Mary Trevett born Sprake, of Abbotsbury, Long Bredy, and Litton Cheney

Edward Trevett = Mary Sprake

     |         other children

John Trevett = Mary Buller

      |         other children

Ann Trevett = Richard Ferry

      |         other children

Alice Jane Ferry = Walter Baggs

      |         other children

Ruth Elizabeth Baggs = Reuben Alexander Beck


Mary Sprake was born in around 1747.1

Of Abbotsbury, Dorset, Mary Sprake married [H3] Edward Trevett there, on the 26th April 1768.2

Their children, all except Grace baptised at Long Bredy, were: Grace (17791833, bapt. Puncknowle, Dorset), Francis (1781 ?), Mary (1784 before 1861), John (17861788) and [H2] John (17891845).3

Of Litton, her body was buried at Litton Cheney on the 9th September 1827.4


1 Litton Cheney parish register

23 parish register; Trevett book (pdf) by Brian Trevette [which includes a son, Gabriel, b. 1782, who is described in the parish register only as base born son of Mary Trevitt, and who was baptised only six months after Francis]; Sherborne Mercury, 1833-05-27; Puncknowle and Long Bredy parish registers; National Burial Index

4 parish register


Suggestions for further research

The starting point has to be the birth/baptism and parentage of [H28] Mary Sprake.

The list of children may be incomplete, not least because there appears to be a gap of eleven years between Mary's marriage and the birth of their first child. And how does Gabriel fit in? He could have been born before the marriage, but if so why the gap of fourteen years before he was baptised? Or if he was the result of adultery, the date of baptism could only work if there had been an interval between Francis's birth and baptism. Conceivably probate records might sort this out.


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