Children of Dodshon and Elizabeth Foster

01. Robert Foster

02. Jane Foster


1756-11-30 b. Lancaster, Lancashire TNA: RG 6/1209, /1616A; Myles Birket Foster sr, Ms Memoir of Robert Foster (privately held)
1758-09-06 d. RG 6/1209, /1616A
1758-09-08 bur. Moorside fbg, Lancaster

03. Myles Foster

1759-08-06 b. Lancaster, Lancashire TNA: RG 6/1209, /1616A; Myles Birket Foster sr, Ms Memoir of Robert Foster (privately held)
  apprentice to Dr John Fell Foster sr, Ms Memoir of Robert Foster
1775-05-13 apprenticed to Jno Fell of Ulverstone, surgeon &c. Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures
1779-08-25 d. Ulverston, Lancashire, of scarlet fever RG 6/809; Foster sr, Ms Memoir of Robert Foster
1779-08-27 bur. Swarthmoor

This is chiefly to convey to thee the distressful accot. of the death of thy Cousin Myles Foster, wch. is a deep affliction to his relations here.

He was seized with a violent fever at his Master's at Ulverston on first day the 22d. inst. in the evening and departed this life on 4th. day the 25th. about 10 in the evening and was buried at Swarthmore the 27th. We had no accot. of his illness before the night he died; his father got an accot. of it in the night and set off wth. Dr. Wright next morning abt. 4, but when about half way over Sandys, they met a Messenger wth. an accot. of his death, but I had no accot. of it until after breakfast that morning; in the afternoon we went over and next day he was descently interrd. and accompanied to the grave by a number of friends and neighbours. It is a close trial upon his Father and Grandfather, and indeed to all his relations here as he seemd. the chief hopes of the family.

I thought could not omit giving thee an accot. of this sorrowfull event and ardently wish it may have its proper with with every individual of us, as we see that a youth in the very prime of life is as soon taken away as the aged, when the Messenger is sent to our houses; that thou and I may be prepared for this awfull call is the sincere wish of thy affectionate uncle                J.B.

transcript of letter from James Birket to Thomas Backhouse, 1779-08-30
  In a notice of his death in a newspaper. It is said of him, "That he discover'd a genius, that promised to make him a shining ornament of his profession. That his learning in many branchs of usefull knowledge was far beyond his years, and that the engaging affability of his manners endeared him to all who knew him." Foster sr, Ms Memoir of Robert Foster

04. Elizabeth Foster (Betsy)

1764-06-07 b. Lancaster, Lancashire TNA: RG 6/1209, /1616A; Myles Birket Foster sr, Ms Memoir of Robert Foster (privately held)
1785-10-27 under the terms of the will of her grandfather James Birket, inherited "two Messuages or Dwelling Houses with the Backbuildings and Appurtenances Held by Lease under the Corporation of Lancaster aforesaid situate and being upon the Green Area adjoining to and Fronting certain Streets in Lancaster aforesaid called Chapel Street and Cross Street and now in the several Occupations of myself and my Son in Law Dodshon Foster" grandfather's will, Lancashire Archives WRW/A/R111a/53
1823-03-22 of Lancaster; d. at Sarah Braithwaite's house, Lancaster RG 6/247, /644; Annual Monitor; Foster sr, Ms Memoir of Robert Foster
"On the 22nd of 3rd mo. 1823 died at Lancaster, my beloved and affectionate Aunt Elizabeth Foster—who for many years had evinced the true kindness & affection of a parent to my dear wife & myself." Journal of Robert Spence
1823-03-28 bur. Lancaster RG 6/247, /644

On the 22d inst. at Lancaster, aged about 58 years, Elizabeth Foster, of that town, and formerly of Heblethwaite Hall, near Sedbergh, one of the Society of Friends. She had been for some time enfeebled by indisposition, though of little alarming tendency until only a few days preceding the event of the closing of the life of one, whose Christian virtues glowed as fervently as her character was beloved, whose abilities of mind were alone exceded by universal benevolence of heart, and of whose pecuniary liberality the poor will long lament their deprivation, whilst her friends deplore the loss of so amiable an advocate and example of unaffected and enlightened piety.

Westmorland Gazette, 1823-03-29

ELIZABETH FOSTER, Lancaster.               59     22  3mo.  1823.

She died after a short illness, though she had previously, for many years, experienced much bodily weakness.

The character of this individual, might justify much more than a date and name; yet we wish to keep in view, that those who reject monumental inscriptions, should be cautious how they bestow mere eulogy on the dead by any other mode. Endowed with talents consecrated to their best purposes, she was most tenderly beloved by her friends, and highly esteemed by an extensive circle of acquaintances.

During the few closing years of her life, she apprehended it to be her duty, publicly to acknowledge the mercies of which she had partaken, and to invite others to come "taste and see that the Lord is good!"—The prevailing language of her lips and heart, being that which ascribes "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will to men."

1824 Annual Monitor

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