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Anarchism and science fiction

A reading list

"the finest list of anarchist science fiction available"


Margaret Killjoy, ed. (2009) Mythmakers & Lawbreakers. Anarchist writers on fiction






Ian Bone (2009) 'Introduction' to his edition of Fawcett's Hartmann the Anarchist


The listing doesn't pretend to be complete. In particular, my own research dates mainly from the 1970s and 1980s, so though I've added to it from other sources, in particular the invaluable (but now mostly moribund) anarchysf Internet mailing list, there are likely to be omissions from the later period. There's now also a page listing large numbers of possible additions, which I haven't yet had the time to read.


The survey is restricted to written sf. There's probably a degree of in-built bias against anarcho-capitalism, free-market anarchism, and the libertarian right, though some works with this orientation are included.

Text in blue means I haven't personally read the item concerned, so can't vouch for the reliability of the information. An beside the title means an item's particularly recommended by me. See my hotlist, for these recommendations only.

At the end the list of references only includes works referred to in the text. Fuller bibliographies have been archived by the anarchysf Internet mailing list:,

Corrections, and suggestions for future additions, can be made to: Ben Beck.



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