Children of Nicholas and Elizabeth Dodshon

01. Elizabeth Dodshon

02. Nicholas Dodshon

c. 1705-08-07 b. Durham, formerly Walnook, meeting TNA: RG 6/1341, /1405. RG 6/1341 gives the father as Nicholas Dodshon of Shearborn; RG 6/1405 gives the parents as Jno and Frances Dodshon. I suspect that there were indeed two children named Nicholas Dodshon, born to two different sets of parents, but that the birth registrations have conflated the dates.
1736/7-03-08 yeoman, of Low Hills, Durham; made his will Durham wills, DPRI/1/1764/D7
1764 will proved at Durham

03. William Dodshon

1758 m. Frances Paxton (née Henshaw, 1714–1793) Rachel Labouchere (1988) Abiah Darby of Coalbrookdale. York: Sessions
Children: Betsey (? – ?) and Henshaw (1761–1764, b. Claypath, Durham) TNA: RG 6/996, /1341; source for Betsey misplaced
1761 merchant, late of the Market Place, in the City of Durham, but now of Claypath, Durham TNA: RG 6/1341
1764 merchant, of Claypath, Durham City RG 6/996, /1341
1766 of Wine Street, Bristol source misplaced

04. Ann Dodshon

1764 sole executrix of the will of her brother Nicholas, under which she inherited all his lands and housing at Pittington and Sherburn, with all his goods and chattels—two thirds straight away, the other third after their mother's death brother's will, Durham wills, DPRI/1/1764/D7

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