Hannah Bourn born ____, of Billingshurst


Richard Bourn = Hannah ____

     |         other children        

Richard Bourn = Elizabeth Penfold

      |         other children

Susanna Bourn = James Pollard

      |         other children

William Pollard = Lucy Binns

      |         other children

Francis Edward Pollard = Mary Spence Watson


J4. HANNAH BOURN born ____

Hannah ____ was born in about 1721.1

She married (J3) Richard Bourn before 1747. They had four known children: Hannah (cal 1747 1815), Sarah (cal 1750 1823), (J2) Richard (cal 1754 1815), and Mary (? after 1784).2

She died in February 1793, and her body was buried in Grave 12M of the Billingshurst General Baptist burial ground.3



13 Leonard J. Maguire (1985) The General Baptist Meeting House now known as the Free Christian Church (Unitarian) Billingshurst


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