Children of John and Hannah Dixon

01. Michael Dixon

1736-10-03 b. Darlington MM TNA: PRO RG 6/1549; Henry Eckroyd Smith (1878) Annals of Smith of Cantley, Balby and Doncaster, County of York. Sunderland, p. 194
1739/40-01-17 d. Darlington MM PRO RG 6/1549; Smith (1878), p. 194

02. Margaret Dixon

1738/9-01-09 b. Raby, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/1549; Paul M. Street gedcom files
1762-06-30 m. James Simpson (1736 – ?, shopkeeper of Kirby Moorside, Yorkshire), at Raby meeting PRO RG 6/1012
Children: James (1763 – ?), Lydia (1766 – ?), Joshua (1769–1777), John (1770–1789), Hannah (1773–1842), Joshua (1773–1777), Mary (1775–1777) Annual Monitor; Edward H. Milligan (2007) Biographical Dictionary of British Quakers in Commerce and Industry 1775–1920. York: Sessions Book Trust; RG 6/1283, /1504
1765 of Kirby-moorside RG 6/1283
1770 of Kirbymoorside
1773 RG 6/1504
1775 of Kirby-moorside RG 6/1283
1777-01-02 late of Kirbymoorside, Yorkshire; d. Staindrop, Durham RG 6/653
1777-01-03 bur. Staindrop Friends' burying-ground

Children of Hugh and Hannah Watson

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01.  Joshua Watson

02. Michael Watson

1749-09-26 b. Raby, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/1549; Henry Eckroyd Smith (1878) Annals of Smith of Cantley, Balby and Doncaster, County of York. Sunderland, p. 206
1782-06-05 m. Anne Chapman (1763–1836, d. of Ingram Chapman), at Whitby, Yorkshire PRO RG 6/321; Annual Monitor
Children: Hugh (1783–1843), Elizabeth (1785–1787), Michael (1788–1859), Isabel (1791–1867), Ann (1792–1792), Ingram Chapman (1794–1884) RG 6/626, /1245; Annual Monitor; GRO index; censuses
1786-07-01 sub-distributor for the Stamp Office, for issuing licences and stamps and for information on the duties on perfumery and hair powder Newcastle Courant, 1786-07-01


MICHAEL WATSON, of Staindrop, Shopkeeper, and JOSHUA WATSON, of the same place, Surgeon, having made full assignments of all their effects to Gilpin Gorst, of Staindrop; John Applegarth, Sledwick; Joseph Pease, Thomas Robson, and Jonathan Backhouse, of Darlington; for the equal benefit of all their Creditors.

A meeting of their Creditors is intended to be held on Friday the 30th of November instant, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the house of Matthew Ford, in Staindrop, where all who have joint or separate demands on the said Michael or Joshua Watson are requested to attend, as a state of their affairs is intended to be then laid before them.

Newcastle Courant, 1787-11-24

JOSHUA and MICHAEL WATSON's Creditors are requested to meet the Assignees on Thursday the 13th inst at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the house of Matthew Ford, in Staindrop, to take into consideration the opinions of councel, and other special affairs; at same time the Creditors are desired to produce their securities: And any who incline to purchase the whole stock in trade of Michael Watson will be treated with on that day.

All persons who stand indebted to Michael or Joshua Watson, are requested to pay the same immediately to the Assignees, at the house of Michael Watson, in Staindrop.

Newcastle Courant, 1787-12-08


ALL Persons indebted to the Estate and Effects of Michael Watson, late of Staindrop, in the County of Durham, Shopkeeper, now a Bankrupt, are hereby required immediately to pay such Debts unto Edward Byers, at the house of Taylor and Chapman, in Staindrop, who is properly authorised to receive and give discharges for the same, by the Assignees under the said Commission.

Newcastle Courant, 1788-05-10
1788-05-21 shopkeeper, late of Staindrop digest of Durham Quaker births: index
1790 not in membership RG 6/652
1792 not in unity RG 6/1245


WHEREAS MICHAEL WATSON, of North Shields, in the County of Northumberland, HATTER, did, by Indenture of Assignment bearing Date the 17th Day of April last, assign over all his personal Estate and Effects unto Geo. Brown, and Henry Taylor, of North Shields aforesaid, for the equal Benefit of such of his Creditors who should execute the same on or before the first Day of July next.—Notice is herby given, that the said Assignment is lodged at the Office of the said Geo. Brown, in Order that such Creditors who choose may sign the same, otherwise they will be excluded from the Benefit of the said Assignment.

North Shields, 29th May, 1797

Newcastle Courant, 1797-05-27
1816-10-09 auctioneer, of North Shields Durham County Advertiser, 1816-10-05
1817-03-14 Tyne Mercury: Northumberland and Durham and Cumberland Gazette, 1817-03-11
1819-01-02 Newcastle Courant, 1819-01-02
1820-03-28 Tyne Mercury: Northumberland and Durham and Cumberland Gazette
1820-05-18 of Stephenson Street, North Shields Newcastle Courant, 1820-05-20
  . . . "always a poor man, distinguished by quaint wit and humour, but with little practical faculty. He and his wife lived in their old age at the meeting-house at North Shields" . . . Anne Ogden Boyce (1889) Records of a Quaker Family: The Richardsons of Cleveland, London: Samuel Harris,  p. 18
1827-11-10 umbrella maker, of North Shields; d. there RG 6/228, /778, /1245; Annual Monitor; Paul M. Street gedcom files

On the 12th inst. at North Shields, Mr Michael Watson, one of the Society of Friends.

Newcastle Courant, 1827-11-17
1827-11-14 bur. Stephenson Street Friends' burying-ground, North Shields RG 6/228, /778, /1245

To be sold,

A tractable SHETLAND PONY. Enquire at the House of the late Michael Watson, Stephenson Street, North Shields.

Newcastle Courant, 1827-11-24

03. Joseph Watson

1753-09-26 b. Raby, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/1549
1759-09-03 of Raby; d. Raby MM PRO RG 6/1549; digest of Durham Quaker burials: index

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