Rebecca Sutton born Moor, of Newcastle

David Sutton = Rebecca Moor

     |         other children

Deborah Sutton = Isaac Richardson

      |         other children

Edward Richardson = Jane Wigham

      |         other children

Elizabeth Richardson = Robert Spence Watson

      |         other children

Mary Spence Watson = Francis Edward Pollard


Rebecca Moor was born about 1734.1

She married [O20] David Sutton on the 14th April 1768, at the meeting house in Newcastle, where she lived at that date (at some stage she was described as "of Wheelbarrow Hall", which is in Scotby, Cumbria); a spinster, her parents are not named. Their children were: William (17701791), Thomas (1771 before 1828), and [O19] Deborah (17731848).2

She attended monthly meetings in 1772, 1781 and 1782 (at least), as her signature is to be found on on testimonies to the life of deceased friends.3

She died at Newcastle on the 1st January 1783, and her body was buried in Newcastle Friends' burying ground on the 5th.4


1 TNA: RG 6/485, /1150. Possibly she was the Rebekkah Moor baptised in Tynemouth on the 13th May 1739, but even if this is correct it takes us no further forward, as no parents are named ("England Births and Christenings, 15381975", database, FamilySearch: 5 February 2023, Rebekkah Moor, 1739).

2 RG 6/1011, /1260; Tyne & Wear Archives Service 1441/89; Ruth Sansbury (1998) Beyond the Blew Stone. 300 Years of Quakers in Newcastle. Newcastle-upon-Tyne Preparative Meeting

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4 Tyne & Wear Archives Service 1441/89; RG 6/485, /1150; Newcastle Courant, 1783-01-04

Suggestions for further research

The next step has to be locating the birth/baptism and parentage of [O40] Rebecca Moor.



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