Children of Richard and Elizabeth Bourn(e)

01. James Bourn

c. 1783-06 b. TNA: PRO RG 4/2729
1789-02-26 d. aged 5 yrs 8 months PRO RG 4/2729
1789-03-02 bur. Horsham General Baptist meeting house RG 4/2729; Leonard J. Maguire (1981) Records of the General Baptist Meeting House (now Unitarian), Horsham, Sussex, Vol. I, privately published

02. Sarah Bourn

1785-10-22 b. Warnham, Sussex; in register of Horsham General Baptist church East Sussex RO baptism index; TNA: PRO HO 107/1097/3 f29 p7 suggests cal 1788; PRO HO 107/1648 f320 p13 suggests cal 1787, Loxwood, Sussex
1812-01-15 m. Richard Moase (cal 1788 – 1859, farmer and bailiff), at Warnham FamilySearch; will; censuses
1816-01-12 had already been given £500 by her father; this was to be taken as part of her share of her father's estate PROB 11/1576 copy will
1820-12-01 a witness of Hannah Pollard’s will PRO PROB 11/1646 A.419
1832 of Lindfield, Sussex, farmer; Richard Moase named as co-executor and trustee of James Pollard’s will PROB 11/2138
1840-07-16 Richard Moase made will; Richard yeoman of Lindfield; left all to Sarah; James Pollard sole executor will
1841 resident with his sister at Park Farm, Horsham HO 107/1097/3 f29 p7
1851 farmer's bailiff's wife, of Pondtail Lane, Horsham, living with his niece HO 107/1648 f320 p13
1859-05-09 Richard Moase’s letters of administration, with will annexed, granted to Sarah Moase of Horsham, widow relict and universal legatee named in the will. Richard Moase formerly of Lindfield and late of Horsham Yeoman National Probate Calendar
1861-01-04 of Horsham; d. there aged 74; buried at Horsham General Baptist meeting house National Probate Calendar; Leonard J. Maguire (1981) Records of the General Baptist Meeting House (now Unitarian), Horsham, Sussex, Vol. I, privately published
1861-01-25 will proved at Chichester by Benjamin Potter and Robert Rowland, executors; effects under £1000 National Probate Calendar

SARAH MOASE, Deceased.

PURSUANT to an Act of Parliament, passed in the 22nd and 23rd years of the Reign of her present Majesty, entituled "An Act to further amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees," Notices is hereby given, that all Creditors and other persons having any claim or demand on or against the Estate of SARAH MOASE, late of Horsham in the County of Sussex, Widow, who was the Administratrix with the Will annexed of RICHARD MOASE, formerly of Lindfield and late of Horsham, in the County of Sussex, Yeoman, and who died on the fourth day of January last, are hereby required to send the particulars of their claims, on or before the seventh day of September next, to BENJAMIN POTTER, of Horsham aforesaid, Miller, and ROBERT ROWLAND, the younger, of Horsham aforesaid, Farmer, the Executors of the Will of the said SARAH MOASE, deceased.

And Notice is hereby further given, that after the said seventh day of September next, the said Executors will proceed to distribute the Assets of the said SARAH MOASE, deceased, among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which the said Executors shall then have had notice, and that the said Executors will not be liable to any person of whose claim they shall not have had notice. Dated the eighth day of August, 1861.

W. STEDMAN,                           

Horsham, Sussex,               

Solicitor to the Executors.

Sussex Agricultural Express, 1861-08-10

03. Ann Bourn

1787-06-16 b. Warnham, Sussex; in register of Horsham General Baptist meeting house TNA: PRO RG 4/2729; East Sussex RO baptism index
1787-08-05 d.
1787-08-07 bur. Horsham General Baptist; name not given, described merely as "An Infant of Richd Bourn’s"

04. Richard Bourn

1788-08-02 b. Horsham General Baptist; parents of Warnham, Sussex TNA: PRO RG 4/2729
1810-03-20 d. Horsham General Baptist; aged 21; parents of Warnham

bur. Horsham General Baptist meeting house

05. Susanna Bourn

06. Mary Bourn(e)

c. 1792 b. Warnham, Sussex FamilySearch; censuses; Ancestors of Mary Bourn
1813-02-15 obtained Archdeaconry of Chichester marriage licence Ancestors of Mary Bourn
1813-02-17 m. Richard Harding (1794–1875, carpenter, of Warnham; s. of Richard and Sarah Harding), at St Margaret's, Warnham FamilySearch; PRO PROB 11/1576 copy will; Ancestors of Mary Bourn; Ancestors of Richard Harding
1816-01-12 under her father's will, she inherited, jointly with her sister Susanna Bourn, as tenants in common, "All that my Messuage Buildings Malthouse Garden Orchard Croft of Land and Premises called [Gwyers?] situate lying and being in Billinghurst aforesaid and now in the occupation of Stephen Knight"; as well as an equal share with her siblings of the residue of her father's property, apart from that given to his wife. PROB 11/1576 copy will
Children: Henry (1819–1880), William (cal 1822 – 1868), Frederick (1824–1879), Richard (1825–1909), Annis (1827–1886), Agnes (1830–1854), Alice (1834–1904) censuses; GRO index; Ancestors of William Harding
1841 living with her husband, seven children, and a female servant at the Shelley Arms, Horsham, Sussex HO 107/1 f26 p5
1851 living with her husband, three children, and a servant (also named Bourne) at Fraters, Horsham HO 107/1648 f188 p21
1861 farmers wife, living with her husband, daughter, and two servants at Shelleys Farm, Horsham RG 9/608 f12 p18

PRATER'S FARM, TOWER HILL, NEAR TO THE TOWN OF HORSHAM.—Valuable Live Stock, Furniture and Effects.



On Thursday, the 26th September, 1867, commencing at 12 o'clock, by direction of Mr Richard Harding, quitting

COMPRISING a team of four excellent young cart horses, sound and good workers, a fat steer and heifer, five lusty two-year-off steers, 12 prime yearlings, two good Sussex cows, wean years, six fat hogs.

All the excellent IMPLEMENTS and Tackling, including broad and narrow wheel waggons, carts, half-swing and other ploughs, Bental's broadshare, harrows, rollers, sheep rack and cages, wattles, turnip cutters, oil cake breakers, and the usual minor tools, good cider press and apple mill.

HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, consisting of bedsteads, four prime feather beds, chests of drawers, washstands, tables, chairs, &c., handsome long oak table, and forms, good mahogany dining and other tables, barometer, single barrel gun, usual kitchen and brewing and dairy utensils, prime pickled pork, a number of sweet casks.

Catalogues upon application.

Sussex Agricultural Express, 1867-09-14
1871 living with her husband and daughter at New Street, North Horsham RG 10/1097 f103 p23
1872-09-17 d. Warnham, West Sussex GRO index; Ancestors of Mary Bourn
  bur. St Margaret, Warnham

Double Headstone & footnotes
Left-hand side: In memory of Mary Bourn beloved wife of Richard Harding who died September 17th 1872 age 82 years. Her ways are the ways of Pleasantness and all her paths are peace.
Right-hand side: In memory of Richard Harding who died September 25th 1875 aged 82 years. The Lord hath taken away Blessed be the name of the Lord
Footnotes: Right-hand: R H 1875 Left-hand M B H 1872

Ancestors of Mary Bourn

07. Stephen Bourn(e)

cal 1794 b. Warnham, Sussex TNA: PRO RG 9/613 f55 p3
1816-01-12 inherited from his father "All that my Messuage Barn Buildings Farm and Lands called Little Rowfold containing by Estimation twenty Acres more or less situate lying and being in the Parish of Billingshurst in the County of Sussex and now in the tenure or occupation of S[...] Wadey"; and "the Lease of the Farm which I now hold and occupy under Sir Bysshe Shelley Baronet in the Parish of Warnham aforesaid upon condition that he take the Stock Crops and Husbandry Tackle of and belonging to the same Farm and also of and belonging to my Farm called Rowfold at a fair Valuation . . ." PRO PROB 11/1576 copy will
1816-04-18 m. Mary Holland (c. 1795 – 1869, b. Itchingfield, Sussex), at Warnham FamilySearch; PRO RG 9/613 f55 p3
Children: Stephen (cal 1817 – 1828), Ann (cal 1818 – 1827), Eliza (cal 1822  – after 1851), John (cal 1824 – 1828), Richard (cal 1826 – after 1841), Frederick (cal 1834 – 1844), Agnes (cal 1836 – 1902), Walter (c. 1837 – 1904) PRO HO 107/1096/2 f13 p3; HO 107/1650 f188 p3; RG 4/2729; National Probate Calendar
1835-12-23 one lot for sale by auction at the Sussex Oak, Warnham, was: "Lot 2---A freehold house in three tenements with piggeries, wood house and garden near the Guildford turnpike Road at Broadbridge Heath in the occupations of Stephen Bourne, James Knight and John Penfold, at rent of £16 10s per annum." Horsham Posters; Sussex Advertiser, 1835-12-14
1841 ag. lab., living with his wife and four children at Broadbridge Heath, Sullington, Sussex HO 107/1096/2 f13 p3
1851 catch [cattle?] dealer, living with his wife and daughter at Broadbridge Heath, Sullington HO 107/1650 f188 p3
1855 farmer entry for daughter's marriage, parish register of St Benet's Gracechurch, London
1861 retired farmer, living with his wife and probable son and daughter-in-law at Broadbridge Heath, Sullington RG 9/613 f55 p3
1865 Q3 d. Horsham RD GRO index

08. William Bourn(e)

cal 1795/6 b. Horsham, Sussex TNA: PRO RG 10/677 f51 p11; parish register
1816-01-12 inherited from his father "All that my Messuage Barn Buildings Farm Lands and Premises called Smithaw containing by Estimation thirteen Acres more or less situate lying and being in the Parish of Slinfold in the said County of Sussex and now in my own occupation" subject to an annual rent charge of £20 and the payment of £10 annually to his [Richard's] wife Mary for the term of her life; and "the Stock Crops and Husbandry Tackle on the said Farm called Smithaw . . ." at a fair valuation PRO PROB 11/1576 copy will
1818-11-26 m. Ann Mills (d. of Edward Mills), at Horsham FamilySearch; PRO RG 10/677 f51 p11
Children: William (1819 – ?), Walter (1821 – ?), Elizabeth (1823 – ?), Edward (1825 – ?), Ann (1829 – 1891/1901), Peter (1832 – ?), Emily (? – 1836) PRO RG 4/2729; censuses
1819/1836 of Warnham, Sussex RG 4/2729
1841 not found in census  
1871 widower, infirm, living with his son Edward's family, son Walter, and two other journeyman bakers at 13 Clarendon Place, Kennington, Lambeth, London RG 10/677 f51 pp11-12
1874 Q4 d. Horsham RD GRO index
1874-12-18 of Spring Field, Colgate, Sussex; bur. Colgate parish register


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