Children of John and Abigail Binns

01. John Binns

1704-03-20 b. Craggtop near Kildwick, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1279
1750-06-07 of Carleton Biggin, Craven, Yorkshire; m.1.  Mary Sutcliffe (1715–1754, d. of William and Grace Sutcliffe), at Skipton fmh, Yorkshire PRO RG 6/1091, /1279, /1320; David Binns gedcom
Children with first wife: Elizabeth (1750/1–1771) and James (1752–1752); both b. Carlton Biggin RG 6/1091, /1279, /1616A
1754 of Carlton Biggin, Skipton RG 6/1091, /1279, /1320
1762-07-13 of Biggin, Carlton, Yorkshire; m.2. Mary Wormall (1724–1800, d. of John and Elizabeth Wormall, manufactor, of Cononley, Kildwick, Yorkshire), at Lothersdale fmh, Yorkshire RG 6/892, /905, /1091, /1116, /1179
Children with second wife: John (1763–1774) and Jonas (1765–1774) RG 6/1091, /1279
1774-01-20 husbandman, of Carlton Biggin RG 6/1091
1774-02-09 farmer, of Carlton Biggin
  left the farm at Carlton Biggin to his nephew Daniel David Binns gedcom
1785-05-20 farmer, of Carlton Biggin; d. RG 6/900, /1165, /1279
1785-05-23 bur. Skipton fbg

He resided at Carlton Biggin from the time his parents removed there in 1717 until he died being 73 years. He was religiously inclined from his boyhood childhood. And his integrity to his dying day as a Father to his younger Brothers ready and willing to give advice when they stood in need. The care of several of whom rested pretty much upon him they being young when their Father died. Was a Minister 52 years his testimony was short, but sound and to good satisfaction. He several times visited this and divers of the neighbouring Counties. Was twice as far as the Lands End in Cornwall and once visited London &c. And in the 80th year of his age travelled into Scotland taking Meetings going and returning. See a Testimony concerning him by Knaresborough Mo. Meeting, gives account that he came forth in public Testimony about the year 1733 which was not large. That he was a steady and diligent Labourer in Meetings for the arrising of Life, and his ministry sound and satisfactory & that he held his Integrity to the End.

'An account of the family of the Binns's from the Year 1663', aka 'Binns notebook', MS vol. S 494, LSF

02. Benjamin Binns

1705-07-26 b. Farnhill, near Kildwick, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1091, /1279
1729-05-06 m. Mary Barrett (1707–1771, d. of Edward Barrett, of Moortop), at Skipton, Yorkshire PRO RG 6/1091, /1279; 'An account of the family of the Binns's from the Year 1663', aka 'Binns notebook', MS vol. S 494, LSF
Children: Barret (1730–1760, b. Laycock, Keighley, Yorkshire), Mary (1732–1766, b. Arolfield), Martha (1734–1759), Abigail (1736–1771, b. Parish Lane), stillborn son (1739–1739), Benjamin (1740–1821, b. Carlton, near Skipton), Joseph (1742–1801), stillborn son (1745–1745), William (1747 – ?, b. Glasburn), and Jonathan (1750 – ?, b. Skipton MM) RG 6/406, /644, /1091, /1279, /1564; Annual Monitor; David Binns gedcom for stillbirths
1730-01-11 of Laycock, Keighley RG 6/1091, /1279
  clogger David Binns gedcom
1732-06-06 of Conondley, Kildwick RG 6/1279
1734-09-29 of Conondley
1736/7-01-31 of Conondley near Carlton RG 6/1091, /1279
1740-07-15 near Carleton, of Carleton
1742/3-01-30 of Carleton Parkelain
1741-04-14 of Glusburn, Kildwick, Yorkshire
1750-06-19 of Glusburn, Kildwick
1760-02-03 of Glusburn, Kildwick, Yorkshire
1762-11-24 yeoman, of Glusburn, Yorkshire PRO RG 6/1178, /1616A
1766-02-19 of Glusburn, Kildwick RG 6/1091, /1279
1785-11-17 yeoman, late of Carleton; d. Woodside, near Skipton RG 6 /900, /1279; 'Binns notebook'
1785-11-20 bur. Skipton RG 6 /900, /1279

Benjamin died in the 81st year of his age. He was a man of pretty orderly conduct dilligent in attending Meetings till near the last that he was able to get. He resided most part of his time after the death of his wife at Carlton boarding with his Brother Abraham. Died at his Brother William's at Woodside where he had been a week or two.

'Binns notebook'

03. William Binns

1707-05-29 b. Carlton Biggin, Skipton, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1091, /1279
1752-12-20 of Carleton in Craven, Yorkshire; m. Elizabeth Haseltine (1716–1795, d. of James Haseltine, of Bishopdale, Aysgarth, Yorkshire), at Aysgarth fmh PRO RG 6/890, /903, /1091, /1279; 'An account of the family of the Binns's from the Year 1663', aka 'Binns notebook', MS vol. S 494, LSF
Children: James (1754–1780, b. Carlton Biggin, Skipton) and Mary (1755–1824, b. Woodside, near Skipton) RG 6/890, /898, /913, /1091, /1165, /1279
1754-01-19 of Carleton RG 6/1091, /1279
1781-07-03 of Woodside, Kildwick
1792-01-24 butcher, of Lamsgill, Addingham, late of Cononley Woodside, Kildwick, Yorkshire; d. RG 6/1091, /1165
1792-01-24 bur. Skipton fbg

Lately died at Skipton, in Craven, greatly respected, Mr. William Binns, aged 85 years, one of the people called Quakers, and brother to Mr. Jonathan Binns, of Liverpool.—What is very remarkable in this family, there were nine brothers and a sister all living, when the youngest but one was upwards of sixty years of age.

Chester Chronicle, 1792-02-17; Stamford Mercury, 1792-10-10

He died at the House of his son in Law at Lumb Gill near Addingham and was Buried at Skipton. He was an honest man and charitable when he saw real occasion. Very careful in the way of Trade whereby he procured a good fortune for his daughter. Particularly diligent in attending Meetings to old age when he was bad of sight and could not hear anything said in Meeting. I once heard him say when he had let Business hinder him from attending a Meeting on a week day he thought he should not do so again, and I believe never did. He left a good report amongst his Acquaintances.

'Binns notebook'

04. Jonas Binns

1708-06-01 b. Farnhill Craggtop, Kildwick, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1091, /1279
  removed into Somerset 'An account of the family of the Binns's from the Year 1663', aka 'Binns notebook', MS vol. S 494, LSF
1739-09-22 m. Abigail Tuckett (nιe Ivel, 1700–1786), at Indis, near Exeter, Devon PRO RG 6/1508; Edward H. Milligan (2007) Biographical Dictionary of British Quakers in Commerce and Industry 1775-1920. York: Sessions Book Trust; David Binns gedcom
Children: Thomas (1741–1827) and Jonathan (1743/4–1829); both probably b. Exeter RG 6/284, /1063, /1399; Annual Monitor
  teacher, and a Quaker minister David Binns gedcom
1763 moved to West Looe, Cornwall
1784-04-08 d. RG 6/1339, /1508; 'Binns notebook'
1784-04-11 bur. East Looe fbg, Cornwall RG 6/1339, /1508

He only of the old stock forfeited the unity of Friends he went through much trouble for the offence as may be seen by his letters. And it is believed did sincerely repent of his misconduct, & that he ended his days well.

'Binns notebook'

05. Martha Binns

1710-05-15 b. Cragg Top, near Kildwick, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1279; William Evans and Thomas Evans, eds (1854) Piety Promoted, in a collection of dying sayings of many of the people called Quakers . . . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Vol. 3, pp160-161
1746-04-25 of Carlton Biggin, Yorkshire; m. Ambrose Williams (1712–1774, carpenter, of Trawsnant, Trevethin, Monmouthshire), at Skipton, Yorkshire PRO RG 6/1091, /1279; 'An account of the family of the Binns's from the Year 1663', aka 'Binns notebook', MS vol. S 494, LSF; William Evans and Thomas Evans, eds (1854)
Child: Elizabeth (1753–1836, b. Pontypool) RG 6/237, /931, /1091, /1261
1750-04-22 came into Yorkshire 'Binns notebook'
  "She had several Miscarriages &c."
1758-06-22 came into Yorkshire
1771-09 with her daughter, came into Yorkshire
1772-08 again in Yorkshire, on a visit to her friends
1774-09 with her daughter, came into Yorkshire
1776 removed to Neath
1788-02-19 d. Neath, Glamorgan, Wales RG 6/1662; William Evans and Thomas Evans, eds (1854)
1788-02-24 bur. Swansea fbg, Glamorgan 'Binns notebook'; William Evans and Thomas Evans, eds (1854)

When a young woman was much addicted to wildness and vanity but the Lord was pleased to visit her with his judgments mixed with mercy. I suppose many years before she entirely gave up vanity and foolishness. I have often seen her under great trouble and anguish of Spirit for the same. She was for a long time satisfied that there was something required of her in Public before she gave up to it, thinking she was not sufficiently reconciled to her brother as to offer her gift (Matt 5.23) but left it at the altar [?] till she went through many severe conflicts and deep inward sufferings before she gave up. She appeared in public about the 28th year of her age, which was then and continued to good satisfaction. She several times visited Friends Meetings in most parts of England and Wales and twice as far as Ireland being frequently engaged in family visits to good satisfaction. She lived to about the age of 78 was a Minister about 50 Years. See a testimony from the Monthly Meeting concerning her.

'Binns notebook'

MARTHA WILLIAMS, of Neath, in Glamorganshire, was the daughter of John and Abigail Binns, of Carleton Biggin, near Skipton, in Yorkshire, and was born in the Fifth month, 1710. She was educated in Friends' principles, but in her youth was prone to vanity. Nevertheless, by divine grace, she was effectually enabled to turn her back on the pleasures and allurements of this world, and her mind became engaged to seek an inheritance incorruptible.

About the twenty-eighth year of her age she found it to be her duty to bear a public testimony to the sufficiency of that power which had visited her; and great were her sufferings and conflicts under a sense of her unworthiness and inability for so great a work; but being renewedly helped and instructed by the extendings of divine love, she was strengthened to yield obedience to the requiring.

In 1746, she married Ambrose Williams, and settled at Pont-y-pool, in Monmouthshire. They were true helpmeets, giving up each other freely to the service of truth, trusting in the Lord, and, making it their principal care to seek first the kingdom of heaven and the righteousness thereof, all things necessary in this life were added unto them.

Under this devotedness of mind she was frequently concerned to visit Friends in most parts of England and Wales, and was twice in Ireland. She was a great encourager of the weak, a seeker after the scattered, and a sympathizer with the afflicted; and her cheerful temper gained her much place in the affections of young people, who were the particular objects of her tender care, and her advice often proved the means of drawing them nearer to the pure witness within.

The latter part of her life she lived with her son-in-law and daughter, Evan and Elizabeth Reese, of Neath. She was chiefly confined at home for about six months, and in the last two months suffered great pain; but was preserved in quietness and peace of mind, and was at times strengthened to express her thankfulness, that she was waiting the Lord's time to remove her to an everlasting rest. She tenderly advised her children to do their day's work in the day-time; putting up her prayers to the Father of mercies for their preservation, with great fervency; and praising the name of the Lord, who had been the stay of her youth, was the staff of her declining age; and who graciously favoured her with his presence to her latest moments.

She quietly departed this life at Neath, the 19th of the Second month, 1788, and was interred in Friends' burial-ground, at Swansea, the 24th of the same; aged seventy-eight, and a minister about fifty years.

William Evans and Thomas Evans, eds (1854)

06. Joseph Binns

07. Henry Binns

1712-11-08 b. Carlton Biggin, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1279
1752-06-23 clog maker, of Carleton Biggin; m. Margaret Brown (1721–1766, d. of William Brown, of Cononley, Yorkshire), at Knaresborough fmh, Yorkshire PRO RG 6/1091, /1105, /1279, /1320
1759 moved to Roughlee, later to Preston 'An account of the family of the Binns's from the Year 1663', aka 'Binns notebook', MS vol. S 494, LSF; David Binns gedcom
after 1766 following the death of his wife, removed to Leyland, about seven miles from Preston

He having had a paralitic seisure by by [sic] which not being so capable of managing his Business as heretofore He with the advice and assistance of his friends and relations gave up the same and came into Yorkshire amongst his relations. Resided most of the remaining part of his time at his brother John's at Carlton Biggin.

'Binns notebook'
1781-12-22 clogger, late of Layland, Lancashire; d. Carlton Biggin, Skipton, Yorkshire RG 6/809, /823, /898, /1165, /1168B, /1279
1781-12-26 bur. Skipton fbg

He was a man greatly tossed with many perturbations of mind and grievous exercises both in Spiritual and Temporal affairs having many Law suits about Tythes and other matter which could not be well avoided and was admirable in always getting the better and coming off without dishonour to the truth. Was an uncommon charitable man thinking nothing he could do too much for Strangers & any poor friends in need. He kept an open House. He appeared in Public testimony about 40 years at times did not travel much was once in the West to the Lands End and other small Journeys.

His plain way of delivery rather offended some which was cause of much trouble to him. He had a tedious Illness being some months obliged to be attended upon night and day having little help for himself.

'Binns notebook'

08. Abraham Binns

1714 b. 'An account of the family of the Binns's from the Year 1663', aka 'Binns notebook', MS vol. S 494, LSF
1714 d.; lived two weeks

09. Abraham Binns

1716/7-02-14 b. Carlton Biggin, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1091, /1279
1752-11-08 of Cononley Woodside, Kildwick, Yorkshire; m.1. Mary Wetherald (1720–1753, d. of James Wetherald, of Bainbridge, Aysgarth, Yorkshire), at Haws fmh PRO RG 6/1091, /1279, /1403; 'An account of the family of the Binns's from the Year 1663', aka 'Binns notebook', MS vol. S 494, LSF
Child with first wife: John (1753–1827, b. Carlton Biggin) RG 6/892
1763-11-29 woolen manufactor, of Carleton, Yorkshire; m.2. Mary A. Barrett (1725–1793, d. of John and Deborah Barrett, of Glusburn, Yorkshire), at Skipton RG 6/1091, /1279; 'Binns notebook'
Children with second wife: stillborn child, Henry (1765–1765), and Abigail (1767–1823) RG 6/890, /912, /1091, /1279; Annual Monitor
1777-10-02 weaver, of Pasturelaith, Carlton, Yorkshire RG 6/318, /1071
1784-04-13 worsted manufacturer, of Carleton; d. RG 6/899, /1165, /1279
1784-04-16 bur. Skipton fbg
  "He was of orderly conduct and conversation diligent in attending meetings, a man of peace well beloved by his neighbours." 'Binns notebook'

10. Jonathan Binns

1718-04-06 b. Rigg, Carlton Biggin, Skipton, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1091, /1279
  clogger and leather cutter David Binns gedcom
1740/1-02-11 of Cononley Woodside, Kildwick, Yorkshire; m.1. Elizabeth Sutcliffe (1719–1748, d. of William and Grace Sutcliffe, of Swallowby), at Shewbroad, Yorkshire PRO RG 6/1091, /1121, /1279
Children with first wife: Abraham (1743–1814, b. Cononley Woodside, near Skipton); Jonas (1745–1760), and Jonathan (1747–1812, b. Crawshawbooth, Lancashire) RG 6/247, /1005, /1091, /1096, /1178, /1564, /1279; Annual Monitor
1751-06-21 of Cononley Woodside, Yorkshire; m.2. Ann Birtwistle (1710–1786, d. of Henry Birtwistle, of Crawshawbooth), at Trawden, Lancashire RG 6/807, /968, /1168B, /1091, /1279, /1616, /1616A
1754-03-26 moved from Woodside to Crawshawbooth 'An account of the family of the Binns's from the Year 1663', aka 'Binns notebook', MS vol. S 494, LSF
1765 moved to Liverpool, Lancashire 'Binns notebook'
Jonathan Binns & Sons, leather sellers, Ranleagh St, Liverpool David Binns gedcom, citing Liverpool Trade Directory
1774 of 4 Church St, Liverpool Gore's Liverpool Directory
1781 leather dealer, of Liverpool RG 6/518, /805
1790-11-07 of Liverpool, retired from business; m.3. Jane Cropper (1745–1816, of Winstanley, Lancashire, d. of Thomas and Ann (Wolsey) Cropper), at Hardshaw fmh RG 6/523, /805; 'Binns notebook'
  his gift in the vocal ministry was acknowledged by his monthly meeting Edward H. Milligan (2007) Biographical Dictionary of British Quakers in Commerce and Industry 1775–1920. York: Sessions Book Trust
1794-03-07 of Liverpool; d. there RG 6/807, /968, /1168B; 'Binns notebook'
1794-03-11 bur. Hunter Street fbg, Liverpool RG 6/807, /968, /1168B

11. Mary Binns

1720-07-08 b. Carlton Biggin, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1091, /1279
1720-07-29 d. Carlton Biggin PRO RG 6/1279
  bur. Skipton
  "She lived but two or three Weeks." 'An account of the family of the Binns's from the Year 1663', aka 'Binns notebook', MS vol. S 494, LSF

12. David Binns

1721-10-02 b. Carlton Biggin, Skipton, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1279
  clogger David Binns gedcom
1736 "Goes to his brother Jonas at Yatton in Somersetshire and returns in about 18 months. Removes to Carlton Biggin" 'An account of the family of the Binns's from the Year 1663', aka 'Binns notebook', MS vol. S 494, LSF
1745-11-13 "To Bainbridge in Wensleydale" 'Binns notebook'
1753-04-02 "Removes from thence to Skipton"
1754-12-01 of Skipton; m. Ann Wilson (1731–1783, d. of Matthew and Mary Wilson, of Skipton), at Skipton fmh PRO RG 6/899, /1091, /1165, /1279, /1320; 'Binns notebook'
Children: Jonathan (1755–1796) and Ann (1762–1790); both b. Skipton RG 6/890, /901, /903, /1091, /1165, /1279, /1342; 'Binns notebook'
1765 "David purchases the house that was David Hall's and removes thither" 'Binns notebook'
1785 leather cutter, of Skipton RG 6/317, /1071, /1279
1786-06-20 "David removes from Skipton to his Son in Law B Hustler & daughters at Yeadon" 'Binns notebook'
1792-05-21 "Removes to Otley"
1794-05-12 "Removes to Yeadon"
  original compiler of the 'Binns notebook'

Being now entered into the 75 Year and feeling a decline in nature my memory &c. failing I thought it best to return and live with my son at Skipton. Having given up all business and settled all my worldly affairs to my mind so that I am quite content about these things being favoured with a sufficiency for the necessaries of life for which I am thankful desiring to live as to the World Independant so much as I can"

1801-10-31 leathercutter, of Skipton; d. RG 6/890, /905; 'Binns notebook'
1801-11-04 bur. Skipton fbg RG 6/890, /905

13. Mary Binns

1724-06-20 b. Carlton Biggin, Skipton, Yorkshire TNA: PRO RG 6/1091, /1279
1725-03-29 d. Carlton Biggin, Skipton PRO RG 6/1279
  bur. Skipton

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