Children of George Callaway and Sophia Rogers 

01. Elizabeth Charlotte Ellen Rogers

1872-10-03 b. 7 Deans Buildings, St Peter, Walworth, St Saviour, Surrey birth certificate; TNA: RG 11/569 f19 p31; TNA: RG 13/307 f37 p14; Henry Roberts gedcom
1879-07-09 of 96 Blue Anchor Lane; bapt. St James, Bermondsey, Surrey parish register
1881 scholar, living with her family in a flat at 37 Lucey Road, St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey RG 11/569 f19 p31
1891 general servant, employed, in the household of Charles Scott, coffee house keeper, of 74 Union St, St Saviour RG 12/342 f33 p17
1898-11-13, -20, -27 of School House, Brick Lane; banns of marriage published, Christ Church with St Mary and St Stephen, Spitalfields banns book
1899-06-08 of 13 Block G, Dibden Street, Essex Road, Islington, London; m. Daniel Roberts (18661949, dock labourer, b. Shoreditch, son of James Roberts), at Islington Registry Office, London marriage certificate; GRO index; RG 13/307 f37 p14; Canadian census; Henry Roberts gedcom
Children: Joseph James (19021981, b. Mile End Old Town, London), and Henry Godfrey (19071980, b. Whitechapel, London) GRO index; 1911 census of Canada; 1921 census of Canada
1901 charwoman, living with her husband at 97 Katharine Buildings, St Botolph without Aldgate, London RG 13/307 f37 p14
1902 of St Catherine's Buildings, Royal Mint Street, Whitechapel, London son's birth certificate
1907 of 248 Katharine Buildings, Aldgate, London son's birth certificate
1907 emigrated to Canada 1921 census of Canada
1911 home worker, of Cornwall, Stormont, Ontario, Canada, living with her husband and two children 1911 census of Canada
1921 of Whitehead Ave, Cornwall Town, Glengarry-Stormont, Ontario, Canada; living with her husband and two children 1921 census of Canada
1951-02-06 d. Windsor, Ontario, Canada The Roberts Family 001; Henry Roberts gedcom
1951-02-08 bur. Green Lawn Memorial Park, Windsor, Ontario, Canada Henry Roberts gedcom

02. George Callaway Shingleton Rogers

cal 1874-11-03 b. 145 Storks Rd, Southwark, Surrey death certificate; GRO index
1874-12-22 of Storks Road, Bermondsey; d. 145 Storks Rd, Southwark, after 3 days bronchitis death certificate; cemetery burial register
1874-12-29 bur. City of London and Tower Hamlets Cemetery cemetery burial register

03. William Joseph Singleton or Rogers

04. Sophia Rogers or Singleton

1879-11-26 b. 96 Blue Anchor Lane, St James, St Olave Southwark, Surrey birth certificate; TNA: RG 11/569 f19 p31; RG 14/2557 RD27 ED14 SN435; 1939 England and Wales Register (RG 101)
1881 living with her family in a flat at 37 Lucey Road, St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Surrey RG 11/569 f19 p31
1889-01-01 admitted Havill St workhouse, to be maintained at Banstead London Metropolitan Archives CaBG/175/1
admitted from Camberwell, South Metropolitan School Dist.; C of E.; diet class 2 LMA SMSD/162
1889-01-14 discharged from Sutton School LMA X20/414
1891 scholar, of S.M.D. School for Girls, Banstead Lane, Sutton RG 12/545 f153 p17
1891-11-20 discharged from Banstead School CaBG/175/1
1901 servant domestic, of 20 Keston Rd, Camberwell, London, in the household of William Wallis, orchestral player RG 13/500 f133 p24
1906-06-18 of 39 West Square, Southwark; m. Henry Williams (18851959, cooper's clerk, of 39 West Square, s. of Henry Williams, cartman), at St Jude, Southwark, London, after banns GRO index; parish register; RG 14/2557 RD27 ED14 SN435; Bevercombe Family Tree
Child: Sophia Emma (19071986), b. Thornton Heath, Surrey GRO index; RG 14/2557 RD27 ED14 SN435; Bevercombe Family Tree
1911 living with her husband and daughter at 49 Fenham Rd, Peckham, London S.E.; 3 rooms RG 14/2557 RD27 ED14 SN435
1921 home duties; living with her husband and daughter in 5 rooms at 170 Livingstone Rd, Thornton Hth RG 15/03506 RD39 SD39-4 ED30 SN104


"A Christian Doesn't Take Out a Summons"

A plea that "the Lord put the whip into her hand" was made by Mrs. Sophia Williams, of Livingstone-road, Thornton Heath, when she was summoned at Croydon Borough Police Court, on Tuesday, for assaulting a boy of thirteen.

THE summons was issued by Mrs. Elizabeth Ely, of Livingstone-road, on behalf of her son.


The boy said he was playing with a ball on Monday of last week, kicking it from the kerb to the fence of his house, when defendant came out of her house opposite with a whip in her hand, and started to hit him with it, leaving weals on his left arm. He picked up a stick to defend himself. Mrs. Williams told him it was the law that he must not play in the street, and told him to go away.

Mrs. F.M. Davy and Mrs. Clark, also of Livingstone-road, said they saw Mrs. Williams assault the boy. Mrs. Clark adding that it was she who told him to use the stick.

P.s. Ilott gave evidence as to the weals on the boy's arm.


Mrs. Williams, who refused on religious grounds either to take the oath or to affirm, said she had been troubled for months by boys playing in the streets, and only the day before the boy's brother had played football on the Sabbath. A few minutes before, the boy had been insolent to her, and she went back into her house and took up a length of electrical flex. When the boy came back he called out to her. She went over to him and "the Lord took the whip." Mrs. Williams said that she was only an agent.

Corroborative evidence of the boy's behaviour was given by another witness.


The Bench decided to impose a fine of 10s., telling defendant that if she was annoyed again she should take out a summons.

"A Christian," replied Mrs. Williams, "doesn't take out a summons."

Defendant refused at first to pay the fine, and was therefore given the option of seven days' imprisonment.

Croydon Times, 1937-04-24
1939 certificated maternity nurse, of 32 Elms Drive, Lancing, Sussex 1939 England and Wales Register


Summoned at Shoreham yesterday for allowing an unscreened light to show from a window at her home at 32 Elm-drive, Lancing Sophia Williams was fined 10s.

Worthing Gazette, 1942-02-04
1963-03-06 of Graylingwell Hospital, Chichester, Sussex; d. Chichester RD GRO index; National Probate Calendar; Bevercombe Family Tree
1963-05-20 admon at Winchester to Sophia Emma Thompson (wife of Donald Harry George Thompson); effects 3009 16s. 10d. National Probate Calendar

05. Mary Ann Rogers or Singleton

1886 Q1 b. Lambeth RD GRO index; TNA: RG 13/505 f81 p33; TNA: RG 14/2457 RD27 ED7 SN24
1889-01-01 admitted Havill St workhouse, to be maintained at Sutton London Metropolitan Archives CaBG/175/1; LMA SMSD/162
admitted Sutton School; C of E.; diet class 3
1889-09-07 discharged from Sutton School LMA X20/414
1890-08-11 admitted from Camberwell; transferred from the SMD school at Herne Bay; diet class 3; mother in Gordon Rd House SMSD/163; X20/415
1891 scholar, of S.M.D. School for Boys & Girls, Brighton Road, Sutton RG 12/545 f135 p10
1891-04-19 admitted from Camberwell by her mother X20/415
1892-12-11 admitted Havil St; C of E X20/17
1892-02-02 discharged X20/415
1892-04-29 to Sutton Schools X20/17
1892-05-02 discharged Camberwell; transferred to Banstead Rd School; mother Mrs Rogers, 43 Mawby Rd, 44 Kender St, Old Kent Rd SMSD/164; CaBG/175/1
1893-12-19 admitted Havil St X20/17
1901 domestic, living with her mother in one room at 40 McKerell Rd, Peckham, Camberwell, London RG 13/505 f81 p33
1911 general servant (domestic), in the household of Joseph Charles Griffith, reporter, of 172 Turney Road, Dulwich Village, London S.E.; 7 rooms RG 14/2457 RD27 ED7 SN24
1921 not definitely identified in census  

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