Hannah Bourn born ____, of Billingshurst

Richard Bourn = Hannah ____

     |         other children        

Richard Bourn = Elizabeth Penfold

      |         other children

Susanna Bourn = James Pollard

      |         other children

William Pollard = Lucy Binns

      |         other children

Francis Edward Pollard = Mary Spence Watson


J4. Hannah Bourn born ____

Hannah ____ was born in about 1721.1

She married [J3] Richard Bourn before 1747. They had four known children: Hannah (cal 1747 1815), Sarah (cal 1750 1823), [J2] Richard (cal 1754 1815), and Mary (? after 1784).2

She died in February 1793, and her body was buried in Grave 12M of the Billingshurst General Baptist. The gravestone recorded:


Spectator pray remember this

How frail . . .  . . . thy life

a sudden stroke as death gave me

with . . .  . . . may counsel thee.3



13 Leonard J. Maguire (1985) The General Baptist Meeting House now known as the Free Christian Church (Unitarian) Billingshurst


Suggestions for further research

Self-evidently, no progress can be made on this line until (J3) Richard Bourn's marriage is found, after which Hannah's birth or baptism can be sought for.


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