Children of John and Mary Trevett

01. Edward Trevett

cal 1816 b. Longbury, Dorset parish register; censuses
1816-08-11 bapt. Long Bredy, Dorset parish register
1841 shepherd, living with his family in Litton Cheney, Dorset TNA: PRO HO 107/284/23 f11 p17
1847-12-24 labourer, of Milbourne Port; m. Sarah Townsend Trevett (18171884, daughter of William Trevett), Litton Cheney pc, after banns PRO HO 107/1931 f252 p5; GRO index; parish register; Goldsworthy & Pollard Family Trees
Children: George (18481851), Alfred (18501922), Julia Ann (18531924), Mary (18571857), George (18591905) censuses; GRO index; Dorset History Centre; Dorset Parish Registers; Reference: PE/HAY/RE 2/1
1851 shepherd, of Melborne Wick hamlet, Somerset, living with his family and a lodger HO 107/1931 f252 p5
1861 shepherd, of Haydon St, Haydon, Dorset, living with his family PRO RG 9/1361 f98 p2
1871 shepherd, of Bradford Road, Sherborne, Dorset, living with his family RG 10/2020 f42 p76
1881 shepherd, of Newtown, Milborne Port, Somerset, living with his family RG 11/2396 f142 p15
1884 Q2 d. Wincanton RD GRO index [5c 342]
1884-05-30 of Milborne Port; bur. there parish register

02. Ann Trevett

03. Sarah Trevett

1823-03-30 bapt. Long Bredy, Dorset parish register; TNA: PRO HO 107/1852
1841 of Litton Cheney, Dorset, living with her family PRO HO 107/284/23 f11 p17
1851 Sarah Trevit, aged 26, born Longbredy, house servt in the household of Samuel Longman, grocer and druggist, of High Street, Sturminster Newton, Dorset HO 107/1852 f165 p27
1861 Sarah Trevett, aged 32, born Long Bredy, cook in the household of James A. Hound, money holder, of 54 High West St, Holy Trinity, Dorchester, Dorset PRO RG 9/1353 f45 p15
1871 Sarah Trevett, aged 38, born Longbury, Dorset, servant (domestic) in the household of Stephen Cooper, master tailor, at 13 Dartmouth Park Road, Kentish Town, St Pancras, London RG 10/247 f53 p46
1881 Sarah Trevett, aged 52, born Longburton, Dorset, domestic serv. cook in the household of William Highmore MRCS, physician and surgeon, of Green Hill, Sherborne, Dorset RG 11/2117 f52 p37
1891 Sarah Trevett, aged 62, born Long Bredy, general servant domestic in the household of Silas Dyke, retired glove manufacturer, at Northton House, North Street, Milborne Port, Somerset RG 12/1902 f100 p18
1901 Sarah Trevett, aged 72, born Milborne Port, Dorset, cook domestic, feeble minded, patient in the Wincanton Union, Wincanton, Somerset RG 13/2306 f22 p36
1903 Q1 d. aged 74, Wincanton RD GRO index

04. John Trevett

1827-02-25 bapt. Long Bredy, Dorset parish register
  subsequent history not yet located  

Child of John Trevett and Hannah Kingsden

01. Mary Ann Trevett Kingsden

1821-04-15 bapt. Litton Cheney, Dorset, as "Mary Ann Trevett Kingsden" parish register
1821-05-12 Hannah Kingsden delivered of a female bastard child on 15.4. last past begat by John Trevett. John Trevett ordered to pay 1 shilling and 6 pence weekly for maintenance. Litton Cheney bastardy bonds
1841 living in a Parish House at Litton Cheney with her mother's family (now Hannah Teal), including her half-brother Robert (son of Hannah Kingsden and Henry Legg); as "Mary Ann Kingstone" TNA: PRO HO 107/281/23 f5 p5; Litton Cheney bastardy bonds
1851 living in a Parish House at Litton Cheney with her mother's family, including her half-brother Robert; as "Maryann Kingstone"; described as daughter-in-law to the household head (James Teal, ag. lab.) PRO HO 107/1861 f60 p18
1851-05-08 of Litton Cheney; m. James Symes (18291895, labourer, of Litton Cheney, s. of William Symes), at Litton Cheney pc, after banns; as "Mary Annie Kingstone"; he marked his name, she signed GRO index; parish register
Child: George (1852 ?), b. Litton Cheney GRO index; PRO RG 9/1366 f86 p27; RG 10/2030 f5 p1
1855 Q3 of Chilcombe, Dorset; d. Bridport RD Litton Cheney parish register; GRO index
1855-05-07 bur. Litton Cheney parish register


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