Mary Trevett born Sprake, of Abbotsbury, Long Bredy, and Litton Cheney


Edward Trevett = Mary Sprake

     |         other children

John Trevett = Mary Buller

      |         other children

Ann Trevett = Richard Ferry

      |         other children

Alice Jane Ferry = Walter Baggs

      |         other children

Ruth Elizabeth Baggs = Reuben Alexander Beck



Mary Sprake was born in around 1747.1

Of Abbotsbury, Dorset, Mary Sprake married [H3] Edward Trevett there, on the 26th April 1768.2

Their children, all baptised at Long Bredy, were: Grace (17791833), Francis (1781 ?), Mary (1784 before 1861), John (17861788) and [H2] John (17891845).3

Of Litton, her body was buried at Litton Cheney on the 9th September 1827.4


1 Litton Cheney parish register

23 parish register; Trevett book (pdf) by Brian Trevette [which includes a son, Gabriel, b. 1782, who is described in the parish register only as base born son of Mary, and who was baptised only six months after Francis]; Sherborne Mercury, 1833-05-27; Puncknowle and Long Bredy parish registers; National Burial Index

4 parish register


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