Mary Ann Rogers born Skipp

cal 1818 b. Edmonton, Middlesex; Enfield, Essex; or Newington, Surrey TNA: HO 107/1565 f112 p40 says Enfield, Essex; TNA: RG 9/343 f97 p7 says Edmonton; RG 10 says Enfield; RG11 says Essex; RG 12, 13, and 14 say Newington
1838-04-16 of 6 Mitre Place, Lambeth, Surrey; m. James Thomas Rogers, St John the Evangelist pc, Lambeth, Surrey; marked her name son's birth certificate; marriage certificate; parish register
1841 of James Street, St Mary, Lambeth, living with her family HO 107/1061/6 f7 p10
Children: John (cal 1838 1885), Emma (1839 after 1883), Mary Ann (1841 after 1881), Henry (c. 1843 ?), George Callaway (18431884), Sarah (18451886), Elizabeth (1848 after 1871), Jane (18491915), James Thomas (18511921), and Henry (cal 1855 1891) sons' birth certificates; RG 10/620 f118 p9 and RG 11/550 f30 p8
1843 of 9 Pump Court, St Saviour, Surrey; marked her name son's birth certificate
1851 living with her family in Morton Court, St George's, Southwark, Surrey; name given as Margaret HO 107/1565 f112 p40
1851-11-01 of 4 Morton Court, Morton Street, Southwark son's birth certificate
1861 no occupation shown, living with her family at 8 Bedford St, St Mary Newington RG 9/343 f97 p7
1871 of Bedford St, Walworth; as "Jane" RG 10/620 f118 p9
1871-12-24 witnessed her daughter's wedding at St John's, Waterloo; marked her name parish register
1881 living at 8A Bedford Street, St Peter Walworth, Newington, London, with her husband, a son, and a boarder RG 11/550 f30 p8
1891 wood turner, employed, living with her husband, a son, and a lodger, in 2 rooms at 125 Brandon St, St Mary Newington, London RG 12/363 f59 p34
1901 living with her son and a lodger in 4 rooms at 125 Brandon St, St Peter Walworth, Newington, London RG 13/381 f52 p42
1903 Q4 d. Southwark RD GRO index
  d. of John Skipp marriage certificate

John Skipp

1838 sawyer daughter's marriage certificate; parish register


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