The Tunbridge family of Chatham



Daniel Tunbridge = Elizabeth ____

     |         other children

William Tunbridge = Elizabeth Creed

      |         other children

Angela Elizabeth Tunbridge = Samuel Hugh Jarvis

      |         other children

Louisa Jarvis = Reuben Beck

      |         other children

Reuben Alexander Beck = Ruth Elizabeth Baggs



Elizabeth ____ married [D3] Daniel Tunbridge, before 1797. As well as (probably) [D2] William, their known children were: Sarah (1797 ?) and Stephen (1803 ?), both baptised at Chatham.1


1 son's 2nd marriage certificate; Chatham parish registers; there is a possible fourth child, Daniel, born to a Daniel and Elizabeth Tunbridge and baptised in Southwark in 1798 (parish register)

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