Elizabeth Shingleton born Townsend

cal 1815 b. Streatley, Berkshire censuses
1815-01-15 of Drayton St Leonard, Oxfordshire; bapt. there parish register
1841 f. servant in the household of Helen Pearman, inde., Gatehampton House, Goring, Oxfordshire TNA: HO 107/882/3 f12 p19
1842-07-18 of Streatley; m. Joseph Shingleton, Streatley pc; marked her name marriage certificate
Children: Samuel (1842–1885), Sophia (1845 – after 1901), Richard (1849–1855), Stephen (1850–1859), Joseph (1854–1878), David (1855–1927), Selina (1857–1891), and Elizabeth (1859–1930)—all b. in Moulsford, Berkshire censuses; daughter's birth certificate; son's death certificate; GRO index; National Burial Index; parish register
1845-01-29 of Moulsford; marked her name daughter's birth certificate
1847-07-09 included in list of inhabitants of Moulsford present at the Consecration dinner in the Tent in the Parsonage Field, Moulsford parish register
1851 ag. lab., of Moulsford, living with her husband and four children HO 107/1690 f28 p4
1855-01-26 son Richard d. parish register
1859-03-12, Saturday son Stephen "died from effects of the small bone of the leg injured by accident on that day fortnight when at play—He had come to school & church twice the next day, & did not complain much till the Monday after the accident."
1860-04-17 eldest son Samuel went with Captain Browell & his family to Southampton, as groom
1860-12  struck by her daughter Sophy parish register; A History of Moulsford. Compiled from various sources for the Moulsford Village show in August 1986
1860-12-26 with family, left the village to settle at Newbury, Berkshire parish register; A History of Moulsford
1861 corn porter's wife, of Market Place, Newbury, living with her husband and four children TNA: RG 9/720 f122
1871 washerwoman, of Bartholomew Street, Newbury, living with her husband and two children, both b. Moulsford, 1855/1859 RG 10/1250 f3 p1
1871-09-15 Borough Magistrates' Office:

PROTECTION ORDER.—Elizabeth Shingleton, wife of Joseph Shingleton, coal salesman, said her husband had deserted her, and she applied for a protection order. The Bench having heard the woman's statement, granted the application.

Reading Mercury, 1871-09-16
1881 laundress, of 85 Bartholomew Street, living with her daughter, b. Moulsford, 1859-60 RG 11/1269 f93 p2
1888 Q1 d. Newbury RD GRO index
1888-03-29 bur. St Nicolas, Newbury National Burial Index
  second child and eldest daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Townsend marriage certificate; IGI


Richard Townsend

cal 1786 b. Streatley, Berkshire censuses
1786-10-12 bapt. Streatley ftwAugust2011
1810-11-15 m. Elizabeth Hoar, at St Mary's, Streatley, Berkshire, by banns Berkshire Marriages Index
1815 blacksmith, of Drayton St Leonard, Oxfordshire parish register
Children: William (c. 1812 – 1864), Elizabeth (1815–1888), Caroline (cal 1821 – 1887), Maria (cal 1821 – after 1841), Thomas (cal 1826 – 1858), and Mary (cal 1841 – after 1861) censuses; GRO index; National Burials Index; Berkshire Burial Index
1841 ag. lab., of Westridge, Streatley, Berkshire, living with his family TNA: HO 107/23/19 f7 p10
1842 labourer; daughter living in Streatley daughter's marriage certificate
1851 farm lab., of Streatley, widower, living with his daughter and son HO 107/1691 f53 p29
1861 ag. lab., of Streatley Village, living with his daughter TNA: RG 9/742 f127 p15
1863 Q2 d. Hungerford RD GRO index
  youngest child of Simon and Sarah Townsend ftwAugust2011


Simon Townsend

cal 1729 b. Berkshire Burial Index
1765-10-28 m. Sarah Ilsley, at Streatley, Berkshire Berkshire marriages index
Children: Mary (1766 – ?), Sarah (1769 – ?), Esther (1771 – ?), William (1774–1802), Elizabeth (1778–1799), Martha (1781 – after 1805), John (1783–1852), and Richard (1786–1863), all bapt. Streatley Berkshire Burial Index; Berkshire Marriages Index; Ward2
1813 d. Berkshire Burial Index
1813-12-15 bur. St Mary's, Streatley


Sarah Townsend born Ilsley

1747 b. Streatley, Berkshire Ward2
1765-10-28 m. Simon Townsend, at St Mary, Streatley, Berkshire Berkshire marriages index
Children: Mary (1766 – ?), Sarah (1769 – ?), Esther (1771 – ?), William (1774–1802), Elizabeth (1778–1800), Martha (1781 – after 1805), John (1783–1852), and Richard (1786–1863), all bapt. Streatley Berkshire Burial Index; Berkshire Marriages Index; Ward2
  daughter of David and Elizabeth Ilsley Ward2


David Ilsley

  m. Elizabeth ____ Ward2


Elizabeth Ilsley born ____

  m. David Ilsley Ward2


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