The Wilson family of Trawden, Colne

John Robinson = Margaret Wilson

     |         other children

Ann Robinson = David Binns

      |         other children

George Binns = Margaret Watson

      |         other children

Lucy Binns = William Pollard

      |         other children

Francis Edward Pollard = Mary Spence Watson


Margaret Wilson was born in about 1705.1

She married [K20] John Robinson on the 28th November 1728, at Marsden meeting. At that time she lived in the Forest of Trawden, Trawden, Lancashire.2

Their children were: Richard (1731 – ?), Ellen (1735/6 – ?), Jane (1736–1802), Margaret (1739 – ?), John (1741/2–1825), Mary (1744–1744), and [K19] Ann (1747–1797); all births were recorded by Marsden monthly meeting.3

By 1769 she was a resident of Crawshawbooth. She died on the 23rd June 1786, and her body was buried at Crawshawbooth on the 26th.4

Margaret Wilson was daughter to [K30] Thomas and [K31] Ellan Wilson.5

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5 information from Michael Hargreave


Thomas Wilson was born about 1665.1

He married [K31] Ellan Fishe in March 1696/7, at Skipton, Yorkshire. Their children were: Richard (c. 1700 – ?), John (c. 1700–1745), James (1704–1779), [K29] Margaret (1705–1786), William (1707–1767), Thomas (? – 1773), Anne (1710–1775), Henry (1713–1786), and Eleanor (1715–1766).2

In 1703 he lived at Keighley, and in 1704 he was over Steeton, Kildwick. By 1710 he had removed to Beaver, in the forest of Trawden.3

Of Trawden, Colne, he died at Beaver on the 6th April 1742, and was buried in Trawden Friends burial ground on the 8th.4


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Ellan Fishe may have been born about 1669 or 1672 at Kirby Malham, near Skipton, Yorkshire.1

She married [K30] Thomas Wilson in March 1696/7, at Skipton, Yorkshire.2

Their children were: Richard (c. 1700 – ?), John (c. 1700 – 1745), James (1704–1779), [K29] Margaret (1705–1786), William (1707–1767), Thomas (? – 1773), Anne (1710–1775), Henry (1713–1786), and Eleanor (1715–1766). Her first name given as Ellenor, she was of Trawden in 1713.3

Eleanor Wilson died on the 24th September 1743, and was buried at Trawden on the 27th.4


1 Michael Hargreave suggests 1672, but this is almost certainly a misidentification, as the Kirkby Malham parish register transcript shows that the Ellen Fish, daughter of Thomas Fish, bapt. at Kirby Malham on 31 March 1672, was buried on 7 June the same year. A more likely identification might be the transcript entry for Hellen Fishe, baptised at Kirkby Malham on 21 January 1669, daughter of Jeffery Fish of Capenhaw—except that the same transcript also records the burial of "Ellin Fish of Caphanhaw" on 11 June 1681 (although this could have been Jeffery's wife—the transcript records the marriage of Jefferye Fishe of Capana and Ellin Rawson on 14 April 1658).

2 information from Michael Hargreave; Wilfred Wilson (1892), 'The Wilson Family' [gives forename as Ellinor]

3–4 TNA: RG 6/970, /1616; Wilson (1892)

Suggestions for further research

This page is pretty unsatisfactory, as it relies much too much on secondary sources. Really we can't at present take on trust anything at all about the parentage of [K29] Margaret Wilson, so for this reason I am greying out this doubtful information, pending the identification of more dependable sources, starting with her birth/baptism.


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