Child of Harrison and Lucy Jackson

Hugo Harrison Jackson01. Hugo Harrison Jackson, BSc


"At Wilmslow, Lucy, wife of Harrison Jackson, a son, who was named Hugo Harrison."

The Friend XXX Mar:77; The British Friend XLVIII Mar:72; FAU personnel card
1891 living with parents at Albert Estate, Bollin Ter., Wilmslow, Cheshire TNA: RG 12/2820 f13 p15
1901 living with parents at 4 Windermere Rd, Kendal, Westmorland RG 13/4913 f65 p1
  attended Stramongate School British School and University memorial rolls; Holland
1903 won Stramongate school prize: Birds' Nests, Eggs & Egg Collecting information from Gill Sephton
1906 possessed a New Testament in French
1907-09 of Stramongate School, Kendal; matriculated in the second division Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 1907-09-30
  attended Sidcot School memorial plaque, in the refectory at Sidcot School
1908/1911 at Manchester University British School and University memorial rolls
1911 student science, living with grandfather, mother, and aunt, at Harrop Brow Farm, Pott Shrigley, near Macclesfield, Cheshire; 6 rooms RG14PN21455 RG78PN1277 RD444 SD2 ED8 SN47
1911 third class BSc honours in chemistry, Dalton Hall, University of Manchester The Friend; The British Friend; British School and University memorial rolls
  teacher's diploma British School and University memorial rolls
  became a science teacher Holland
  reference to Sidcot suggests that may have been where he taught FAU personnel card
1913/1914 master at Sidcot Bootham 9.2:104
1914 conscientious objector with absolute exemption, certificate no 140 W.O. FAU personnel card
1914-09 of 2 Highfield Villas, Kendal; schoolmaster; member of the Society of Friends; contracted with the Friends Ambulance Unit; kit expenses to self
1914-09-29 uniform supplied
1914-09/1914-10 trained at Jordans; qualifications: St Johns 1st aid cert., motor car, & motor cycles, French, BSc chemistry
1914-10 1st & 2nd inoculations
1914-11 joined the Friends Ambulance Unit and, after some initial training, went over to Belgium Holland
1914 brassard no 1432, cap badge no 1479, unit no 2 81, identity disc no 1970; passport no 118332 FAU personnel card
1914-12-04 at Dunkirk
1914-12-05 stationed at Kursaal
1914-12-06 orderly at H St Pierre
1915-01-12 Sec. to Sacre Coeur H
1915/1918 served with the Friends Ambulance Unit The Friend
1915-03-03/-03-14 on leave FAU personnel card
1915-03-15/-03-21 sick leave
1915-04-21/-04-29 unwell
1915-04-30 orderly at Kursaal
1915-05-06 orderly at Hazebrouck
1915-06-18/-07-27 leave
1915-07-29 orderly at Watten
1915-09-01 orderly at H Elizabeth
1915-10-04 orderly at Abbeville
1915-10-19/-12-02 leave
1915-12-04 storekeeper SSA14 at Coxyde
1916-03-04 storekeeper SSA14 at Kursaal
1916-03-20 storekeeper SSA14 at Coxyde
1916-05-01 storekeeper SSA14 at Kursaal
1916-05-12/-26 leave
1916-06-01 storekeeper SSA14 at Coxyde
1916-06 re-inoculation
1916-06-30 storekeeper SSA14 at Malo Centre
1916-08-01 storekeeper SSA14 at Coxyde
1916-10-11/-23 leave
1916-10-16 passport no 130774
1916-10-23 storekeeper SSA14
1917-01-25/-02-20 sick
1917-02-23/-03-14 leave
1917-04-03/-14 sick
1917-11-18/-12-09 leave
1918-05-27 motor driver (Orderly 1432) in the Friends Ambulance Unit, of 1 West View, Kendal, Westmorland; with the British Red Cross, attached to the French Army; killed by shell, at Braisne, France The Friend; National Probate Calendar; CWGC; FAU personnel card; British School and University memorial rolls

Any belongings of H.H. Jackson, including letters, papers etc, aret to be sent to:—

   H. Jackson

      The Universal Digestive Tea Co. Ltd.

         Colonial Warehouse,


& not to his home address.

FAU personnel card

Hugo Harrison Jackson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Jackson, 1, West Grove, Kendal, formerly of Manchester, was killed on May 27th in France. He was a member of the Friends' Ambulance Unit, a teacher by profession, and formerly a student of Dalton Hall.

Lancashire Evening Post, 1918-05-30

The FAU initially supplied their own vehicles and worked for the Belgian Army. Subsequently they became part of the Services Sanitaires Anglaises (SSA) of the French Army which then supplied their vehicles. Several units of the SSA were manned entirely by the FAU and Hugo was part of SSA14. For some time he organized stores but pressed to be allowed to go out with the ambulances. Whilst moving the sick and injured in Picardy along the Aisne front in May 1918, his ambulance became caught up in a rapidly shifting battlefront and was hit by a shell. The driver, N. Gripper was killed outright and Hugo did not survive the journey to the dressings station.


[A Bootham Boy:]

"He was in a convoy of seven cars at the time, [ . . . ] and he was about fifth [ . . . ]. We were on the way to get casualties, and had to pass through a town that was being heavily shelled. Naturally we did not move through slowly, but apparently not quickly enough, and his car was the only one hit, and they were the only men hit. The four cars in front of him knew nothing of it until we pulled up at our destination, and we experienced a heavy shock on hearing the news."

Bootham 9.1:67

[FAU colleagues:]

The convoy had just made a fairly long move to a little village some 20 kilometres behind the lines, and was expecting a few days' rest, when the German offensive of May 27th took us entirely by surprise. Almost immediately calls for ambulances came pouring in from the neighbouring villages, and N.E. Gripper was the last of a small convoy of six to go through B—————, which was being heavily shelled. The shell which killed him and fatally wounded Hugo H. Jackson (master at Sidcot, 1913-14) must have burst immediately in front of his car, and death was instantaneous. H.H. Jackson lived to reach the C.C.S. at M.N.D., in the cemetery of which both were buried that afternoon; four hours later the hospital fell into the hands of the enemy. Both have been posthumously awarded the Croix de Guerre.

Bootham 9.2:104
  bur. Grave 1.AA.18, British cemetery, Vailly-sur-Aisne, France—beside his colleague CWGC; Holland
  along with many of his SSA colleagues, was awarded the French Croix de Guerre British School and University memorial rolls; Holland
  also awarded the Victory and British War Medals, and the 1914-15 Star Medal Rolls
1918-12-02 administration at Carlisle to Harrison Jackson, tea blender; effects £567 4s. 8d. National Probate Calendar


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