 of us) went to see "Amazons". V. interesting.

Jan. 21st. Sunday.

Mr. Gould lectured splendidly on "Men of the last Parliament."

Jan 22nd. Monday.

Ruth came home, but alas! not much better. May only sit up for 2 hrs a day.

Jan. 23rd. Tuesday.

Nothing much. Cooked.

Jan. 24th. Wednesday.

Nothing much.

Jan. 25th. Thursday.

I to Cramlington, to help Miss Aviss at cookery demonstration. Not v. nice.

Jan. 26th. Friday.

Nothing much. Poor Ber back to school.

Jan. 27th. Saturday.

E. & I to splendid Scotch concert. Amer's Band lovely & Mme. Marie Anderson, York Minster Quartette, etc.

Jan. 28th. Sunday.

Good many people to tea. Mrs. Lilly Grove staying with us. She is v. nice. Lectured on "Chili".

Jan. 29th. Monday.

My 1st. laundry demonstration. To Miss Crichton & 1 of the girls. On washing day, flannels & handkerchiefs. Was v. frightened, but got on pretty well. Aft. to Backworth to help to teach. Not v. nice. Grt temperance meeting w. Sir W. Lawson. Father in chair. I did not go, but some did.

Jan. 30th. Tuesday.

We have begun to wear caps.

Jan. 31st. Wednesday.

Arnold to Scarboro', not Bootham, ∵ he has still got eye disease. Evie to York, but they wld not pass her, so she came back. We do miss Ber & Arnold. In evening Father & I to "Northumbrian Small Pipes Competition". Lots of people at the concert that we knew. Splendid concert. V. pretty. Lovely sword dancing. Mowatt got 1st. prize.

Feb. 1st. Thursday.

Monsieur Desclos. Nice lesson. Father lectured on "Duties of a Citizen". I did not go.

Feb. 2nd. Friday.

Nothing much.

Feb. 3rd. Saturday.

E. & I to Tynemouth. Lovely by the waves. Met Claus R. & Frank Allhusen. I home to dinner. Evie stayed, & met Uncle J. & Gertie. Ibbit came to see us. V. nice. Brought me some lovely snowdrops. Large party in evening to meet Mr. George Kennan.

Feb. 4th. Sunday.

Meeting. Gertie & I stayed to preparative. Kennan awfully interesting, about his home in Nova Scotia, wh. seems almost perfect, Russian exiles, & sledge drives by dogs, etc.

To his lecture in evening. Intensely interesting, but v. sad. His voice broke once or twice & many people wept. He is a splendid man.

Feb. 5th. Monday.

Horrid day.

Feb. 6th. Tuesday.

Mrs. Grant v. cross. Interesting lecture on "Art of Teaching" by Miss Crichton.

Feb. 7th. Wednesday.

My birthday. Got some nice presents.

Feb. 8th. Thursday.

Horrid day. I had to demonstrate on potato soup.

Feb. 9th. Friday.

Campbell Bannerman came. V. nice. Interesting political meeting.

Feb. 10th. Saturday.

Breakfast for C. Bannerman. Mr. Ede, Alex. Stevenson, etc came. Gertie Edmundson, Mother, E. & I to Beamish by train. Walked back. V. pretty.

Feb. 11th. Sunday.

Aunt Car to dinner.

Fräulein Gröne in evening.

Feb. 12th. Monday.

Nothing much.

Feb. 13th. Tuesday.

Uncle Robert to dinner & tea.

Feb. 14th. Wed.

E. & I sent "don't" to Claus. "Don't smoke in the street."

Feb. 15th. Thursday.

Nothing much.

Feb. 16th. Friday.

Music recital at school. Miss May played well.

Feb. 17th. Saturday.

Some to So. Ashfield in evening.

Feb. 18th. Sunday.

Mary Shackleton & Fred Carr to dinner. Others in evening.

Feb. 19th. Monday.

Some to Whymper's lecture.

Feb. 20th. Tuesday.

Mr. Griffith here. Very nice. I had a cold & stayed in.

Feb. 21st. Wednesday.

Stayed at home. So jolly.

Feb. 22nd. Thursday.

Nothing much.

Feb. 23rd. Friday.

Mr. Griffith played trick on Evie on top of Castle. Laurie & Douglas Fry to supper.

Feb. 24th. Saturday.

To "Elijah" in evening. Not very well done, but very beautiful. Mother nearly fainted & had to come out.

Feb. 25th. Sunday.

V. wet. No one to meeting. Charles to supper.

Feb. 26th. Monday.

Father lectured splendidly on Morocco—What the Arabs were & what they are. Lovely slides.

Feb. 27th. Tuesday.

Glorious chamber concert. Joachim, Piatti, Miss Fanny Davies, Miss Louisa Philips.

                                                                     ↘ Played Rondo by Beethoven, etc exquisitely.

Feb. 28th. Wednesday.

Eva Glass & I began a course of 6 artisan cookery demonstrations, 7—8.30 at Eldon Sq. Only 3 people there & the servants.

March 1st. Thursday.

Cousins Mary & Eliza to dinner. We, to tea at Aunt Gertie's. Concert in evening—Mme. Fanny Moody etc.

March 2nd. Friday.

Nothing much.

March 3rd. Saturday.

E. Ernest, Theresa & I to Plessy Woods. Gt laughter. Got few snowdrops & v. few primroses.

March 4th. Sunday.

Father & Mother at Warkworth. Father v. overworked. Aunt Car, Theresa & Ernest to dinner. Mr. Mundahl in evening. V. nice. I played duets w. him & was terrified.

March 5th. Monday.

Father, Mother & I to Backworth. So nice. Father lectured splendidly on "Life & Duties of a Citizen."

March 6th. Tuesday.

Not nice day.

March 7th. Wednesday.

Began our demonstrations again. 20 people there—Evie was on. V. frightened.

March 8th. Thursday.

Evie went a ride.

March 9th. Friday.

Nothing much.

March 10th. Saturday.

In aft. all but Ruth walked from Lamesley to Hill Head, back by Castle, thro' grounds. V. nice.

Mr. Hudson to stay night. He is v. nice.

Poor Ruth still has to lie down all day except from 11.0–1.0. o'clock, a.m.

One day last week Father actually went to sleep whilst "getting his hair cut."

March 11th. Sunday.

Miss Moberly & Miss Frost to tea. Some to lecture by Tom Mann.

March 12th. Monday.

Nothing much.

March 13th. Tuesday.

E. & I to splendid choral concert. Mme. Bertha Moore sang "sleep, Baby, sleep," beautifully. Good orchestra. Archie brought us home.

March 14th. Wednesday.

Henschel concert. I had to demonstrate so could not go.

March 15th. Thursday.

Each given 6d to bring & cook a 6d dinner. Grt fun. Went over laundry at Infirmary. Most interesting.

March 16th. Friday.

Laurie, Gilbert & Katie to spend evening. Skipped by moonlight. Grt fun.

March 17th. Saturday.

To "Utopia, Limited," by Gilbert & Sullivan. Very pretty & clever, but music not very taking.

To St Patricks in evening. Very pretty songs. Wm. O'Brien quite charming. He & Father spoke splendidly.

March 18th. Sunday.

Aunt Car. to dinner. Mr Swan, Percy & Nellie to tea.

March 19th. Monday.

Nothing much.

March 20th. Tuesday.

Nothing much.

March 21st. Wednesday.

Broke up at 12, a.m.

March 22nd. Thursday.

At 12 o'clock dear little Ber came home—grown a great deal.

A party of us started at 1.30 for Woodburn, to stay at Horsley. Evie & Charles bycycled all the way, & got there first. The rest of us: Norbert, Mary Watson, Basil & Stephen Proctor, & Gertie, Mabel & I went by train. There are 9 of us altogether. We had to walk 8 miles from Woodburn to Horsley. Gertie & I got a jolly lift from a very nice gentleman whom we asked if "we might hang on behind".

Played games in evening. Great fun.

Very nice inn—lovely honey. 5/- a day. Beds rather damp.

March 23rd. Friday. (Good)

All walked to Harbottle, over moors, & back again, 16 miles. Some climbed Drake Stone. Lovely bathe in lake. Views very nice, but not very clear. Very hot. Amusing woman in farmhouse, who said "she would fash nothing for the gentlemen."

March 24th. Saturday.

All to Carter Fell. Charles & Evie on their bicycles. The rest of us drove 7 miles on a cart covered with hay. Great fun. Then we walked on, leaving Mary at Ramshope sketching. Had dinner. G. & I walked to a well to get a drink. C. & E. followed on their bicycles, tearing down the hill. C. caught in a rut, & fell over with a bang. E. also fell. Both nearly fainted, & we had a time, throwing water over them. Then G. & I went to top of Carter Fell, & sent Norbert & Basil down to help them. Not much view, because not clear. C. rode all way home on his bicycle, only using one arm. We stopped on way at farm house & got lovely milk, cake, bread & jam, etc for nothing. Met Mr. Henzell (our gentleman!) & some others in a trap. So polite. Offered to drive 2 of us home, but we all walked & got in very late, & tired, after 9 o'clock. Whole walk 18 or 19 miles I think. (24 if we had not driven) Charles to doctor who said his arm was out of joint.

March 25th. Sunday.

Lovely day. Mabel to church. Others to read, sketch, etc, by river. Charles, Evie & I drove in dog cart to Otterburn, a pretty place. Passed battle site. Charles saw another doctor, who said he had knocked off a little bit of his bone at the top of his shoulder, & must keep his arm quite still for 2 wks. C. is awfully brave. E. & I had a glorious bathe in the river. Undressed on lovely sand. Grand pool, quite out of our depths, & huge but water very cold. Then drove back again. Had dinner. Then lovely, lazy time in woods, reading. Quite hot. Then tea. Then walked to Roman Camp & burial ground. Nothing much to see. Had grand bonfire in woods, sat on log & watched it. Had an unlucky ending to the nicest day. Put vinegar in Basil's water. Landlady furious because tablecloth somehow got little cut, etc. Hope she will soon recover.

March 26th. Monday.

Charles went home, as he could not walk far because of his arm. So sorry.

All our plans upset for we heard a large party were coming to see us. Walked to Otterburn. Basil produced his book of jokes & amused us all the way. He is so nice—so are all the others. At Otterburn we met Father & rest of family except poor Ruth, Merz's, Cousin Sally, Aunt Car, Cousin Charlie & Sadie. Had lunch, then walked back here—some driving. Had nice bathe—very hot day. High tea at 4. Then skipped—then party drove back, & Sadie stayed all night. Some went a walk, but Mary & I stayed in lazily, & Mary is now playing delightfully on a rotten piano. Games in evening as usual. Speculation etc. Basil tries to mesmerize & says "Empty your head & then think of a card", staring at you all the time, till it quite frightens you.

Stephen has taught us a pretty round which keeps running in our heads:-

"Come to dinner, come to dinner

There's the bell, there's the bell,

Bacon & Potatoes, Bacon & Potatoes

Ding, dong bell! ding dong, bell!

March 27th. Tuesday.

Stephen went by early train so we all got up at 5.45, & he took our luggage in the dog cart. We started at 8 to walk to Soodburn, & all took train to Reedsmouth, a very pretty place, but not so wild as Horsley. Mabel & Evie went on home. Rest of us walked thro' Countess Park by river. Sadie & I had bathe in lovely deep pool. Norbert threw all my hair pins into the river but Mary lent me some. Went into Duke of Northumberland's fishing box. Got some primroses. Norbert photographed us. Had milk in a farm house. Caught 4.25 train home. Felt very sad saying goodbye. Newcastle looks so murky. G. & I drove home in hansome cab.

Evie, Ber & Arnie went back to school.

March 28th. Wednesday.

Mabel to school. Mother & Ruth to Llandudno. We shall miss them.

Fearfully sorry our lovely holiday has ended. Shopped, etc.

March 29th. Thursday.

Back to Eldon Sq. Mabel & I to Aunt Gertie's to tea. Grt fun. There are 9 of us cookery teachers training now. Father to make political speech at Harrogate. I met Stephen & Basil in Vegetarian Restaurant—Stephen offered me some vinegar!??

March 30th. Friday.

Cooked all day. Mother & Ruth delighted with Llandudno. Sent us some primroses. Mabel to dance in aid of factory girls' club, got up by Alfie Ede & Carl Leyel.

March 31st. Saturday.

To Wheel Birks. Katie & I went a walk, but she is poorly with a rash & cold. In aft. Laurie, Gilbert & Arthur Collinson came.

April 1st. Sunday.

Cousin K. & I walked to Healy Church. Lovely place. Laurie showed me the bees. Most interesting. Queen bee lays 3000 eggs a day in the season. She, only, lays them. Went a short walk.

Came home with Arthur Collinson. Gilbert went with us to station. had rush for train.

Percy stayed week end at home. Grt fun.

April 2nd. Monday.

At work again. M. & I to Percy's to tea. Lecture on Russia by Father. V. small audience.

April 3rd. Tuesday.

Have bad cold. To the Quarries to tea. All very nice. Katie R. has severe attack of measles.

April 4th. Wednesday.

Father to London. Eva & I demonstrated in evening. Only 5 people present. Quite nice.

April 5th. Thursday.

To Lady Vernon board schools. M. & I little tennis. In aft. Gertie & I to Aunt Emmie's room in Grand Hotel to see Duke of York. Saw hom 4 times. He looks rather nice. Father returned.

April 6th. Friday.

Countess Alice Kearney came & stayed night with us. Spoke at Liberal Conversazione in evening, also Michael Dodd.

April 7th. Saturday.

Robbie & Cyril Scragg to stay week end. (Ages 11 & 10) Went to sports at Boys High School. Grt fun. Galloway runs splendidly.

In evening played frog game & they sang "Maggie Murphy's home" etc while I played them. They are quite delightful, clever & sweet & polite.

April 8th. Sunday.

To meeting. Archie & Winifred Foster to dinner. Sat in garden. Hugh, Laurie, Gilbert, George Richardson, etc came.

April 9th. Monday.

Nothing much.

April 10th. Tuesday.

I to North Shields. Stayed night with Walter & Maggie Corder. Went with Walter to Backworth to hear Mowat play Northumbrian pipes. Want to learn. He was so nice.

April 11th. Wednesday.

Eva & I to Eslington Ter. to tea. V. nice. 18 people came to our demonstration including 18 ragged school children.

April 12th. Thursday.

Demonstrated to 54 children at Vernon Schools. Forgot the sugar in a cake. In aft. each had 13 children to teach, & only one oven. Grt muddle. I did not like it at all.

April 13th. Friday.

Saw Mabel, Ernest & Theresa off to Grasmere. Am left housekeeper, alone with Father.

April 14th. Saturday.

With Father to "As You Like it." Splendid. We enjoyed it immensely. V. fine wrestling match. Benson v. good. Miss Robertson, as Celia very good. Mrs. Benson good, but rather affected.

April 15th. Sunday.

To meeting. Aunt Hope, Uncle Theo, Charles, Norbert & Uncle Robert to dinner. I felt very shy.

They stayed to tea, & Mr. & Miss Duff, Dora Richardson, & her friend Miss Coster came. Merzs' so nice.

April 16th. Monday.

Father to "Julius Caesar".

April 17th. Tuesday.

Nothing much.

April 18th. Wednesday.

Eva Glass stayed night.

April 19th. Thursday.

Horrid day at Vernon Schools. Had class of 14 children & could not manage them properly. Am sick of cooking.

Went to flower show w. Gertie, & saw some very good card tricks.

April 20th. Friday.

Went with Father to Julius Caesar. Grand. Benson was Antony. Scenery exquisite, esp. Brutus' Garden, when day breaks over Rome.

April 21st. Saturday.

Herbie & Gertie came to play tennis. I very busy. Father very tired.

April 22nd. Sunday.

Aunt Emmie, Uncle Harry, Nellie & Olive to dinner. V. nice. Mr. & Mrs. Porter to tea.

April 23rd. Monday.

Nothing much.

April 24th. Tuesday.

Father to meet Mother in Wales. I am left alone at home & miss him greatly.

April 25th. Wednesday.

Eva Glass stayed night. Our last dem. Gertie came to see "Bacon & Potato Pie" made by me.

April 26th. Thursday.

Nice day at Vernon Schools. Eva G. stayed night. Demonstrated to 54 children.

April 27th. Friday.

Nothing much.

April 28th. Saturday.

Gertie & I to Gibside. Lovely day. Got lots of primroses. Walked home by Whickham. Plodged across a cold slippery stream. To Aunt Gertie's to tea.

April 29th. Sunday.

Delightful day at Quarries. Aunt Hope & I went to Wingrove & saw Miss Koster's splendid picture of Skipsey. Charles brought me home after supper.

April 30th. Monday.

Mabel came home.

May 1st. Tuesday.

In the midst of small rows at Eldon Square.

May 2nd. Wednesday.

May & I to photographic exhibition in evening. V. good. Saw some good lantern slides of Mr. Geo. Thompson.

May 3rd. Thursday.

Nothing much.

May 4th. Friday.

To Aunt Hope's to tea, & w. her, Norbert & Gertie to Paderewski. Mabel went also, but to diff. seats. Simply grand player, & everything from memory. The people hurrahed & were most enthusiastic. Olympia very full.



Sonata. Op. 111   Beethoven
Pastorale Perfect } Scarlatti
Sérénade. Lovely } Schubert—Liszt
Soirée de Vienne.
Sonata, B. flat minor   Chopin
  March funèbre (lento) Splendid.  
  Finale (Presto)  
Impromptu.   } Chopin.
Etude. Perfect
Nocturne.   Paderewski.
Don Juan Fantasia Splendid. Mozart
2 encores.    

May 5th. Saturday.

Father & Mother came home to our great joy. Dora Clarke also came.

May 6th. Sunday.

To meeting. V. windy, but lovely day.

May 7th. Monday.

I forgot to say Miss Crichton has lately got engaged to a Mr. Fothergill of Stockton.

May 8th. Tuesday.

Nothing much.

May 9th. Wednesday.

May Gurney, Huldah Southall, Percy & Nellie & 2 of Winifred Foster's sisters came to tea.

May 10th. Thursday.

Nothing much. Mother came to see us demonstrate at Vernon Schools.

May 11th. Friday.

Very tiring day.

May 12th. Saturday.

Laundry Demonstration. 10–11. Did not give it, as only 1 child appeared. Felt v. poorly. Bad headache & cold. Went to rest at office. Father so kind. Mabel & Dora by 10 train to York. I by 12.45 with Stephen, Ruth, Jessie & Effie Corder. Dear Mother came to see me off. Went up to Mount with Bertha; then on river with B. Evie, Arnold, Mabel, Dora, Proctor children & Herbie Corder. To Mount to tea. Teachers & everyone very kind & cordial, but my cold made me feel wretched.

Rather long meeting. Fanny Thompson gave a very nice address, & Mabel did very well. Drove to Proctors to supper. Percy & Nellie & Herbie Corder, Basil & Stephen, Mabel & I are staying here, & it is delightful. They are so kind.

May 13th. Sunday.

To meeting. All to Proctors to dinner, also Evie, B. A. & Dora. B. A. & I to Thompsons to tea, then to Minster, but no anthem, & v. long sermon. Mabel, Evie & I to Maria Richardson's to supper. Have not enjoyed this day much.

May 14th. Monday.

Cold nearly well, delightful day. At 10 went to see gymnastics at Mount. The girls did splendidly, some difficult things, & were greatly clapped. Evie looked charming. Then I took Claus round the garden. Isabel Yewdall came for the day. Saw a lot of old girls. Dorothy Crowley is engaged to Vipont Brown. Rained a v. little. Went to Bootham to see cricket. Went round school. Lovely to see Evie, Bertha & Arnie. Then to Clarke's to dinner. Quite nice. Drove back to the Mount with Percy & Nellie. Watched tennis. Then to tea at meeting house. I dropped ½ a sandwich into Charles Merzs' up.

Most amusing meeting. Interesting discussion about a harmonium for Bootham.

Only Ruth not at York. She is staying at Grasmere. Mother & Father came for the day, & poor May went back with them at night, to teach in High School on Tuesday. I went back to Proctors to supper.

May 15th. Tuesday.

Fine & warm, but dull. Started at 10 in special train for Pately Bridge via Harrogate. Evie went also. Tremendous fun. Drove in waggonettes 7 miles from Pately Bridge Lofthouse. Here Mr. Backhouse conducted us to the caves. First went through one which was pretty easy walking {cave called Goydon Pot}, then lunched by the Nidd, a turbulent stream with rocky sides; had a cup of tea in an inn, & then walked to the other cave. Here Claus, & a friend of his called Yeoman were most kind to me. Most people carried candles. There was quite a river in the cave & we had almost to crawl part of the way, but I was dragged along by Claus & yeoman. At length we came to a splendid waterfall, which was lit up by magnesium wire. We got pretty soaked, & very dirty. There were exquisite flowers in the woods, forget-me-nots, primroses, etc. We then walked back to the brakes. Claus, Yeoman, Basil & I drove back together in a phaeton. It was tremendous fun & Claus drove beautifully. Before we started an old man came up & teazed me, & said, "it is quite right; I always would sit next my chosen young girl" etc with the others listening. It was really rather embarrassing. We had tea at Lofthouse, a scramble & hurry, then came back by the train, with a lot of jolly singing. Herbie Corder left us at Harrogate. Evie, Thompson Clothier & Roger Clark came to the Proctors to supper. Great goodbyes at the station. Stephen P. went by the last train.

It has been the nicest day of all I think, simply delicious.

May 16th. Wednesday.

Raining, alas! Miss Harrison let us take Bertha, Phyllis Procter & Milly P. out, so we & Gertie, Basil & Arnold went first over the cocoa works (Rowntree's) It was most interesting, & we tested heaps, & John Wilhelm sent us each a box of choc's. Then Basil & Phyllis had to go & see an aunt at the station, so as it was fine the rest of us determined to go on the river. We met Claus & Malcolm Naish, & invited them to come too. They were very jolly & rowed us most of the way. Then I went back to the Proctors to dinner. Basil, Percy & Nellie, Gertie & I came home, much to our sorrow, by the 3.20 train. Evie, B. A. Phyllis & Milly saw us off. Malcolm Naish also appeared. He seems a nice boy. Gertie & I drove out together. Dora had come home earlier.

In the evening 3 Norwegians, Mr. & Mrs. Daly & their daughter came & were delightful.

May 17th. Thursday.

Feels rather flat. Work again. Miss Harrison came to see us at Vernon Schools with Miss Crichton. It was rather frightening. In the evening 2 phonograph men came to take a speech of Father's & thereby make their fortune!! It was most amusing. We heard songs & speeches & bands etc. What a marvellous instrument it is.

May 18th. Friday.

Ber is 17 to-day.

Esther & Roger Clark came.

May 19th. Saturday.

To Eldon Square. Each had to give a kind of lesson to Miss Harrison. It was horrid.

In afternoon went an excursion to Bardon Mill. Dora had cold & could not go, but Father, Mother, Mabel, myself, Esther, Roger, Uncle Theo, Norbert, Laura & Dolly R. Willy Ede & Geo. Bargate & Percy went. We enjoyed it extremely. V. cold, but clear, & very purple colour. Saw Cheviot, Crossfell & Simonside. Walked about 8 miles, to Borca Vikus & back. Most interesting. Had tea, ham & eggs & singing hinnies at inn at Bardon Mill. Here Charles & Claus, who had ridden over on their bicycles, joined us. Went home by the 9.10 train, & did not get here till about 11. Percy v. kind & sang delightfully.

May 20th. Sunday.

To meeting.

Miss May, Winifred Foster & Mr. Sturge to dinner.

To tea, Uncle Alec, Mr. Vinning, & afterwards Stephen, Allan & Basil, Willy Ede. Delightful music. Roger went home.

May 21st. Monday.

Splendid meeting. Mr. Morley made a grand speech, & I got his notes. Father in chair. Great audience. We went & saw Mr. Morley in the station hotel. He was so nice.

May 22nd. Tuesday.

Nothing much.

May 23rd. Wednesday.

Mabel's birthday. She got some nice presents. Laurie & Katie to supper.

May 24th. Thursday.

Nothing much.

May 25th. Friday.

Mabel, Dora & Esther to the Spence's.

May 26th. Saturday.

Mabel took her factory girls to Plessey. Cold day & rather showery. I gave a laundry dem. but only 2 children came.

In aft. Mother, Dora & Father to Carl Rosa's "Tannhaüser". In evening Father & I to "Rienzi". V. nice, but very noisy opera. Mr. Stevenson (young Alec) sat near us & was nice.

May 27th. Sunday.

Gertie, Herbie & Eva to dinner. Uncle J. & Aunt G. are at Harrogate. Ben. Head to supper. He is a nice, bright boy.

May 28th. Monday.

Pouring. Saw Esther off at the station. Miss Norrby came for 1 night. Went to the park. All of them like her.

May 29th. Tuesday.

Nothing much. Aunt Emily White came.

May 30th. Wednesday.

Horrid day at school. In evening, Father, May, Dora, Aunt Hope, Uncle Theo & I to "Charley's Aunt." Most amusing. Everyone roared. Stanley Cooke was the aunt & so good. Splendid when he undresses, on the stage.

May 31st. Thursday.

Horrid day at Vernon Schools. I got muddled & demonstrated wrongly. Dora went away. So sorry to lose her.

June 1st. Friday.

Fine at last. In evening Mabel, Aunt Emily & I called on Proctors. Only Basil & Cousin Alice in. V. nice. Saw the room Basil papered. He is a clever boy.

Then went on to Jesmond Dene. V. pretty. Lovely lilies, forgetmenots & azalias. Back by train. Laurie to supper.

June 2nd. Saturday.

Pouring. Laundry dem. by Miss Holt. Only 2 children came.

"Midnight Sun" sailed to Norway for 1st. time this year.

Did accounts, etc.

Demie [possibly Denise] Holmden came.

June 3rd. Sunday.

Little Eva to dinner; also Mr. Grubb & Gilbert Richardson. Norman Clapham to tea, & Herbie Corder.

In evening Mother, Mabel & I went to hear Mr. Grubb read "A Quaker Message." It was very nice.

Poor Father has lumbago.

June 4th. Monday.

Rather a wasted day. Demonstrated to scholarship servants.

June 5th. Tuesday.

Nice day.

June 6th. Wednesday.

Fine at last. Had some tennis with Mabel.

June 7th. Thursday.

Mrs. Wilson & Ellie ― (German girl—niece of Maria Grantoff) to tea.

Mr. Tschaikowfsky to tea—a nice Russian.

June 8th. Friday.

Nothing much. Father's birthday.

Miss Cooper came.

June 9th. Saturday.

Mother to Grasmere. Pouring day. Laundry dem. Only 3 children came. Miss Cooper & Mabel to High School to play games—excursion to Stocksfield given up because woods wld be so wet. Father in bed.

Percy to stay week end.

June 10th. Sunday.

Father's cold rather better. Percy & I to meeting. Roared & laughed all the way. Mabel & Miss Cooper to call at Wingrove. Poured nearly all day. Dora R. to tea. Uncle Johnnie called in evening—also Mrs. & Ada Jullion, & Alice, Dolly & Winifred Pattinson.

June 11th. Monday.

At 4. o clock, coming out of Eldon Square, I was delighted to meet Claus at the corner, & he walked down to the station with me, though it was raining, & was so nice. He saw me off.

June 12th. Tuesday.

Nothing much. Am working hard for exams.

Dentist's. 2 teeth stopped.

Ruth & Mother came home. Lovely. Ruth seems much better.

June 13th. Wednesday.

Nasty morning. Rather a row with Mss Crichton. Went to dentist's. Had 2 bad teeth stopped, one with gold. Took an hour.

June 14th. Thursday.

My last demonstration at Vernon Schools. Got on better. Children very nice. Fine day at last.

June 15th. Friday.

Not a nice day. Last time at dentist's for burnishing. The High School. P.L.A. & teachers came to tea & played games. I hardly knew anyone.

I forgot to say that on Wednesday, we had a tennis party. The ground was too wet for tennis, so we played rounders. Grt fun. All Merzs' came, Mr. [Gutch?], Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Ben. Head, Ada & Beattie Jullion, Fanny & Bernard Pumphrey, Lizette C. & Joe, Aunt Emily White, * Miss Smith & Miss Holmden.

June 16th. Saturday.

Claus to France to see a pit there. I wanted to say goodbye, but did not see him.

Last laundry dem. by Miss Holt. Only 1 child came. Father, Mother & I to see the "Midnight Sun" sail. Over 200 passengers—full all but 2. Very interesting but very tiring. Sidney Halifax, a v. nice gentleman, Miss Emley & 1 or 2 others were the only ones going whom we knew. Splendid ship—v. different from the days, when we were almost the only people who went, & went by the tiny Norge.

Shields looked beautiful. We went by river & came back by train.

Miss Bigland, a Friend, came to lunch. She seemed rather nice, & is thinking of applying for the Superintendant's place when Miss Crichton leaves.

June 17th. Sunday.

Showery, but nice & warm.

Nice meeting. Cousin Kate wanted me to go there to dinner, but I did not go.

Miss May, Mr. White & Willy Ede to tea. Went into the garden afterwards, & had an interesting conversation with Willy. He gave me quite a lecture on being shy & nervous. {{Asked if I was still shy of him}} Wants me to learn to ride a bicycle. He is so polite & nice. Miss May played beautifully.

June 18th. Monday.

Nothing much.

June 19th. Tuesday.

Exam on "Chemistry of Food." Nasty paper. Horrid physiology exam. Ber & Arnie came home. Lovely to have them again. Evie has gone to London for a week & left York altogether. Arnie has done well in exams. Is 10th. & will probably be moved into the Senior.

June 20th. Wednesday.

Nothing much.

June 21st. Thursday.

Last day at Vernon Schools. Very nice. I love some of my children there.

Our new tennis net is so nice.

June 22nd. Friday.

Miss Holt & I had a practical laundry exam. from 10–1. Not at all bad, esp. as we just worked as usual, only without any help. I had to iron chemise, napkin, blouse, flannel petticoat, & wash stockings & piece of flannel. 2–4, laundry theory exam. Easy, but long, paper. Tennis in evening.

June 23rd. Saturday.

At 6.0 o'clock Father, Mother, Ruth, Bertha & Arnold went off on the Mercur, after great bustling as usual. They had not a very good passage, we heard later.

Mabel went to see them off.

June 24th. Sunday.

Mabel & I stayed all day at the Quarries. It was delightful.

June 25th. Monday.

Not much.

June 26th. Tuesday.

Exam on the theory of Cooking.

Mabel to Ardnadam in Scotland to see Dora Clark.

I stayed night at Quarries.

June 27th. Wednesday.

Baking weather is beginning.

Theresa, Ernest & I to Warkworth. Glorious day & we managed very well. Went over Castle Hermitage, took boat on river for an hour, & had grand plodging in the sea. Did not get home till 10.0 o'clock.

June 28th. Thursday.

Ernest & Theresa stayed last night here, & to-day we went to Temperance Festival. Merry-go-rounds delicious.

Met Evie at 5.18—she has had a v. nice time in London.

This being race week, we had Wed. & Thursday holiday.

June 29th. Friday.

Exam on cleaning.

Theresa & Ernest went home.

June 30th. Saturday.

Evie & I to Norway at 6.0 without any scurry. Poor Mabel is left behind, cause of the High School. I do wish she was coming too.

I kept a separate journal in Norway so will continue this from the day we came back. Father, Bertha & Arnold returned early for school & business, then Evie & I; & Mother, Mabel & Ruth are still at Maristuen.


Norway.   1894

[This section is a selective transcript by Ben Beck, supplemented by notes [in italics] by Mary's daughter Caroline.]


'Mother, Father, Ruth, Bertha & Arnold started a week before us, & had not a very good passage. Poor Mabel is left behind as she is teaching at the High School. It is very disappointing for us all.'

June 30th Saturday.

'At 5.0 o' clock the cab came; Evie & I are going by ourselves. We went by a special train down to the "Mercur", a small steamer, but very nice. Mabel came to see us off, & we were quite disappointed not to have some others, but down at Tyne Dock were Aunt Emmie, Uncle Harry, Nellie & Olive, with lovely roses as usual, & after seeing our cabin, we suddenly rushed into a whole heap of cousins—a great surprise & very pleasant—Stephen, Basil & Phyllis Procter, Kenneth, Brien & Winnie Watson, Walter Corder, & Bob Spence, so there were 13 people to see us off, & it was most encouraging. We took a long time to get out of the Docks, & waved our last to poor Mabel, & the others, but Basil, Phyllis, Winnie & Brien got into a tug, & went nearly to the Bar, steaming near us, which was great fun.'

Monday, 2 July

'Reached Stavanger at 3.0 o' clock a.m. so went on board. . . .We should have reached Bergen at 12 but did not till 3.10 p.m. owing to having been delayed by the fog.'

Wednesday, 4 July

'At 9.0 o' clock a.m. we started on the S.S. "Sogne" for the Sogne Fiord & Skjolden.'

Thursday, 5 July

'We ought to have got to Skjolden at 8, but did not reach it till after 10. Father, Bertha & Arnold met us on the pier, & we walked up to the inn, & met Mother.' Staying at inn, Dootee (Ruth/) very poorlyimproved after a few days.

Friday, 6 July

'The 2 servants have far too hard work. Address is:—

c/o Thorgeir Sulheim.

Skjolden i Sogn.


Sunday, 8 July

Went in pony trap to witness confirmation of 12 girls and 12 boys in Church. 'I feel ashamed not being able to speak Norske, when this is the 9th time I have been to Norway.'

Monday, 9 July

'Evie & Arnold went a tremendous walk, up mountains, & saw 2 reindeer, some lemmings, etc. Ruth, Ber & I went to pick strawberries.' They met the whole family of Spences and to their surprise and delightBasil Procter. After supper they had a concert, violin (Basil) , Banjo (Sadie), MandolinPhilip Spence.

Tuesday, 10 July

'At 6 o' clock the whole family of Spence's came, & we went to meet them. They brought with them Mr Clibborn, a brother of Cousin Alice, & to our great surprise & delight Basil Procter. We were astonished to see him. We came up & had supper, & then had quite a concert on the balcony—"Alabama Coon" etc. Basil played violin, Sadie the banjo, & Philip a mandoline, which he taught himself to play. Evie & I had a bad night owing to the trumpeting of mosquitoes.'

Wednesday, 11 July

'Father not well yet. Thinks he had got cramp.'

Thursday, 12 July

'Mother & Father went to stay a night or 2 at Fortun . . . In the afternoon Arnold & I fished—he caught 2 small trout, but I caught nothing. Mr Mitchell, one of the college gentlemen, gave me a splendid imitation worm, which made Ruth yell with fright, & gave me rather a shock.'

Saturday, 14 July

'Father & Mother returned.'

Sunday, 15 July

'Had reading on the hill behind the house, & sang hymns—all the Spences' but Bob & Philip came also. Then had a lovely bathe; jumped off the spring board which the others have put up; but the water is very cold.'

Monday, 16 July

'Great excitement because Cousin Charlie caught a lemming in the garden, & we put it under a glass case & examined it.'

'Poor Father has a bad sore throat.'

Thursday, 19 July

'Then Cousin C. Mr C. B. & G. walked on to Turtegrö, to stay the night there, Mother went to sketch (she & Father are staying there till Saturday,) & Ruth & I began to walk back.'

Friday, 20 July

'Ruth wanted a branch of a rowan tree which had turned colour, so I said I would climb the tree & get it. The first time I tried I fell, owing to taking hold of a rotten branch, but happily it was not far to fall. Then I got up, secured the branch, & returned simply covered with ants. My hair, which I always wear down here, was full of them. Amidst fearful shrieks from Ruth we managed to get rid of them all, without getting bitten, but it was dreadful. When we got back, I had a bathe in the stream, & washed my hair, but then, alas! the soap floated away.'

Saturday, 21 July

'Mr Pollard & Mr Collinson came off the steamer, & went to stay at Fortun, as there is no room here, for some more people have come. . . . After supper Mr P. & Mr C. came here again, & we had delightful songs, violin & banjo.'

Sunday, 22 July

'Rained, so had reading in the house. Mr P & Mr C. came to it.'

Monday, 23 July

'Then I set Father on his way to stay at Fortun.'

Tuesday, 24 July

'Shortly after 9.0 o' clock a large party of us went to stay 2 nights at the tourist hut, which is meant to hold 6 people, but there were 12 of us. We took 2 ponies, 1 for baggage & 1 for riding, & a stolkjaerre along the valley . . . There were Cousin C. & Cousin A. Sadie, Mr Collinson, Mr Pollard, Bertha, Arnold, Mother & myself, & Basil, Gilbert & Philip went there yesterday. . . . 8 miles to the lakes and the same again to the hut. Had an uncomfortable night; many slept on the floor, Mother & I squashed together in one bed, in a tiny room with Cousin A. in the other.'

Wednesday, 25 July

'Started about 10 for snow-shoeing. The snow-field was about 2 hours walk from the hut. We went on the glacier first, but it was dirty & not very pretty. We had 3 pairs of ski, which were each about 7 ft long. We tried them first on a gentle slope, & then went on to the steep one. The sun was so hot that we went quite slowly at first, & most of the party returned to the hut before it got really good at about 5 in the evening. Gilbert & Mr Pollard were not well, & the latter did not snow-shoe at all, & Mother only once.

'Cousin Charlie, Phil. Basil, Arnold & I stayed till 6.30. It was glorious then, only fearfully cold & wet dragging the "ski" up the slope. It took about 10 mins. taking them up, & 10 seconds, at quickest speed coming down.'

On these walks often saw lemmings and reindeer.

Friday, 27 July

'In the evening we had a jolly family bathe. Mr Collinson & Pollard came to supper, & after that we had delightful music. . . .

'Heard last night the sad news that Felix Richardson has been killed at Malvern by a gun accident.'  Mabel has now joined them.

Sunday, 29 July

'After supper we started the mad (?) splendid idea of going to Turtegrö, & Evie, Mabel, Philip, Gilbert, Sadie, Basil & I started at about 10, when it was nice & cool.  . . . It seemed a long way, but the dawn was lovely, & we arrived there about 3 a.m.'

Monday, 30 July

at 3 a.m. 'We woke the landlord, & got beds & milk, cheese & biscuits, & then went to bed. It is a delightful inn, & a most lovely place, with much better air than Skjolden, & a splendid view.'

'We did not get back to the inn till 10 o' clock, & found most of the rest of the party there—Cousin C. & A. Bertha, Arnold, Bob, Mr Pollard & Mr Collinson.'

Tuesday, 31 July

'I longed to go up Fanaraak, but thought I ought to come home, so returned alone, & had dinner with Father at Fortun.'

Thursday, 2 Aug

'At Fortun Mr Pollard & Mr Collinson joined us. When we got here Basil & I had a most delicious bathe, then we all went down to see Mr P. & Mr C. off by the steamer. In the evening we played cards. Mother stayed the night at Fortun with Father.'

Saturday, 4 Aug

'Packed . . . The steamer came about 2.30, so we said goodbye, & went on board the S.S. "Hornelen".  . . . Had supper at 7.0 & reached "Laerdal Sören" about 7.30. We all got off, & walked to Lindströms Hotel, about 10 minutes from the pier. . . . At about 10 Mother, Evie & I walked backed with the others to the steamer & said goodbye to them, feeling very sad that our happy time together has passed so quickly, for Father has to go back to business, Bertha & Arnold to school, & the Spence's & Basil are going home too. 'It seems quite lonely without them all, for they are so nice and kind' .  . . . Poor Father has not had a long enough holiday, & the fishing has been so disappointing.' Now at Lindstroms Hotel, Laerdal Soren.

Sunday, 5 Aug

'We arrived at Maristuen at about 7.0 o' clock. It is a fashionable place, with a large red hotel, which was nearly full so we went to the old hotel, across the road, & come across the the new ones for meals, & to sit in the drawing room.'

Tuesday, 7 Aug

'We went a very nice walk up the hill behind the house. It was rather spoilt by a horrid cat which would follow us, & when I was on ahead, it suddenly sprang at me, twice. I was terrified & yelled for the others. Even Mother was rather frightened. We found some ripe molte-berries.'

Aug 11th       

Climbed Sualind (5,805 ft). Ruth riding a pony.

Thursday, 16 Aug

'Alas! Evie & start to-day, as the others are going to stay longer, because Ruth is so much better here. We have had a most delightful time.

'We started about 10 o' clock in pouring rain. . . . We got to Laerdal about 5 . . .'

Friday, 17 Aug

'Got up at 4, had some coffee, & walked to the S.S. Kommandören, which started at 5. Evie & Miss Maynard lay down at once, but I, very wisely, made a cosy place on the luggage, & lay watching the sunrise, which was very lovely.'

'There was a most glorious sunset as we approached Bergen, (winding through narrow passages,) glorious glorious golden & red. We got there about 8, had aftens-mael & went to bed.'

Saturday, 18 Aug

'I had my hair cut, but I think we got to a gentlemen's place, for the man simply brushed my hair very gently, & then cut off a lot, only taking about 2 mins. & never even tying my hair ribbon, & charge 50 öre. A gentleman walked in in the middle to be shaved. It really was horrid.'

'The steamer—S.S. Venus—starts to-night at 9.'

Monday, 20 Aug

'Actually got into the Docks at 5.15 a.m. earlier than we were due . . . Said goodbye to the kind gentlemen & Miss Maynard, & took a cab, & got home, much to our joy, before Father went to business. So ended our perfectly delightful time in Norway.'

A lovely holiday evidently, the usual short and very long walks and climbs, much fun and also bathing, sketching, fishing etc.


August 20th. Monday.

Evie & I arrived in the docks at 5.15 a.m. Took the train, & then a cab, & got home, happily before Father went to business. We were very sorry to leave our beloved Norway. Gertie & Eva came down in the morning, & we went up there in the afternoon to see Aunt Gertie who is not very well.

August 21st. Tuesday.

Shopped. Went to the Quarries to lunch. Had a very nice time. Aunt Nellie & Denis were there. Denis sweet. Charles is at Lincoln—Ernest at Bootham, so only Theresa & Norbert at home.

Shopped again in aft. Poured part of the time.

August 22nd. Wednesday.

Sewed. In aft. I went in to town. We were very busy all day, consulting Miss Maughan, & preparing clothes for Wallington.

August 23rd. Thursday.

Started. i.e. Evie & I, by the 8.20 train for Scots Gap. Lovely day, warm, but not very clear. Got there about 10. a.m. Were met at the station by the carriage with 2 large black horses. Drove to Wallington—2 miles. Charlie & Robert met us in the house, & took us to Lady Trevelyan in the drawing room, where we had some milk. Then we went up to our rooms. I slept in Sir George's room, in a large bed, supposed to have belonged to Sir Walter Blackett. Sir George was not at home.

Then Charlie & "Bobbie", as they call him, & Evie & I went a walk, through the woods, to the wishing well, where we drank water & wished, past the ponds, to the garden which was exquisite. Here Lady T. met us, & we talked, & saw the vinery, etc. We returned for lunch at 1.30 very nice. Then we saw the hall & pictures. Then we all went for a drive in the waggonette, George walking on ahead. We went to Rothley Crags, & climbed on to the top of the ruined castle, which is not a real one. Lady T. sketched us from below. We had a splendid view, Simonside, the sea, etc. We walked part of the way back, & then drove. Then we had aft. tea in the hall, & the boys had milk, etc in another room, where they said we might go if we could not get enough to eat. Then we saw Macaulay's desk. It is a beautiful house, & so interesting. Everyone is very kind, & tries to make you feel quite at home. Charlie T. sang some jolly Harrow songs, Lady T. playing for him. Then Charlie & Bob took us to the dairy, & explained the cream separater to us. We saw it work, & tried it, but it is very tiring. The 2 maids who do it have to go on for 40 mins. without stopping.

We then dressed for dinner wh. was at 8. We were waited on by 3 men. It is a round table. After dinner we tried "thought reading", but no one quite succeeded in doing it. Then we played "grab" which is great fun, & went to bed about 10.30.

Lady T. is sweet. I think "Bob" is the easiest of the boys to get on with, but I like Charlie the best, & he is the most sociable, I think. We did not see much of George, as he was studying. Bob knows Phil Spence—was at Trinity Col. Cam. with him. He has left, but George is there now. He told us a dreadful but very good answer to an exam question. Cromwell cut off the head of Charles I, & said, "Would that I had served my God, as I have served my king."!!

August 24th. Friday.

Called at 8. Breakfast at 9. Then Charlie & Bob took us to see the cellars, & the remains of the old peel tower down there. We then tried to learn billiards, B. & E. against C. & B. B. & E. won. We then went a walk in the woods, then saw the tapestry room which is beautiful, & had a peep in the museum, but there was not time to stay. At 11.45 we said goodbye, very hurriedly, & drove to the station, Lady T. coming part way with us. We got home about 1.40, took a cab, had some lunch & arranged the exquisite flowers wh. Lady T. had given us. We then went into town again, met Father, & went by the 4.45 to Shields, travelling with Cousin Lizzie Cooper & Maggie, who are staying there. We had a very nice evening. Miss Cherry, Winnie & Mary Watson were there also. I tried the Northumbrian pipes. We saw Phil's photos, on slides. They are splendid. Got home about 10.30.

We had a simply delicious time at Wallington. I was not nearly so shy as I expected to be, for I was terrified at the idea of going, though I longed to go. I long to go again; Evie does too.

(Porridge.! fig!-!) I had a long talk with Charlie about going to college.

August 25th. Saturday.

Evie & I began to read "Hermann & Dorethea" in German together. Did our photos, etc. In aft. went over to Wingrove—met Father there. They were all very nice, but looked sad. Evie, Dora, George & I had 2 sets of tennis. Then we payed a call at the Quarries—Theresa had a bad cold. Marie Bonheur is staying there. Evie returned to Wingrove to stay the night.

Father & I came home to supper. Laurie called in the evening, & brought us lots of honey.

August 26th. Sunday.

Pouring, so Father & I reluctantly stayed at home. I spent most of the morning copying out poems for Father.

George, Dora & Ernie came to tea & supper. They were very nice. Father gave us a long, most interesting account of his work in the Franco Prussian war.

August 27th. Monday.

In the aft. Mrs. Flood came to stay with us. In the evening Evie & I tried some tennis, but the grass was soaking.

August 28th. Tuesday.

We all went into town in [sic]. In the evening Father, Evie & I had some tennis. We tried to teach Mrs. Flood. She was afraid it would knock her galoshes to pieces !!!

August 29th. Wednesday.

In the morning did the flowers, picked gooseberries, had a little tennis, etc. About 4 o'clock Mother, Ruth & Mabel arrived. They had had a good voyage, but Mother & Mabel were ill.

In the evening Mabel, Evie & I had a set of tennis. Mabel won. Then Evie & I had 3 fearfully exciting sets—she won the first 6—1, & I won the 2 next, but they were very close.

August 30th. Thursday.

Ernie & Uncle John called in aft. Aunt Hope, etc came to tea, but I went to the Gables, & had a most delightful time. Laurie, Katie & I went in the evening to the Carnival over at Benwell. There was an imitation battle of Tel-el-Kebir, in which nearly 200 soldiers, most of them real ones took part. It was very find, & quite realistic. At the end they pretended to burn the mosque, & it appeared to be in flames. {We went on merry go round, shot at balls etc.} I stayed at the Gables to supper, & then Hugh brought me out home.

August 31st. Friday.

Mrs. Flood, Mabel, Evie & I took dinner, & went to Jesmond Dene. It looked lovely & we enjoyed it very much. In the evening we had a little tennis.

Sep. 1st. Saturday.

Mabel, Mrs. F. & Evie went to Whitley, to see Aunt Nellie & Denis. I went shopping with Ruth in the afternoon.

Sep. 2nd. Sunday.

To meeting—the first time for 10 weeks. It was very nice. Herbie, Edgar, Eva, Frank & Claus R. came to dinner. We shewed Claus photos etc, & he was so jolly, but at 3 o'clock he had to go to Backworth. Frank stayed, however, & he is delightful.

Laurence Shann & Joe Watson called in the afternoon. Gilbert R. came to tea. Basil & Laurie came to supper.

We had a very nice day.

Sep. 3rd. Monday.

All but me went to Lohengrin in the evening.

Sep. 4th. Tuesday.

In the aft. Hugh & Edie R. came to tea, also Norbert, Theresa & Edward White. We had some jolly tennis, & card games after dinner. Norbert & "Ted" were great fun, but teazed me fearfully, & tried to pull my hair down. Norbert said very scornfully, "Girls are so stupid now-a-days; they put up their hair when they are only 17, etc."

Sep. 5th. Wednesday.

Yesterday Father & Evie went to London, E. to consult Lady Lock about going to Africa. In the aft. we were going to have a children's party, but only Eva, Cecily & Tryce Baumgartner turned up. As it was not very fine we played in the house. They were so sweet, & very wild. In the evening Mabel, Ruth & I went to hear "Faust" (Gounods.) It was the Royal Italian Opera, from Covent Garden. I enjoyed it very much. The music is splendid—Mephistopheles was very good, & Faust was good, but Margarette was really awful, & hideously dressed.

Sep. 6th. Thursday.

Father & Evie returned. Evie & I went a picnic with the Spences' to Blyth Sands. Mabel had a cold so could not come. We started about 2 o'clock & met Bob & Cuthbert Clibborn at Backworth. We ought to have gone on to Hartley, but got out at Seaton Delaval. We soon met a trap with the others in, so we got in too, & drove on to the sands. It was very cold, but a lovely place, & not raining though dull. The sea was a splendid colour, & the sands too. Besides all the Spences' & Evie & I, there were Cuthbert Clibborn, Miss Cherry, Cousin Alice Procter & Stephen, Cousin Nanny, Elaine & Ethel Clephan, May Spence, Atty Corder, a most funny person, Effie Corder, Allie & Jack Robinson & Miss Ransome. At first I was very shy, but recovered. Evie, Sadie & I & the Spence boys & Cuthbert C. all bathed. They put up a tent for us. It was rough, the waves were delicious, & the sea was quite warm. Then we boiled kettles, & had a beautiful tea, & soon afterwards had to go. Some of them started early & walked part way, but the rest of us stayed & played cap verse till the trap came, & then drove all the way to North Shields. It was a lovely drive. Seaton Delavall hall, is a fine old place.

We had supper at the Spences, & caught the 8.40 train home. Everyone was so nice. The Spences' were very kind & nice.

We rolled down sand banks &c. & had a most delightful excursion.

Sep. 7th. Friday.

Nothing much. I went up the hill. It rained in the aft. Mother, Mabel & Father to stay till Monday at Studley Royal. Mother has got an exquisite new brown silk dress.

Evie went to Thos. Pumphrey's to tea.

Sep. 8th. Saturday.

Evie & I had some tennis. In the evening Evie, Ruth & I went to "Carmen". Mrs. Flood was not well, so did not go. We got ready in heaps of time, but nevertheless we tore into the station just in time to miss the train, so got a tram & then a cab. Carmen is by Bizet. The music is so light & very delightful. The "Torredor" air comes in over & over again. Guila Ravogli was Carmen, & she was simply splendid—a gipsy all over, & she acted & sang splendidly. She was quite bewitching. The house was not at all full. We enjoyed it tremendously, & had seats in the front row of the dress circle, owing to Father's kindness. Mr. A. Stevenson took us a walk in the middle to the new hall in the Tyne Theatre. There were not many people there we knew; Claus & Frank were in the pit.

Sep. 9th. Sunday.

A very nice meeting. Evie & I stayed to preparative meeting. Uncle John & Dora were at meeting. There were a good many Friends there, & they were very cordial. Herbie, Edgar & Eva came to dinner.

Mr. Vinning, Dora & Henry Herbert to tea & supper, & Frank R. to supper.

Sep. 10th. Monday.

Ruth has a dreadful cold, but I went a short walk with her. In the aft. Margaret & her little girl came, & were very nice.

At 4.15 Evie & I started for Felling to see Claus at his lodgings, but we thought it was close to Low Fell, & so had a long way to walk, & did not get there till 5.30. It was very hot walking, & we asked the way about 20 times, & were directed to go on to the "pant". Almost directly after we got there we walked with Claus to the pit, & he took us down it. It was tremendous fun. It is a bigger, deeper pit than the Backworth one, & is called the "Ada". We walked about for ages; saw the ponies, & the furnace, where there were 2 nice old men, one an Irishman, whom Claus teazed, & other things. We went into 2 seams, & were down more than 2 hours; got very hot & rather dirty. When we went up again it was dark outside. Claus was so kind & helpful. We went into the lamp room, & the old man wanted to shake hands, but looked sadly at his own dirty ones, & then said "Oh! you've got gloves on, so it's all right["] & shook hands heartily. He called out after Claus, "Mind take care of the young wummen". We then went back to his lodgings & had some tea. Claus wanted me to play, but I was too shy. At last I tried & could not manage it a bit. He played a tiny thing to us, & then alas! it was time to go—9.30. Claus very kindly came all the way home with us. We went by tram to the High Level & walked the rest of the way.

At home we found the three from Ripon. They had had a most delightful time.

Sep. 11th. Tuesday.

I went to the Quarries to tea. Uncle Theo was away, & Norbert & Edward White staying at Wingrove, but they came down to tea. Theresa & I had some tennis, but she beat. Norbert & Edward teazed fearfully. They forced me into a chair & Norbert held me while Edward pulled my hair down, & they would not give me my hairpins back, till I promised to go to the Carnival with it down, so I went with them & Theresa. We saw the splendid canoe they have made at Wingrove. The Carnival was great fun. We saw the battle, had shots at Cocoanuts, etc, & they got 4 or 5. They were very kind & payed everything for me.

We went back to the Quarries about 9.30 & I stayed the night.

Sep. 12th. Wednesday.

I walked home about 10 o'clock. Mother's birthday. We gave her a bedroom can.

In the aft. we went to Tynemouth to see Mr. & Mrs. Henry Tennant who are staying there. I was late for tea, as I missed the train by waiting for Father who had got in at Manors. We had a very nice visit—they were so kind. Poor Mrs. T. is nearly blind.

Sep. 13th. Thursday.

Mother & I had a very nice sketching lesson alone, with Mr. White. We did a cottage at Low Fell.

In the evening all but Ruth & I went to the Spence's. Tishy came to supper, & was very amusing.

Sep. 14th. Friday.

A lovely day. Mabel & I had some tennis. In the aft. Margaret & Hilda White came to stay with us.

Sep. 15th. Saturday.

At 7 this morning poor Evie started for London. On Monday she is going to teach at Cambridge:- she only got the offer this week, but had to decide at once. We miss her very much. In the aft. Marg. Hilda & I went to Wingrove for tennis, & had a delightful time, but I was rather shy. Norbert & Theresa were there, also Mr. Bromley, Miss Hill, & her little sister, 2 Frenchmen, (Steinvey, I think their name) Will & Theresa Waterhouse. After tea we played rounders, & saw a man ascend in a balloon, & come down on a parachute. It was quite exciting. We stayed to supper & came home by train. Aunt Marian is not at all well. Only she, Uncle John & Dora are at Wingrove.

Sep. 16th. Sunday.

Quite a nice meeting. Mr. Ball came to dinner, & Miss Moberly to tea. So warm that I read all the aft. in the garden. Father read to us in the evening an exciting account of an escape from the Libby prison.

Sep. 17th. Monday.

Mother went to Leeds, as Cousin Hannah Hewitson is very ill.

Ruth & I made cakes for a prize, & I made bread also. In the aft. Alfie & Willy Ede came for tennis.

Sep. 18th. Tuesday.

In the evening, all except Mrs. Flood, who was too tired, went to Aunt Hope's, to supper, & had some jolly games. Theresa & Willy Waterhouse were there, & Dora R., & Aunt Nellie Kuhlmann, & Mr. Sturge.

Sep. 19th. Wednesday.

In the evening, all the Spences' came, Basil, Frank R. Uncle Willy, Aunt Fanny, & Muriel, & Aunt Emmie & Uncle Harry. They were very nice. Had chumps, & then music, flute, violin, mandoline, & banjo! We missed Mother dreadfully.

Sep. 20th. Thursday.

I went into town to see the Quarryites off. Mr. Schnadhorst, junior, & a friend of his, Mr. Green, came to breakfast. They were nice.

Mabel & I went to Camb. Univ. Ext. Lecture in evening by Mr. Cranage on "Gothic Architecture". It was very interesting.

Sep. 21st. Friday.

Father was too poorly, much to his sorry, to go to Cousin Robert Wigham's funeral at Coanwood, so Mabel & I went. There were a great many people, :- Aunt Etty, Aunt Emmie, Cousin Ned, Cousin Toni, Uncle Willy, Joe Pattinson, etc. At the funeral I think there were more than 100. There were 9 gigs waiting at Featherstone, so we drove to the house. Everyone there was very sad, but very kind. We felt very sorry for poor Cousin Margaret who is now left quite alone, & she was married at 16, & Cousin Robert was only 19.

We had a beautiful dinner in relays—the nicest teacakes I ever tasted, & such cream. Then some of us walked on to the plain little meting house, about ½ mile away, in its picturesque surroundings, with a little burn close to. It was an impressive scene to watch the long procession walking two and two, winding through the fields, with the coffin carried in front by 6 men. We all stood near while it was lowered, & someone prayed, then we went into meeting. Some had to stand as the house was so full. It was rather a long meeting, & I was so tired that I dozed. Afterwards we walked back to the house again & Cousin Tom took Mabel & me a short walk.

Then we went back & had some tea, & talked for a good time, then walked to the station. The country looked simply exquisite. It rained a little during the funeral, but cleared up again. On the whole we quite enjoyed it. Aunts Etty & Emily were so amusing. Aunt Emmie said "Oh! I do love "Long Tom", he is so handsome & once he carried me across the burn."

We got back to the Central about 8.45, & at home were rejoiced to find Mother, who had come back as Cousin H. Hewitson is better.

Sep. 22nd. Saturday.

I had a most delightful letter from Claus.

In the aft. Gertie & I had a splendid walk to Hillhead. I think I have never seen heather anywhere a more beautiful colour. We had a row with the gamekeeper, which ended peaceably, for he told us queer stories & made us roar. He was a nice old man. We got lots of heather & lovely bracken.

In the evening Margaret & I tried some duets, & Ruth sang one song.

Sep. 23rd. Sunday.

Thos. & Mrs. Hodgkin to dinner. Joe & Myley, Gilbert R. Mr. Sturge, Mr. Anderton, Percy, Nellie, Mr. & Mrs. Dendy, Miss Taylor to tea. Laurie & Mr. Grant to supper.

Sep. 24th. Monday.

1st. day at Eldon Sq. New principal—Miss Davies. Met Claus in town & tried to make him sympathise because in future we may not go out in the dinner hour etc. He was in middle of mathematical exam. & to-morrow is going to Balla Wray for few days.

Sep. 25th. Tuesday.

Horrid day. In evening to Gateshead Univ. Ex. Lec. on "The Chemistry of Life & Health" by Mr. Kimmins. Very nice. Sat next Gertie & Edgar. Walked in with Stephen Procter who had been playing tennis with Mabel.

Sep 26th. Wednesday.

Nothing much.

Sep. 27th. Thursday.

I took the Vernon Schools Class by myself. It was rather fun. Miss Aviss was there in case I needed help. There were 12 in morning for practise, & as I had prepared for demonstration it was rather awkward, but I managed pretty well. 5 in aft. for practise. One made apple jam, & I put in much too much lemon essence. It was rather a failure.

Sep. 28th. Friday.

Nothing much. Father to Barrow to speak. Mother went with him, then they went on to Grasmere. Ruth, Mabel, Laurie, Edie & Katie went to Blanchland for the week end.

Evie does not seem to like Cambridge yet much.

Sep. 29th. Saturday.

I went by the 12.25 to Shotley Bridge. Lovely day. Started about 1.15 to walk to Blanchland, all by myself, 10 miles. Took sandwiches, & ate them on the way. Most glorious walk. Miles of beautiful moorland, covered with purple heather. After once starting, I did not feel at all frightened, esp. as I met no nasty animals, few people & they were nice. I had a lovely bathe in the river on the way. At Edmondbyers I got some milk & chocolate. It seemed a long way & I got rather tired. Got to about 1 mile from Blanchland at about 5, & met the others. Mabel & Katie went on to meet Gillie who was coming by a later train. The inn is delightful, & we got lovely food. I slept in Dorothy Foster's bedroom. After supper we went on the road & listened to a band practising. Then we danced & sang, & went to bed.

Sep. 30th. Sunday.

Fine, but dull & rather cold. Mabel, Katie, & Gillie went to church. The rest of us went on the moors, a short walk. We had a beautiful dinner, & at 3 o'clock started to walk to Riding Mill—10 miles. A trap followed & Ruth & Edie drove nearly all the way. It was a splendid wild walk over the moors. It was dark when we reached Riding Mill at 6.30. We had a very nice tea in the inn, & went home by the 8. o'clock train. We have had a most delightful time.

Oct. 1st. Monday.

Very long, tiring day. I did not get home till 7.

Father & Mother came home, & went to Reopening of Lit. & Phil.

Oct. 2nd. Tuesday.

Very nice interesting Univ. Ext. lecture. Met Claus in town—very nice.

Oct 3rd. Wednesday.

Nothing much. Mabel & Ruth to Holmes' & saw the most lovely Japanese things. Met Claus in town.

Oct. 4th. Thursday.

Had lesson from French Chef. Quite nice.

Oct. 5th. Friday.

Nothing much.

Oct. 6th. Saturday.

Wet. Were going to have tennis party; only Mr. Ball & Mr. Wallace turned up. Had card tricks with Mr. Wallace.

Father read us his lecture in the evening.

Oct. 7th. Sunday.

Meeting. Preparative also. Miss May, Win. Foster, & Uncle Robert Foster to dinner. Gilbert R. John & Con Rowntree, a Miss Rowntree Frank & Alaric came to tea. Only Father & I were in in the evening. Father read Tennyson to me. The others went to hear John Wilhelm R. at meeting.

Oct. 8th. Monday.

In evening Mother & I went to lecture at Lit. & Phil. on "Life in Northumberland during the 16th. Century" by Mr. Tomlinson. It was most interesting.

Oct. 9th. Tuesday.

Conversazione at College, on opening of new part. We all went, & enjoyed it immensely. Gertie & Edgar & Claus were there & heaps of people. There was some nice music, & Stephen Procter was playing in Mr. Beer's orchestra.

Oct. 10th. Wednesday.

Nothing much.

Oct. 11th. Thursday.

A young German came to dinner & stayed the night. Rather uninteresting.

Oct. 12th. Friday.

I had a bad headache when I got home, & Mother read to me. Mabel & Ruth to Percy & Nellie's. Father to say with John Morley at Killiney in Ireland.

Oct. 13th. Saturday.

Mother, Mabel & I to Cullercoats to see Aunt Nellie & Dennis. Had a queer time—got separated etc. Sea lovely. Stayed to tea. Mother & I talked to a canny old fisherman, who praised the Richardsons' so, & kept saying "Eh Hinny!"

Oct. 14th. Sunday.

Not very nice meeting. An American—Mr. Pearson spoke nearly all the time. Mother in aft. to speak at a chapel. Mr. & Mrs. Mundahl to tea, also Claus & Lena, Miss Moberly, Mr. Burland, etc. Heaps of people. Mr. Burland quite opened out. Claus was awfully jolly, but did not stay to supper. Repeated poetry to me, etc. Mr. Mundahl played.

Oct. 15th. Monday.

Nothing much.

Oct. 16th. Tuesday.

Mr. Kimmins' lecture in evening.

Oct. 17th. Wednesday.

Mabel, Ruth & I to Richter concert. M. & I to unreserved seats, but got splendid ones, & just walked into them with no crush. Percy, Nellie, Miss Jones, Walter & Maggie sat behind us. They played the "ride of the Walküre" simply splendidly, also the Prelude to Parsifal, a symphony by Beethoven etc. It was a grand concert.

Oct. 18th. Thursday.

Nothing much.

Oct. 19th. Friday.

Father came home from Ireland. He had had a glorious time travelling with "Glorious John", & many nice experiences.

Oct. 20th. Saturday.

Party in evening to meet Stepniak, Dr. Oliver, Mr. Duff, etc came.

Oct. 21st. Sunday.

Windy & wet. Nice meeting. Mr. Swan etc to tea. Mr. Cranage & Mr. Stepniak stayed week end. Father & I to lecture on "Music & morals" By Mr. Haweis. Stupid.

Oct. 22nd. Monday.

In evening to a most interesting lecture on "Tolstoi" by Stepniak.

Oct. 23rd. Tuesday.

Father, Ruth & I to "Pinafore" & "Trial by Jury". It was simply splendid. We enjoyed it immensely. Miss Margaret Cockburn was Josephine—very pretty, graceful, & lovely voice, but sang rather out of tune.

Oct. 24th. Wednesday.

I went to the Scotswood Rd. board schools to help to teach under a Miss Rockhead—a nice, homely Scotch person. She took me over the school. I did not do much, as a Mrs. Graham was there too. I quite enjoyed it, but got very tired in that stuffy room.

Oct. 25th. Thursday.

Womens' Liberal meeting in evening. I enjoyed it immensely. Father & Mother spoke splendidly. Mother took chair & looked lovely. Mrs. Mallet spoke very well, Wm. Allan etc. There were meetings in the day time too. Lady Trevelyan stayed night & was sweet; she brought us exquisite chrysanthemums.

Ruth went to stay 2 nights at the Dendys!

Oct. 26th. Friday.

Nothing much.

Oct. 27th. Saturday.

Pouring as usual. Bertha came home in morning, Arnie in aft. So jolly to see them again. Both grown, & Arnold so strong & such a teaze. Had me on the floor almost at once.

Benjamin Kidd came to stay week end. Mother, M. R. & I to High School, to Miss Moberly's at home. Very nice, only I was hungry. Good many old H.S. girls there; they were very nice. Claus was there to my great delight. He was so nice, & talked to me a lot, but a good deal of nonsense. Miss May, Miss Foster, Miss Edith Hall, & Miss Smith played beautifully, violin & piano.

Oct. 28th. Sunday.

Nice meeting. Uncle Robert, Theresa & Marie Bonné to dinner. Norbert is very happy in France. Mr. Glover, Dolly Pattinson, Mrs. Mallet, to tea, & Mr. Mundahl—later Mr. Skipsey.

Oct. 29th. Monday.

Some went to hear Benj. Kidd lecture on "Social Evolution."

Oct. 30th. Tuesday.

Dear little Barnie went back to school. Ber came with me to Mr. Kimmins' lecture in evening.

Oct. 31st. Wednesday.

Nothing much.

Nov. 1st. Thursday.

In evening I went to Mr. Cranage's lecture on "Architecture." Very interesting & lovely slides. Monsieur Desclos gave a demonstration dinner.

Nov. 2nd. Friday.

Mother & Mabel to London, thence to Cambridge.

Nov. 3rd. Saturday.

I had to go to a laundry dem. Miss Jones, the new teacher looks nice.

In evening Frank & Claus came. We had great fun. Frank played flute, Claus piano & Ruth sang. Claus did some of my fancy work much better than I do it myself.

They were so nice.

Nov. 4th. Sunday.

Very nice meeting, very crowded. Some Friends are visiting it, & are going to hold meetings every day for a week. e.g. Arthur Dann, Eliza F. Richardson etc. I stayed to preparative. Mabel is appointed assistant clerk. Mr. & Mrs. Stoney came to tea.

Nov. 5th. Monday.

I have a bad cold. Father to meet Mother in London.

Nov. 6th. Tuesday.

Nothing much. Lecture. Mabel came home.

Nov. 7th. Wednesday.

Ruth & I to dancing lesson at High School with teachers—9 of us altogether. Miss Webster taught. V. pretty & nice. Enjoyed it immensely. She said my knees were stiff.

Nov. 8th. Thursday.

To Mr. Cranage's lecture in evening. Very nice. Sat by Claus who pretended to take notes for me, but really wrote funny poems about Tommy, etc. Very clever. To Bible reading also.

Nov. 9th. Friday.

To aft. tea with Miss May & Miss Foster. V. nice. Then to meeting. 1½ hours. Miss F. Richardson sang. There are meetings every night this week, as some friends are visiting us. Claus brought me home in evening which was delightful.

Father & Mother came home. Mr. Hudson & Mr. Iveson to stay night.

Nov. 10th. Saturday.

In aft. Ruth & I went to Olympia to see "A school in nursery land", music by Mr. M'Connell Wood. Very pretty. Children did beautifully. Father & Mother to political meeting. Mabel an excursion.

In evening Merzs' came, Aunt Car, Percy & Mr. Corrie Grant who is delightful.

Nov. 11th. Sunday.

Crowded meeting. Nellie Hodgkin spoke very nicely, & lots of others.

Cousin Alice Foster, Winifred Foster, Aunt Car & Uncle Robert to dinner. Aunt Car is staying with us. In aft. I went with Miss Foster to So. Ashfield, but did not go in. Mr. & Miss Sturge & Laurie to tea.

Nov. 12th. Monday.

Mabel began her work at the college as Lady Tutor, & got on very well. She has to look after the girls, & lecture on maths. I went up to see her in the dinner hour. She has got quite a nice room.

In the evening we went to Mr. Kilburn's lecture on Comic Songs. It was splendid. 2 men sang—one called Mr. Snowdon sangs [sic] Tyneside songs splendidly.

Nov. 13th. Tuesday.

Mr. Kimmins came to stay night. Very nice man.

Nov. 14th. Wednesday.

Miss Jones, our new laundry teacher is delightful.

Jolly dancing lesson.

Mother to speak at meeting.

Aunt Car v. kindly gave me her ticket for Henschel Concert, which I enjoyed very much, but not nearly as well as Richter.

Claus & Winifred Foster were sitting in front.

Nov. 15th. Thursday.

Miss Holt  I to teach laundry work at Hebburn under Miss Snowdon. Did not care for her. Very tiring day & awful place.

Nov. 16th. Friday.

Miss Holt & I to Jarrow to teach laundry work under Miss Dupré. Very nice. She gave us charge of class in afternoon & we got on pretty well, only I let the fire out. 9.30–4.30. Rather tiring work. Some ironed & some washed. Very good children & did beautifully. Mabel gave party at H.S. for poetry learning ass. Some went to "Charlie's Aunt" in evening.

Nov. 17th. Saturday.

So nice having Aunt Car, but she has a bad cold. In aft. Mabel & I went to Durham, on architecture excursion. Great fun. Basil & Mr. Sturge were nearly the only people I knew. There were heaps. Mr. Cranage gave the lecture, which was most interesting. Basil, M. & I then went to the service, which was nice. M. & I, were indignant because we were turned out of some high seats, because St. Cuthbert's tradition about women still exists there. Then we went with Mr. Sturge & had some tea, & came back by the 6.3 train. Mother went to a meeting in evening.

Nov. 18th. Sunday.

Nice meeting. Claus nice. Aunt Nellie & Denis to dinner. Dennis sweet. He said to the rocking horse "Dear Neddy, my Neddy, me love you all my life" & kissed it. Miss Leith came to tea.

Nov. 19th. Monday.

In evening to Lit. & Phil. Uncle Theo's lecture on "Modern Philosophy."

Aunt Car went back to Quarries. Mother & Ruth to hear Archdeacon Farrar.

Nov. 20th. Tuesday.

Nothing much.

Nov. 21st. Wednesday.

Gentlemens' committee came to hear Mrs. Grant demonstrate. Rather fun. Father pleased her by asking questions about some suet dumplings. Near station I met Claus, who had a bad cold. He walked with me nearly to the Redheugh Bridge, & was most delightful. Dancing lesson.

Nov. 22nd. Thursday.

To Hebburn. Quite nice. Miss Harrison & Miss Davies paid us a surprise visit, & as we had not got on our caps we were rather flustered.

In evening to architecture lecture. Sat next Claus but did not enjoy it muc. I went to tea at infirmary with Miss Holt. Very nice.

Nov. 23rd. Friday.

To Jarrow, to another school. Children naughty, & I got very tired. Miss Holt & I went to have tea at Miss Dupré's lodgings & had a very nice time. Miss Roberts, a cookery teacher, shares them with her.

In evening the college Gurneys Browns etc came to dinner, but I did not come in.

Nov. 24th. Saturday.

Mabel, excursion to Hexham. In evening, Maggie, Walter & baby, Eileen, 16 weeks old, & Mr. Clinton Dent, came to stay week end. Laurie to dinner. Baby is sweet.

I like Mss Davies very much. She is v. practical. Miss De Plege [?] has been sent away, as they cld not get on together.

Nov. 25th. Sunday.

Nice meeting. Maggie rather poorly. Baby sweet. Went to sleep in my arms. Mr. Skipsey came in evening. Most went to Mr. Dent's lecture in evening which was splendid, but Mabel & I did not go.

Nov. 26th. Monday.

Nothing much.

Nov. 27th. Tuesday.

Claus & Frank came to practise with Ruth, but I did not see much of them, because I went to Mr. Kimmin's lecture.

Nov. 28th. Wednesday.

Nice dancing lesson. Miss May's concert was splendid. Miss Donkersley played some Hungarian dances by Brahms beautifully. Mr. Squire played very well. Win. Foster & Miss D. looked lovely; they all looked very nice.

Nov. 29th. Thursday.

In evening I went to a meeting in the Castle. It was most interesting. Mr. Oliver Heslop read v. good paper & amusing on the old keelmen, etc. John Stokoe read good paper on Northumbrian pipes. There were vocal illustrations & Mowatt played splendidly. I bought a set of pipes for £3.6.0. Walter Corder was very kind.

Ruth to stay with Lily Weiss at Manchester.

Nov. 30th. Friday.

Nothing much.

Nice day at Jarrow.

Sewing meeting here. Lots came.

Dec. 1st. Saturday.

Mother & Father to Quarries to lunch. In evening Mabel to stay night at Principal Gurney's.

In supper, Evie suddenly walked in, & gave me a great fright, as Father did not tell me she was coming. She came for week end to consult him about something. It is jolly having her.

Dec. 2nd. Sunday.

V. foggy & cold, so none of us went to meeting. Quiet Sunday—noone came, except Mr. Ede in the evening.

Dec. 3rd. Monday.

Evie went back to Cambridge. Nothing much.

Dec. 4th. Tuesday.

Nothing much. I have a cold.

We got an invitation from the Marchioness of Londonderry, to a dance. I want to go very much, but noone will go with me, so I can't.

Dec. 5th. Wednesday.

Jolly dancing lesson. Learnt new dance called "Alsatian Polka."

Dec. 6th. Thursday.

I went to Hebburn by myself. Quite nice. Exams begin to-morrow, alas!

Dec. 7th. Friday.

9.30–12.30. High Class theoretical exam. 2–5 Plain Class theoretical exam. The papers were difficult & far too long, but they might have been worse.

Very tired.

Dec. 8th. Saturday.

Cooked in morning.

In aft. Miss Holt & I ironed at Eldon Square. In evening Mabel to So. Ashfield—poetry evening. Mr. Conway, grt climber in Himalayas, & Volkhovsky to stay over Sunday. Dr. Green also to dinner. Interesting. Conway very nice.

Dec. 9th. Sunday.

To meeting. Aunt Car, Mr. Head (Hester Head's son) & Mr. Thompson to dinner.

Laurie, Gillie, Mr. Sturge to tea, & Mr. Duff to supper.

Grt excitement over my small pipes.

Father, Conway & I to Mr. Thompson's lecture on "Spiders." Very good indeed & amusing. Good slides. Female spider generally kills male spider, when he is courting her.

Dec. 10th. Monday.

The dreaded day went off pretty successfully. I demonstrated from 10–11 to 12 children, on Liver & Bacon, & Fruit in Batter. The former very good, latter unsuccessful. 11–12 Miss Conradi & I each had 6 children. Mine did Liver & Bacon.

I stayed to see Eva demonstrate & then came home. In evening to Conway's lecture on climbing in Himalayas. Very nice. Lovely views, but not as good a lecturer as I expected. He has climbed higher than any other man.

Dec. 11th. Tuesday.

10–1. Plain Class exam. We did not know what we had to do till we got in to the room & were allowed no recipes. I had stuffed & roasted sheep's heart & gravy, grilled chop, apple tart (very nice) porridge. Pretty nice things. Miss Morton, head teacher of Leicester school, is the examiner. She is very nice & very kind. In aft. Miss Conradi & Miss Holt demonstrated. In the station I met Claus, who begged me to go to the College dance on Friday & wanted to get me a ticket as Mabel has given the one she got for me, away. Very reluctantly I refused, because we have a laundry exam on Saturday. I only had a few seconds to speak to him. He says he is very sorry I will not go, & disappointed, which is very kind of him.

Dr. Kimmins last lecture.

Dec. 12th. Wednesday.

10–1 High Class exam. I had Sole à la Rouennaise, Roast Partridge, (really pigeon) Gravy, Bread Sauce & Brown Bread Crumbs. Not very bad things, but Miss Morton criticized them, & said the sole was ugly. It tasted very nice though.

In aft. 3.30–4.30 I demonstrated on "Flannels" to Miss Morton & a few girls. Got on all right, but had lots to say, only she talked so much, there was not time. I think she meant it kindly.

She says many girls now are lady cooks, or go to learn in large houses as kitchen maids.

Last dancing lesson. Very sorry. Have learnt Reel, (Strathspey) Waltz, Versa & Alsatian Polka. The latter jolly.

Mabel to Dendy's to dinner. Father & Mother to Chamber Concert.

Plunket Greene going to sing.

Dec. 13th. Thursday.

In morning Miss Holt & I to Jarrow with Miss Morton that she might see us class teaching. Got on all right. In aft. we did shirt, etc, at Eldon Sq. & it turned out nicely. Miss Morton said we ironed well, but the things were not a good colour.

The other girls broke up.

Dec. 14th. Friday.

Miss Holt & I to Jarrow. Mabel to dance at college.

Dec. 15th. Saturday.

10–1 Laundry theoretical exam for Miss Holt & me. Last exam. It was an easy paper, but too long. I had not time to finish. I feel a load of[f] my mind now all the exams are over, but i do hope I've passed. Had dinner in town, then met Father & Mother & we went to Monkseaton. The sea was lovely, but it was very cold. We greatly enjoyed it.

Ruth came home in the evening. She has had a splendid time.

Mabel to stay night at Sunderland. The College also has broken up.

Dec. 16th. Sunday.

Mr. Finn, Willy Ede, Mr. Burland, Miss Dupré & Miss Roberts, etc came to tea.

Dec. 17th. Monday.

In aft. went to see dancing, at High School. Very pretty. Then Mother & I to see Swedish gymnastics—Miss M'Callum. All the people looked ill, but it was nothing like Evie's lesson.

In evening Herbie, Gertie, Nellie R., Claus, Winifred Foster & I to Hoffmann's concert. 1/- seats. We all got separated. It was perfectly glorious. He is only 17. His wrist power was perfectly wonderful. The papers said since Paderewski & Rubinstein played in Newcastle there had been no one so great. Claus set us home, & was very amusing.

Dec. 18th. Tuesday.

I think nothing much.

Dec. 19th. Wednesday.

To Jarrow in morning. Dean Kitchin (of Durham) Mr. & Mrs. Pattinson, etc, to lunch.

In aft. the dean gave away the High School prizes at the Town Hall. Pretty songs. Then Mabel & I went to Adult School Tea at meeting house. She gave away the prizes, & made her maiden speech which was very good indeed.

Dec. 20th. Thursday.

Bertha, Arnold & Evie came home. It is delicious to have them again. I went to meet them. In evening Ber & I went to organ recital at St Nicholas by Dr. Huntly. Very nice.

Dec. 21st. Friday.

Nothing much.

In evening, Father, Mother, Bertha & Arnie to Spences' party.

Went to be photographed.

Dec. 22nd. Saturday.

Terrific wind in night. Blew part of greenhouse down. Evie, Arnold & I went to town.

Dec. 23rd. Sunday.

Lilian Bicknell to dinner & tea. Charles & Hugh to tea.

Dec. 24th. Monday.

Christmas preparations. All but Evie, Father & Mother to Gables party 6–1-. Great fun. Skipped, played bagatelle, etc. As Norbert is away I had no one to take me into supper. I miss him so much. Claus was nice, but devoted himself to Nellie Richardson. Claus & I had Sir Roger de Coverley together.

Dec. 25th. Tuesday.

Great many presents. Skates, glove box, etc. Waites in night were beautiful.

Large party—only 3 children—Honor, Dennis & Eva. Rest of people came from 7–10. Quite nice. Very good impromptu act called "The table is spread." Walter & Percy so jolly.

Dec. 26th. Wednesday.

Arnold has got very bad cough.

All went a walk to Hill Head—took dinner. Rather cold. Ruth, Arnold & I came back early. So nice to have Ruth so much stronger than last Christmas. In evening Father read "Scrooge" to us.

Dec. 27th. Thursday.

Nothing much. In the evening, Ruth & I to dance at Clarke's Most awfully jolly. Not very formal—no programmes. Danced a great deal with Willie & Alfie Ede, once with Carl Leyel, Mr. Boden, Mr. Green, Lawrence Shann, etc. Lovely floor. Mrs. Clark sweet. Willie awfully nice & kind & took me in to supper. Hoped I'd forgiven him for lecturing me in the summer on being shy. I only sat out one dance.

Dec. 28th. Friday.

Hugh, Edie, Katie, Mabel, Evie & I started by the 10.20 train for Brampton to say at Talkin Tarn. Gillie & Laurie came by a later train. Lovely place. Large lake close to hotel. 6 double bedded rooms & 2 single. Charge 5/- per day. Dear old Claus came to see us off. He wanted to come. I wish he could. In aft. went walk. Drizzled & fearful wind. In evening danced a little, & read.

Dec. 29th. Saturday.

In morning walked to Naworth. Evie, Mabel & I called on Lady Carlisle. She was lying down, but we saw her, & had a very nice call. Dorothy took Evie & me over the house. She is really exquisite. We also saw Lady Cecilia, Geoffrey & Leif Jones. We walked through the glen, & saw Michael, who dashed through a stream to speak to us. At the temperance hotel we met the others, & had cocoa & sandwiches by a lovely fire. Then we went over the lovely old ruined Lanercost priory, & walked back. Lovely views & sky.

In evening danced & skipped. Laurie had to go home.

Dec. 30th. Sunday.

Exquisite day. Hard frost & ground looked lovely with a light covering of snow. Edie stayed in to paint. The rest of us went a long, lovely walk. Beautiful views of the distant lake mountains. Came back to dinner.

Read in aft. In evening all but Edie went to Brampton Church. Lovely starlight night. Saw some shooting stars. I think it was the nicest church service I had ever been to. Good music, lovely hymns, one man sang "Oh thou that bringest good tidings to Zion". Very good sermon, on the past & coming year.

Dec. 31st. Monday.

Very cold. Lake beginning to freeze. Katie & I came home by the 10.33 train. Rest stayed till later. We have had a lovely time. Delicious food. The cook was cook for 10 or 12 years at Naworth.

In evening to So. Ashfield. I was pleased because my new dress was admired by everyone. Theresa & Claus said it was the prettiest in the room. Nice act. Claus was Mr. Silvertop. Did it splendidly, but was rather dreadful. Had to stammer. Had great fun. Laurie took me in to supper. So kind.

We all sat up for the new year, including Miss Cooper who is staying with us. Mabel & Evie went to Midnight Service at St. Cuthbert's It is so nice having Ruth so much stronger than she was last X mas.


Jan. 1st. Tuesday. 1895.

To Wingrove. Father to London in evening.

Jan. 2nd. Wednesday.

Awfully jolly excursion to Wheel Birks. Walked from Riding Mill. Theresa, Claus & I kept together. Poor Bertha had cold & could not go. After dinner went a paper chase. Claus & Charles dragged me along arm in arm part of the way. Charles quite affectionate. Splendid bonfire & songs. Played up jenkins in the train.

Jan. 3rd. Thursday.

Arnold & I, Hugh, Claus, Lena, Theresa, Ernest, Charles, Katie etc went skating on Gosforth. Ice very bad indeed, & not

[page missing from diary]

to Olympia. Awfully kind, & paid everything. He came to lunch here, & we missed the train, so we walked to Redheugh, & then he stopped a passing cab & drove us all the rest of the way. There was an exquisite fountain, which touched the ceiling, & changed colours, living pictures, flying lady, most wonderful boy acrobats, simply marvellous. Also performing lions & tiger. The man carried one lion right round the cage on his shoulders. We did enjoy it.

Jan. 20th. Sunday.

Mr. & Mrs. Stacey Marks are staying with us. Very feeble, but in dinner he sang us a very clever song, which he composed after having had some amusing correspondence with Lord Crewe about a picture called the "Bookworm."

Jan. 31st. Wednesday.

Asquith to stay with us. Very nice man.

Huge meeting on Olympia. Splendid. John Morley in chair.

Thomas Burtt very nice.

Mr. Morley took hold of me with both hands & said "Well & how are you." Drove in with escort of police.

Feb. 1st. Thursday.

Heaps of gentlemen to breakfast, Percy, Mr. Havelock, Mr. Swan, Mr. Frank Priestman, Mr. Luckley, Mr. Scott, Mr. Sutton, Mr. Ede, Mr. Martin.

In the evening Ruth & I went to a dance at the Fothergills. Everything was beautifully arranged, & we enjoyed it immensely, but had to come away before the end. I had 2 very nice dances with a Mr Wood from Darlington, who goes to the College, who Claus introduced me to, & with Joe, etc. The best were with Claus, only 2, but we did not get on well so sat them out. One was just before supper, so we sat out & only went down at the end of supper. He was so nice, but rather naughty.

[section of page cut out—about 4 lines]

Feb. 4th. Monday.

Delightful day. In going to the College I met Percy & had a little talk with him. At dinner time I saw Claus in this gown in the distance, but not to speak to. Just as I was going to get on my things at 4.30 I met him, so he said he wld walk down with me, & he came all the way home. It was lovely of him, but I tried to make him come in to tea, & said "I wont shake hands till you do," so he just walked away, saying "You might at least shake hands." I did repent. I'm afraid I was rather rude.

[section of page cut out—about 4 lines—reverse of Feb. 1st page]

[Teresa?] & Clare Gurney, Miss Pritchard & Beattie Jullion came to tea, & Laurie, Katie & Claus came after, & we all went to Saltwell. Mabel also to skate! Claus rather depressed.

Lovely moon. Pond lit up & fires round, so very nice. ice good. Enjoyed it v. much. First time I have ever had a skating party. Claus, Katie & Laurie stayed to supper.

Feb. 6th. Wednesday.

Awful blizzard. Maud Clapham's wedding day. V. nice. Jolly party in evening. Splendid supper. Percy such fun. He & I sat at a little table together & ate the same things.

Feb. 9th. Saturday.

Skated at Gosforth. Only once w. Claus. He & Laurie had race round pond. He won by v. little. V. quick. 4 mins. 10 secs. Laurie & Gillie v. nice. I an almost do the outside edge. Theresa was sweet.

Feb. 10th. Sunday.

14° of frost. Skating on the Wear for miles. Great suffering among the poor. Outside lovely but v. cold in house. Mr. Burland came. So jolly. I played heaps of accompaniments for him. He plays the violin pretty well.

Feb. 11th. Monday.

I went to the Grand Hotel to dinner; Claus there also. We went with Nellie to Emil Lauer's concert. He played splendidly. Queer looking man. I had to come out in the middle.

Feb. 12th. Tuesday.

Pease's, Dora R. & I went to Prudhoe to skate. Very jolly. Lovely ice. Crossed Tyne. Could see pebbles at bottom.

Dora & I walked from Prudhoe to Wylam. She was so jolly. At Central Station I met Claus & he walked with me to Redheugh. It was nice.

Feb. 14th. Thursday.

Recd. a valentine—a large photo of Hamond. It is disgusting, & I can't find out who it is from. I was surprised.

College debate in evening that "Women should be equal professionally with men," or something like that. Claus there at tea. Some speeches silly. Mabel spoke well, & was greatly clapped.

Feb. 15th. Friday.

Claus rushed over from College at lunch time to tell Ruth something. Had a little dinner with us.

Feb. 16th. Saturday.

Claus came to practise with Ruth & then we all had lunch & went to Prudhoe to skate. Jolly. Katie, Gillie & Frank went also. F. C. R. & I stayed later, & Frank gave us tea at the Refreshment room in N.C. when we came back. It was kind of him.

Feb. 18th. Monday.

T.S.A. Conversazione. Mother & I went. Claus & I tried a dance, but did not succeed. "The Rivals" was acted very well. Miss Jennie White was lovely & acted splendidly.

Feb. 19th. Tuesday.

Meeting house soirée. Awfully jolly. Claus nice. Gertie & I had grt fun. Ruth sang beautifully. I have a cold. Phonograph splendid. Percy jolly. I can't find out who sent me the photo of Hamond. (Found out later—it was Katie Richardson.)

Feb. 20th. Wed.

Mr. Bullock nice. Miss Dicks teazed me ∵ she says he never sharpens anyone's pencil except mine. I am sure it is very kind of him, for I don't need to dirty my hands.

Feb. 23rd. Sat.

Nice pipes lesson at Backworth. Then long talk w. Miss Davies about going to Leicester.

Feb. 25th. Monday.

Mother & I went to hear Mr. Charles Berry preach. One of the greatest living preachers, a congregationalist minister. He came to tea here. Wonderful, original sermon. Text Act xx.9. He said that people who go to listen need to be as much prepared as the preacher, if they wish to gain any good from the sermon. The only part I did not care for was when he made the people laugh.

Feb. 26th. Tuesday.

In evening Mother Ruth & I went to hear the "Golden Legend." Music by Sir A. Sullivan. Simply glorious. In the storm one can hear the whistling of the wind. Miss Emily Davies was Elsie, rather screeched, but some of her notes were lovely. Mme Marie Bellas, contralto, lovely voice, also Mr. Iver McKay & Mr. Sandbrook. Mr. Preston conducted. He looks a charming man.

Ruth has a bad cold, & lost her voice.

Saw Claus in the gallery, but he wouldn't look.

Feb. 27th. Wed.

Lovely day at the College. Some tulips I did have been put up with the compositions.

Mr. Bullock nice. Mr. Hatton & Mr. Way are ill, so Mr. B. took aft. lesson also. Theresa not there. Mr. John Charlton came & talked to me. I think he is rather cracked.

In aft. I worked in a room alone. I asked Mr. B. to do a little for me (I was painting some leaves, quite easy.) He said he would come & put in some shadows "otherwise I don't think I could improve upon it, Miss Watson."

Father has begun to wear spectacles for reading. Mother has done so for a good long time.

March 2nd. Saturday.

Mother, Father, & I went to chef's for dinner, then to Bewick Club, & to call on Maud, whose house is lovely. Then in evening to small pipes contest. V. nice. Mowat got 1st. prize.

March 10th. Sunday.

Mrs. Ormison Chant is staying w. us. V. conceited. Ruth & I are furious ∵ she says it is so wicked to wear low necked dresses etc. V. rude. She said to something Mother said "Tommy rot."

March 14th. Wednesday.

Moncure Conway stayed night. Interesting talk about Quakers.

In evening wonderful aurora Borealis. Stretched in a kind of circle from horizon to horizon, then changed & became like a quill pen. It was beautiful.

March 17th. Saturday.

We went to Warkworth for week end. Most delightful.

March 18th. Sunday.

Heavenly day. Spent morning by sea. I had a lovely bathe. Picked shells, rolled down sand banks, etc. In aft. went to Hermitage, & Castle.

Very nice.

March 22nd. Thursday.

Plain class theoretical exam. Far too long paper, but not very difficult.

March 24th. Sunday.

Madame Antoinette Sterling at meeting. She spoke rather nicely.

March 25th. Monday.

Plain class practical exam. I had fish cakes, haricot mutton, marmalade pudding & sauce. Got on pretty well, but felt very nervous.

March 27th. Wednesday.

My children's class. Really I felt almost too frightened to take it, but when the time came it was not as bad as I expected. Began at 10—demonstrated to 13 children & some students & Miss Morton on Sago Pudding & Fish Cakes. Miss Morton said my demonstration was very good indeed, & my writing on the B. Board was better than the other students, but I needed more control over the children in the practical class. Practical from 11–12. The children worked beautifully, but talked rather.

Miss Morton was so kind; told me not to be nervous, & helped me a little. I went to talk to her afterwards.

In aft. I went to drawing at College. Met Basil. He is an amusing boy. In evening Willy Ede came down with message from Mr. Ede. He has had a very nice time in Cambridge, but does not look well.

Sunday, March 31st.

Heaps of people to tea. Among them were Willy Ede, who wld not speak to me, & Mr. Burland, who was so smitten with Winifred Foster that he wld not speak to me, consequently I was angry.

April 2nd. Tuesday.

In evening to see "Taming of the Shrew." Simply splendid. I just love Mr. & Mrs. Benson. Never thought I cld enjoy it so much. Nearly wept, I was so sorry for Katharine. She shrieked when married, & Petruchio (Benson) carried her out of the room. He jumped over quite a large table & a chair, in the scene when he will not let Kate eat. She took up a knife to stab him, then threw it down, & fell on her knees & sobbed. He began to comfort her, & it really was beautiful. There was a lovely dance at the end. Mr. Benson is very athletic & Mrs. B. very pretty. He looks devoted to her. I wish we cold have them out here. I long to see them in their ordinary dress. Stayed night at Quarries. V. nice. They were very excited about Benson also.


April 4th. Thursday.

Our diplomas were presented by Mrs. Wilberforce. From 3–4 the school was open for inspection—it looked lovely decorated w. plants, etc. Miss Jones demonstrated on laundry work, etc.

Father came up early from London to see me get my diploma, & yesterday sweet Mother sent me to the College the letter wh. announced that I had got a 1st class diploma for plain & high class cookery, the latter a great & very pleasant surprise as I had not gone in for the high class exam again. I am thankful, for soon now I hope to be able to help Father.

At 4 Mrs. W. gave us our diplomas; Miss Holt & I had 2nd. class laundry ones as well—I was rather frightened. Mother seconded the vote of thanks simply beautifully. Lots of people were there—Mr. Henry Palin Gurney, Mr. Anderton, Miss Harrison, & a gentleman from Berwick, etc. Mr. Williams was v. nice. Several people congratulated me. We had made beautiful cakes, etc, which were partaken of. Uncle John Spence was so nice.

April 6th. Saturday.

Father, Mother & I to "Much Ado about Nothing". Splendid. Mr. & Mrs. Benson charming.

Evie at home again—came on Thursday—has been ill in Cambridg w. abscess.


[This volume of the diary ends here, but at the end, upside down, are the following notes:]

Do laundry work & cooking.

Church ½ hr. every day.

Learn bicycle & North. pipes.



Mary Spence Watson, cookery diploma, 1895

Sew knickers, etc.

Look over all clothes & mend them.

Learn shorthand & physiology.


Do flowers & learn names.

Do Evie's poetry book.


Do laundry work & cooking.



Small pipes.




Learn church & London;

   "    physiology.


Read French & German

[then half a page of random notes, crossed out, followed by:]

Are you for Local Veto. No.

  "    "     "  compensation. No.

  "    "     "  Gothenburg. Yes.

Find manual of phonography.


[Transcript by Benjamin S. Beck.]


[This section is a selective transcript by Ben Beck, supplemented by notes [in italics] by Mary's daughter Caroline.]

Cambridge.          1895

'67 Regent Street

May 18th Saturday.

'Arrived here 8.30 p.m. to stay with Evie.' Mary to stay with Evie in her rooms—one sleeps at top and the other at bottom of bed!

Sunday, 19 May

'Gilbert Spence came in while we were at breakfast . . . Went to the Holmdens' to tea, & then to service in Trinity Chapel, which was beautiful. All the students wear surplices & look so nice; Gilbert was there in his, but we could not see him.' Lunched with Mr Beny at 'Kings' .

Tuesday, 21 May

'We then went to see the Fitzwilliam museum, then to Dinie's room, & then to Fenner's to see Grace & the gentlemen of England, playing cricket against Cambridge. It was very nice. Of course Cambridge was beaten. Evie joined us, & we stayed for a long time. Gilbert came & talked to us.'

Wednesday, 22 May

'Evie worked for a time, then we went to Gilbert's lodgings, & ate oranges & about 12 o' clock, started to go on the river. Gilbert & I went in a Canadian canoe, & Evelyn in a Rob Roy.'

'Then we had some food, & Evelyn & I changed our clothes, & drove in a hansom to Girton.'

Saturday, 25th May

'After lunch we played tennis in the Kings' Fellows Gardens. It was jolly, & so hot & lovely. Mr Berry & Evie played Mr Headlam & me. They won 2, & we won 1 set. Mr H. was rather short-sighted, but some of his balls were splendid. He kept telling me to send "high nobby balls to my sister" as they were difficult to take, & not to take the balls till they were falling.'

[Mr Headlam] 'He said he wished he could have a ladies' cookery class, so E. said I could cook, & he asked me awful questions about macaroni to teaze me, & then when I told him he was sarcastic he said "never mind."'

Monday, 27 May

'We got back at 6 & Evie & I went to the Holmdens to dinner. Mr Henry Fryer was there, & we had some exciting croquet; & Dinie played to us beautifully.'

Tuesday, 28 May

'Another glorious day. I meant to sketch in Corpus Christi, but when I got there, there were some undergraduates reposing in chairs, so I fled & went boldly into Pembroke. No sooner had I sat down than a man came up & said I might not sketch unless I got leave from the master, but I felt so small, being turned out, especially as some undergraduates were watching, that I came back here, having done nothing.'

Friday, 31 May

'At 12.15 we started to go on the river with Mrs Holmden, Dinie & her sister Hilda. We had one boat, & 2 Rob Roy Canoes, one of which Dinie & I took in turns. When we got to the chesnuts at Granchester we landed & had dinner. Then the Holmdens returned, but Evie & I went on, past Byron's pool to the end. Here we grounded, & she jumped out & got wet, but I waited till a man came & carried me to the bank. Then we had the canoes carried on to the upper river which was delightful & lovely, but not very shady. This part is much more like the Ouse. When we had paddled a good way, we stopped & half-lay down close to the bank. Suddenly Evie turned round to speak to me, & I heard her call, "Mary, Mary", & the next thing was, she had scrambled on to the bank, soaked, but not quite overhead. It was a good thing the canoe upset so near the bank. I got out of mine, & we pulled E's on to the bank & emptied the water out, & then let the things dry a little, before going slowly home. It really was a most delightful day. We did not get back till 6.30, & for 6 hours on the river, the man only charged us 1/- each.

'In the evening we packed, said goodbye to the Holmdens, & Gilbert came in & was great fun & quite teazy.'

Her stay included seeing many colleges, museums, concerts. 

Trinity Library impressed her 'seeing the first telescope which Newton made himself; the Scotch Covenant signed with blood; Milton's sketch of 'Paradise Lost' in his own handwriting etc etc.

. . . dinner at Newnham, seeing Miss Gladstone, tennis, going up the backs in a Canadian canoe . . . They were charged 1 shilling each for 6 hours on the river.

Also croquet, service at Kings etc.

They played a game called Nebuchadnezzar in which you take a name e.g. Elijah and for each letter you represent some noted person.

Saturday, 1 June

'Gilbert came for a second to say goodbye—then Evie & I went to York by the 10.5 train. I have enjoyed being in Cambridge enormously, & am so sorry to be going. Evie is so kind & clever.'

York.      1895

'June 1st B. A. E. & I went with Mr Pollard & Collinson on to have tea at Terry's, as it was pouring & they could not go on the river.'

Various things at the schools.

Wednesday, 5 Jun

'Off to Grasmere. Mr Collinson, Mr Pollard, Herbert Ellis, Isabel Yewdall, Chrissie Mennell, & Edith Allen all came to see me off. Felt quite flattered!!!'



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