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The Quiet Earth (1985, dir. Geoff Murphy)

A cataclysmic event that has caused humankind to disappear overnight leaves three survivors, all of whom had died at the moment of the "effect" and been reborn, one being a scientist who had taken an overdose in guilt at his part in causing the catastrophe.


In an interview copied to the Anarchy-SF mailing list in 2003, this was named by Ken Macleod as on his short list of great SF movies.

Quintet (1979, dir. Robert Altman)

Atmospheric post-apocalyptic drama set in the arctic tundra of a new ice age, featuring the players of a deadly game.


Included in the list of 10 Obscure Sci-Fi Films Worth Seeking Out, linked to by contributors to Facebook's Anarchism and Science Fiction Forum, and Sci-Fi Libertarian Socialist.


Pierre Quiroule (pseudonym of Joaquín Alejo Falçonnet): La ciudad anarquista americana (The Anarchist City of America, 1914; not yet translated)

"This utopian narrative revisits some of the most controversial topics of the philosophical debate on Anarchism, while simultaneously offering practical alternatives to previous models of libertarian communism." Quiroule founded La Liberté (1893–1893) and was a member of the editorial board of La Protesta, which was the most representative publication of anarchist journalism in Argentina; he was "one of the most prolific authors of the Argentine Libertarian movement". The fully-fledged utopia of the 'Ciudad de los Hijos del Sol' (complete with fold-out map of the anarchist city) is set in a future apparently around 1930.


The work is the second volume of a trilogy, the other parts being Sobre la ruta de la anarquía (On the Route to Anarchism) (1912) and En la soñada tierra del ideal (In the Dreamt Land of the Ideal) (1924). The first volume describes a successful urban revolution in Europe, inspired by the 1871 Paris Commune. The final volume depicts a nameless city in the distant future, and explores confrontation between syndicalists and anarchists. The text of the complete trilogy may be found at the Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschedenis (IISG), Amsterdam. (Juan-Navarro, Heffes 2009: 119–123)


Referenced in the 2014 Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary.


Also see Rodriguez, 2016.


The full text is available in Spanish in Volume I of the 1991 three-volume Ediciones Tuero publication of Utopías Libertarias; Vol. I is entitled I. Utopías Libertarias Americanas. La Ciudad Anarquista Americana de Pierre Quiroule. Quiroule's utopia forms the second half of the book, the first half consisting of useful introductory and contextual essays by the three editors, Luis Gomez Tovar, Ramon Gutierrez, and Silvia A. Vazquez.



See my hotlist, for items particularly recommended by me.


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