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The war diaries of Sidney Beck (1915-1998)


My father, Sidney Beck, served with 341 Battery of the 86th Field Regiment (Hertfordshire Yeomanry), Royal Artillery, during the WW2 campaign in North-West Europe, and for a while afterwards, as part of the army of occupation. The Battery Diary he compiled has been available on this website for a number of years. This was edited by my father from a combination of the battery command post log and his own letters to his wife. The battery command post log is not in my possession, but is understood to be held at the Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies, ref. D/EYo/2/63, which also holds one of the typescripts of the Battery Diary. The typescript of the Battery Diary that I inherited from my father is now held by the Imperial War Museum, ref. Documents.8602, along with the typed transcript of his letters to my mother, and a small ms notebook containing a diary of the immediate weeks from D-Day onwards.

This website now includes not just the Battery Diary, as before, but also the full text of my father's transcribed letters home, and the diary pages of the ms notebook.

Sidney Beck, 26 May 1945, Stedorf

Sidney Beck, 26 May 1945, Stedorf


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