Susanna Creed born Masters, of Kings Lynn

William Creed = Susanna Masters

     |         other children

Elizabeth Creed = William Tunbridge

      |         other children

Angela Elizabeth Tunbridge = Samuel Hugh Jarvis

      |         other children

Louisa Jarvis = Reuben Beck

      |         other children

Reuben Alexander Beck = Ruth Elizabeth Baggs


Susanna Masters, of Lynn St Nicholas, married [D5] William Creed at St Nicholas's chapel, Kings Lynn, on the 6th July 1785, after banns; she marked her name. They had four children: [D3] Elizabeth (17861859), Susanna (17881793), Mary (1789 ?), and Hetta (? 1790).1the signature of Susanna Masters

Susanna Creed died in 1793, and was buried at St Nicholas's chapel, Kings Lynn, on the 18th December 1793.2


1 parish register; banns book. Could she have been the Susanna Master, apprenticed as a milliner in Great Yarmouth in February 1771? (Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures)

2 parish register

Suggestions for further research

No progress can be made on the Masters line until the birth/baptism and/or parentage of [D6] Susanna Masters is located.



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