Jane White born Gibson, of Gainford and Hopewell

Robert White = Jane Gibson

     |         other children

Ann White = John Wigham

      |         other children

Jane Wigham = Edward Richardson

      |         other children

Elizabeth Richardson = Robert Spence Watson

      |         other children

Mary Spence Watson = Francis Edward Pollard


Jane Gibson was born cal 1746. Of Gainford, Durham, she married [P8] Robert White on the 16th November 1772, at Gainford.1

Their children were: Robert (1768 before 1823), [P7] Ann (17701823), and Nicholas (1773 before 1823), all baptised at Whickham, Durham; and John (? ?).2

She lived in Hopewell, Durham, and died on the 1st April 1791, described at that date as of Branking Moor; her body was buried at St Cuthbert's churchyard, Darlington, Durham.3

Jane Gibson may have been the daughter of George Gibson, of Whittingham, who signed the marriage bond and allegation in 1772.4


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4 marriage bond and allegation. DNA evidence shows that I have 2022 cM in common with descendants of a Thomas Gibson, who may have been Jane's brother; both are shown as children of John and Jane Gibson, but no documentary evidence is given for this (Ancestry ThruLines). FamilySearch has three Jane Gibsons baptised near Gainford in the period 17441748; none have George Gibson as a father; the Jane bapt. at St Helen Auckland on the 9th January 1748 had a father named John. The only 1746 baptism of a Jane, daughter of George, was as far away as Bamburgh, Northumberland.

Maternal line DNA

My 2008 EthnoAncestry DNA test determined that my mtDNA is of Haplogroup I, which has a frequency of 25% in NW Europe. It is believed to have originated about 21,000 years ago, during the Last Glacial Maximum, in West Asia.

Although subclades are now identifiable, no subclade was specified in the 2008 test report.


Suggestions for further research

The obvious place to start is with uniquely identifying the birth/baptism and parentage of [P9] Jane Gibson. It would be particularly interesting to identify her mother, as well as her father, as this would take the maternal line DNA back a further generation.


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