Children of George and Elizabeth Coates

01. Michael Coates

02. Henry Coates

03. George Coates

1682-04-25 b. Woodlands in Lynesack, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/1549
c. 1717 removed to Smelt House, Howden le Wear, Durham J.J. Green (1906) History of the Coates Family. Friends' House library, Ts
1721-08-07 yeoman, of Lynesack, Hamsterley, Durham; m. Dorothy Cartmell (17001731/2, of Waithsudden, Preston Patrick, Burton, Kendal Westmorland, b. Darlington, Durham, d. of John and Susanna Cartmell), at Park End fmh, Preston Patrick, Westmorland PRO RG 6/1284
Children: Elizabeth (1722 ?), John (1723/41777), George (17291803), Susanna (c. 1730 1771), all b. Smelt House, Howden-le-Wear; and Sarah (17301808), b. Darlington MM RG 6/1381; Green (1906)
1759-05-16 of Raby, late of Smelthouse; d. Smelt House, Howden-le-Wear, Durham RG 6/1549

He was like his father and brothers an excellent man, but was not happy in all his children. He was an active and useful member of the Society of Friends, being constantly on appointments up to near the close of his life.

From John Coates's account we learn that George Coates and his wife Dorothy Cartmell lived together in great harmony both of them being much attached to the Society of Friends, and were friends to virtue and religion, and that they were serious, devout Christians, and those of their children who could appreciate such a character were united with them in their religious sentiments.

George Coates was much distressed and his mind greatly troubled by the misconduct of some of his children, particularly his eldest son, and by his daughter marrying contrary to his inclination, and during his last few years residence at Raby his spirits were much broken, but notwithstanding his dejected condition he behaved to all around him with the same endearing kindness which had ever characterised him.

From some memoranda left by him it appears that he not infrequently attended the Yearly Meeting. He relates that when at that of 1718 "Andrew Pitt gave account that a book of about 900 pages in folio intituled a history of Quakers printed in low Dutch was ordered by the Collector Sewell to present it to the King and Prince, which Andrew accordingly did, and was by them kindly received.

George Coates also left an account of a very hard winter in 1739, in which he related several circumstances that took place during that severe season, and amongst others "that a lad went in the hard frost for some beer, which he was bringing in a barrell, and fell and broke it, but he having a Rope, put it about the Drink, it being so frozen he brought it home without a cask"!!

The winter of 17391740 was a most memorable one, commencing on the 26th of December 1739, and was the most severe since the extraordinary winter of 171516. The Thames floated with rocks and shoals of ice; and a Frost-fair held on it; multitudes walked over it; coals rose to 3 10s. per Chaldron and damage to shipping between the Medway and London Bridge was computed at 100,000; vast quantities of fish and birds perished and many human beings, and numbers of oak-trees were riven asunder by the frost. In Ireland between December 26th and January 13, 173940, many thousands of people were starved to death with cold and hunger.

George Coates left in writing the following advice to his children, viz: "George Coates, his Counsel and advice left to his children often to read and observe as tendering and wishing their eternal welfare. Dear children, My desire is that you may so demean yourselves that it may be evident to your neighbours and acquaintances that you are of the Flock and Sheep of Christ and that your lives and conversation demonstrate that you are such in reality. Our Lord and Saviour's advice to his followers was, first to seek the Kingdom of God, and the righteousness thereof, and all other things should be added, which blessed promise, many as they kept low in a sincere seeking frame of mind, have had it plentifully fulfilled. Dear children, I charge you that above all things you have regard to the reproofs of instruction which as you are obedient to that merciful monitor, you will in some measure come to be satisfied and justified by and through our Lord Jesus Christ, the Foundation and well-spring of all good. And as you tender your welfare when time shall be over in this world, be very careful that you do not have a life and fellowship in too much keeping company at Taverns and Alehouses, lest by keeping company you be leavened like them unto loose and evil communications, which certainly corrupt good manners; and I with sorrow have observed such as by frequenting such loose company have been utterly ruined, for Drunkards are ranked almost amongst the very wickedest of people: indeed I can remember when very young that the Lord in his infinite mercy, let me see the great danger of being too familiar with such loose company, and the great danger of being corrupted and leavened like them.

And, dear children, Be diligent in frequenting Meetings, and when met, sit reverently and awfully seeking and praying for the life-giving presence of the living God, and that he may be pleased to help you to offer an acceptable offering: for it is certainly our duty to seek for true comfort in all our Meetings, and with great thankfulness I can bless and praise the God of all our mercies, and we can say hitherto he has helped us, and with thankfulness cannot but acquire the wonderful steps of divine providence to us as a people. I have thought of that saying "as Iron sharpeneth Iron, so doth the countenance of a man his friend," and on the other hand I have often in our Meetings been under sorrow to see too many sit in a slothful and slumbering frame; let them consider that the sluggard's portion is to be cloathed with Rage. And by all means observe that golden rule which our Lord and Saviour left to his followers, to do to all as we would be done by, and so doing I do not doubt but ye will be blessed every way, which is the prayer and sincere desire for you all, entirely your well-wishing Father, and that these few lines may be read and observed by you all is the desire of your tender Father, Geo: Coates, 6 Mo: 9. 1758.

Green (1906)

04. Sarah Coates

1685-05-17 b. Woodland, near Cockfield, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/1381, /1549
1710-0x-23 m. Caleb Grainger (16641736/7, b. Raby, Durham) PRO RG 6/1549; Bastin-Best Family History
Children: Joseph (17181763), Hannah (17211721), Hannah (17221760), Rachell, (1725 ?), Isabell (17261727), and Caleb (17311731), all b. Raby RG 6/1012, /1549
1748-05 d. Raby RG 6/1549

05. Ralph Coates

1688/9-02-13 b. Woodland, near Cockfield, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/1381, /1549
1703-04-05 m. Phyllis Hugginson (? 1757), at Romaldkirk, Durham "England Marriages, 15381973," database, FamilySearch: 10 December 2014, Ralph Coates and Phyllis Hugginson, 05 Apr 1703, citing Romaldkirk, York, reference FHL microfilm 468,127; Stephenson Family Tree
Children: Mary (1704 ?), Sarah (17211775) and Ann (1725 ?), all b. Cockfield, Durham FamilySearch
1754-12-30 bur. St James, Hamsterley, Durham National Burial Index

06. Joseph Coates

1691/2-02-11 b. Woodland, near Cockfield, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/1381, /1549
1720-10-11 tanner, of York, Yorkshire; m. Hannah Etherington (16951765, b. York, d. of Thomas Etherington, watchmaker), at York fmh PRO RG 6/1117, /1120
Children: George (1721/21721/2), Joseph (17241726), and Joseph (17281729), all b. York
1724-03-22 of York; wrote a letter to his brother George:

I observe thou designs in a little time to enter into a married state, which when rightly attained to, I have full assurance is the most satisfactory and happiest thing in the world; though though be the elder brother, yet I can speak a little of it, having had a little more experience of it than thou as yet, therefore cannot but encourage thee, desiring the Lord may direct and prosper thee in this and all thy affairs.

J.J. Green (1906) History of the Coates Family. Friends' House library, Ts [it seems more likely that the letter dates from 1721, given the date of George's marriage]
1727-11-16 tanner; d. York RG 6/1117, /1120
1727-11-18 bur. York

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