Children of John and Mary Browne

01. Katharine Browne

1689-03-04 bapt. Litton Cheney, Dorset parish register
1710-04-10 of Litton; m. William Cole (1679–1758, of Bridport, Dorset, bapt. Bridport, s. of William Coles), at Askerswell, Dorset Askerswell parish register; Bridport parish registers
1723-11-26 bur. Bridport parish register

02. Eustace Browne

03. John Browne

1701-07-23 bapt. Litton Cheney, Dorset parish register
1719-02-08 of Litton; m. Grace Jenkins (1701 – ?, of Loders, Dorset, bapt. Litton Cheney, d. of Francis and Sicily Jenkins), at Litton Cheney parish register
Children: Ellinor (1721 – ?), Francis (1722 – ?), Henry (1724 – ?), John (1724–1800), Robert (1726–1726), Stephen (1727 – ?), and Grace (1729–1769), all b. Loders parish registers; Dorset burials
1744-05-13 bur. Litton Cheney parish register

04. Steven Browne

1706-07-16 bapt. Litton Cheney, Dorset parish register
1730-12-31 m. Mary Yeats (? – ?), at Minterne Magna, Dorset, by licence parish register
Children: Susanna (1731–1768), Robert (1734 – after 1785), Elizabeth (1737–1813), Abel (1741–1828), Stephen (1749 – after 1785), all b. Litton Cheney; and John (? – 1796) parish registers of Litton Cheney and Melcombe Regis; will
1785-10-15 collarmaker, of Litton Cheney; made his will: left a leasehold messuage at White Cross, Litton Cheney, to his son Abel (with whom he had been boarding) the furnishings of his lodging room there to his grandson James Brown, his freehold close of meadow called Inn Meadow, in Litton Cheney, to his son John; has a son-in-law George Froome; left a shilling each to his sons Robert and Stephen; residue to his son John, whom he appointed sole executor will
a note on the outside of the will when folded reads "Exõr refused to prove this Will"
1787-12-06 bur. Litton Cheney parish register

05. Henry Browne

1708-10-14 bapt. Litton Cheney, Dorset parish register
1747-12-28 of Bridport, Dorset; m. Ruth Bishop (?– 1779, of Bridport), at Bridport, by banns parish register; National Burial Index
1757-04-06 bur. Bridport parish register

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