Mary Ann Rogers born Skipp

cal 1817/8 b. Edmonton, Middlesex TNA: PRO RG 9/343 f97 p7; RG 10 and RG11 say Enfield, Essex
1838-04-16 of 6 Mitre Place, Lambeth, Surrey; m. James Thomas Rogers, Lambeth son’s birth certificate; marriage certificate
1841 of James Street, St Mary, Lambeth, living with her family PRO HO 107/1061/6 f7 p10
children: John (cal 1838 – 1885), Emma (1839 – after 1861), Mary Ann (1841 to after 1870), Henry (c. 1843 – ?), George Callaway (1843–84), Sarah (1845 – after 1861), Elizabeth (1848 – after 1871), Jane (1849 – after 1881), James Thomas (1851–1921), Henry (cal 1855 – 1891) sons' birth certificates; RG 10/620 f118 p9 and RG 11/550 f30 p8
1843 of 9 Pump Court, St Saviour, Surrey; marked her name son's birth certificate
1851 living with her family in Morton Court, St George's, Southwark, Surrey; name given as Margaret HO 107/1565 f112 p40
1851-11-01 of 4 Morton Court, Morton Street, Southwark son's birth certificate
1861 no occupation shown, living with her family at 8 Bedford St, St Mary Newington RG 9/343 f97 p7
1871 of Bedford St, Walworth; as "Jane" RG 10/620 f118 p9
1871-12-24 witnessed her daughter's wedding at St John's, Waterloo; marked her name parish register
1881 living at 8A Bedford Street, St Peter Walworth, Newington, London, with her husband, a son, and a boarder RG 11/550 f30 p8
1891 wood turner, employed, living with her husband, a son, and a lodger, in 2 rooms at 125 Brandon St, St Mary Newington, London RG 12/363 f59 p34
1901 living with her son and a lodger in 4 rooms at 125 Brandon St, St Peter Walworth, Newington, London RG 13/381 f52 p42
1903 Q4 d. Southwark RD GRO index
  d. of John Skipp marriage certificate

John Skipp

1838 sawyer daughter's marriage certificate

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