Children of Joshua and Esther Watson

Joseph Watson 01.  Joseph Watson

02. William Wigham Watson

1809-05-29 b. Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland TNA: PRO RG 6/628
1830, end of describing himself as cheese-monger, butter and bacon-dealer, and general commission agent, Joshua Watson advertised in the Courant, to say that he had taken his son William Wigham Watson into partnership The Newcastle Courant, 1831-01-01, issue 8136
1835-05-26 cheesemonger of Newcastle-upon-Tyne; m. Mary Carrick (1814–1891, d. of David Carrick of Carlisle (deceased) and Sarah Brockbank), at Carlisle; both signed PRO RG 6/187, /1155; Edward H. Milligan (2007) Biographical Dictionary of British Quakers in Commerce and Industry 1775–1920. York: Sessions Book Trust; 1893 Annual Monitor
1836 cheesemonger, of Sedgwick Place, Gateshead digest of Durham Quaker births: index; John William Steel (1899) A Historical Sketch of the Society of Friends ‘in Scorn called Quakers’ in Newcastle & Gateshead 1653–1898. London & Newcastle, Headley Bros.
Children: William Joshua (1836–1841), Thomas Carrick (1840–1918), Edward Carrick (1841–1929) RG 6/1149; censuses; GRO index; Annual Monitor; Milligan (2007)
1840-01-24 cheesemonger of Newcastle; with father, petitioned for bankruptcy of Edward Hetherington, cheesemonger, butter and bacon dealer of Newcastle The Law Journal
1841 merchant, of 5 Claremont Place, Gateshead, living with his wife, son, mother-in-law, and one servant HO 107/296/10 f48 p28
by 1844-01-19 subscribed 10s. to St. Nicholas' Soup Kitchen Newcastle Courant, 1844-01-19
1844/1845 of Gateshead; eligible to vote in Newcastle from his house and shop in the Side electoral registers
1844-08-21 chaired a public meeting at Gateshead regarding encroachments on the Windmill Hills area of Gateshead Northumberland RO catalogue
1847-06-30 of the firm of Joshua Watson and Son, provision merchants, of Newcastle; d. Bensham, Gateshead, of phthisis pulmonalis 2 months certified; informant Joshua Watson Jr in attendance, Bensham, Gateshead death certificate; Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury, 1847-07-03

At Bensham, near Gateshead, the residence of his father, where he was staying for the benefit of his health, on the 30th ult., William Wigham Watson, of the firm of Joshua Watson and Son, provision merchants, Newcastle, a member of the Society of Friends—of whom it may be most truly said that he was beloved by all who knew him, and his connexions were not a few throughout the Northern Counties.

Durham Chronicle, 1847-07-02
of Claremont Place, Gateshead; d. at "the residence of his father, Bensham, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where he was staying for the benefit of his health" The British Friend, The Friend V.56:160, Aug 1847
1847-07-04 bur. Westgate Hill General Cemetery, Newcastle Sanderson Family Tree

03. Joshua Watson

1811-05-18 b. Newcastle TNA: PRO RG 6/404, /628




RETURN their sincere thanks to their Friends and the Public, for the liberal encouragement they have received since they commenced business, and beg to inform them that they have taken MR JOSHUA WATSON, JUN., into Partnership, and that the business will henceforth be carried on under the firm of DANIELS, TURNBULL, and WATSON," who respectfully solicit a continuance of that support and patronage which has hitherto been so liberally granted.

N.B.—Rooms hung by careful workmen.

Newcastle, Sept. 10th, 1840.

Newcastle Courant, 1840-09-18
1841 paper stainer, of Bensham, Gateshead, living with his family, a cheesemonger apprentice, and a female servant PRO H0 107/296/9 f33 p15
1842-05-04 had been in partnership with Daniel Daniels and Richard Turnbull as paper stainers; Daniels withdrew from the partnership, and henceforth they traded as Turnbull and Watson, of 63 Newgate Street, Newcastle Newcastle Courant, 1842-05-13
1844-06 joint secretary for the Newcastle & Gateshead Temperance Bazaar, "for the sale of useful and fancy work, &c." The British Friend
1844-07 joint Hon. Sec. of the Newcastle Temperance Bazaar The Friend II.7:158-9
1844-10 joint Hon. Sec. of the Newcastle Temperance Bazaar Newcastle Courant, 1844-10-04
1845-02-20 Turnbull and Watson partnership dissolved, and Watson continues as sole trader, at 63 Newgate Street Newcastle Courant, 1845-02-21
1845 of Bensham, qualified to vote in Newcastle from his house in Newgate-street electoral register
1846-01 & -02 Newcastle agent for The British Friend The British Friend




IN returning his sincere thanks to his Friends and the Public, for the extensive patronage they have been pleased to confer upon him, since the decease of his late Partner, Richard Turnbull, respectfully invites them to an inspection of his present Stock of PAPER HANGINGS, which comprise the Newest and most Elegant Designs, at a great Reduction of Price.

            N.B.—Rooms hung by experienced Workmen.

Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury, 1846-06-20

THE EMPLOYER AND THE EMPLOYED.—On Wednesday evening, Mr Joshua Watson, Jun., paper-stainer, of this town, entertained a number of workmen, who have been engaged in the enlargement of his premises, with those in his own employment, amounting to about fifty in number, with an excellent dinner of beef and plum-pudding, after which a dessert was served, in the place of intoxicating drinks, which, in this instance, were totally excluded, to the general satisfaction of the company.

Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury, 1846-10-10
1846 of Bensham, qualified to vote in Newcastle from his house in Newgate-street electoral register
1847-07-02 of Bensham, Gateshead; informant of his brother’s death brother’s death certificate
by 1847-08-28 had donated 5s. to the Ragged School in Sandgate Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury, 1847-08-28
1848/1849 of Bensham, qualified to vote in Newcastle from his house in Newgate-street electoral registers
by 1849-01-06 had subscribed £1 to the General Soup Kitchen Newcastle Journal, 1849-01-06
1849-01-19 has hung the chapel of the New Catholic Chapel and School at South Shields with elegant paper, as a donation Newcastle Courant, 1849-01-19
1849-10-09 in a public letter, he and others pledged their support for George Crawshay as candidate for the town council Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury, 1849-10-13
1849-12 had subscribed £1 for the dependents of the 20 pilots recently killed in a lifeboat accident off South Shields Newcastle Courant, 1849-12-21
1850-02-22 announced that he was about to also take on the work of painting and glazing, having taken on an additional person to do so Newcastle Courant, 1850-02-22, -04-05
1850-05-24 advertised for several journeymen painters Newcastle Courant, 1850-05-24



Returns his sincere Thanks to his Friends and the Public for the numerous Favours bestowed upon him since his Commencement in Business, and respectfully solicits a continuance of their support.

J.W. Jun. has now on Hand a large Assortment of PAPER HANGINGS, varying in Price from Fourpence to Two Guineas per piece, some of which are of the newest and most elegant Designs, which he confidently recommends to the inspection of his Friends.

N.B. ROOMS HUNG by experienced Workmen, on the shortest Notice.


Newcastle Courant, 1851-03-28
1851 paper stainer, painter and plasterer empls 3 men 3 apps and 3 boys, of Bensham Grove, Gateshead, living with his family, sister-in-law, nephew, and a house servant HO 107/2492 f140 p58
1852 of Bensham, qualified to vote in Newcastle from his house and workshops in Newgate street electoral register

The paper-staining manufactory of Mr. Joshua Watson, jun. in Newgate Street, in this town, was, between Saturday night and Monday morning last, broken into, and ransacked, but nothing of importance was taken away, the object of the depredators being to obtain money, in which they were disappointed. It is evident that the thieves were adepts at their trade. The police are investigating the affair with their usual degree of activity and promptitude.

Newcastle Journal
1852-08-24 exhibited specimens of paper-staining at the Conversazione of the Literary and Philosophical Society Newcastle Journal, 1852-08-28




IN returning his sincere thanks to his Friends and the Public for their liberal patronage during the present Summer, as well as on previous occasions, respectfully informs them that he is SELLING OFF his remaining STOCK of PAPER HANGINGS at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES, previous to his selecting a New Assortment.

Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury
1854-01-06 advertised offices to let in The Side, Newcastle Newcastle Courant, 1854-01-06, -01-13
1854-01-31 exhibited glass letters for shop fronts, glass picture frame and mouldings, at the annual Conversazione of the Literary and Philosophical Society Newcastle Courant, 1854-02-03
1854-09-08 had subscribed £1 1s. to the building fund for the Gateshead Dispensary Newcastle Courant, 1854-09-08
1855 jun.; paper hanger and paper stainer, 63 Newgate st, Newcastle Slater’s Commercial Directory of Durham, Northumberland & Yorkshire
of Bensham, qualified to vote in Newcastle from his shop at 21 Side, and his house and workshops at 47 Newgate street electoral registers
1855-05-30 painter, of Newcastle; co-executor of his father's will Durham Probate Records, DPRI/1/1855/W8
1856 of Bensham, qualified to vote in Newcastle from his shop at 21 Side electoral register
1856-03-07 paper stainer, painter, glazier, and decorator, now of 47 Newgate Street Newcastle Courant, 1856-03-07
1856-05-23  . . . "has acceded to the wishes of his workpeople for a weekly half-holiday on the Saturday." Newcastle Courant, 1856-05-23
1856-06-27 now trading as The London, Paris, and Manchester Paper Hanging Warehouse, at 27 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle Newcastle Courant, 1856-06-27
1857 of Bensham, and of Cumberland row, Newcastle, qualified to vote from his house and shop at 27 Pilgrim street, and his shop at 21 Side electoral registers
1858 of 22 Cumberland row, Newcastle Kelly’s Directory of Northumberland and Durham
1859-10-07 the great east window of the newly-reopened St James's Congregational Chapel is "filled with diaphanie, executed by Mr Joshua Watson, Pilgrim-street." Newcastle Courant, 1859-10-07
1861 painter &c., living with his family, sister-in-law, nephew, and a house servant at 22 Cumberland row, Westgate, Newcastle RG 9/3812 f19 p35
1862-11-08 painter, of 27 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Newcastle Journal, 1862-11-08
1863-12-25 of Newcastle Mosscroft visitors' book



JOSHUA WATSON respectfully informs his Friends and the Public that he is declining Business, and thanking them for their past Favours, he requests an early Inspection of his present Stock of PAPER HANGINGS, which will be disposed of at Greatly Reduced Prices for Cash. It consists of English, French, and Machine Papers of all Descriptions, the Stock having been carefully selected from most of the principal London and Manchester Houses.

A Great Variety of French and English BORDERS, of the most beautiful Designs; together with Centre Pieces, Decorations, &c., &c.

27, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle

Newcastle Journal, 1864-04-21



The Whole of the STOCK-IN-TRADE of Mr. JOSHUA WATSON, who is declining Business, including many Thousand PIECES OF PAPER HANGINGS, on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, July 5 and 6, at Eleven o'Clock precisely.

HENRY GILPIN is instructed by Mr. Joshua Watson, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the Premises, as above, on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 5 and 6, the whole of his STOCK-IN-TRADE, SHOP FIXTURES, &c.


The remaining portion of Paper Hangings, including several Thousand Pieces of Satin, Flock, Crimson, and Machine Papers in every variety; also, a Large Assortment of French and English Borders, Centre Pieces, Decorations, &c., which will be put up in Lots to suit Purchasers.


Colours; Paints; Glass and Painting Materials, Implements, &c., a number of Brackets; Figures; Pedestals; several Medallions and Small Brackets; Solid Figure of "Blind Willie" &c., Two Beautiful Hall Lamps, on Carved Wood Pedestals; Office Furniture; Large Mahogany Desk; Maps; Oil Cloth; Counters; Painter's Bench; Paper Racks; Sign Boards; Good Hand Cart; Dog Kennel; Chairs, Washstands and Tables; Sun Blind, with Fittings; a Large Quantity of Staining Blocks and other Articles.

  Newcastle, July, 1864.

Newcastle Journal, 1864-06-28
1865-04-19 present at the laying of the foundation stone for the Mechanics Institute; with cousin Robert Spence Watson, afterwards joined the company at dinner in the long room of the Queen's Head, Pilgrim Street Newcastle Courant, 1865-04-21
1869-06-20 of Newcastle Mosscroft visitors' book
1870-04-22 with Robert Spence Watson and others in a deputation to T.E. Headlam MP, regarding his recent conduct with respect to the Irish Land Bill Newcastle Courant, 1870-04-29
1871-04-02 commission agent, of Bensham Grove, Bensham Rd, Gateshead, living with his brother's family, a domestic servant, a house servant, and a cook &c. RG 10/5051 f64 p25; Mosscroft visitors' book
1871-07-14 of Bensham Mosscroft visitors' book
1873-07-14 with Robert Spence Watson, among the chief mourners at the funeral of Charles Pease, in Darlington Northern Echo, 1873-07-15
1873-12-25 of Bensham Mosscroft visitors' book
1874-08-07 of Bensham Grove
1881 powder agent, living with his nephew's widow and daughter, and a general servant, at 6 Elysium Lane, Gateshead; one visitor RG 11/5033 f95 p9
1882-12-25 of Bensham Bensham Grove visitors' books
1884-12-25 of Elysium Lane, Bensham
1887-06-21 of Bensham; "Jubilee day"
1888-05 with Robert Spence Watson and many other Friends, signatory to the Protest Against Coercion in Ireland, addressed to Gladstone Northern Echo, 1888-05-22
1888-07-21 d. Gateshead RD GRO index; The Friend
  . . . "well known as an unobtrusive supporter of local philanthropic movements." Obituary in The Monthly Chronicle of North-Country Lore and Legend, quoted in email to me from Peter Wright, 2001-10-26

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