Children of Joseph and Rachel Watson

01.  Hannah Watson

1784-02-06 b. Ryding, Allendale, Northumberland TNA: RG 6/304
1803-08-24 d. Allendale MM RG 6/385, /464
1803-08-27 bur. east side, Wooleyburnfoot fbg, Allendale

Esther (Watson) Watson 02. Esther Watson

03. Rachel Watson

1786-01-16 b. Allendale, Northumberland Percy Corder (1914) The Life of Robert Spence Watson. London: Headley Brothers—citing History of Northumberland and Register of Society of Friends at Allendale
before 1790-07-05 presumably d. TNA: RG 6/305; Annual Monitor

04. William Watson

1788-01-25 b. The Riding, Allendale, Northumberland TNA: RG 6/304; Annual Monitor
1810-07-04 joiner and cabinet maker, of The Riding, Allendale; m. Elizabeth Richardson (cal 1786 – 1859), at Wigton, Cumberland RG 6/1155; Annual Monitor
Children: Hannah (1811–1828), Robert Richardson (1813–1900), John (1815–1866), Mary (1817–1877), William (1819–1889), Hannah (cal 1822 – 1850), Elizabeth (1822–1837), Joseph (1824–1840), Rachel (1826–1831) RG 6/228, /384, /463, /775, /778, /1151; Annual Monitor; censuses
1811 carpenter, of Studdon, Allendale RG 6/384
1822 yeoman, of Studdon, East Allendale
1824 commercial clerk, of Bensham, Gateshead, Durham RG 6/775
1826 cheese monger, of Villa Place, Westgate, near Newcastle RG 6/404, /775
1841 agent, of Romulus Terrace, Gateshead, living with his family TNA: HO 107/296/10 f35 p3
1841-05-18 co-executor of his father's estate, and inherited a quarter of all his houses and lands Durham Probate Records, DPRI/1/1841/W8





BEGS to announce that he has always on Hand an Assortment of BRYANT & MAY'S LONDON GREASE, prepared for every description of Work, suitable for Railways, Collieries, Iron Masters, &c.

This Grease is of superior Quality, and the Prices low., which would appear not to fit

Orders for Blasting Powder, for the Elter Water Gunpowder Co., executed with Dispatch, at the Manufacturer's Prices.

N.B. A Shop Front to be disposed of, consisting of Two Windows, a Door, and Shutters, in good Condition.

Newcastle Courant; NB I am now doubtful that this is a correct identification, as other newspaper references to this William Watson of Bridge Street refer to him as William Watson jr, which would appear not to fit

gent.; petitioning creditor of George Watson of Gateshead, bookseller, on behalf of the Newcastle Commercial Banking Compy.

Perry's Bankrupt Gazette, 1846-01-31
1851 commission agent, living with his family and a general servant at 1 High Street West, Gateshead HO 107/2402 f301 p1
1856-05-27 a member of the Society of Friends, of Gateshead; d. in High West Street, Gateshead Annual Monitor; GRO index; Newcastle Journal, 1856-05-31

05. Rachel Watson

1790-07-05 b. The Riding, Allendale, Northumberland TNA: RG 6/305; Annual Monitor
1812-09-16 m. Thomas Pattinson (1790–1817, grocer and tea dealer, of Alston, Cumberland), at Allendale RG 6/188, /355, /465, /1155; digest of Durham Quaker births: digest; Annual Monitor; information from Ann Craven
Children: William Watson (1813–1894), Margaret (1815–1842), Mary (? – ?) GRO index; RG 6/404, /775; censuses; information from Ann Craven
1812/1817 lived at Allendale Townhead Worthies
1841 ind., living with her son at Felling Cottages, Heworth, Jarrow, Durham TNA: HO 107/297/2 f35 p29
1841-05-18 inherited her father's furniture and the whole contents of his house, and a quarter of all his houses and lands Durham Probate Records, DPRI/1/1841/W8
1850-01-05 of Felling, near Newcastle-on-Tyne; d. Gateshead RD RG 6/304; Annual Monitor; GRO index
1850 bur. Pilgrim St Friends' burying-ground, Newcastle-upon-Tyne information from Ann Craven

06. Joseph Watson

1792-10-26 b. The Riding, Allendale, Northumberland TNA: RG 6/304
1817-07-03 of Allendale; m. Mary Walker (1793–1828, b. Cockermouth, d. of Jacob and Ann Walker, of Lamplugh), at Cockermouth fmh, Cumberland RG 6/226, /264, /494, /1065, /1155; 1834 Annual Monitor (supplement); Carlisle Patriot, 1817-07-12; Durham County Advertiser, 1817-07-19
Children: Rachel (1818–1833), Ann (1819–1902), and Esther (1821–1840) RG 6/384, /463; censuses; Annual Monitor; GRO index
1818 yeoman, of Studdon Park, Allendale RG 6/463
  farmer source misplaced
1822-04-13 yeoman, of Studdon Park, Allendale; d. Allendale MM RG 6/385; 1834 Annual Monitor (supplement)
1822-04-17 bur. at or near the East Side, Allendale fbg RG 6/385, /465
1822-06 will proved in the Prerogative and Exchequer Court of York Sewell - Arnall Tree

JOSEPH WATSON, jun.  Allendale          28                                5Mo. 1822.

His disorder was a consumption of a lingering kind, by which he was confined to his room for several months. It was not till about six weeks before his decease, that he gave up all hope of recovery; het from the beginning of his illness he was preserved in a quiet, lamb-like state of mind; saying, at times, that he had no desire to live but for the sake of his family. He frequently desired his brother to read a portion of the Scriptures by his bed-side, in hearing which he expressed great satisfaction. On one of these occasions that passage of Isaiah, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee," affected him sweetly; being favoured to witness it verified in his own experience.

Toward the latter part of his illness, when affected with pain, he expressed a fear lest his patience might not hold out to the end; yet no expression of impatience ever escaped him; and he frequently spoke of the happy state of his mind. One evening, when several of his Friends were in his room, he said: "I have to struggle with great weakness, and sometimes considerable pain; but I trust I shall be enabled to wait with patience the appointed time, and then I doubt not I shall be removed beyond the reach of all pain; and may you all, my dear Friends! be favoured to feel the same animating influence, when you come to my state: I hope we shall meet again in Heaven."

At another time, when a Friend was remarking the length of his sufferings, he said: "I sometimes think the time long; but, when I consider the length of eternity, it appears very short." Some time previous to his death, being reduced and exceedingly weak, he grew anxious to be released, but still continued patient. On the day of his death he took an affectionate leave of his Wife and Brother, and for a time appeared restless and uneasy to be gone. Being observed to whisper, his brother asked him if he wanted any thing. He said: "No! I am praying to be released, and that the Guardian Angel of the Lord's presence may attend me in the last conflict." He desired his love might be remembered to his absent relations and friends, and soon after said: "Now! now! I shall be released!"

1823 Annual Monitor

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