Children of Jacob and Deborah Moor

01.  John Moor

1696/7-01-05 b. Wellgill in Aldstonemoor, Allendale MM TNA: RG 6/1271

 02. Isaack Moor

1698/9-01-12 b. W[ellgill] in Aldstonemoor, Allendale MM TNA: RG 6/1271

03. Joshua Moor

1701-11-05 b. Wellgill in Aldstonemoor, Allendale MM TNA: RG 6/1271
1754-10-09 of Wellgill in Aldstonemoor; m. Dorothy Makepeace (? – ?, of Newbigin, Shotly, d. of Ann Makepeace), at Newbigin

The last Will and Testament of me Joshua Moor, being at present somewhat indisposed in Body, hett of a perfect mind, and memory, to dispose of those effects, providence has been pleas'd to intrust, and Bless me with; that is in manner and form following—


I give and bequeath to my beloved Wife Dorothy Moor, all my household goods, & Furniture whatsoever, as also my Cows, and mare, to dispose of as she may think proper; and I further give unto her, all my Lands, & houses at lowfairhill where I now dwell, to enjoy the same during her natural Life, and my will is, the said Lands and houses, at her decease, go to my two Sisters, Margaret Walton, and Esther Watson, equally between them, or their heirs———


I give and bequeath to my Sister Margaret Walton, and my Sister Esther Watson, all my Lands, and houses at Wellgill, or adjoyning it, to enter upon at my decease, provided they pay to my wife, yearly, & every year during her Life, the sum of Twenty Pounds, at two equal payments, on the Eleventh day of November, and the first day of May, & the first payment to be made, on the first of them wch. may happen after my decease———


I give to my esteem'd Friends Giles Raisley, and John Reay, the sum of Sixty Pounds, to be paid to them by my executors Six months after my decease———

I appoint my Wife, with Joseph Walton of Aldston, and Joseph Watson of Huntwell, Executors jointly of this my Will, they paying all my just debts, Legacys, and funeral Expences, and I hereby revoke all other Will or Wills, by me at any time made, & do declare this to be my last——given under my hand this 17th. day of June, one thousand seven hundred & sixty two——


Joshua X Moor


Witness to the Testator signing

Giles Raisley

John Reay

William Makepeace

Diocese of Durham, original wills
1762-06-20 of Lowfairfull [?], High Aldston, late of Wellgill; d. RG 6/1271
  bur. Aldston
1763 will proved at Durham North East Inheritance database

04.  Margaret Moor

1703/4-01-03 b. Wellgill in Aldstonemoor, Allendale MM TNA: RG 6/1271
1732-05-11 m. Joseph Walton (? – ?, of Aldston), at Alston, Cumberland "England Marriages, 1538–1973", database, FamilySearch: 13 March 2020, Margaret Moor in entry for Joseph Walton, 1732; Diocese of Durham, original wills

 05. Deborah Moor

1705-06-12 b. Wellgill in Aldstonemoor, Allendale MM TNA: RG 6/1271
1706-05-03 bur. [illeg. place] fbg

06. Esther Moor

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