Children of Jacob and Hannah Watson

01.  Hannah Watson

1766-08-27 b. Allendale MM TNA: PRO RG 6/1271
1841 ind., living alone in Villa Place, Westgate, Newcastle upon Tyne PRO HO 107/824/10 f24 p41
1850-12-16 a member of the Society of Friends; d. Villa Place, Newcastle upon Tyne GRO index; Newcastle Journal, 1850-12-21

02. Jacob Watson

1769-09-01 b. Allendale, Northumberland Annual Monitor; The Friend; TNA: PRO RG 6/1271
1806-06-05 lead core miner, of Tedham, Allendale, Northumberland; m. Mary Johnston (cal 1782 – 1858, daughter of Jacob and Elinora Johnston of Kingswood), at Allendale fmh PRO RG 6/188, /355, /1155; Annual Monitor
Children: Eleanor (1807 – before 1871), Joseph (1808–1891), Jacob Johnson (1810–1811), Jacob Johnson (1812–1868), Hannah (1814–1854), Thomas (1816 – ?), Mary (1818–1885), Ann (1820 – after 1845), Margaret (1823–1901), Esther (1825–1867), Elizabeth (1827 – after 1901) RG 6/384, /462, /465; Annual Monitor; information from Jeff Secchiari
1808 innkeeper source misplaced
1810 lead ore miner, of Allendale Town Pathfoot RG 6/384
1814 spirit merchant, of Allendale Town
1826-11-04 member of the Allendale Association for Prosecuting Felons Newcastle Courant, 1827-03-24
1831 spirit merchant, of Allendale Town Newcastle Courant, 1831-12-03
1832 of Allendale-town; qualified to vote by his annuity out of freehold lands, Tedham, &c. poll book
1837-04-27 spirit merchant, of Allendale RG 6/355; Durham Chronicle, 1837-05-05

Jacob Watson kept a respectable public house, and his eldest son was manager of a brewery. William Wilson, his neighbour in the minister’s gallery, was a keen temperance man and a personal teetotaller; and so in this meeting (as at Thirsk) Friends were divided on this question. Jacob Watson is reported to have said to William Wilson, “Thou makest my trade not respectable, I’ll not deal with thee at thy shop any more”. 

Reminiscences of John William Hall
1839-01-23 one of the signatories to a notice to the Clerk of the Peace for Northumberland, saying that a petition will be presented to the next Quarter Sessions asking for Allendale Town to be designated as a polling place Newcastle Courant, 1839-03-29
1841 spirit merchant, living with his wife and daughter in Allendale Town, Allendale, Northumberland PRO HO 107/837/32 f48 p16
1844-10-01 present at the Tyneside Agricultural Society's cattle show at Hexham Newcastle Courant, 1844-10-04
1844-10-12 attended the Annual Exhibition of the Alston District Agricultural Society, at Alston, and the dinner at the Golden Lion; his name was coupled with the Allendale Hunt, in a toast:

Mr. WATSON said—Mr Friend seemed to have been contriving all evening to get him upon his legs. He thanked them for the hearty manner in which they had drunk his health. They had a nice little hunt in Allendale, with good ground to hunt upon, and excellent hounds. He trusted their wishes would be realized, that they might have a good season.

Carlisle Journal, 1844-10-19
1845-09-20 of Allendale Town Durham County Advertiser, 1845-09-26
1847-02-13 Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury
1848-07-03 of Allendale; d. Allendale Town Annual Monitor; The Friend; GRO index

At Allendale Town, on the 3d inst., aged 79, much respected, Mr Jacob Watson, wine and spirit merchant

Newcastle Courant, 1848-07-07

03. Joseph Watson

1769-09-01 b. Allendale MM TNA: PRO RG 6/1271
1782/1784 of Allendale, Northumberland; attended Ackworth School Ackworth School Centenary Committee (1879) List of the Boys and Girls Admitted into Ackworth School 1779–1879. Ackworth
  died young source misplaced

Joshua Watson 04. Joshua Watson

Jane (Watson) Hewitson 05. Jane Watson

1775-04-27 b. Allendale, Northumberland TNA: PRO RG 6/1271; censuses
1809-05-13 m. John Hewitson (1782–1855, cheesemonger of Newcastle and Leeds), at Allendale Annual Monitor; Edward H. Milligan (2007) Biographical Dictionary of British Quakers in Commerce and Industry 1775–1920. York: Sessions Book Trust;, accessed 2008-10-02
  disowned for marrying out John William Steel (1899) A Historical Sketch of the Society of Friends 'in Scorn called Quakers' in Newcastle & Gateshead 1653–1898. London & Newcastle, Headley Bros, p. 154
Children: Mary Ann (cal 1811 – 1907), William Watson (1814–1863), Hannah (1817–1896) censuses; Annual Monitor; Steel (1899)
c. 1812 reinstated to membership of the Society of Friends, after her husband became a Quaker Steel (1899), p. 137; Sean Creighton (2011), 'Anna and Henry Richardson. Newcastle Quaker anti-slavery, peace and animal rights journalism'; extended text of talk given to the Quaker History Group, Friends House, 2011-03-22
1815 removed to Newcastle; a careful helpmate to her husband, they were enabled to live comfortably and in contentment, occupying a house in Pandon Bank, near Sallyport Gate Steel (1899), p. 137
c. 1835 removed to Leeds with family, to live with son
1841 of Cumberland Row, Westgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, living with her family and a Joseph Hewitson PRO HO 107/824/10 f6 p4
1851 of 3 Springfield Mount, Leeds, Yorkshire, living with her family and two house servants HO 107/2321 f548 p23
1861 of Woodlands, Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, living with her family and one servant RG 9/3353 f45 p11
1870-05-05 of Headingley; d. Leeds RD 1871 Annual Monitor; Steel (1899), p. 137; GRO index

06. Elizabeth Watson

1778-01-26 b. Allendale MM TNA: PRO RG 6/1271
1805-08-22 m. Thomas Tessimond (1782–1853, tailor, of Kendal, son of John and Eleanor Tessimond) at Allendale, Northumberland PRO RG 6/188, /1077; Annual Monitor
Children: Eleanor (1806–1809), Jacob (1808–1832), Hannah (1810–1849), John (1812–1812), William (1813–1844), Elizabeth (1817 – after 1844), Esther (1821–1822), Esther (1823–1867) RG 6/1104, /1131, /1132, /1133, /1151; Annual Monitor; GRO index; PRO HO 107/296/15 f34 p1
1841 living with her husband and four children in Ellison Street, Gateshead, Durham HO 107/296/15 f34 p1
1851 living with her husband and youngest daughter, with a lodger, at 114 Blenheim St, Westgate, Northumberland HO 107/2404 f410 p21
1857-04-07 of Newcastle-on-Tyne; d. Westgate Hill Terrace, Newcastle Annual Monitor; GRO index; Newcastle Journal, 1857-04-11
"On the 7th inst., in Westgate Hill Terrace, Newcastle, in her 80th year, Elizabeth, widow of the late Mr Thomas Tessimond, formerly of Kendal—much respected." Kendal Mercury, 1857-04-11; Westmorland Gazette, 1857-04-18

07. Ann Watson

1778-07-22 b. Allendale MM TNA: PRO RG 6/1271
1814-04-20, Wednesday of Alston; mar. William Gray (1789–1865, grocer and confectioner, of Newcastle and Edinburgh), at Newcastle-upon-Tyne PRO RG 6/527; Annual Monitor; Carlisle Journal, 1814-04-30; "England, Northumberland, Parish Registers, 1538–1950", database with images, FamilySearch: 22 August 2018, William Gray
1827-12-21 of Cumberland Row, Westgate, Newcastle; d. Carlisle MM RG 6/228, /778
1827-12-23 bur. Newcastle upon Tyne RG 6/228

08. Anthony Watson

1781-02-16 b. Huntwell, Allendale, Northumberland TNA: PRO RG 6/304
1839-05-28 of Newcastle-on-Tyne; d. at York; "one of the Society of Friends, for many years an assistant with Bragg & Co., linen drapers, of this town, deservedly respected". 1840 Annual Monitor; Newcastle Journal, 1839-06-08

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