Children of James and Elizabeth Birket

01. Myles Birket

02. Margrett Birket


1699-09-15 b. The Wood, Cartmel Fell, Lancashire TNA: RG 6/1084, /1267, /1616A
1722-06-21 of Wood, Cartmell; m. Jonathan Thornton (16911762, b. Lancaster, Lancashire, s. of Thomas Thornton), at the Height fmh, Cartmel, Lancashire TNA: RG 6/1004, /1084, /1267, /1616A
Children: Thomas (1723 ?), b. Warton, Lancashire; Elizabeth (17241750), James (17261794), William (17291760), Margaret (1731 ?), Jonathan (1735 ?), Mary (17371805), and Jane (17391811), all b. Caton, Lancashire RG 6/247, /1005, /1016, /1616, /1616A; US Quaker meeting records; information from Charles E.G. Pease, emails of 2010-02-07, 2011-04-04, & 2014-01-25, and mailings to Quaker-British-Isles mailing list
1783-03-11 "Thy Aunt Thornton is finely recoverd. of late and hope may be spared to us for some time to come." letter from James Birket to Robert Foster
1787-05-08 of Caton, Lancashire; d. RG 6/590, /807, /821, /1168B
"Lately, at Lancaster, aged 81, Mrs. Margaret Thornton, one of the people called Quakers." Kentish Gazette, 1787-05-18
1787-05-11 bur. Lancaster fbg, Lancashire RG 6/590, /807, /821, /1168B

03. Thomas Birket

1701-12-15 b. Wood, in Cartmell Fell, Lancashire TNA: RG 6/1084, /1267, 1616A
  of Whitby, Yorkshire Myles B. Foster sr, memoir of Robert Foster, family papers possessed by Michael Richardson
1730-10-09 of the Wood, Cartmell; m. Deborah Lotherington (17001765, daughter of Benjamin Lotherington, master and mariner, and his wife Deborah, of Whitby), at Whitby fmh TNA: RG 6/1094, /1351; Myles B. Foster sr, memoir of Robert Foster; Joseph Foster (1873) Pedigrees of Lancashire Families. London
1759 d. RG 6/1094; Myles B. Foster, memoir of Robert Foster

04. James Birket

1706-06-19 b. Wood, in Cartmell Fell, Lancashire TNA: RG 6/1084, /1267, /1616A
  West India merchant, of Lancaster Myles B. Foster sr, memoir of Robert Foster, family papers possessed by Michael Richardson
1770-01/1783-04-24 of Lancaster; three volumes of letters, typed and carbon-copied, apparently transcribed in the early 20th century, are still in the possession of the Spence family; other copies may exist James Birket, letters to his great-nephew Robert Foster
1777-08-06 "I had the most severe fit of the gout I ever had in my life; it began abt. 20th of 1st. mo. in my lungs and had two drs. who attended me twice a day until it abated, it held me abt. 10 weeks after wch. got out of doors for some time but after wch. it returnd. agn. and held me a mo. longer, am now pretty well again now but feet weak."
1781-04-11 . . . my last fit affected my hands as well as feet, so that sometimes after writing 3 or 4 lines was attended with such a tremulous motion that I could not form a letter, indeed they are still very weak. [ . . . ] my limbs are so weak [ . . . ] I was on horseback this a.m. for the first above 7 months and rode out and home ab'ut 7 miles and bore it pretty well considering my feeble state. I find my poor right hand begins to complain, the gout now making an attack on my forefinger [ . . . ]
1781-04-28 "I have of late made several excursions of 8 or 10 miles out of home in order to enuse me to greater undertakings."
1782-05-12 . . . "I was seized with this fit of the gout and consequently deprived of writing to anybody, as I had it in both feet, both hands &ca. and even yet my feet continues so very weak and tender, that to thy G'father's Chapel, yard and Dyehouse in the farthest I have walked now going in 11 weeks, and my left hand still continues weak, so that have been helped hitherto with my cloaths on and off and is with some difficulty I write, my right hand continues so weak and tremulous" . . . .
1783-07-25 of Lancaster, Lancashire; d. TNA: RG 6/590, /809, /821, /1168B
1783-07-28 bur. Moorside fbg, Lancaster
1783-08-09 merchant, of Lancaster; will proved at Lancaster, in the Archdeaconry of Richmond Lancashire wills and probate

05. John Birket

1709-07-14 b. Wood, in Cartmell Fell, Lancashire TNA: RG 6/1084, /1267, /1616A
1766 of London source misplaced
1782-07-25 . . . "a person of profound taciturnity & can be trusted with a secret as well as any man in England as I believe" . . . James Birket, letter to his great-nephew Robert Foster
1789-09-15 of Lancaster, Lancashire; d. TNA: RG 6/590, /809, /821, /1168B
1789-09-18 bur. Lancaster
1789-10 of Lancaster; will proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Prerogative Court Of Canterbury Wills Index

06. Richard Birket

1712-04-09 b. Wood, in Cartmell Fell, Lancashire TNA: RG 6/1084, /1267, /1616A

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