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Firsts in the recording of sight and sound:

1. The technology


Still photos Sound Movies Sound movies
First photo First sound recording First movie First sound movie
First photo in 3D First stereo sound recording First 3D movie First colour sound movie
First colour photo   First colour movie First 3D sound movie
First colour photo in 3D   First 3D colour movie First 3D colour sound movie

Invisible radiation photography

Other imaging and scanning
Photomicrography, micro-cinematography,
astrophotography, and astro-cinematography
High speed and time-lapse photography & cinematography

The recording of other sensory experiences

See also: 2. The human subject


Introductory note

This series of pages was created in response to my own frustration at not being able to find this material in one place on the Internet, not to mention the wealth of misinformation available.

Where 'first' differs from 'earliest surviving', I have tried to include both, where known.


If you find factual errors, or know of useful information that would improve these pages, I really want to hear from you.


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