Children of Joshua and Rachel Watson

01. Joseph Watson

1770-11-15 b. Staindrop, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/1012, /1549; Henry Ecroyd Smith (1878) Annals of Smith of Cantley, Balby and Doncaster, County of York. Sunderland, p. 207; Edward H. Milligan (2007) Biographical Dictionary of British Quakers in Commerce and Industry 1775–1920. York: Sessions Book Trust
before 1799 moved into the compass of Gracechurch Street MM Dictionary of Quaker Biography
1799-05-15 appeared at Longford MM with Hannah Temple, daughter of William Temple, yeoman of Buxhill, Hertfordshire, and his wife Ann, to announce their intention of marrying; they brought with them the permission of their parents, and Joseph Watson also brought a notification from Gracechurch Street MM of his having declared his intention of marriage there
1799-06-12 when they appeared again, Joseph Watson brought a certificate of clearness from Gracechurch Street MM; no obstruction to the marriage was discovered
1799-06-20 m. Hannah Temple (1778–1855), at the Friends' meeting house near Brentford PRO RG 6/542, /1157; Annual Monitor; Smith (1878); Milligan (2007)
1799 & 1800 linen draper, of Watling Street, London RG 6/542, /1157
Children: Ann (1800–1880), John (1801/5–1849), Sophia (1802–1885), Edmund Temple (1804–1886), Maria (1806–1896), Alfred (1809–1885), Henry (1811–1887), Joseph (1813–1892), unnamed daughter (1814–1814), Emma (1815–1876), William (1821–1821) Annual Monitor; censuses; DQB; Milligan (2007); information from Raine Threadgold and Martin Rossiter; Paul M. Street gedcom files
1802/1806 warehouseman, at Watling Street, or Cheapside, London DQB
1809 warehouseman digest of London & Middlesex Quaker births: index
1811 linen draper, of Surrey Square, Mary Newington, Surrey
1813 draper, of Surrey Square, Mary Newington
1814/1815 warehouseman, of Surrey Square
1819-11-16 report was made to Southwark MM that Joseph Watson had failed in paying his just debts, and William Marsh and Thomas Newman were appointed to visit him DQB
1820-05-16 they brought in a report to the MM that the difficulties of Joseph Watson and his partner "have in degree arisen from the unprecedented pressure of the times; although the trade debts are not large, there will be a very great deficiency in the estate, occasioned by an improper bill transaction. They have omitted to balance their books for the last three years past. Jos. Watson has avowed his intention of satisfying his Creditors to the full . . . . We believe that no charge can attach to him for extravagance in the manner of living or other unnecessary expenditure."
1820-07-11 Southwark MM thought it right, however, on considering the matter, to direct a testimony of disownment to be prepared against him
1820-08-15 disownment testimony read and agreed to
1820-09-25 disownment brought in at the Six Weeks Meeting
1821-06 grocer of Peckham
1827-05-16 of Peckham digest of London & Middlesex Quaker marriages: index
1828-09-28 agent at Peckham for the County Fire Office The Examiner, 1828-09-28
1831-10-13 of Peckham digest of London & Middlesex Quaker marriages: index
1839-06-21 grocer of Peckham, non-member. d. Camberwell RD 1840 Annual Monitor; DQB; Smith (1878); GRO index

02. Grainger Watson

1772-10-16 b. Staindrop, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/1012, /1549
1796-07-19 gardener of Isleworth, Middlesex; m. Elizabeth Temple (1770–1847, d. of William and Ann Temple), at Isleworth Friends' meeting house PRO RG 6/542, /1157; DQB
Children: Joshua (1797 – after 1819), Mary (1799 – after 1842), Rachel (1801–1879), William (1803–1803), Edward (1804 – after 1820), Martha (1807–1807), Benjamin (1808–1890), Elizabeth (1811 – after 1837) RG 6/799, /801; censuses; DQB; digest of London & Middlesex Quaker births: index; Annual Monitor; US census 1860; US Federal census, Year: 1880; Census Place: Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas; Roll: 396; Family History Film: 1254396; Page: 344A; Enumeration District: 220; Image: 0471
1811 farmer digest of London & Middlesex Quaker births: index
  farmer of Harmondsworth, Middlesex information from Martin Rossiter
1820-07-12 when on 14 June application was made for a certificate for him, his wife and their three youngest children (Edward, Benjamin and Elizabeth) on their removal to North America, Richard Kidd and Richard Marshall, who were appointed to report, found no obstacle and the certificate was accordingly signed on 12 July 1820 information from Martin Rossiter, citing DQB
1820-07-25 farmer; arrived in New York on the Cossack New York, 1820-1850 Passenger and Immigration Lists; New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
1821-10-25 removal certificate for himself, his wife, and their three minor children, received by Stroudsburg Monthly Meeting, signed in Longford Monthly Meeting, Uxbridge, Middlesex, "Old England", 1821-07-12 Salem, New Jersey, Monthly Meeting, Minutes, 1815-1839
1833-10 of Scipio State, New York, USA digest of London & Middlesex Quaker marriages: index
1834-04-16 certificate sent from Scipio MM, NY to Alum Creek MM, Ohio, for Granger [sic] and Elizabeth Watson and their children Benjamin and Elizabeth Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy
1834-06-26 certificate received at Alum Creek MM
1838-11-04 d. Greenwich, Ohio, USA 1840 Annual Monitor
  bur. Greenwich, Ohio, USA DQB

William Watson03. William Watson, MRCS

1773-10-17 b. Staindrop, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/1012, /1549
1800-07-16 surgeon, of Yarm, Yorkshire; m. Martha Waterhouse (1770–1855, daughter of Ellythorp and Sarah (Clough) Waterhouse), at Liverpool fmh PRO RG 6/380, /1156; Milligan (2007); Quaker Connections 11:17; posting to ENG-YORKSHIRE, citing Jackson's Oxford Journal, 1800-08-02
Children: Henry (1802–1894), Ann (1804–1824), Bridget (1806–1881), Jane Winter (c. 1808 – ?) Quaker Connections 11:17; information from Raine Threadgold; Charles Edward Pease gedcom files
1802 & 1804 surgeon digest of Durham Quaker births: index
  MRCS source misplaced
before 1858 pharmaceutical chemist, of Liverpool The British Friend; Milligan (2007)
1839-03-21 arrived in Australia in Catherine Stewart Forbes MI;
1840 householder, of Hindley street, Adelaide; registered to vote for the Municipal Corporation South Australian Register, 1840-09-26
1840-10-30 failed to get elected to the Adelaide Common Council South Australian Register, 1840-10-31

TO BE LET, in Hindley-street, near the Club, the house lately occupied by William Watson, Esq. For particulars apply to Mr H. W. PHILLIPS, Hindley-street.

South Australian Register, 1841-05-29
1841-06-22 among a deputation on the occasion of the departure of Governor Gawler Southern Australian, 1841-06-25
1841-08-12 appointed a Justice of the Peace for South Australia Southern Australian, 1841-08-17

Police Court, Adelaide:


Joseph Cromie was charged with allowing a ferocious dog to be at large, in Stanley-street, on the 18th August.

William Watson was passing the defendant's premises between 5 and 6 o'clock the previous Wednesday, when the defendant's dog rushed out from beneath the fence of his garden, and bit witness in the leg.

The defendant, who is a Sergeant in the Police Force, cross-examined the witness at considerable length. In his defence, he called

Police-Sergeant Stewart, who said he had known defendant's dog between three and four years. He had never known the dog to bite anyone.

His Worship (to Mr. Reading)—How do you know that the dog is ferocious?

Mr. Reading—From his having bitten the first witness. Had he bitten your Worship you would have thought him to be so.

His Worship said that notice should have been given to the defendant that the dog was not safe at large, and then if the defendant did not keep it confined, the information could have been laid with effect.

Mr. Reading did not know that it was necessary for a dog to bite twice to prove its ferociousness.

His Worship (smiling)—You might have known it had you studied the law.

Information dismissed.


South Australian Register, 1852-08-25
1858-11-09 chemist; d. North Adelaide, South Australia The British Friend; Milligan (2007); Quaker Connections 11:17; Australia Death Index, 1787-1985
  "On the 9th November, at North Adelaide, William Watson, aged 84, a member of the Society of Friends." South Australian Register, 1858-11-10
  bur. Wesleyan cemetery, Walkerville, South Australia The British Friend; MI

04. Elizabeth Watson


b. Staindrop, Durham

TNA: PRO RG 6/1549
1798-12-26 m. Thomas Brady (1771–1811, draper of Reeth, son of Thomas and Rachel Brady), at Staindrop PRO RG 6/49, /527, /777
Children: William (1799–1859), Mary (1801–1880), Alfred (1803–1895), Henry (1805–1883), Edward (1808–1883), Anne (1810–1814) Annual Monitor; Milligan (2007); Margaret Page (1994) "The Brady Bible", Quaker Connections 3:20
1823 of Staindrop information from Margaret Page (who has the family Bible which is featured in her Quaker Connections article, cited above)
shortly before 1829-04-25 James Sanders, labourer, of Barnard Castle, jailed for a burglary in the house of Mrs Elizabeth Brady, at Staindrop Durham Chronicle, 1829-04-25
1829-08-15 trial at the Assizes of Hannah Saunders (38), charged with aiding and abetting James Saunders to steal certain goods, the property of Elizabeth Brady, of Staindrop; and the said James Saunders, alias Saunderson, with stealing the said goods; both currently confined in Durham gaol, pending trial Durham Chronicle, 1829-08-15
  "She was a woman of few words, a great reader and knitter. Her children generally were supplied during their minority with hose of her knitting." Reminiscences of David Binns, typed transcript
by 1841-03-20 of Gateshead; had subscribed one guinea to the Royal Victoria Asylum for the Blind Newcastle Journal, 1841-03-20
1841 ind[ependent], of Saltwell, Gateshead, living with her daughter Mary and a female servant PRO HO 107/296/11 f14 p22
1846-02-14 widow, of Newcastle; shareholder in the Northumberland & Durham District Banking Company Newcastle Journal, 1846-02-14
1851 retired general tradeswoman, of 22 Oxford Street, St Andrew, Newcastle Tyne, living with her daughter Mary and a house servant HO 107/2405 f67 p4
1853-05-02 d. Newcastle upon Tyne RD GRO index; Annual Monitor
  bur. Westgate Hill General Cemetery, Newcastle Find a Grave

05. Hannah Watson

1777-12-07 b. Staindrop, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/626, /652
1783-03-05 of Staindrop; d. Staindrop MM PRO RG 6/653, /1150
1783-03-06 bur. Staindrop

06. Sarah Watson

1780-04-24 b. Staindrop, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/626, /652
1837-01-09 made will:

This is the last Will and Testament of me, Sarah, Watson, Spinster later of Staindrop in the County of Durham but now of Oxford Street, in the Town and County of Newcastle upon Tyne, made this ninth day of the first Month, in the Year One Thousand eight hundred and thirty seven—I give and bequeath, all and every my personal estate and effects whatsoever, and wheresoever, and of what kind or nature soever the same may be (subject nevertheless to the payment of all my just debts and funeral expences) unto William Rowntree of Gateshead in the County of Durham, Maltster; Henry Brady of Gateshead in the County of Durham Surgeon; and to John Hanson of Staindrop in the County of Durham, Grocer and Draper; on trust, and for the purposes hereafter mentioned; viz To pay or cause to be paid unto my dear Brother William Watson the sum of One hundred Pounds; to my dear Brother Joseph Watson the sum of One hundred and twenty five Pounds; to my dear Brother Grainger Watson the Sum of One hundred Pounds; to my dear sister Elizabeth Brady the sum of One hundred Pounds; to my dear Brother Henry Watson the Sum of One hundred and Twenty five Pounds; to my dear Sister Rachel Rowntree the Sum of One Hundred Pounds; and to the executors of my late Brother, George Binns the sum of One Hundred Pounds, to be equally divided amongst the children of my late Sister Margaret Binns as they respectively attain the age of Twenty One Years. I also desire that my Plate, Wearing Apparel and Linen be divided into three equal parts, and that one part be given to my dear Sister Elizabeth Brady one part to my dear Sister Rachel Rowntree and the remaining part to be equally divided between my dear nieces Eliza Bowron and Ann Binns—I also desire that my watch may be given to my dear Sister Rachel Rowntree; my Wardrobe to my dear nice Mary Brady; and my Writing Desk to my dear friend Priscilla Simpson of Staindrop in the County of Durham—and I do hereby constitute and appoint the aforesaid William Rowntree, Henry Brady and John Hanson sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament, In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Day and Year first above written

Sarah Watson

[Witnesses: Mary Norton, Elizabeth Ridley, and Wm Rowntree

Durham original wills DPRI/1/1837/W7
1837-01-11 of Newcastle; d. Newcastle upon Tyne MM PRO RG 6/228; Annual Monitor
1837-01-15 bur. Westgate Hill cemetery RG 6/228
1837-05-16 will proved at Durham; estate under £800 Durham original wills DPRI/1/1837/W7

07. Henry Watson

1782-06-24 b. Staindrop, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/626, /652
1813-04-08 of Friday Street, London; m. Harriet Hooper (1792–1873, daughter of Benjamin and Ann Hooper), Wandsworth Friends' meeting house PRO RG 6/541, /972, /1157; Annual Monitor
Children: Frederick (1814 – ?), Caroline (1816–1894), Elvia (1816 – ?), Ann Hooper (1818–1887), Henry (1820–1820), Charles Watson (1821–1882), Edmund (1822–1823), Harriett Eleanor (1824–1908), Anna Maria (1825–1852), Ellen (1826–1918), Rachel (1827–1852), Edward (1829–1919), Emily (1831–1919), Elizabeth (? – ?), Benjamin (? – ?) GRO index; censuses; Annual Monitor; National Probate Calendar; Edward H. Milligan (2007) Biographical Dictionary of British Quakers in Commerce and Industry 1775–1920. York: Sessions Book Trust; information from Raine Threadgold; digest of London & Middlesex Quaker births: index; large format 19th century Ms tree (descendants of Joshua Watson of Huntwell), Society of Genealogists' documents collection
1814/1818 warehouseman digest of London & Middlesex Quaker births: index
1820 warehouseman, of 23 Friday St, Cheapside, Margaret Moses, London
1821 warehouseman, of Friday St, Cheapside, Margaret Moses, London
1822 of Surrey Square, Mary Newington, Surrey
1824/1825 warehouseman, of Peckham, Giles Camberwell, Surrey
1826 warehouseman
1827 woolen factor, of Laurence Lane
1829 warehouseman, of Laurence Lane
  woollen draper Milligan (2007)
1831 linen draper, of Peckham, Giles Camberwell, Surrey digest of London & Middlesex Quaker births: index
1841 warehouse m[an], of High Street, Peckham, Surrey, living with his family and a female servant PRO HO 107/1051/7 f42 p7
1851 commission agent, drysalter, of 12 South Place, Camberwell New Road, Lambeth, Surrey, living with his family and a house servant HO 107/1574 f59 p5
1859 gentleman parish register, entry for son's marriage
1861 commission agent, living with wife, two daughters, one servant, and a visitor at 4 Angel Terrace, St Mary, Stoke Newington, Middlesex RG 9/152 f140 p17
1867-05-31 of Stoke Newington, late of Peckham; d. Hackney RD, in his 85th year RG 6/1157; GRO index; The British Friend XXV.7:184
1867-06-06 of 2 Albion Grove, Stoke Newington; bur. Stoke Newington fbg burial register

08. Hannah Watson

1784-11-05 b. Staindrop, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/626, /652
1785-09-21 of Staindrop; d. there PRO RG 6/653, /1150
1785-09-23 bur. Staindrop fbg

09. Margaret Watson

10. Rachel Watson

1788-09-18 b. Staindrop, Durham TNA: PRO RG 6/626, 652
1809-07-05 m. William Rowntree (1786–1849, corn miller of Gateshead, son of John Rowntree and Elizabeth Lotherington), at Staindrop PRO RG 6/527
Children: Elizabeth (1811–1845), William (1813–1844), Hannah (1816–1853), Rachel (1818–1889), John (1821–1894), Jane (1824–1897), Joseph (1826–1826), Joseph (1827–1827) Annual Monitor; C. Brightwen Rowntree & E. Margaret Sessions (1996), York: Sessions
1841 of 3 Claremont Place, Gateshead, living with her husband, her youngest daughter, a female servant, and an Elizabeth Dickenson PRO HO 107/296/10 f46 p25
1845-02-06 d. Gateshead RD GRO index; Annual Monitor; Rowntree & Sessions (1996)

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