The Tuck family of Hurley



?   =   ?


Ruth Tuck = William Beck


Emma Dennis Beck = ?


Reuben Beck = Louisa Jarvis

      |         other children

Reuben Alexander Beck = Ruth Elizabeth Baggs



Ruth Tuck married [B2] William Beck on the 19th October 1834 in Hurley, where she lived at that time. Their only child was [B1] Emma (18351868), born in White Waltham. Ruth Beck died before the 24th June 1849.1

1 parish register; husband's 2nd marriage certificate. Not found in Hurley in 1841 census returns; death registration not found 18371849; possibly she died soon after Emma's birth. Although there is no firm documentary evidence, DNA evidence suggests that she was the Ruth Tuck baptised at Preshute, Wiltshire, on 20th April 1817, daughter to Joseph and Charlotte (Hale) Tuck, of Manton (parish register). I myself have three matches, at 69 cM, with descendants of Amelia Tuck, a sister born to the same couple in 1814 (Ancestry Thrulines). It's suggestive, too, that some Ancestry trees show Amelia Tuck marrying in White Waltham in 1834, suggesting that there is a local family link.

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