Child of Rebecca and Daniel Stoodley

01. Elizabeth Stoodley

cal 1712 b. Croydon burials register
before 1737-06 m.1. James Wood (? ?) Chancery records; James Wood was probably the baker of Croydon, of this name, who was bur. there on 1757-03-06, according to Bank of England will extracts
Children: Ann (1737 before 1791), James (1738 presumably before 1743), Elizabeth (1742 before 1791), James (1743 before 1791), Jasper (1744 ?), Mary (1746 ?), John (1748 before 1791), and Rebecca (? 1764), all b. Croydon, Surrey Chancery records; FamilySearch; "England, Surrey Parish Registers, 15361992", database, FamilySearch: 16 March 2018, Rebeccah Wood, 1764
1780-04-14 widow, of St Giles without Cripplegate, London; m.2. John Hall (? ?, widower, of Croydon, Surrey), at St Giles without Cripplegate; signed her name Chancery records; parish register
before 1791 d. intestate Chancery records
1790-01-13 bur. St John, Croydon, Surrey Croydon burials register

Children of James and Rebecca Pollard

01. Slater or Slaughter Pollard

  b. Horsham, Sussex father's will
1718-05-13 bapt. St John Wapping, Middlesex parish register
1739/40-03-14 of "Craydon in Surry"; m. John Hopkins (? ?, of St James Westmr), at St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London St Martin in the Fields parish register; Faculty Office marriage licences
Children: Esther (1749 ?), bapt. St Katherine Cree, City of London, and ____ (? ?) parish register; Chancery records

02. Rebecca Pollard

1719-12-29 bapt. St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex parish register
1749-09-17 m. John Dungate (? ?), at Addington, Surrey, by licence Surrey marriages
1756-12-09 possibly bur. Penshurst, Kent "England Deaths and Burials, 15381991", database, FamilySearch: 15 March 2020, Rebecca Dungate, 1756

03. James Pollard

04. John Pollard

1723-09-26 b. parish register
1723-10-17 bapt. St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
1723-12-25 bur. Croydon parish register

05. Mary Pollard

1723-09-26 b. parish register
1723-10-17 bapt. St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
1725-03-26 bur. Croydon parish register

06. Hester Pollard

1724-12-21 b. parish register
1724/5-01-13 bapt. St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
1749-01-11 m. William Dungate (? ?), St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey parish register

07. Charity Pollard

1728-09-03 b. parish register
1728-09-27 bapt. St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
1749-05-24 of Croydon; m.1. James Pollard (? before 1756, of Plymouth), in a clandestine marriage at the Mayfair Chapel, Westminster, London parish register; St Mary's, Lambeth, parish register
1756-06-20 widow, of St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey; m.2. John James Knight (? ?, widower, of St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Surrey), at St Mary's, Lambeth, by licence; marked her name marriage bond; St Mary's, Lambeth, parish register

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