Collier (1)

Maud Singleton born Collier

1882-09-28 b. Land, Sidmouth, Devon birth certificate; TNA: RG 12/1673 f22 p18
  not bapt. in Sidmouth parish register
1891 scholar, of 7 Turnpike Terrace, Sidmouth, living with her grandparents RG 12/1673 f22 p18
  brought up by her grandmother Louisa Collier interview with Brenda Newnham
1901 housemaid domestic, in the household of Dunbar Fraser Huyshe, retired Lt-Col, Sid House, Salcombe Regis, Devon RG 13/2025 f60 p6
  Louisa set her up in the needlework business, as a court dressmaker in Sidmouth, before her marriage; employed a staff of about half a dozen interview with Brenda Newnham; interview with Brenda Newnham, 1991
1911 seamstress, own account, at home; living with her grandparents at 5 Lawn Vista, Sidmouth RG14PN12570 RG78PN721 RD269 SD2 ED19 SN47
1914-04-29 of Windy Arbour; m. William Joseph Singleton, parish church, Cheadle, Staffordshire marriage certificate
1914 living c/o Mrs Hurst, 2 Cumberland Place, Cheadle envelope in possession of Christopher Murphy
Children: Phyllis (1915–1994) and Brenda Ruby (1917–2007) interview with Brenda Newnham; daughter's birth certificate; GRO index
1920 living with her husband at 31 High Street, Herne Bay, Kent electoral registers
1921 occupation given as "Married", with "Home Duties" added by the enumerator; living with her family in 7 rooms at 31 High Street, Herne Bay, Kent; a young woman boarder, Emily Marion Harvey, "bigamously married", and her baby son, also included in the household RG 15/4348 RD59 SD2 ED3
c. 1922 [presumably actually 1925] inherited 5 Lawn Vista, Windy Arbour, Sidmouth, from Louisa Collier—sold it straight away interview with Brenda Newnham
  tall and slender, with beautiful hands, lovely dark eyes, sallowish complexion, and hair raven-black when young, snowy-white at her death
  In Herne Bay, ran a restaurant opposite W.J. Singleton's shop, then later worked with him in the shop; made the family's clothes and hats, grew and bottled fruit and veg.; limed eggs; was also a good bricklayer, made lace, and embroidered; worked all day in the shop and still did all the cooking, supervised washing, starching, ironing and goffering, and did all the above. information from Brenda Newnham
  as a cure for warts, used cucumber skin and the inner surface of broad bean pods
  very good at art; used to do the most beautiful embroidery, smocking, beautiful lace-work; painted as well interview with Brenda Newnham
  used to show her things at village shows—always won prizes
  When she first lived in Herne Bay, she used to visit the workhouse in Blean—taking knitting and presents in for the babies, and things like that. Fostered a little boy called Rodney for a good few years, almost from the time he was born, until his parents went to India.
  always took the family, for a summer holiday, to Sidmouth, or sometimes to Exeter
  played the mandolin interview with Brenda Newnham, 1991
  suffered from Bright's disease
1926 of 31 High Street, Herne Bay; daughter Phyllis given a free place at Herne Bay County School Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 1926-06-19
c. 1931 moved to London, renting a room in Kilmorie Rd, SE23, from a Mrs Quigley, later moving into a downstairs flat in Stanstead Rd information from Brenda Newnham; interview with Brenda Newnham says 1928/9
1936 living at 9a Mayow Road, Sydenham, London, SE23, with her husband and elder daughter, and an Amelia Maud Holland electoral register
1939-09-29 unpaid domestic duties, living with her husband and elder daughter at 156 Perry Vale, Lewisham, London 1939 England and Wales Register (TNA: RG 101)
c. 1945—before the end of the war went to Dublin to live with her daughter Phyllis—was there 8-9 years; then returned to England, and after c. 6 months Phyllis bought a house in Finchley, where she mostly lived for the last ten years of her life [sometimes with jer daughter Brenda]. information from Brenda Newnham
  that she was illegitimate explains much—she was always very disapproving of that sort of thing
  not affectionate as a mother
  believed that children should be seen and not heard—but broadened out a lot as a grandmother interview with Brenda Newnham
1962-07-09 d. at Phyllis's, 17 Elm Park Road, Finchley, London N.3, of a) mesenteric embolus b) arteriosclerosis death certificate; information from Debbie Wells
  bur. Muswell Hill cemetery; no stone; daughter Brenda organized funeral information from Brenda Newnham
  daughter of John Collier marriage certificate
  daughter of ____ ____ and Alice Collier birth certificate
  daughter Brenda didn't think W.H. Piper (mother's later husband) was her father; was inclined to believe it was a Potbury, and that 5 Lawn Vista may have come to the family as "hush money" information from Brenda Newnham

John Collier

1914 gardener daughter's marriage certificate; reference probably really relates to her mother's father John Collier

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