The Tuck family of Hurley

Joseph Tuck = Charlotte Hale


Ruth Tuck = William Beck


Emma Dennis Beck = ?


Reuben Beck = Louisa Jarvis

      |         other children

Reuben Alexander Beck = Ruth Elizabeth Baggs


Ruth Tuck was baptised at Preshute, Wiltshire, on the 20th April 1817.1

She married [B2] William Beck on the 19th October 1834 in Hurley, where she lived at that time. Their only child was [B1] Emma (18351868), born in White Waltham.2

She is not found in the 1841 census returns, and there is no possible death registration from 1837 through 1849. She may have died soon after Emma's birth.

Ruth Tuck was the fifth child, and fifth daughter, of [B13] Joseph and [B14] Charlotte Tuck, of Manton.4



1 parish register. Although there is no firm documentary evidence, DNA evidence suggests that she was this Ruth Tuck. I myself have three matches, at 69 cM, with descendants of Amelia Tuck, a sister born to the same couple in 1814 (Ancestry Thrulines). It's suggestive, too, that the Berkshire Marriages Index shows Amelia Tuck marrying in White Waltham in 1834, suggesting that there is a local family link. This page assumes this is a correct identification.

2 parish register; husband's 2nd marriage certificate

3 Very speculatively, she could have left her husband and gone to New Zealand, like her sister Amelia. But I've found no documentary evidence that would support this. As things stand, she simply disappears from the historical record after 1835.

4 parish register


Described as a carpenter, of St Mary the Virgin, Marlborough, Wiltshire, Joseph Tuck married [B15] Charlotte Hale (? ?, of the same parish), at Preshute, Wiltshire, on the 3rd January 1811, by banns. Their children were: Sarah Jane (1811 ?), Maria (18121853), both bapt. Marlborough; Amelia (18141903), Mary Ann (18151821), [B13] Ruth (1817 after 1835), all bapt. Preshute; Anne (1821 ?), and Mary Anne (1821 ?), both bapt. Marlborough. In 1815 he was described as a wheelwright, of Manton, Wiltshire; in 1821 a wheelwright of St Mary, Marlborough.1

Described as a carpenter at his daughter's marriage in 1840, he is not found in the 1841 and 1851 censuses, and no record of death or burial has yet been found.2


1 Marlborough register of marriages; Marlborough and Preshute registers of baptisms; Beaminster register of burials; New Zealand death index; Find a Grave; Wiltshire Baptisms index

2 Egham parish register

Suggestions for further research

I still remain a little troubled by the Wiltshire connection, not least because the DNA evidence is rather weak. And of course we have no evidence of [B13] Ruth (Tuck) Beck later than 1835, which is also unsatisfactory. Although a quest for birth/baptism and parentage details for [B14] Joseph Tuck could be undertaken (and similarly a search for his death/burial), it's not clear that this wouldn't just compound the problem, given my lingering doubts about the parentage of [B13] Ruth Tuck.


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