Mary (Portsmouth) Gale, of Bentley

John Gale = Mary Portsmouth

     |         other children

Jane Gale = John Baggs

      |         other children

Henry Baggs = Elizabeth Rolfe

      |         other children

Walter Baggs = Alice Jane Ferry

      |         other children

Ruth Elizabeth Baggs = Reuben Alexander Beck


Mary Portsmouth married [E27] John Gale on the 27th July 1778, at Bentley, Hampshire. Their children were: Sarah (1780 ?), Catherine (17841859), [E24] Jane (17881858), Ann (1791 ?), and Mary (17941794).1

Her body was buried at Bentley on the 24th December 1801.2



1 "England Marriages, 15381973," database, FamilySearch: 10 December 2014, John Gale and Mary Portsmouth, 27 Jul 1778, citing Bentley, Hampshire, reference index based upon data collected by the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, FHL microfilm 804,137; Smallbone (2010); GRO index; Crondall parish register

2 Hampshire Burials. There were records two people of this name bapt. at Crondall, both in 1758: one the daughter or Robt, the other the daughter of William.

Suggestions for further research

Although it's not currently possible to distinguish the two contenders for being [E28] Mary Portsmouth, it could be that both the potential fathers, i.e. Robert and William, were themselves related, so it may be possible to identify Mary's grandparents.


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