Children of Robert and Margret Forster

01. Margaret Forster

1660-08-14 b. Hawthorne, Durham TNA: RG 6/1362, /1579
1701-05-25 m. Thomas Fearon (16771717, maltster, of Colourcoates, Northumberland, s. of Thomas and Jane Fearon), at Shotton, Durham TNA: RG 6/1245, /1362, /1579; will of Thomas Fearon
Children: Margaret (1702 c. 1747), and Thomas (1703 ?), both b. Cullercoates, Northumberland RG 6/1245; will of Thomas Fearon; Joseph Foster (1871) Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters of the North of England. Privately printed
1704/5-02-20 d. Newcastle upon Tyne MM RG 6/1245

02. Thomas Forster


03. Robert Forster

1664-08-08 b. Hawthorne, Durham TNA: RG 6/1579
1736-11-11 formerly merchant, of Rotterdam, Holland, but now gentleman, of Hawthorne; made his will, with sundry bequests, including to the poor; refers to his nephews Nicholas Dodshon of Hawthorne, Warren Maud of Sunderland, Robert Forster, and John Burdon, and cousins Anthony Robinson of North Shields, Hannah Holmes daughter of Hannah Holmes decd, Isabel Freeman and her husband of Sunderland, Alice Bell and her husband of London, Jane Miller [or Milner] of London, William Todd late of East Boldon, Jane Hunter of Sunderland, and his brother-in-law Thomas Fearon late of Whitby, his niece Sarah Abraham and her children Thomas, Robert, and Margaret; Thomas, Robert and Dodgshon Forster, sons of Robert Forster; nephews and nieces George, Robert and John Burdon, Frances Dodgshon, Mary Maud wife of Warren Maud, Alice Forster, Mary Burdon, and Margaret Heath wife of George Heath of Durham; his sister-in-law Sarah Forster of Hawthorne; Samuell and Thomas Maud sons of Warren Maud; his cousins Alice Patrick of London, Thomas Robinson of Sunderland; the Friends' burying ground at Hawthorne had been his property; the extensive will runs to 18 register pages, and demonstrates that the testator had considerable wealth will
1736/7-03-16 bur. Hawthorne TNA: RG 6/1579
1737-04-23 will proved at Durham will
  of the school at Hawthorn:

That at Hawthorn was endowed by Robert Forster of the same place, who, by will in 1738, gave the interest of 200l. to be paid to a Master for teaching eight poor children; he also bequeathed a School-house and a Dwelling-house for the Master in the village of Hawthorne, and directed the same to be kept in repair by the owner for the time being of this estate, which is now the property of the Duke of St. Alban's. The Friends (called Quakers) have since increased the salary to twelve guineas per annum, for the teaching of twelve poor children.

will; Robert Surtees' History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham, Vol. I, Part 2, p39

04. Mary Forster

1666-04-02 b. Hawthorne, Durham TNA: RG 6/1579
1692-05-27 of Hawthorne; m. Amos Burdon (16601727, b. Easington, Durham, s. of George and Barbary (Trewhitt) Burdon), at Shotton, Durham TNA: RG 6/1579
Children: George (1692/31737/8), Robert (16951696), Elizabeth (16971712), Robert (1700 ?), John (1704/51773), Mary (1707/81708), and Mary (17101745/6), all b. Easington RG 6/500, /1579
1737-10-26 d. Easington RG 6/1579; Joseph Foster (1871) Pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters of the North of England. Privately printed

05. Richard Forster


1668-04-30 b. Hawthorne, Durham TNA: RG 6/1579

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