Children of Richard and Margaret Thistlethwaite

01. William Thistlethwaite

1676/7-03-10 bapt. Dent, Yorkshire "England Births and Christenings, 15381975," database, FamilySearch: 11 February 2018, Willyam Thistlethwayte, 10 Mar 1677, citing index based upon data collected by the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, FHL microfilm 100,090
1686-11-19 mentioned as a beneficiary in the will of his father Richard Thistlethwaite will transcript, in Brian Davey: Thistlethwaite CD
1700/1760 of Harborgill, Dent; William had rebuilt Harborgill, and his initials WT and date 1700 appeared over the entrance porch until at least 2001 Bernard Thistlethwaite (1910) The Thistlethwaite Family. A Study in Genealogy. Privately printed
1705-10-03 of Harborgill; m. Alice Mason (16811750/1, of Hudshouse, Dent, b. Bristol, d. of James and Isabel Mason), at Leayeat fmh, Dent TNA: RG 6/1246, /1547; Thistlethwaite (1910); Rachel Labouchere (1988) Abiah Darby of Coalbrookdale. York: Sessions
Children: Richard (17061793), James (17081786), Margaret (17101798), John (17121800), Anthony (17141737), Isabel (17171776), Anne (17201772), Thomas (17231786), and Timothy (17251766), all b. Harborgill RG 6/731, /900, /1068, /1075, /1082, /1143, /1246, /1547; Edward H. Milligan (2007) Biographical Dictionary of British Quakers in Commerce and Industry 17751920. York: Sessions Book Trust; Thistlethwaite (1910)
1708-04-23 "John Greenwood and Wm. Thistlethwayte is aptd to attend next monthly meeting." In the years which follow, William Thistlethwaite is frequently appointed to duties of importance under the meeting. Thistlethwaite (1910), citing Dent PM minute book
1709/10-02-22 "Willyam Thistlethwayte is desired by this meeting to speak to Peter Chapman, to call all his creditors and offer all his goods to satisfaction.
1711-10-28 "William Thistlethwayte is appointed to draw up sufferings and friends is desired to give him account thereof before our next."
1714-10-24 . . . "it is agreed by this meeting that all the books that belongs to this meeting shall henceforth be lodged in William Thistlethwayte's hand, and that all friends of this meeting shall have recourse thereunto at their request and that a catalogue thereof shall be kept in our Preparative Meeting Book."
1718-06-22 . . . "agreed by this meeting that a new stable be built adjoining to the east end of the Meeting House at Leayet. William Thistlethwayte and John Burton are appointed to use it."
1728-12-03 mentioned in the will of his father in law James Mason Thistlethwaite CD
1741 a freeholder in Dent; voted for George Fox, Esq., in the poll for the county of York poll book
1752-01 had a terrible experience in escaping from his home at Harborgill during the famous Dent 'gillbrach' Thistlethwaite (1910)
  "William Thistlethwaite was a handsome man of middle stature, of friendly genteel manners, his disposition somewhat reserved, and his words few." Alice Chorley, as transcribed by Elizabeth Fothergill in 1795; cited in Thistlethwaite (1910)
1760-06-02 of Harbourgill in Kirthwaite in Dent; made will:

All my Messuage & Tenement of Harbourgill with all the Rights Priviledges Hereditaments and Appurtenances thereunto belonging with a Large Cupboard & Table standing the Parlour A Large Ark & Bedstead standing in the Bodystead Loft and a Large stone Table standing on the Backside of My said house And the Largest joyner work Chist to my son Richard Thistlethwaite for ever. Nevertheless charging him with the payment of two hundred & forty pounds forth and out of the same unto my Executors at the end of one year after my decease.

To my son John for ever all that my Messuage & Tenement called Leayeat, with &c and a Cupboard standing in the said house. Nevertheless charging him with the payment of thirty pounds out of the estate [same as for Richard]

To my son Timothy for ever my m & t of New Closes & Knew Intack &c, with a Cupboard standing in the dwelling house at Leayeat.

To my daughter Margaret wife of Alexander Fothergill the sum of forty pounds, the remainder of her portion.

To my daughter Isabel the wife of Henry Moreland 40, the remainder of her portion.

To my daughter Ann the wife of Christopher Thistlethwait 40, the remainder of her portion.

To my son Timothy 30 in addition to what I have already devised to him.

My two sons James and Thomas appointed joint executors and I give and bequeath to them the remainder of my personal estate, obliging my son James to reckon and account for what he has already received as a part of his portion and the executorship with my son Thomas.

Further my will & pleasure is that if my son Timothy shall have a mind to stay at Harbourgill for the space of one year after the payment of the above legacies, the same shall be granted him, paying a reasonable rent for the same.

Signed William Thistlethwait

Witnesses: Anthony Mason; William Mason; Richard Burton

will transcript
1766-05-26 made codicil:

Be it known by all men by these presents that whereas I William Thistlethwait now of Rayside in Dent in the parish of Sedbergh and County of York yeoman have made and declared my said last Will and Testament in writing bearing date the sixth of February 1760 I the said William Thistlethwait by this present Codicil Confirm and Ratify my said last Will and Testament only with the following provisoe that in Case my son Timothy die before me it is my Will that the Bequest of the Estate given and devised to my son Timothy with the additional sum of thirty pounds devolve upon his two sons William and John equally between them their heirs and Assigns and to enter upon the same when the younger attains to twenty one years of age and the yearly profits growing and arising therefrom during their minority to be by their parents or Guardians imployed for their Maintenance & Education....

Signed William Thistlethwait

Witnesses: William Mason; Richard Burton; Anthony Mason

will transcript
1766-07-12 yeoman, of Rayside, Dent; d. there RG 6/1547
1766-07-14 bur. Leayet, Dent
1766 will proved in the Archdeaconry of Richmond will transcript

02. John Thistlethwaite

c. 1679 b. Harborgill, Dent, Yorkshire information from Brian Davey
1679-03-28 bapt. Dent "England Births and Christenings, 15381975," database, FamilySearch: 30 December 2014, John Thistlethwayte, 28 Mar 1679, citing DENT, YORK, reference FHL microfilm 100,090
1684-06-13 given the farm at Leayet, under the will of his uncle John Thistlethwaite Thistlethwaite CD
1686-11-19 mentioned as a beneficiary in the will of his father Richard Thistlethwaite
1693-02-16 mentioned as a beneficiation in the will of his uncle Anthony Thistlethwaite
1697/8-03-19 of Knowes in Grisedale, Yorkshire; made his nuncupative will Thistlethwaite CD, including will transcript
c. 1697 d. Grisedale, Garsdale, Yorkshire Thistlethwaite CD
1698-04-01 inventory taken:

Imprimis his purse and Apparell

Item Three Kine 8-00-00
Item A Mare 4-00-00
Item In billes & bondes [not itemised] 407-06-08
Item In other Debts owing to the Deceased [not itemised] 50-00-00




Thistlethwaite CD, including inventory transcript
1698-05-05 John Thistlehwayte last will and testament Item unto my tow sisters which was Samuels either of them A hundred pounds Itm Ann Winn tenn pounds his tow sisters either tenn pounds And Isabel Dent 5 pounds Item James Whaley ten pounds Item James Harker 100 pounds Robert Dent 5 pounds Item Simond Harker 5 pounds and all the Rist of James Harker Children five pounds apiece

MEMORANDUM that John Thistlethwaite of Knowes in Grisedale in the parish of Sedbergh and County of York yeoman did (Animo testandi) on the nineteenth day of March Anno Domini one thousand Six Hundred Ninety and Seaven Make his Nuncupative Will in the presence of James Harker Robert Dent and Isabell Dent In words following or Words to the like Effect vizt Imprimis he gave unto his two Sisters Isabell Thistlethwte and Anne Thistlethwte. to each of them one Hundred pounds, Item he gave unto his Aunt the wife of Thomas Winne Ten Pounds Itm he gave unto Agnes Winne and Elizabeth Winne Daughters of Samuel Winne deceased to Each of them Ten pounds Item he gave unto Elizabeth Dent Five pounds, Item he gave unto his Unckle James Whaley Ten pounds, Item he gave unto his Unckle James Harker one Hundred pounds. Item he gave unto Robert Dent Five pounds. Item he gave unto Adam Harker Simon Harker James Harker David Harker Isabell Harker Anne Harker and Mary Harker the seaven Children of his said Unckle James Harker to Each of them Five pounds. And all the rest of his Goods and Chattalls he left unto Wm. Thistlethwaite his Brother, whom he made sole executor of his Nuncupative Will. This he declared to be his Will in the presence of the said James Harker Robt Dent and Isabel Dent

[There follow two more drafts of the Memorandum, written out in the form of a Will. Details of the disposal of assets is exactly as stated in the Memorandum, i.e. the terms of the original appear to have been subverted]

INVENTORY dated 1st April 1698

Appraised by Michaell Dawson, George Rawe, John Winne & Stephen Dente

Imprimis his purse and Apparell 050-00-00

Item Three Kine 008-00-00

Item A Mare 004-00-00

Item In billes & bondes [not itemised] 407-06-08

Item In other Debts owing to the Deceased [not itemised]

050-00-00. Total: 519-06-08

PROBATE BOND dated quinto die mensis Maij 1698

Bound: William Thistlethwaite of Harbergill in Dent yeoman, James Whaley of Sneasham, p. Aisgarth yeoman [J his mark], James Harker of Grisedale yeoman

Sworn: William Thistlethwaite.

'Ancestors of Isabel Burton', Master Genealogist report by Brian Davey, 2008-05-21

03. Isabel Thistlethwaite

04. Anne Thistlethwaite

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