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First 3D colour movie

1. The technology

2. The human subject

First 3D colour movie of a person

Untitled, 1936

Made in the 2-colour Ufacolor process, an untitled documentary showing scenes of the 1936 Dresden Reichsgartenschau was shown to the German Stereoscopic Society and the German Society of Cinematographic Technicians on 27 May 1937 by Professor Dr Ferdinand Bauer, as part of a presentation on '3-D Projection with Polarizers in Teaching'. [Sammons, Hayes p371, Widescreen Movies, 3-D Revolution]

It seems likely that this was the first 3D colour movie including a person.



Earliest-born person to be filmed in colour 3D

No significant information yet located. Leo Curley (1878–1960) seems to have been the oldest person to appear in House of Wax or any other 3D stereo sound film of 1953–1960.

Edward 'Major' Bowes (1874–1946) appeared in the polarised 3D Technicolor short New Dimensions (1940; later re-packaged and re-issued as Motor Rhythm). [McElheny: 83-4]



Earliest-born woman to be filmed in colour 3D

Little information yet located. Marie Rabasse (1878–1967) appeared (uncredited) in The French Line (1953).


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