Children of Robert and Hannah (Firth) Walker

01. John Walker

1744-12-30 b. Staincliffe, Batley, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1495; Robert Walker & family
1779-06-17 d. PRO RG 6/898, /1163
1779-06-20 bur. Brighouse fbg, Yorkshire

02. Mary Walker


1747-11-26 b. Staincliffe, Batley, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1090; Robert Walker & family
1771-11-07 m.1. Thomas Horsfall (1742–1781, s. of William and Mary Horsfall, of Gildersome, Yorkshire), at Brighouse, Yorkshire PRO RG 6/1090, /1121, /1163, /1175
Children with first husband: Hannah (1772–1831), Sarah (1776–1854), Mary (1778 – ?), Martha (1781–1781); all b. Huddersfield, Yorkshire RG 6/788, /1090, /1162, /1163; Annual Monitor
1783-12-31 m.2. Thomas Wilson (? – cal 1817, husbandman, of Gildersome, s. of Thomas and Mary Wilson), at Brighouse, Yorkshire RG 6/327, /1071; Annual Monitor
Children with second husband: Robert (1785–1790), Betty (1789 – ?); both b. Huddersfield RG 6 790, /791, /1160, /1162
1809 of Greenhouse, near Huddersfield Journal of Robert Spence
1838-01-16 of Greenhouse, Huddersfield; d. Annual Monitor
"On Tuesday week, aged 90, Mary, relict of Mr. Thomas Wilson, of Greenhouse, near Huddersfield, one of the Society of Friends'" Bradford Observer, 1838-01-25

MARY WILSON, Greenhouse, Huddersfd.               90     16  1mo.  1838

Widow of Thomas Wilson, whom she survived nearly twenty one years, and eldest daughter of Robert Walker of Gildersome, for an account of whom see "Piety Promoted." She was an example of industry, and encouraged it in others; often reviving the apostles advice: "Be diligent in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord." From extreme bodily debility she was prevented attending meetings for several years; yet she had many precious favoured seasons, and much enjoyed reading Friends' journals, or having them read to her; and more particularly so the holy scriptures. She often expressed that she had found the promise sure, "that the righteous would not be forsaken, nor their seed begging bread." She suffered greatly for about six months previous to her close; but through all she evinced much patient resignation; often expressing a belief that when a change came, it would be a happy change for her; she retained her recollection to the end, and her last words were:—"Peace,—peace,—peace."

1839 Annual Monitor

03. Hannah Walker

1752-03-04 b. Batley, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1090
1752-04-02 d.
1752-04-04 bur. Liversedge fbg, Birstall, Yorkshire

Children of Robert and Hannah (Hopkins) Walker

01. Robert Walker

1755-05-22 b. Batley, Yorkshire (probably at Sunnybank) Annual Monitor; Robert Walker & family
1779-04-25 advised Dacre Preparative Meeting of his intention to marry Rachel Spence Robert Walker family (1755)
1779-06-02 m. Rachel Spence, at Dacre fmh, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1571; Robert Walker family (1755)
Children: Sarah (1780–1840), Joseph (1781–1835), Robert (1788–1813), Hannah (1783–1803), Mary (1785-1821), Thomas (1790–1794), Elizabeth (1791–1869), John (1794–1866), Thomas (1795–1851), Benjamin (1799–1855), Samuel (1801–1866), and Spence (1803–1870); all b. Darley PRO RG 6/232, /629, /630, /631, /632, /788, /789, /790, /791, /792, /889, /890, /903, /909, /1164, /1165, /1571; Annual Monitor; Robert Walker & family
1779 leased "a thatched cottage, one barn and 3 Closes of land thereto belonging, containing by estimate four acres and one rood", from his new brother-in-law, Robert Spence, this having been the estate of Rachel's father, the late Joseph Spence.

started housekeeping with a tea chest as a table

also leased from his brother-in-law a parcel of land situated on Darley Carr, containing 3 acres, 2 roods and 11 perches. Sometime later Robert purchased all of this land and its buildings. Thus Robert left his family home at Gildersome in 1779 and took over the linen weaving business that his wife's brother had inherited from Joseph Spence, their father.

Robert Walker family (1755)
  "My Uncle Robert Walker, his eldest son who married my Aunt Rachel Spence, I believe went to reside at the house where my Grandfather Spence had lived or did then live, & commenced the same business nearly as my Grandfather had before carried forward." Journal of Robert Spence

DARLEY, March 9th, 1779.


Sons and sole Executors of the Will of the late JOSEPH SPENCE, of Darley in the parish of Hampsthwaite, and County of York, Mercer, Grocer, Linen-Draper, and Haberdasher, deceased, Return their sincere Thanks to all their late Father's Friends the the Publick, for all past Favors; and desire to acquaint them, That ROBERT WALKER hath taken the Shops, and contracted for the Stock in Trade of the said Joseph Spence, and purposes carrying on the said Business in all its Branches, and will use his best Endeavours to serve all Persons that please to favour him with their Custom, in the best and most reasonable Manner that he possibly can.

*** And all Persons to whom the said Joseph Spence, was indebted at his Decease, in any Nature or Kind whatsoever, are requested to send an Account of their respective Demands, to the said Robert Spence of Hartwith, and John Spence of Birstwith, and said Parish of Hampsthwaite: And all Persons who stood indebted to the said Joseph Spence, at the Time of his Decease, are required to pay their respective Debts to the said Robert and John Spence, or they will be proceeded against, for the Recovery of the same, as the Law directs.

N.B. All Favours from the Public, will be gratefully acknowledged by their Friend, &c.


Leeds Intelligencer, 1779-03-16
  later became a shopkeeper and "sold farm necessities to farmers up the Dale, buying their wool and selling it, along with wool from his own flocks, to the markets of Leeds and Bradford where industrialization of the woollen trade was gathering pace." Robert Walker family (1755)
1795 refused to pay the sum of 16s. 8d. for 'Army & Navy Rate'. This led to the sequestration of his goods to the actual value of £1-6s-0d, which was more than the tax amount. The goods taken were made up of 7 yards of printed cotton, 4 leather skins and one handkerchief.
1797 had sugar and flax taken, to the value of £1 16s. 6d.
1800 linen yarn to the value of £1 3s. 6d. was taken for not paying 'Priest & Warden' rate
  shopkeeper and linen weaver, of Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire; made will, leaving his estate in Darley, with stock in trade, and manufacturing & farm utensils, to his son Benjamin; left his wife £16 a year, and four rooms in his dwelling house
1820-11-02 d. Annual Monitor; Robert Walker family (1755)
1820-11-07 bur. plot 4, row 3, Darley fbg, Yorkshire RG 6/890, /911; Robert Walker family (1755)

WALKER ROBERT, Darley in Yorkshire.        65       2 11mo. 1820

His appearances in the ministry were not large nor frequent, but they were lively and acceptable. His services were pretty much confined to his own Particular and Monthly Meetings; and the exercises of his mind in a diligent attendance of these, were truly helpful to his friends. He was a minister about twenty-five years.

1822 Annual Monitor

02. Joseph Walker


1757-11-28 b. Gildersome, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1090; Edward H. Milligan (2007) Biographical Dictionary of British Quakers in Commerce and Industry 1775–1920. York: Sessions Book Trust
1782-11-28 tobacconist, of Leeds, Yorkshire; m. Sarah Armistead (1756–1839, d. of John and Sarah (Haigh) Armistead, glass and china man of Leeds) at Gildersome fmh PRO RG 6/327, /1071; Annual Monitor; Milligan (2007)
Children: Robert (1785–1785), Sarah (1786–1788), Hannah (1788–1861), Mary (1789–1819), John (1791–1862), Thomas (1793–1851), Robert (1796–1867), Joseph (1798–1866); all b. Leeds RG 6/629, /742, /744, /755, /790, /791, /792, /900, /901, /1161, /1162, /1163; Annual Monitor; Milligan (2007)
1789 tobacconist, of Leeds RG 6/744, /791, /1162

My Uncle Josh. Walker of Leeds had been placed with Jervis Storey of Leeds to learn the trade of Tobacconist, & after the expiration of his apprenticeship he commenced the business on his own acct. in a cellar & from an uncommon number of favourable circumstances taking place soon after that time & his plodding, industrious activity and perseverance he accumulated property fast, and was married to Sarah the daughter of John Armistead of Leeds by whom at different periods he also obtained considerable additions to his encreasing wealth, & the American War (so fraught with unnatural crimes for it seemed like unto the father lifting the sword against the Son & the son against the Father), occurring about this period, brought a great influx of property into the hands of many individuals, holders of Tobacco etc etc.

Journal of Robert Spence
  . . . "my Uncle Thos. Walker had crossed the Atlantic Ocean with his wife and family in order to settle at New York, my Uncle Joseph Walker of Leeds, joining him in partnership in the Woollen Cloth Trade"
1814-09-19 of Leeds; d. RG 6/909, /1160; Annual Monitor
1814-09-23 bur. Darley, Yorkshire RG 6/909, /1160

03. Sarah Walker

04. Thomas Walker

1763-03-10 b. Driglington, Birstall, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1090
c. 1772/3 moved, with his parents, to a small cottage in a field adjacent to the new Quaker school at Gildersome Thomas Walker family (1763)
1792-05-11 announced intention of marrying Elizabeth Jackson, at the Monthly Meeting held at Shewboard near Todmorden
1792-07-05 m.1. Elizabeth Jackson (1767–1800, d. of John and Susanna Jackson, clothier, of Gildersome), at Gildersome, Yorkshire PRO RG 6/327, /1071; Thomas Walker family (1763)
  My Uncle Thos. Walker the youngest of the family carrying forward the business (a cloth manufacturer) on his own and his mother's acct.;—either a short time before or soon after his Mother's decease he married Elizth. Jackson daughter of John Jackson of Gildersome Street. Journal of Robert Spence
  . . . "my Uncle Thos. Walker had crossed the Atlantic Ocean with his wife and family in order to settle at New York, my Uncle Joseph Walker of Leeds, joining him in partnership in the Woollen Cloth Trade"
1793-08-09 with wife and a child (believed to be is nephew Joseph), had removed to New York, and requested a removal certificate from the Monthly Meeting held at Shewboard Thomas Walker family (1763)
1793-12-08 report at the Monthly Meeting at Halifax:

A certificate addressed to Friends in New York in North America on behalf of Thomas Walker, his wife and child has been produced. But as some doubts have arisen respecting his conduct relating to some continual engagement respecting his farm, Thomas Hopkins, Wm. Bilton and Joseph Firth are appointed to join Friends before nominated in order to make further enquiry into that matter and produce another, or make a report at our next.

1793-12-15 report at the Monthly Meeting at Halifax: "A certificate on behalf of Thomas Walker, his wife and child, addressed to Friends of the Monthly Meeting of New York has been read, approved and signed, which Thomas Hopkins is desired to forward."
Children with first wife: Robert J. (1795–1845), John Jackson (1796–1863), Thomas E. (1798–1871), Eliza J. (1800–1843)
1802-01-03 m.2. Elizabeth Hannah Hoyland (1761–1827, d. of William and Mary Hoyland) Norman Penney, ed. (1929 & 1930) Pen Pictures of London Yearly Meeting 1789–1833); Thomas Walker family (1763)
  merchant, of New York, USA Jean E. Mortimer (1990) Quakers in Gildersome. Leeds: Jean E. Mortimer
  became a very well-to-do merchant in New York in the Dry Goods Import business Thomas Walker family (1763)
c. 1809 retired from business
1842-03-10 of West Farms, Westchester, New York; d. there New York genealogical records, citing Commercial Advertiser, New York

05. Benjamin Walker

1765-06-12 b. Driglington, Birstall, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1090
1766-07-27 d.
1766-07-30 bur. Gildersome fbg, Yorkshire

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