Elizabeth Tunbridge born ____, of Chatham

Daniel Tunbridge = Elizabeth ____

     |         other children

William Tunbridge = Elizabeth Creed

      |         other children

Angela Elizabeth Tunbridge = Samuel Hugh Jarvis

      |         other children

Louisa Jarvis = Reuben Beck

      |         other children

Reuben Alexander Beck = Ruth Elizabeth Baggs



Elizabeth ____ married [D3] Daniel Tunbridge, before 1797. As well as (probably) [D2] William, their known children were: Sarah (1797 ?) and Stephen (1803 ?), both baptised at Chatham.1


1 son's 2nd marriage certificate; Chatham parish registers; there is a possible fourth child, Daniel, born to a Daniel and Elizabeth Tunbridge and baptised in Southwark in 1798 (parish register)

Suggestions for further research

Much more work is needed here, but this can't be done until the marriage of [D4] Elizabeth ____ is found, and we learn her family name. In the mean time, it would be good to learn more about the lives of Sarah and Stephen.


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